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U.S. Navy scales back humanitarian mission to Latin America

U.S. Navy Humanitarian Assistance – USNS Spearhead | Courtesy: U.S. Navy

The United States regularly provides medical aid, veterinary care and other assistance as part of Operation Continuing Promise, although the missions don’t occur every year. The operation is used to build goodwill and partnerships with host nations, and help maintain the United States’ influence in the region. This year’s mission is expected to treat about 15,000 patients, compared with about 100,000 patients in 2015.

The U.S. military is scaling back its humanitarian mission to Latin America, where it plans to visit the fewest number of countries and treat the fewest number of patients since Operation Continuing Promise began in 2007.

The Navy is sending a speedy transport ship carrying medical personnel to three countries beginning Thursday instead of the much larger hospital ship USNS Comfort that provided care in 11 countries in 2015 when the mission had a budget more than three times as large.

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