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hi this is Pastor Ryan here and we want to welcome you to the four points broadcast with Dr. Cindy Trimm we’re 0:06 actually releasing part two of a message that was started a couple of weeks ago 0:11 if you want to watch that message or any other message from this series the DNA of destiny you can do so now on the 0:17 Cindy trim ministries app or on our YouTube page trust me this is a message that you’re gonna want to share so hit 0:24 that share button right now on Facebook or Twitter wherever you’re watching from and spread this message of empowerment 0:29 to all of your friends get ready to take notes cuz this message a word from God 0:35 is coming directly to you right now sometimes God is going to give you a 0:41 measure of faith that will help you to be sustained through your test that 0:49 means you can pass every test you can pass the test of your strength the test 0:55 of your character the test of your will the test of your commitment the test of 1:01 your loyalty the test of your core values you see a lot of times the 1:07 individuals that God is grooming for greatness it takes a longer why it takes 1:14 a longer to make wine than it does grape juice and sometimes we don’t understand 1:25 what God is testing his testing your character his testing your stick ability 1:32 and your sustainability he wants to know why do you want to do this he wants to 1:38 know where is your ego are you ego driven because if a title our lack of a 1:45 title or lack of promotion makes you walk away from a commitment it was never 1:52 about God it was never about his will it was about your will your wants your 1:58 desire your ego it had nothing to do with the kingdom and I’ve seen many 2:06 people with promise futures walk out at the point that God 2:13 was now bringing them into prominence and when the winds blew they could not 2:19 be sustained because they took it on they thought it was about damn it it’s 2:27 not about you it’s not about how gifted you are how talented you are listen if 2:32 God listen if God gets desperate he’ll use a crow he’ll use a donkey and aren’t 2:44 you more than a sparrow but you can pass every test you could pass the test of 2:53 your strength you can pass the test of your character you could pass the test 2:58 of your will where you’re able to be taken in Gethsemane where you don’t want 3:04 to do something but God is saying you’ve got to do it I don’t want to forgive 3:09 them you got to forgive them I don’t want to stay you got to stay I don’t want to give you got to give I don’t 3:16 want to love I got to love and when you get to that you’ll get cemani where God 3:23 is testing your will when you are able to say not my will but thy will be done 3:31 that’s the test of your will when you’re straining and you could walk away but 3:38 you don’t you could give up but you don’t when you are able to say god I 3:44 don’t have any will left and God whispers in your ear it is me that works 3:49 in you both to will and to do of my good 3:54 pleasure there’s a measure of faith to pass every test God gave him faith to 4:06 survive bankruptcy and one of the things I decree and declare your finances are 4:13 fit for the next breakthrough you’re gonna have a financial breakthrough 4:20 you are because so many people today they have given and they’ve given and 4:27 they’ve given and now they’ve given up they’ve given up on tithes they’re giving up on offering they’re giving up 4:32 on seed and they don’t believe it and that is because we are operating with world principles trying to do 4:40 Kingdom world so if you’re gonna do Kingdom work you got to do it with 4:45 Kingdom principles and so we have one foot in the world one foot in the church and so we have this option if this 4:53 doesn’t work I’m gonna get me a second job because we always have an option to 4:58 make money and what God is going to restore he’s gonna restore our 5:05 understanding of king of economics and biblical finances let me just give you a few more there’s a measure of faith for 5:13 everything Esther was given a measure of faith to defeat the enemies of Israel to 5:19 deliver her people from ethnic cleansing God sovereignly put her in place a 5:24 position where she was married to someone that was influential they didn’t talk about her they talked about her 5:31 husband she was that just the king’s wife but God had a plan for that 5:39 marriage and sometimes we don’t understand when we get married young and 5:45 nobody is saved and then you get saved all of a sudden your husband’s a demon 5:52 where he wasn’t a demon you know back then he was your boo the sanctified 6:01 woman sanctifies the husband and the bed is under found in marriage God blesses 6:08 the Covenant of marriage are you with me and sometimes God allows you to get 6:14 saved before your husband because he has a plan for you being there 6:21 sometimes your husband is carrying the seed that he deposit in your womb that 6:27 ends up being the next doctor or the next lawyer or the next president or the 6:33 next apostle or night or the next prime minister or the next prophet and 6:40 sometimes we want to turn our husbands into an apostle and they an even say you 6:50 can get a prayer through when your husband can’t the two shall be one are 6:55 you with me no don’t beat your husband over the head because it’s not safe 7:01 acts are gone what is the purpose behind here what do you have in mind don’t just 7:08 run off and get a divorce the Deacon that you might end up marrying may be 7:13 worse than the husband you’re leaving 7:19 today if you you you married it’s difficult to find good man and