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Uganda's Jewish community down to one meal a day because of food shortage

This year, the food shortage situation for Uganda’s Jewish community, called the Abayudaya, has worsened. | Image courtesy: (Ken Hively/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images/JTA)

Uganda’s Jewish Community: “People look dehydrated and starving,” Gershom Sizomu, the community’s rabbi, told JTA on Tuesday. “People got sick and weak, and there are people who died because of complications because of the food shortage. People were already sick, so without food they become weaker and weaker.”

Sizomu told JTA that the Abayudaya, who rely on their own crops to survive, have been hit hard by the drought. While conditions are easing now because the harvest season has arrived for maize and beans, many families are subsisting on one meal a day, he said.

The Devastating Effects of the Food Shortage

Sizomu went on to say, “There are people who died because of complications because of the food shortage. Two community members who already were sick have died of malnutrition. Fleeing the area is useless, food shortages are plaguing the cities, too.”

The community, whose members converted to Judaism under Conservative auspices about 15 years ago, stays in regular touch with Jewish communities in the United States and Israel. But only one American synagogue has provided famine relief to the Abayudaya.   Read the full story…. timesofisrael.com



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Images courtesy: csmonitor.com, metro.co.uk, nytimes.com

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