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Veteran Suicide Remains A Major Problem - Vets Find Freedom In Christ

Working from Scripture at every point, Warriors Set Free introduces veterans to the truths of God’s Word and the freedom He offers through Christ. | Image courtesy: mnnonline.org/military.com

PTSD Robs Veterans of Hope

Nearly 80-percent of those surveyed by Wounded Warrior Project say they deal with PTSD effects every day. As reported here, suicide rates among veterans 34 and younger have spiked in the last two years.

Army vet Steve Prince says, “When they (veterans) get diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, the VA tells them it’ll never go away and that basically robs them of hope. We’ve found that obviously, the best healer is Christ Himself.

“The veteran community has tried many, many things to help veterans. You name it, they’ve tried it. Faith in Christ is the number one answer.”

Helping Veterans Find Freedom

Prince runs Warriors Set Free, a division of Set Free Ministries. They help veterans find freedom from the memories and experiences that haunt them. The ministry is only four years old, but it’s growing quickly.

“These guys are finding freedom in Christ and going out and sharing that with their other groups, with other vets and other organizations,” he shares.

“We’re really gaining momentum. We’ve talked about expanding and finding the right people, the right vet in the right town, to help us run this in other states, but we’re not at that point yet.”

“There are a lot of ministries and – honestly, most churches – that aren’t prepared to handle the trauma or the experiences that veterans have suffered in their service.”


About Warriors Set Free Program

Warriors Set Free - Set Free Ministries

Warriors Set Free (WSF) is a ministry run by Veterans for Veterans.  Typically a Veteran will only be comfortable talking to another Veteran about the experiences they have had in a war or military service.

Trying to explain your military experience to a civilian has its challenges.  They remove that problem by training Vets to help Vets. Their director, founder and volunteers are all Veterans.

All services from Warriors Set Free and Set Free Ministries are free of cost.  They are a private 501(c3).  They are supported by private donations by faithful donors.  There is no fee for our services.


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