not 7:27 everybody that saved is a good man I had 7:38 one lady that took counsel comes up from me and she said I don’t know if I want to stay married with my husband he’s not 7:44 stayed and I said why accident was he saved when you got married no were you 7:50 say when you got married no so both of you were in the same place so what do you think the problem is do 8:00 you think he’s just trying to get away from you nagging him and I gave her a strategy I said I want you to go home do 8:07 this and do it every time you go to church and what your husband changed so 8:12 I gave her this strategy every time she went to church eventually her husband kept coming home 8:19 until he started cooking until he stayed home until he kept saying you sure your 8:26 church is not having a revival he started calling the pastor and telling 8:31 him I think you should have another revival I think you should have another revival every month because of the 8:38 strategy I gave her right now her husband is home coming home all the time 8:44 and then guess what happens she calls and said well what am I gonna do what 8:50 are you gonna do about what my husband’s getting on my nerve why is he getting on your nerves now cuz he’s always home I 8:56 need some time for myself well what do you want find out what is the purpose 9:06 for this relationship the thing about this story and the faith that God gave 9:13 this woman is so remarkable her calling 9:19 changed the trajectory of an entire nation and guess what her only qualification was that she won a beauty 9:26 contest that’s it she didn’t have no other qualifications she didn’t have a 9:31 degree in political science she didn’t have a degree in social justice she didn’t have a degree in law she wasn’t a 9:38 skilled lobbyist but she was God’s ambassadors and God put high heels in 9:43 high places in other words she was married to a mover and a shaker and a 9:50 history maker and her job was to make him happy and sometimes we have good men 9:59 that may not be home all the time and we’re like you always gone out and 10:05 he says well I’m trying to put some you know bring money home I’m trying to make you comfortable but I just want to be 10:12 with you okay so now that it’s home you can’t buy those designer bags and 10:17 designer yy-you don’t go out to work you’ve got to be able to find your 10:24 purpose outside of your relationship 10:29 with a person you’ve got to bring that purpose to the table in other words you 10:35 are playing a role as the wife or role as the husband but outside of the role 10:41 that you are playing what is the purpose what is the purpose is there a purpose 10:48 that God will have for you the world needs individuals to play an 10:53 active role in solving problems and some time God uses your marriage to do it 11:01 Garlan is gonna give you a measure of faith within your marriage that if you 11:09 are the only one saved sometimes it’s 11:14 his network that God is after sometimes it’s his friends that God is after 11:21 sometimes is an entire industry that God is after find out why God wants you in 11:30 that relationship let me give you a few more God gave jephta a measure of faith 11:37 to overcome rejection and to go on to become an incredible leader rejection 11:44 has a way of undermining and sabotaging our destiny because we just focus on the 11:51 rejection and people rejected me and people always reject me rejection is redirection rejection 11:57 simply means that that place that person that relationship that organization that company no longer has the capacity for 12:05 your growth and your greatness and so when they rejected him it was just a 12:12 sign that he had to grow and progress outside of a relationship see this is 12:23 what happened to Joseph Joseph was rejected Jeptha was rejected Jesus was 12:29 rejected the stone that the builders rejected why there was no organism no 12:35 organization no temple no synagogue no government no community that had the 12:41 capacity for his greatness so he had to work outside of the system outside of 12:49 relationships this is what happened to Joseph his entire family rejected him 12:55 but it was because of God’s plan for Joseph’s life Joseph was not only going 13:02 to save a nation he was going to save his family because that nation would 13:07 have annihilated his family are you with me sometimes God pushes 13:12 you outside to bring you back inside so that you can be the solution so you’ve 13:20 got to be careful and you’ve got to be able to say over and over okay God is 13:26 gonna give me a measure of faith when I’m rejected is because I’ve outgrown 13:31 this I’ve grown this relationship I’ve outgrown this ministry I’ve outgrown you 13:38 don’t have to be bitter about it you’ve got to be like Joseph saying you meant 13:44 it for bad but I’ll look back and see the hand of God in each stage of my life 13:51 you’ve got to trust God in the midst of rejection knowing that God is not gonna 13:58 leave you it means that maybe God is refining you so that you can go back to 14:06 be a blessing your rejection doesn’t 14:12 define you it refines you just you’ve 14:17 just got to be able to say and I hear so many people over and over this person doesn’t like me this person is rejected 14:23 me I don’t fit in anywhere maybe you should not be fitting in maybe God is raising you up to eventually go back and 14:30 lead because jacta they had to come back and that’s chapter would you lead us 14:36 you’re the only one that qualifies you’re the only one with courage we see 14:42 your leadership ability people always come back but when they come back will 14:49 they find you bitter all you need