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hello this is pastor Ryan here and we want to welcome you to the four points broadcast with Dr. Cindy Trimm we’ve got 0:09 some excited people in the room tonight what a powerful series were in it’s the 0:15 DNA of destiny and if you missed any other message in the series you can watch it anytime from the cindy trim 0:21 ministries app if you haven’t already download that now from the Android or the Apple store today just type in the 0:28 word Cindy trim if you’re talking about this message if you get a nugget of revelation we want you to share it on 0:35 social media using hashtag destiny DNA and spread the word hit that share 0:41 button now so all of your friends can be empowered by this message as well dr. 0:47 trim is coming to the stage now would you welcome her into the room get ready 0:52 for that word we’re very excited to be here tonight we have spent hours and 1:00 hours with the Lord preparing this special message for you and your life is about to go to the next 1:07 level we want to welcome all of you to my personal Bible study group and they 1:15 are on fire tonight and we are praying that your Bible study group is on fire 1:20 like this group we are going to the next level we’re going to the next level in 1:26 our praise we’re going to the next level in our worship we’re going to the next level in our giving we’re going to the 1:33 next level in our living we’re going to the next level in miracles we’re getting 1:38 good to go to the next level embroid to this is your next level moment and 1:45 everything about your life is about to change for the best if you believe it 1:51 shout I believe you something good is about to happen to you and not only to 1:58 you to your families not only to your families to your loved one something good is about to happen to you 2:08 in Jesus name we’re we’re very excited for the message tonight even as we continue on in the 2:15 series the DNA of destiny destiny comes to us one day at a time and as I was 2:24 praying about this message God began to show me that throughout our lives many 2:29 of us will have to face some storms but it’s in those storms that create the 2:36 crisis and the crises create that destiny moment and what you do in the 2:41 midst of your storm is going to determine where your life is going to end up at the end of a day at the end of 2:49 a month at the end of a year and at the end of your life you were built to last 2:55 you were built to survive every storm and in this season you are not going 3:01 under but you’re going to go over amen let’s look at our text tonight from the 3:07 Book of Luke chapter 8 verse 22 to 25 Luke chapter 8 verse 22 to 25 and many 3:16 of us are aware of this particular text but I do want you to take copious notes tonight and then over the course of the 3:23 next couple of days for you to sit with this particular text and let the Lord speak to you because I believe that he’s 3:30 going to give you some principles that is going to help you to survive every storm that you will face both now and in 3:39 the future the Bible introduces us to a story it introduces us to the disciples 3:46 being told by Jesus to cross over a particular lake and go on the other side 3:51 and so if we start in the Book of Luke chapter 8 verse 22 the Bible said now it 3:59 came to pass on a certain day that he went into a ship with his disciples and 4:04 he said unto them let us go over unto the other side of the lake and they 4:10 launched forth but as they settled or as they sailed he fell asleep 4:17 me as he sailed he fell asleep and there came down a storm of wind on the lake 4:23 and they were filled with water and were in jeopardy in peril that word jeopardy 4:29 in peril and they came to him and awoke him saying master master we perish then 4:36 he arose and to arise means to go to another level are you with me it means 4:43 to go from a lower level into a higher level a higher dimension higher plane and he arose and rebuked the wind and 4:51 the raging of the water and they ceased and there was a calm and he said unto 4:57 them where is your faith and they being afraid wondered saying one to another 5:02 what manner of man is this for he commended even the wind and the water and they obeyed him so tonight I want to 5:10 talk to you and probably for the next few message is one the topic of misplaced faith the scripture says 5:19 something interested an in verse number twenty five he said to them where is 5:26 your faith where is your faith their plight fate has been had been misplaced and so I want to speak on a 5:34 subtopic wake the word up wake the word up wake the word up um it’s interesting 5:42 because we are introduced to a real time story in the midst of a real storm with 5:52 real people being really really challenged it’s a story that depicts our 5:58 lives we all have turbulent moments that challenge our faith especially when we 6:06 lose a loved one or when we lose our health or when we lose our children to 6:13 streets