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Elevate Your Potential Magazine

Elevate Your Potential Magazine

  • Author and Life Coach Valorie Burton on The Today Show discussing why “Successful Women Speak Differently”.

About Valorie Burton

Valorie Burton is the author of eleven books on personal development, founder of The Coaching and Positive Psychology (CaPP) Institute, and an international speaker on resilience and happiness. She believes resilience is a skill that can be learned. And you must learn it if you want an authentic, successful, and happy life.

She has dedicated more than 15 years to studying the research of resilience, positive emotion, and courage – and implementing it in her own life and with hundreds of clients from a dozen countries around the world and nearly every state in the United States.

Valorie has appeared numerous times on the TODAY Show, Dr. Oz, CNN, HLN, and hundreds of other radio and television shows. She has also co-hosted two national television programs, The Potter’s Touch with T.D. Jakes and Aspiring Women, which won two regional Emmy nominations. She has written for Oprah Magazine, Essence, Ebony, Woman’s Day, and many more.

Her books include Successful Women Think Differently, What’s Really Holding You Back?, Brave Enough to Succeed, and Happy Women Live Better.

About The CaPP Institute

The Coaching and Positive Psychology (CaPP) Institute equips established and aspiring coaches with the educational and foundational tools to become exceptional in their field, whether in individual practice or in a corporate setting leading and developing teams.

They provide our clients with the proper training to help individuals achieve specific goals, such as maximizing their career, improving relationships, overcoming fear, and achieving personal dreams.

Valorie Burton - Author - Speaker - Life Coach

Valorie Burton is a bestselling author, speaker, and life coach dedicated to helping people get unstuck and be unstoppable in every area of life. | Image courtesy: valorieburton.com



Valorie Burton’s Success Channel | Author, Speaker, and Life Coach



Valorie Burton Interview: The Happy Black Woman Podcast

Valorie Burton interview on The Happy Black Woman Podcast

Author and Life Coach Valorie Burton | Image courtesy: happyblackwoman.com

Valorie Burton: Helping People Get Unstuck and Be Unstoppable

On this episode of Happy Black Woman, Rosetta Thurman chats with Valorie Burton. She is a best-selling author of 10 books, and life coach on a mission to help people get unstuck and be unstoppable in all areas of life. After spending time running a successful PR business, Valorie had an epiphany that her purpose was to help people live more fulfilling lives.

So she decided to go full force towards her purpose and began writing her first book in 1999. Once Valorie found her purpose, there was no stopping her. She knew she had to face her fears and move forward in order to fulfill her mission and help people.

Pursuing Your Purpose with a Passion

Valorie runs a Coach Training Intensive that has helped countless men and women pursue their dreams of helping others through coaching. She shares valuable insight into what to do if you believe coaching is your calling and how to get started.

As a true expert in the coaching field, Valorie is able to provide a great deal of insight into what a true coach does and what to expect if you choose to pursue it. She also shares some common mistakes and misconceptions, including the importance of having a coach yourself if you want to be a coach to others.  Read full story… happyblackwoman.com



Photo Gallery

Valorie Burton interview on WCIU-TV in Chicago Illinois

Valorie Burton interview on WCIU-TV in Chicago Illinois | Image courtesy: wciu.com



Valorie Burton interview on LIFE Today TV Show with Randy Robison

Valorie Burton interview on LIFE Today TV Show with Randy Robison | Image courtesy: lifetoday.org



Valorie Burton interview on NBC's Today Show

Valorie Burton interview on NBC’s Today Show | Image courtesy: nbc.com



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Brave Enough to Succeed: 40 Strategies for Getting Unstuck

Valorie Burton Book - Brave Enough To Succeed

Brave Enough To Succeed (Book) by Valorie Burton

Most people aren’t brave enough to live the life of their dreams. But that doesn’t have to be your story. Truth is, living an inauthentic life isn’t easy. It’s hard. It weighs you down. It burdens your spirit. But starting now, you can transform your fears into action.  | Learn more…


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