to do is say I understand no no hard feelings 14:56 you rejected me because you don’t have capacity for my greatness 15:02 I’ve outgrown that this I’ve outgrown you and I’m good with that are you 15:11 getting this a lot of people are upset and they’re emotional and they’re 15:17 confused and they keep thinking about 10 years ago 15 years ago this person did 15:22 this this but go on with your life they’re going on with their life they’re 15:29 not even thinking about you you’re giving them too much airtime John was 15:37 given a measure of faith after he had 15:43 been beaten isolated and left for dead the heavens opened over his life and God 15:50 gave him a divine revelation and he could have sat and soured and thought 15:55 about all the people that beat him but he said I was in the spirit on the Lord’s Day when you go to church are you 16:03 in the spirit or out of the spirit Elijah was given a measure of faith to 16:10 prophesy to a country when it was not trending it was trending that everyone 16:20 was under the influence of Jezebel now let’s just get this spirit of Jezebel right 16:25 just because someone didn’t want to do what you tell them to do doesn’t make them a Jezebel just because someone has 16:33 their own opinion just because someone has a strong personality what you see 16:39 the people we call Jezebel’s are not really Jezebel’s they could be a Martha 16:47 they you know they just could have relational challenges where you know 16:53 they’re good at what they do but they’re bossy just because the Parsee is what person is bossy it doesn’t mean that 16:59 they’re Jezebel the spirit of Jezebel comes from a very insidious place comes 17:05 from a very dark place if that person makes a covenant with Satan that’s some 17:14 serious stuff and most people in church are not Jezebel they just have relationship 17:20 challenges their mothers and so many people have been hurt all for that 17:27 because someone that misdiagnosed is easy for us to call everybody a demon 17:32 but what about you you can see yourself 17:38 the scripture says take the telephone pole from out of your eye before you take the toothpick from out of mine so 17:45 you’re walking around with a telephone pole knocking everybody out like let me help you with that toothpick 17:51 everybody’s unconscious around you because you knocked everybody out you can see the big beam the big telephone 17:58 pole in your eye it’s easy to say someone has a spirit but you do – you 18:05 got a judgmental spirit are you with me 18:12 turn to your neighbors say mind your own business 18:18 Elisha did something that was unpopular 18:24 and that was to call a spirit out that was prevailing over a nation and there 18:32 were some things that are happening in the United States of America and we’re gonna be tested in the area not to judge 18:40 but to say to people you can be delivered from that are you with me 18:46 Solomon was given a measure of faith to build a beautiful temple Mary was given 18:52 a measure of faith to carry the word Daniel was given a measure of faith to survive the Lions Dan – three Hebrew 18:58 boys use their faith to survive the fiery furnace you know when the heat is on you and the 19:05 pressure is great and darkness prevail you are being processed and the very 19:12 thing that binds you going in will burn up before you come out 19:20 it’s gonna burn up before you come out you’ve got to understand that there’s a 19:27 measure of faith for everything let me bring this to a conclusion Deborah used her measure of faith to 19:34 overcome sexism are you seeing are you seeing this Ruth use a measure of faith as an 19:41 immigrant to overcome the loss of her husband and then to become a Baroness of 19:49 billions Ruth used her faith as an immigrant Paul and Silas was given a 19:57 measure of faith to be delivered from imprisonment there were some born-again 20:02 believers that end up in prison but while they were in prison God delivered 20:09 them and if they were delivered because of their worship and praise jacob was 20:17 given a measure of faith to overcome stigmas naman was given an measure of 20:23 faith to be healed not only that but when you look at it Gideon was given a 20:29 measure of faith Hannah was given a measure of faith zubaba was given a measure of faith no 20:34 one was given a measure of faith sarah was given a measure of faith each individual was given a measure of faith 20:41 to survive the storm that they were in storms come in all shapes and all sizes 20:50 and my storm may not look like your storm but each one of us are going to 20:56 have to be faced with a storm what happened with them is this that their 21:03 faith had died the word had become dormant and what gone is going to do 21:08 he’s going to wake the word up in you the greatest challenge of the church is 21:15 to convert Christians into believers believers that believe the word believers that use the word that not 21:22 only pray about their circumstance but use the word to speak to their 21:29 circumstance in our text the Bible said that Jesus was awakened and he spoke to 21:35 the storm what Jesus was doing is helping them and he would be the 21:41 greatest object lesson and their object lesson was this that even if you are in 21:47 a storm you don’t have to take on the storm the storm was an object lesson and 21:54 it was a metaphor for the things that were going on in their mind and when 21:59 Jesus spoke peace to the storm he was not only speaking to the wind without he 22:05 was also speaking to the wind within the wind represents demonic philosophies 22:11 that we take on that are contrary to the Word of God the window represents 