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welcome everyone dr. Mandell here if you are experiencing tinnitus that ringing roaring buzzing humming Sound in your ear here is something that may make all the difference this is called vicks vapor rub the ingredients is camphor which is a cough suppressant and topical analgesic it has eucalyptus oil which is also a cough suppressant and menthol which is another cough suppressant as well as a topical analgesic now we think of using this vicks vapor rub when we’re sick when we’re congested our chest is tight we rub it on our chest it helps open up our breathing open up the lungs and our sinuses when they’re clogged now we’re finding the other piece of a puzzle when we’re congested in the sinuses and those eustachian tubes the function of them is to drain to have normal balance from the outer ear to the middle ear and when that balance is off that can cause tinnitus so by using that vicks vapor rub and putting it under the nasal region we can open up those sinuses allowing the opening of the eustachion tube to start to drain tricking the brain now the ENT the ear nose and throat physician will tell you that tinnitus usually always comes from the inner ear the cochlea they hear cells that conducts through the auditory nerve to the auditory cortex of the brain and when that communication is off that’s when we get tinnitus I have found from my own experience as well as many many others that by opening up those eustachian tubes we can get rid of tinnitus eustachian tube dysfunction when the station tubes are blocked it can lead to many problems now some people may be sensitive by using this vapor rub underneath the nasal area never put it inside your nose if that irritates you you can put it on the temple area I like to even put it on my wrist that throughout the day I’ll inhale that menthol that count for that eucalyptus opening up my sinuses allow me to breathe easier and allowing the whole region behind here to drain I would tell everyone to use a steamer to open up those sinuses to allow the eustachian tubes to drain and flow you cannot put the vapor rub in a steamer in most of them but you can get the liquid the menthol the eucalyptus and the camphor can do miracles for you your doctor is not going to give you the answer to your tinnitus you have to utilize every possible option and that’s why I’m here see the many videos below and hopefully one of those will make a big change for your health there is no harm using vicks vapor rub it just may change your life your tinnitus that ringing in the ears may just start to diminish and possibly go away I wish you lots of blessings please share this with your friends and family leave your comments below and most important make it a great day I’m dr. Alan Mandell

For the many millions of people worldwide who are suffering from Tinnitus, here is something that may change your life.

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