or to drugs or to gangs when we 6:18 lose our job when we lose our marriage when we lose our joy when we lose our 6:27 balance when we lose our rhythm when we lose our reputation when we lose 6:34 our love for our wives or we lose our respect for our husband or we lose our 6:42 hope in government or we lose our hope for a better and a brighter future how 6:49 we feel can often be described as a 6:54 storm we lose our peace in the storm to 7:00 worry we lose our competence in the storm to competition we lose our 7:07 innovative edge to the storm of destruction we lose our commitment to 7:13 complacency we lose our excitement to boredom we lose our thriving to 7:20 struggling we lose our faith to fear and we lose our clarity to confusion the 7:28 entire earth is subject to seasons of storm we have thunderstorms and hail 7:37 storms and rainstorms and snows thorns and then we have political storm and 7:44 economic storm and if you live long enough you are going to have to face 7:50 some storms as well storms come in all forms they are emotional storms 7:59 relational storms marital storms financial storms health storms 8:07 psychological storms every last one of us are going to have to face a storm the 8:15 thing about a storm is this storms bring us into a crises moment think about your 8:22 life if you have lived here longer than 20 years you have had to have some 8:29 storms that bought you into a crisis moment just think about it one of the 8:34 things I’ve learned about crisis is this that it always redefines our lives 8:41 and most times we can never go back to what was normal because it redefines 8:48 what we call normal it’s one thing for us to come to church to gain moments of 8:55 respite or refreshment and to gain spiritual perspective but once we leave 9:02 church life happens and it happens in real time 9:08 sometimes our vision gets blurred by reality sometimes momentum gets molested 9:15 by obstacles sometimes our hope gets shattered by debilitating situation 9:21 sometimes finances crumble sometimes our health fails sometimes even the faith in 9:29 God that we once testified about wanes we all know it and we all can say amen 9:37 to that because we have our testimonies all of us have our moments if you tell 9:45 your story the person on your left and right I bet you they can tell a better story because we always feel as if 9:53 somehow life is treating us one way and everybody else gets breaks but it’s not 10:00 so we’re all going to be tested at the level of our faith sometimes we wonder 10:07 if our faith is worth fighting for but tonight I want to encourage you with 10:14 this one statement that it is your faith is worth fighting for 10:20 especially when satanic winds begin to threaten to destroy your peace of mind 10:26 when financial storms better your savings when the waters of recessions 10:32 rise and threaten to capsize your business or your ministry when friends 10:38 betray you when your health declines when your money dwindles when you’ve 10:44 been waiting and waiting for your bait – this is when you need to begin to fight the good 10:51 fight of faith we are built like boats and boats are 10:57 built to move through waters they are not designed to take on water in order 11:04 to stay afloat the more water it takes on the more likely it’s about to sink 11:11 have you ever had a moment in your life where you had a sinking feeling in the 11:18 pit of your belly when you’ve taken on more than you should have when you’ve 11:24 taken on more problems than you should add when you’ve taken on other people’s 11:29 opinion were you’ve taken on other people’s emotion and you get that 11:34 sinking feeling you woke up in the morning high on faith but before the end 11:41 of the day someone said something to you someone said something about you someone 11:49 betrayed you someone hurt you someone lied on you life happens and all of us 11:56 have that sinking feeling because of a broken focus we sink because of a broken 12:04 heart we sink because of broken dreams we sink because of bruised 12:10 emotions we sink but we often forget who’s on board we forget the fact that 12:18 greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world we forget that no weapon 12:26 formed against us will prosper we forget sometimes we don’t forget sometimes we 12:34 just don’t want to remember but we are built to move through lies we are built 12:41 to take a beating and keep on ticking we are built to take a beating and keep on 12:48 living we are not built however to carry the burdens of life 12:55 our selves we often forget the scripture when it says when the enemy comes in 13:01 like a flood the Spirit of the Lord lifts up a standard against him we 13:08 forget the fact that the Word of God says come unto me all ye that labor and 13:15 are heavy laden and I will give you rest we forget the scripture when it says 13:22 take my yoke upon you and learn of me for I am meek and lowly and ye shall 13:29 find rest for your soul for my yoke is easy and my burden