22:17 satanic philosophies that challenged us the word on the inside of us and when 22:24 you take it on oftentimes what God will demand is that God will help you or 22:32 empower you or you would allow God to empower you to replace your peers to 22:39 refocus your faith and understanding that wherever storm you are going 22:44 through you can make it through why because when you have paid faith helps 22:51 you to transcend any situation the scripture says now faith is the 22:57 substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen 23:02 what does that mean it simply means that faith gives you the ability to transcend 23:09 any situation the word trans and means to surpass it means to exceed it means 23:17 to overcome it means to outdo outclass it means to outshine it means to upstage 23:24 in other words whatever you are pace with God is gonna give you the ability 23:30 to overcome in other words when there was water covering the earth when the 23:35 earth could not be seen God spoke and say let there be a division on the waters 23:43 which were beneath from the waters which were above and dry land came up over the 23:49 water in other words to overcome means to come up over it means that you’re 23:55 going to trans and it means you’re going to surpass it means you’re gonna exceed 24:00 it means you’re gonna outdo it means that no weapon formed against you will 24:06 ever outshine you will ever overshadow you whatever outshine you whatever throw 24:13 shade on you whatever upstage you it means that God is going to call us you 24:20 to excel no matter what is going on i decree and declare that these are your 24:27 greatest days of accomplishing great things for God that the storm is here 24:34 and though you may be going through a storm the storm will not destroy you 24:40 these are your greatest days these are your greatest days of witty invention 24:47 these are your greatest days of leadership these are your greatest dings 24:52 of spearheading new things these are your greatest days your limitations are 24:59 over God is bringing you into a round where now you are able to exercise your 25:06 Dominion Dominion has to do with authority Dominion has to do with 25:13 mastery Dominion has to do with control don’t minion has to do with power 25:20 Dominion has to do with rule don’t minion has to do with command you are 25:26 not a victim of circumstance I decree and declare that your spirit the spirit 25:33 of victimization is being delivered or driven away from you you may have come 25:40 in wondering who you where you might have come in at your weakest point you 25:46 might have showed up not knowing that the storm didn’t come hallelujah for 25:51 your demo the storm came so that call it can activate hallelujah the Dominion in you 25:59 you were created after the image and after the likeness of God God said let 26:05 us make man in our image and after our likeness and let them have dominion 26:11 Dominion gives you authority over the enemy don’t minion gives you mastery over your 26:18 emotion Dominion gives you control over situation don’t minion gives you commander 26:25 hallelujah over your mourning Dominion gives you the power to get wealth 26:30 Dominion gives you the right to rule in this earth realm as heavens 26:37 representative Dominion is the personal law of success and prosperity Dominion 26:44 does not eliminate the problem but gives you the power to overcome it it gives 26:50 you divine strategies to prevail I decree and declare whatever you are 26:57 paste with God is releasing you into a new level of Dominion what Jesus 27:05 demonstrated to the disciples in the middle of the storm he demonstrated how 27:13 to have Dominion there were twelve areas that you have to have dominion over and 27:20 today God is gonna give you the dominion over it God is gonna give you dominion over your 27:27 emotion you are going to have dominion over shame you are going to have 27:32 dominion over regrets you are going to have dominion over there you are going 27:38 to have dominion over anxiety you are going to have dominion over failure you 27:44 are going to have dominion over depression you are gonna have dominion over frustration you are going to have 27:52 dominion over fatigue I decree and declare you are getting your momentum 27:57 back you were getting your peace back you were getting your vision pack you were getting your focus 28:05 back you were going to have dominion over your emotion the second area you’re 28:10 gonna have dominion over you’re gonna have no minion over circumstance you’re 28:15 gonna have dominion over pain number four dominion over your past 28:20 number five dominion over your health number six Oh minion over this world number seven dominion over your words 28:28 number eight dominion over your flesh number nine dominion over your thought 28:33 life number ten dominion over your enemies number eleven dominion over your relationship number twelve dominion over 28:40 your finances but it’s going to start when you wait the word up the Bible said 28:47 when they went through the storm they came a point where they came to the 28:53 wit’s end and it was at their wit’s end they woke Jesus up I decree and declare 28:59 you are about to wake the word up and the word is about to be woken up in your 29:07 life put it to work when you work your words the word will work for you it’s 29:13 time for you to release the word in your situation having an earth shall pass 29:20 away but not one jot not one tittle of God’s Word it’s gonna hallelujah pass 29:27 away God has already prepared the solution for your problem it was 29:34 prepared before the foundation of the world God