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Music by UPPERROOM: Story Behind the Songs of ‘To the One’ Album

What was going on in their personal, band, family and spiritual lives that led them to write “that song”…? Well, UPPERROOM has gone the extra mile and given us a little glimpse into what went in to every song on the latest album, To The One. We hope you enjoy this song by song, full album edition of CCM’s Story Behind the Song.

You and You Alone

“You and You Alone” was first written with the line, “I choose this day to be grateful, Lord.” That line led to the forming of an anthem that my heart, and now realizing other hearts, needed. To be thankful and grateful is to be able to break through the wiles of tribulation and struggles in our daily lives.
(Writers: Cody Ray Lee, Meredith Mauldin, Kelly Smith, Jonathan Jay)

Faith and Wonder

Some months ago, the Lord showed me a picture of what His name looks like. I saw it like a blanket that covers everything- a thick, heavy, all-encompassing blanket—like your grandmother’s quilt. Every single thing is covered in the power and beauty of His Name. I pray that this song gives you new context and language for everything that His name is.
(Writers: Abbie Simmons, Cody Lee, Meredith Andrews)


Surrounded ( Fight My Battles ) – UPPERROOM

  • Christian music band UPPERROOM performs “Surrounded” (Fight My Battles) song.


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