is a life finding 13:37 faith that works in real time becomes our greatest challenge I’m gonna say it 13:44 again finding faith that works in real time is our greatest challenge it means 13:52 that we have to trust God in the midst of the storm knowing that 13:58 he which have begun a good work form it until the day of Jesus Christ you serve 14:06 a faithful storm you faithful God who in 14:11 the midst of the storm hallelujah he can control the storm God 14:18 will never lead you when he cannot sustain you and if you’ve been led by 14:24 God God will sustain you in the good time but he would also sustain you in 14:32 the bed time the one thing I found out about stones is this that when storms 14:39 come they come with opposing forces I declare something over your life that 14:47 whatever and whoever is opposing God’s plan for your life it’s going to stop 14:54 and it’s going to stop when you realize that you are the one that has the power 15:01 to bind it or loose it the scripture says whatever you 15:06 bind on earth is bound in heaven whatever you lose on earth is a loose in 15:12 heaven in other words whatever you say no to heaven backs you up 15:18 whatever you say yes to heaven backed you up whatever you allow heaven backed you up 15:24 whatever you disallow heaven back to up I am degreeing and declaring hallelujah 15:32 that God is going to reverse some circumstances in your life whatever is 15:40 trying to stop you will be stopped whatever is trying to destroy you will 15:46 be destroyed whatever is trying to humiliate you will be humiliated 15:52 whatever is trying to afflict you will be afflicted whatever is time to hinder 15:59 you will be hindered whatever is trying to violate you will be violated 16:05 whatever is trying to push you will be pushed away from you I decree and 16:11 declare that tonight today hallelujah God is going to increase your peace 16:19 whatever is working against your children whatever is working against 16:24 your mind whatever is working against your success whatever is working against 16:30 your marriage whatever is working against your ministry I decree and 16:35 declare that God is speaking peace and silencing your storm if you believe it 16:43 clap your hands and shout I believe it oh yes in our text we are introduced to 16:53 the disciples of Jesus a disciple is the same word as a student they are students 17:02 of the school of the supernatural it is a division of Kingdom University their 17:08 Provost is Jesus and he takes them on this field trip to give them an object 17:14 lesson and a hands-on experience so that they become 17:19 faith practitioners the disciples found themselves in the middle of a crisis 17:26 I want you to notice that they had learned some responses that they duplicate it in the midst of their 17:33 crisis they learn how to be a victim and what Jesus was doing was challenging 17:40 their victims mindset they learn how to be hopeless and to help be helpless and 17:47 they learn how to point out and to project their insecurities and their 17:53 feelings of inadequacies onto someone else here Jesus presents 17:59 them with a lesson plan their lesson plan was broken down into three parts 18:07 number one the problem number two the purpose number three the principle let’s 18:15 look at the first part of our lesson plan today the problem the problem walls 18:22 they didn’t know who they were and who God was to them so their faith 18:28 was misplaced the Bible said and they came to him and awoke him saying master 18:34 master we perish then he arose and rebuked the wind and the raging of the 18:41 water and then they ceased and there was a calm I want you to notice that their 18:48 Provos their teacher their master teacher was sleeping in the same storm 18:54 that kept them awake he was in the same boat in the same circumstances but look 19:01 his response was different you see what God wants to do is to allow you to 19:08 understand that the kingdom that you live in is not driven by reactions it’s 19:16 driven by respond that means that God has a strategy for you to respond to any 19:24 crisis it means that it is the same problems that we have today we don’t 19:31 know who we are and we don’t know who God is therefore our faith is misplaced 19:38 faith takes you into the realm of God they take to not only into the realm of 19:46 God it takes you into the realm of good faith not only takes you into the realm 19:52 of God and the realm of good it takes you into the realm of miracles 19:58 it takes you into the realm hallelujah that connects you to the person of God 20:05 it connects you to the power of God it connects you to the presence of God one 20:13 of the things you’ve gotta understand is this that in the midst of the storm let 20:18 the devil do what he wants to do but you gotta rise up and say devil you do what 20:25 you’re going to do but I’m going to do what I’m about to do and let’s take 20:30 dominion over your nonsense hallelujah it’s time for you to put the 20:36 devil in place in his