has already prepared the 29:40 solution for the problem you just have to speak the word God has already 29:46 prepared the breakthrough before the break down you just need to speak the 29:52 word God has already prepared the finances for your debt God has prepared 29:58 the wisdom you would need before you make a decision God has prepared the 30:05 healing before the sickness the victory before the battle the strength before 30:12 the weak the strategy before the crisis wake the word up God will give you wisdom for 30:21 complex issues solutions for unique problems answers for difficult questions 30:27 courage to face your greatest fear insight to see be under obvious and 30:33 confident in his ability to cause everything to work together for good 30:39 stop calling your friends and waking your friends up in the middle of the 30:46 night they need what you need wake the word up in the midst of lack God has a 30:54 word for abundance wake the word in the midst of the feeling of loneliness God 31:01 has angels to protect you wake the word up when you feel weak you’ve got the 31:08 anointing to depend on wake the word up whenever you need a breakthrough 31:15 God has a breakthrough for you wait the word up God will give you confidence 31:22 wake the word up God will give you authority use the word use the word 31:29 hallelujah for releasing the blessing of Abraham use the word when you need 31:36 boldness use the word when you need hallelujah deliverance 31:42 use the words when you need clothes use the word when you need courage use the 31:49 word when you need deliberate use the word when you need help use the word 31:54 when you need counsel use the word when you need Dominion use the word for 32:00 salvation use the word to stimulate your pain use your word to remind you of the 32:08 painfulness of God use the word for your family use the word for favor use the 32:15 word for fellowship with God use the word for finances use the word for 32:22 forgiveness use the word for healing use the word over your 32:28 friendship use the word for fruitfulness use the word to activate the grace use 32:35 the word hallelujah for greatness use the word for guidance use the word for 32:42 goodness use the word for healing use the word to get to heaven use the word for help use 32:51 the word for honor use the word for Hope use the word but everything that you’re 32:57 faced with there’s a word for longevity there’s a word for love there’s a word 33:04 for marriage there’s a word for mercy there’s a word for miracles there’s a 33:11 word for ministry there’s a word for multiplication there’s a word for 33:17 national prominence there’s a word for overcoming there’s a word for everything 33:25 there’s a word for peace there’s a word for power there’s a word for prayer 33:32 there’s a word for promotion there’s a word for prosperity there’s a word for 33:39 protection there’s a word for provision there’s a word for peace there’s a word 33:46 for rest there’s a word for restoration there’s a word for riches there’s a word 33:54 for righteousness there’s a word for salvation there’s a word for security 34:01 there’s a word for salvation there’s a word for soundness of mind there’s a 34:08 word for spiritual warfare there is a word for strength there is a word for 34:15 truth there is a word for understanding there is a word for victory there’s a 34:22 word for women there’s a word for wholeness there’s a word for word 34:28 instead of allowing the word that is preached to you week after week year 34:35 after year doormen wake the word and put it to use 34:54 thank you Jesus I realized that this is a little longer 34:59 than usual but I didn’t know where the comfortable place was to stop but this 35:08 text spoke a lot to me as I was sitting last night I set up until early this 35:15 morning just sitting and viewing this and I realized that this particular 35:21 message is probably a ten-part message and I said to pastor Ryan I don’t know 35:30 where to stop so I’m not gonna stop we want to just take what we’ve done late 35:38 as a foundation and then begin to build your faith to move from point A to point 35:44 B whatever your point a is you don’t have to explain why you’re there you 35:49 don’t have to explain why you’re feeling it but we could figure out where your point B is and get you there and your 35:58 point B is what we call destiny and we want to make sure that your destiny is 36:04 in proper alignment with God’s will for your life all of us have to face dawns 36:09 all of us the disciples were being taught how to activate and exercise 36:19 their Dominion so God in His sovereignty allowed and I know I said a lot and I 36:28 and I’m gonna get a chance to excavate all of these concepts God in His 36:34 sovereignty allowed sovereignty means that God can do whatever he wants to do 36:39 when he wants to do with how long he wants to do it with whoever he wants to do it but he also reserves the right not 36:46 to do what lies within his power to do so that’s the sovereignty of right so in his sovereignty he allowed 36:52 the storm but in the midst of the storm it became a defining moment that altered 37:01 their destiny because it was an invitation into a new realm called 37:08 Dominion they had learned behaviors they had learned how to blame when stuff was 37:16 going wrong but here was the object lesson Jesus was able to say I’m in the 37:22 same storm the same win but I want to 37:27 show you how to survive the storms of life number one refuse to be a victim of 37:37 any circumstance refusing don’t walk out 37:43 of here with a victim’s mentality number two if God allows it he’ll give you the 37:52 measure