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Waiting on God Book by Cherie Hill

Waiting on God Book – Author Cherie Hill: This Christian book was created due to overwhelming demand by those who had bought the Kindle Version. The “Waiting on God” portion is relatively short. The sample chapter of “Be Still: Let Jesus Calm Your Storms is a true bonus.

Waiting on God and the Fight of Faith

You pray, but God doesn’t seem to be listening. You trust Him, but it appears He’s letting you down. You believe His Word, but His promises are coming up seemingly empty in your life. You seek, but do not find…you knock, but no one answers. If God is doing anything at all in your life…you can’t see it. The fight of faith intensifies, as it appears that not only is God running late…He may not even show up at all.

By the looks of things, God’s either too busy in the lives of others or He just simply doesn’t care. All of our Christian life, we’re prepared to hear God speak to us, but nothing prepares us for His silence. It’s in these times of desperation, when we’re filled with doubt in the midst of our faith, when waiting on God appears to be in vain, that our faith is tested, grown, and strengthened, as we learn to trust in Him even when there appears to be now reason that we should.

God Is In Control

While we wait on God, it’s His Promises that we’ll cling to, and ultimately put our faith in, when our lives are hanging by a thread. We’ll find that God knows what He’s doing. He’s in control…even when life isn’t. You’ll find that even when your world seems to be falling apart…it’s really just falling into place in the hands of your Almighty loving God. | Learn more…

Bonus Feature

1st Chapter FREE of

“Be Still” (Let Jesus Calm Your Storms) by Cherie Hill


Author Cherie Hill

Author Cherie Hill

About Cherie Hill

Cherie Hill: I’m just a sinner, saved by God’s AMAZING grace, with one desire: for my life to be poured out as a servant to Christ, in order to bring glory to God. God has given me the great joy of spreading His Word around the world through Scripturenow.com

And even though I have a BA in Psychology and I’m trained in Biblical Counseling through the AACC . . . it is truly God who has qualified me, through my daily surrender, as I walk intimately with Him one day at a time.

Cherie is an Amazon.com Christian Living Bestselling author. She’s been ranked #4 in Bestselling authors for Amazon in the Religion and Spirituality category and consistently ranks in the top 50.



Jesse Duplantis: What is Meant by Waiting on God?

  • A real and light-hearted look at waiting upon the Lord, in this message Dr. Jesse Duplantis shares personal stories and valuable wisdom that you can begin using today. For more information, visit him online at: www.jdm.org



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