place the scripture says that greater is He that 20:42 is in you than he that is in the world and if you knew the person that lived on 20:49 the inside of you you would allow that person to stand up for you in the midst 20:56 of the storm you will begin to say that it is not by might nor by my power but 21:04 it’s by the Spirit of the Lord you’ve got to understand that when God shows up 21:11 he souls up as a sovereign God and in his sovereignty his supreme over 21:18 everything he supreme over all his creation that means that he is the 21:26 absolute and universally supreme God it means that no situation and circumstance 21:34 is a limit to the God that created the heaven and the earth and it’s 21:41 plainly revealed without Scripture and when I read it scripture upon’s the 21:47 sovereignty of God 1st chronicles chapter 29 verse 11 and 12 says 9 O Lord 21:56 is the greatness and the power and the glory and the victory and the majesty 22:05 for all in heaven and all in earth is dying for thine is the kingdom 22:11 Oh Lord thou art exalted as head above all and thou reigneth over all God is 22:20 not only the supreme god over the creations but God is the supreme ik king 22:28 of kings and he’s the lord of the Lord all that he has designed he does all 22:36 that he decrees he performs the Bible said but our God is in heaven he had 22:45 done whatsoever he pleased and why has he because there is no wisdom there is 22:53 no understanding there is no counsel against our Lord 22:59 that is what proverbs 30 21 and 30 says God is supreme God is supreme over all 23:08 his creation God’s supremacy and sovereignty is depicted over the works 23:16 of his hand in animate matter irrational creatures Satan beings are all 23:24 performing their makers bidding that is sentient beings thoughtful beings not 23:31 satanic but s80 IE and satan sentient beings thinking beings Amen at his 23:40 pleasure think about it he holds the winds in his hand he the 23:46 one that holds the wind in his hands he was the one 23:52 that caused the winds to open up the Red Sea and to stand up like walls he was 23:59 the one that created the earth but the same one that created the earth spoke 24:06 and the earth opened his mouth or her mouth and the rebels dropped in it he 24:13 was the one that created the Sun and the same one that created the Sun ordered 24:21 the Sun to stand still in other words whatever he creates at his command he 24:30 acts with power he acts with Dominion he 24:35 acts with might any acts with authority now here’s the caveat and here is your 24:42 take away that same God said let us make man in our image after our likeness and 24:51 let them have dominion don’t minion it gives you might don’t minion it gives 24:58 you power Dominion gives you authority you’ve got to understand that he created 25:06 everything including man but when he created everything that you see in the 25:12 universe he created it with his mouth and he spoke it and it was man becomes 25:19 the only thing that he then puts his hand on in order to create in other 25:26 words he didn’t have to put his hand on the Sun he didn’t have to put his hand 25:32 on the moon he didn’t have to put his hand on flower but the God that created 25:38 you first put his hand on you and he has never lifted his hand God’s hand is 25:47 always with you his hand is with you in the midst of the storm you’ve got to 25:54 understand he is the same God that made the Ravens carry food 26:00 to Elijah he’s the same God that answered by fire he’s the same God that 26:08 caused iron to swim to the top of the water he’s the same God that caused man to 26:17 defy gravity he is the same God that caused Lions to be tamed 26:23 when Daniel was cast in the midst of the Lions Dan he is the same God that cools 26:31 off fire and if God said I am no respecter of purpose wherever you find 26:39 yourself today the hand of God is about to be moved on 26:46 your behalf the scripture says hallelujah that you 26:51 serve a great big God because God is the only one spoken in Scripture that works 26:59 all things after the counsel of his will what is God’s will for your life we know 27:08 that it is it’s God’s will that you do not perish we know that it is God’s will 27:14 that you are healthy we know that it is God’s will that you are strengthened in 27:21 the inner man we know it’s God’s will that wealth and riches are in your house 27:27 we know it is God’s will that you are the head and not the tail we know it is 27:34 God’s will that you are above only and not beneath we know it’s God’s will that 27:41 you are up in front and not behind we know it’s God’s will to restore 27:47 everything that Adam lost in the Garden of Eden because jesus said I came to 27:54 restore that which was a loss I decree and declare that your pain is being 28:02 energized your faith is being taken off a life support because you have the 28:10 power of God not only working with you but working in you it is time to 28:17 take your paid off a welfare we are so accustomed to