of faith to overcome it do you notice to overcome it it means 38:01 that if you’re overcoming where you end up is in a higher plane than what you 38:06 started number three object lesson again this is 38:13 how you exercise your Dominion rest in the word number two use the word in 38:23 number three expect that outcome a lot 38:29 of us are using the word but we’re not expecting it the object lesson was about 38:36 taking their face faith to the next level and showing them there’s a measure 38:42 of faith for everything but it’s got to be exercise and that I mentioned Old 38:50 Dominion what God is restoring in this season he’s restoring us back to a place 38:58 of Dominion and each one of you and you walk out of here 39:03 you came here and God puts a comma to your life you have a time to be 39:08 refreshed you have a time to be restored you have a time of respite but when we 39:16 pronounce the benediction guess what’s gonna happen you’re going to walk out of here and you don’t have to face life 39:24 again when you go out there you got to remember who you are and who God is and 39:33 then you got to begin to put your faith to work start off where you are don’t 39:41 just pray about your circumstance speak to it released a word into your 39:50 situation the moment you release that word stuff happens in the realm of the 39:56 Spirit I told you I didn’t forget the story of the fig tree and I’m gonna give 40:03 it here right now Jesus spoke to it the 40:09 disciples looking like there he goes again that degree and declare stuff and 40:15 walks off because on the outside nothing happened but when they came back out of 40:21 the city and they walked past the tree was just dried up at the root when you 40:30 walk out of here and you begin to speak to your situation you begin to decree decree the word over over your finances 40:38 over your marriage over your health the leaves might still be there why because 40:46 it takes a little while for the leaf to get the message that it’s died at the 40:51 root at the moment you speak your situation changes the symptoms may be 41:00 there it may take a little while for those symptoms to catch up this is with 41:06 you that are struggling with sickness and disease struggling in your finances and marriages you remember when you had 41:13 your first breakthrough when you got saved you remember that with that like you remember where your faith was 41:19 God is going to restore you back to that level of faith in there we are built to 41:28 survive the storm in Jesus name Amen how many of you got anything out of this we’ve given you as 41:39 as many examples as we possibly can in other words each one of our storms are different and each measure of faith is 41:47 going to be commensurate to what you’re facing with whether it’s creating a new 41:52 business whether it’s starting all over again whether it’s being healed from a 41:57 broken relationship a divorce whether you’ve lost your job whether you don’t have any money you cannot start 42:04 where you’re not you can only start where you are but where you are God is 42:13 going to dispense the measure of thee that you need to make it through this 42:19 storm I see all of you and I’m here for 42:24 all of you that’s why I’m here numbers are inconsequential assignment 42:30 is I’ve reached the same way with a million as I would with one exact same 42:37 way because sometimes it only takes one to make a difference and I don’t know if 42:46 that one is you but is somebody in here who’s going to the next level somebody in here whose purpose whose time has 42:55 come for their purpose God is not playing games with you what you want wants you 43:02 what you’re feeling on the inside like it’s gotta be something more brothers 43:07 and sisters ladies and gentlemen there is something more I thank you so much 43:13 Derek there’s a lot of places you could have been but you decided to hang out with me this is my life group right here 43:20 and I love you and I want the best for you I want success and prosperity but when I 43:27 walk out of here I can only live my life I can’t live my life for you you’ve got 43:35 to live your life this is not a dress rehearsal you and they have one life to live and if this is a new chapter the 43:46 God is about to write in your book of life let’s make it epic let’s make it a 43:54 best-seller let’s make it a page-turner 43:59 when you walk out of here guess what’s gonna happen the car might break down 44:04 your car might be repossessed listen to me carefully you might lose your house 44:09 you might cuz that happens every day but 44:15 if that happened don’t scream like I gave this and I gave that maybe in the 44:23 sovereignty of God he’s allowed it to bring the best out of you things that 44:30 are lying dormant gifts and talents that were screaming looking for a platform an 44:37 expression you might just find that playful in the midst of your crises 44:43 you’re gonna discover who you really are and the presence of your problem amen 44:52 ready to pray you have your circumstance you have your situation how many of you 44:58 are going through something how many of you have a boat that’s taking on water 45:04 the Bible said and they began to take on water you know what that meant the boat not only took on water but they were 45:10 swallowing water as well the water the waves were so high have you ever been to 45:16 the beach where you were swimming and an undertow hit you and you felt like you 45:21 were drowning and you were taking water in well that’s what it felt like to them 45:27 but you’re not gonna drown you’re gonna come up over what’s your situation 45:34 what’s your circumstance