lay aways we have bought 28:25 so much fear insurance against the inevitable that we don’t have enough 28:31 paid for the possible with God all things are possible no matter what the 28:38 devil had said to you I want to announce he’s a liar hallelujah you are coming 28:46 out and you are coming out with more than a t-shirt you were coming out with 28:52 power you are coming out with joy you were coming out with peace you whatever 28:59 you lost last season is about to be restored this season you have been 29:06 through the Piatt you have been through the flood you have been through hard 29:12 times you have been through it but it’s time for you to come out hallelujah 29:20 something is shifting for you your history will not be your destiny that 29:28 problem the problem is this that the disciples hallelujah did not know who 29:35 they were and they did not know who God was and in their object lesson Jesus had 29:43 to show them that you have been created in the image of God and I am a God 29:50 hallelujah in the flesh and what I am able to do you are able to do as well 29:58 the disciples had a problem and their problem was threefold number one their 30:05 faith had been displaced number two their fear had become dominant number 30:12 three the word it had become dormant so let’s deal with it one by one the 30:20 displaced faith your faith can be displaced in two places 30:26 he said where is your faith in other 30:31 words their faith had been displaced so when your faith is displaced is 30:37 displaced in two places or two dimensions number one the dimension of 30:43 the past number two the dimension of the future and let me explain this dimension 30:49 of the pass wishing things never happen or living regretfully that’s when your 30:57 faith is displaced in your past number two the dimension of the future hoping 31:03 things would change but not doing anything to change not certain but 31:10 fearful that it will never God’s Word will never come to pass displace faced 31:17 faith here’s God’s prescription for both and if you were turn with me to Isaiah 43 verse eighteen to nineteen Isaiah 43 31:26 verse eighteen to nineteen this place is either displaced in the future or 31:33 displaced in the past but scripture says 31:39 now faith faith only operates in the 31:45 present scripture says remembered not the former things that’s the past 31:50 neither considered things of old behold I will do a new thing that’s the future 31:57 but watch this there’s a colon or semicolon now it shall spring forth now 32:04 it shall speak spring forth that means that faith is a right now present tense 32:14 mentality right now so if you’re saying I’m believing that things will change 32:20 tomorrow your faith is displaced you’ve 32:25 got to call those things that be not so 32:31 that means that what God needs to do is upgrade our faith and to teach us how to 32:37 operate no matter what circumstances are in the now the wind is 32:44 gonna keep blowing until you tell it to stop but you can’t tell it to stop 32:50 tomorrow cuz it’ll keep blowing when do you want it to stop now now Jesus 32:58 interestingly enough teaching the disciples once again about faith he goes 33:04 to this fig tree one time and the fig tree was a broadcasting something that 33:10 it wasn’t the Bible says that it had leaves on it and in other words a fig 33:22 tree is different from every other tree every other tree will have leaves and 33:27 then fruit but the fig tree will have fruit and then leaves so what it was 33:34 simply saying if Jesus went to any other tree and it was leaves and it didn’t have fruit he wouldn’t accurs’d it why 33:40 because he knew that the leaves meant that the fruit was coming but with the 33:45 fig tree believes meant the fruit was there so it was broadcasting something 33:53 that it wasn’t something that it didn’t have now this is what the devil is doing 34:00 to the average believer the average believer doesn’t know what it has and so 34:08 the enemy is convincing you that that somehow you’ve got leaves but you don’t 34:17 have the fruit in other words God keeps 34:22 telling you that you’re powerful but look at your situation he keeps telling 34:27 you that your heel but you still feel sick he keeps telling you that you’re 34:32 rich let the weak say I’m strong let the poor say he keeps telling you to say 34:38 that but where’s your strength and so this is what the enemy is doing to the 34:44 average Christian he’s calling you out on the area of your authority 34:56 Jesus went into the wilderness being led of the Spirit and I’m coming back to the 35:03 story of the fig tree and when he was led there he was tempted of the devil 35:13 the devil said if you be the Son of God turn these stones into bread now watch 35:21 this the devil knew who he was so what was the test the test was do you 35:28 know who you are and are you going to be moved by external circumstances or your 35:35 internal conviction in other words Jesus 35:42 said look I Know Who I am I know when I 35:48 don’t need you as a demonic force to 35:53 make me use my power for personal gain I don’t have to do that I’m bigger than 36:01 that I Know Who I am what he wanted was to test his conviction I know who you 36:11 are but do you know who you are every morning you awaken your wake into 36:18 a world in motion and when you get out to go in your car if you go outside the 36:24 Sun that shines know who you are the tree that you pass knows who you are the 36:30 grass that you pass know who you are in fact the scripture says that all of 36:36 humanity is travailing waiting for the sons of God to manifest in other words 36:44 they know who you are but it’s time for you to manifest who you are stop walking 36:50 around as if you are not as powerful as God says you are you are powerful you 36:58 are more a conqueror let the winds blow it’s only a matter of time before you are going to 37:07 be able to say peace beatstep enough is enough backup devil now I’m giving you a 37:14 warning are you hearing me the Bible 37:19 says that Jesus walks and this fig tree was was was broadcasting something that 37:28 it wasn’t or didn’t have here’s the thing about you you can broadcast it 37:34 because you have it you have the power 37:41 are you with me just because I’m being tested doesn’t mean I don’t know who I 37:47 am just because you don’t like me doesn’t mean I don’t know who I am just 37:55 because you don’t know who I am doesn’t mean I don’t know who I am just because 38:03 you don’t respect Who I am doesn’t mean I don’t know who I am I not only know 38:12 who I am I know who’s I tonight God is 38:18 restoring your identity one of the 38:32 things I love about church is this that you’re gonna hear the gospel and when 38:39 the gospel is preached its preached to increase your faith Romans 1:16 2:17 if 38:46 you would go there with me please Romans 1:16 217 I’m so excited about this 38:52 message I almost started preaching and I’m supposed to teach Bible study right the scripture says I’m not ashamed of 39:01 the gospel of Christ for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that 39:08 believeth to the Jew first and also to the Greek for therein is the right of God revealed from faith to faith as 39:15 it is written the just shall live by faith now what the enemy wants you to do 39:21 is not show up at church not read your Bible because he knows the power of the 39:27 gospel the gospel when it is preached when you can read it when you can study 39:33 it it’s going to increase your faith when you look at life life is going to 39:40 throw a lot of different wrenches in the mechanics of your life you’re gonna have 39:46 a lot of storms but whatever storm you are facing whatever storm you will face 39:53 whatever storm you have faith you gotta understand that there is a measure of 39:59 faith for everything let’s look at this for a moment look at Romans 12 and 3 there’s a 40:06 measure of faith for everything so whatever you’re going through you could be challenged by sickness you could be 40:12 challenged but in your marriage you can be experiencing a financial storm you 40:19 could be experiencing a health storm there’s nothing like not feeling like 40:25 yourself like not having the energy has anyone ever been so sick you were even 40:32 too sick for your faith to be you just wanted medication yeah have you ever 40:38 been so down that you didn’t even want people to pray for you anymore I don’t want to hear it has that ever happened 40:44 to anybody yes yes it has happen this is when the enemy will come in and create a 40:53 storm to drive your destiny out of alignment with God’s plan for your life 41:01 Romans 12 and 3 for I say through the grace given unto me to every man that is 41:06 among you not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think it doesn’t 41:12 say don’t think of yourself highly it just says don’t think of yourself more 41:17 highly than you ought but to think soberly according as God has dealt every 41:23 man watch this the measure of fail so no matter what you are 41:29 confronted with there is a measure of faith that God will give you that God 41:36 will appropriate to you commensurate to that storm let me say it this way no 41:45 matter what you go through there is a measure of faith that God will give you 41:52 to make it through the storm no matter what you are going through there’s a measure of faith that God will 41:59 give you to take you through that test let’s see if we could follow this out 42:05 that means that God will give you a measure of faith for what you need when 42:10 you need it to survive any any storm write that down God will give you put me there God will 42:18 give me a measure of faith for what I need when I need it in order to survive 42:27 the storm so let’s see if we could follow this up job 13 15 to 16 job was 42:35 given a measure of faith to survive a test watch this he said don’t you slay 42:44 me yet will I trust in him but I will maintain my own ways before him he also 42:51 shall be my salvation now this