we have a prophetic comma we have a time to here 45:40 to gain perspective you go all the life is gonna hit you is 45:46 it gonna happen and I want you to wait the word up it’s there you’ve had a lot 45:52 of sermons a lot of messages the word is there wake it up and put it to use amen 46:01 let’s put your hands out it doesn’t have to be high right where you are 46:07 god knows how to locate you he knows what you’re going through he knows what 46:13 you’re faced with he knows your challenges he knows you need a breakthrough you need healing 46:19 he knows you gave up he knows you’ve been disappointed he knows that you’ve been betrayed he knows that you’re 46:26 waiting for your financial breakthrough he knows that you need that carnal the 46:32 mortgage he knows that you’re waiting for the person that promised you he 46:38 knows that you loan some money and that person has never paid you back he knows 46:43 the feeling that you feel when you were 2 and 3 and 5 and 10 and you were 46:48 rejected and you were abused and you were molested and you were beaten he 46:54 knows what you’re carrying he knows every secret he knows the shame that is 47:00 attached to that pain he knows the hurt he knows the depth of it he knows what 47:07 your father didn’t do he knows the abandonment and how it hurt you he knows 47:12 how you can’t trust you want to trust and sometimes you don’t even trust him he knows how weak you are 47:19 he knows above the mistakes that you make you don’t want to make him but you make them anyway he knows about your 47:27 addictions he knows about your habit nothing is going to come as a surprise to him because he knows it but you don’t 47:35 have to hang out in the anointing you can come up over that you could defy the 47:45 odds you could get your ability to dream again to believe again and hope again 47:51 that the tears come down you’re in a safe place 47:57 he knows that you’re standing here right now wanting to believe but you can he knows 48:05 that you want to feel but you can you’re afraid of feeling because you’re afraid of being disappointed one more time and 48:14 you want to believe but you believe last weekend last year and nothing happened 48:20 when you walk out of here you got to walk out of here facing family facing 48:25 friends dealing with lies dealing with betrayal dealing with gossip when you 48:31 walk out of here you got to deal with the fact that your husband betrayed you you got to deal 48:37 with the fact that nobody believes in you nobody trusts you nobody helps you 48:43 but right in the midst of your storm 48:48 when you walk out of here you’re gonna get god’s word on it you’re gonna begin 48:54 to speak to him you’re gonna call those things that be not as though they were– and you’re gonna trust God in the midst 49:02 God is going to increase your faith and you are going to go from faith to faith 49:09 and the next time we come together in our Bible study you are gonna have a testimony you’re gonna get your joy back 49:17 you’re gonna get your peace back you’re gonna get your mojo back you’re gonna have new friends to read replace the 49:22 fake frenemies you’re gonna be able to stand up in the workplace they’re not 49:28 gonna be able to use you like they’re using you because you’re going to now take your personal power back the people 49:36 that rejected you you’re gonna say okay I see the wisdom of God and you’re gonna get God to work in you both to will in 49:42 your to do a physical pleasure and he’s gonna give you the measure of faith to forgive you’re gonna say I don’t feel 49:49 like I’ve forgiven and you’re gonna do it seventy times seven until one day you wake up and that feeling is gonna be 49:56 gone it’s gonna be gone and you’re gonna do it every day you’re gonna say I forgive 50:02 you and you’re not gonna say it to them you’re gonna say it in the atmosphere because if you release it 50:07 in the atmosphere there’s no time no place no geographical location that will 50:13 prohibit that word from finding that individual and God working to change the 50:18 circumstances around if you have hurt people and disappointed people and they found out something that you said God is 50:26 gonna heal that relationship too because God is gonna give you a measure of faith to pick the telephone up to say I’m 50:32 sorry are you ready to receive your 50:37 measure of faith our Lord and our Savior we thank you right where we stand each 50:43 one of us our faith with and challenged by life when the midst of our own kind 50:50 of storm but in the midst of the storm you gave us the greatest object lesson 50:55 how the disciples woke the word up and then the word went to work on their 51:03 behalf I thank you Father that you would continue to speak to us 51:08 you will continue to give us principles of the kingdom and you will continue to 51:13 let the word work I thank you now father that this is a defining moment for each 51:20 one of us and where we are today we will not be there tomorrow 51:26 father the DNA of destiny includes our faith and dominion increase our faith 51:35 and elevate our mentality until we are walking out our Dominion now unto Him 51:43 who is able to do the exceeding abundantly above all you can ask it’s according to the power that works in us 51:49 amen put your blessed hands together [Applause] 51:59 amen well as usual just before pastor Ryan comes back I want to do something I 52:05 want to give you an opportunity to give whenever you are with me listen to me carefully I realize what has happened in 52:12 a lot of people’s church a lot of people are still suspicious I’m the truth girl 52:17 I tell the truth I put it out there if