is important because you are going to have 42:59 a test of your faith and the Bible says 43:05 in that test Hebrews 10:23 let us hold fast the profession of our faith without 43:12 wavering so each one of us are going to be tested in the error area of our faith 43:19 faith in God faith in who God says we are faith in God’s person faith in God’s 43:25 principles faith in God’s power you’re gonna have faith in God and he said hold 43:32 fast don’t let go of that faith look at first Timothy 1:18 the Bible said 43:39 this charge I commit unto the son Timothy according to the prophecies 43:45 which went before on thee that thou mightest war a good warfare and so 43:52 whenever a prophecy is given to you it means that the enemy is going to fight 43:58 you in that area so if you’ve had a prophecy that addresses say God is gonna 44:05 make you a millionaire that means that the enemy is going to cause a financial 44:11 storm to happen if you’ve started a business a based on that prophetic word 44:17 your business is gonna be attacked if you started a ministry your ministry is 44:24 gonna be attacked here’s what I’ve seen happen to the average person when a 44:29 person is called to another individual say you know that you’re called to that 44:35 person that relationship is gonna come under attack and this is what happened 44:40 with with Jesus he called the twelve but there was one person by the name of 44:46 Judas watch this Judas would have stayed faithful had it not been for another 44:52 person speaking into his ear and I’m gonna I’m gonna tell you something about loyalty and covenant what I’ve 44:59 discovered is this and this is for everyone that’s a future leader whenever 45:04 you have someone that says God called me to you and whenever you establish a very 45:10 solid trusting relationship with that person and when that person all of a 45:15 sudden starts moving away it is because another person has got their ear there’s 45:23 a third person that’s there now this happened in the Garden of Eden he has 45:31 Adam has a close relationship with God and then what happens Satan comes in 45:38 slithers in and whispers in his ear and raises a question about God’s integrity 45:47 you see let me share with you how I deal with this everyone has the right to make a 45:54 decision right so now if you say you’re called to me and we cut covenant I’m 46:02 expecting you to keep your end of the deal now if you don’t keep your end of 46:07 the deal guess what I’ll still keep mine however once you move out of place 46:13 you’ve made a decision and you’ve left me to make a decision now when you get 46:20 your come back to your senses and you come back and you say you’re sorry God 46:27 might have put your replacement in your position and the space is no longer 46:32 available are you hearing me and and you 46:39 you you’ve got to watch this it’s not like we can be sisters we can be 46:45 siblings in the in the Lord it’s like not like I can still go to dinner with 46:50 you but you will not be in that same place why because we’re dealing with 46:57 divine timetables you might be God’s best but God might test you and I’m gonna 47:05 share with you the longer the test the more auspicious the presentation God 47:12 will make for you in this world the more power the more influence and a lot of 47:19 times it’s the preparation that messes us up and it happens inquires it happens 47:26 in leadership and I’m gonna give you a couple of examples for instance you’ve 47:31 been in a church longer than everybody you’ve get this johnny-come-lately person and all of a sudden you’ve been 47:39 the one sacrificing but the person gets the promotion and you get an attitude 47:46 and you walk away after all I’m giving God might be testing your level of 47:54 loyalty and commitment he wants to know can I trust you at this level because if I 48:01 couldn’t trust you at this level then I can give you power at a higher level but 48:07 if I can’t trust you at this level if you cannot run keep up with the footmen 48:14 how are you going to run with the horsemen if you can’t take an attack 48:20 down at this level God knows when I give you world world 48:26 exposure you’re going to embarrass the kingdom because the principalities and 48:33 powers that will come at you once God introduces you to a world sage you can 48:40 never imagine the kind of stability and pain you need in order to be sustained 48:47 there I’m talking to somebody today we want to thank you for watching the four 48:53 points broadcast we’re gonna be back in two weeks with part 2 of this message from our series the DNA of destiny we 49:01 want you to set a reminder if you head over to Cindy trim 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you put your hands to turns to prophetic gold we 49:59 declare creative ideas supernatural encounters and may this be a year of great expansion for you we’ll see you in 50:06 a couple weeks where it’s live it’s prophetic and it’s all God God

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