it’s there I cannot ignore it it’s there 52:23 so I realize that some of you still need to be healed from disappointment whenever I give you an opportunity to 52:31 give listen to me carefully if it is not your conviction and if God is not speaking to you feel free not to give at 52:40 that point give me an opportunity to teach you again and to restore your 52:45 understanding and Kingdom finances and the kingdom economics and Biblical finances and if you give me an 52:51 opportunity I can help you through that challenge because a lot of people are having a challenge that said I’m going 52:59 to give each one of you an opportunity to plant a seed look this way again look at my eyes if this is not your 53:05 conviction you don’t have to plant a seed do you understand that I want this 53:11 to be your personal conviction I want you to be able to hear God and say to 53:16 God this is what I want to do because I understand the power of the seed until 53:22 you’re at that point until your faith is at that point it’s okay you have someone that’s not going to judge you my job is 53:29 to get you from point A to point B and give you the kingdom principles so that when I’m not around you could work those 53:35 principles amen and you can work them in your home and your family in your business there are 53:40 75 covenants categories of covenant where God speaks a specific word about a 53:49 specific category and there are 75 categories it’s not like there’s only 75 53:55 promises but there are 75 categories that are there what I want you to do is 54:01 to release $1.00 per category so that means that if you’re believing God for 54:07 healing that’s $1 if you’re believing God to save your family it’s a dollar if you’re believing God 54:12 for courage that’s a dollar one dollar and you’re gonna plant that seed to activate those categories in your life 54:20 so that you could put it to work when you walk out of here I’ve done that by revelation listen to 54:27 me carefully and I did it for each one of my family members cuz I was the only one in church at that particular time 54:34 getting that revelation that when when God downloaded it and I paid one per 54:39 family member including my nieces and nephew at that time so that was multiples of 75 dollars 54:46 and what happened was my sister was diagnosed as cancer they wheeled her in to give her a mastectomy they said let 54:53 us check one more time and they wheeled her back out they couldn’t find the cancer anymore my sister did not give 55:02 the $75 I gave it on behalf of my sister and the word for healing went to work in 55:11 my sister’s life I can tell you 55:16 testimony after testimony how something I’ve done for my family was actually 55:21 activated because I planted a seed this is what I want to challenge you to do to plant a seed of 75 dollars you could do 55:28 an IOU you can use your credit cards of 75 dollars one per promise then when you 55:36 walk out of here I want you to wake that word up that’s lying dormant and I want 55:43 you to put it to work the next time I see you I want you to live in the realm of Dominion he arose and went to a 55:52 higher level to operate in and this is what God is going to do he’s going to elevate you I’m gonna give each one of 55:58 you an opportunity to give a $75 seed after you have the $75 seed if you want 56:05 to give one for your son your daughter your niece your nephew you can you do it in multiples there’s one for you and 56:11 your husband if there’s one for you your husband and your business you do multiples of 75 I’m gonna give you an 56:17 opportunity to take a seat there were some of you that are in between blessings and you 56:25 want to be able to give a multiple of 75 so if you want to give I don’t know $20 56:31 plus $7.50 you you can go ahead to do that and go ahead and and give that but 56:39 give in multiples of 75 and get your seed in the ground hours and hospitals 56:45 are gonna give you an envelope and again if you’re in between blessing you know we’re praying for you amen and we are 56:52 open we’re here for you always a pray away amen if you receive something from that 56:57 word would you put your hands together one more time come on give it up for dr. trim and you’ve got a praise for the 57:03 gift on the inside of her and if you’ve been watching at home we want to thank you for joining us tonight and every 57:09 promise that she spoke during that word it’s for you and I want to encourage you 57:15 a lot of people during times of abundance they spend and during times of crisis they withhold when in fact during 57:23 times of abundance you should save during times of crisis or when something has been uprooted out of your life or 57:29 when you want to initiate the changing of a season is when you should invest or you should plant a seed and I felt in 57:36 the room tonight and even at home that that God was uprooting things out of 57:41 your heart whether that was bitterness fear so Ty’s connected to individuals or 57:47 things that were ungodly and s he was uprooting now is an opportunity in the 57:53 midst of this revelation for you to invest we want to encourage you to hit that give button now and partner with us 57:59 as we continue to bring this message of empowerment to to the nation’s 58:04 there’s thousands upon thousands 20 different nations a minimum yeah there every time we turn on this livestream 58:12 and we want to thank you for for being with us hit that share button download the Cindy trim ministries app if you’re 58:18 in the Atlanta area we would love to see you at one of our Bible studies here we also meet in Florida Fort Lauderdale all 58:25 of that information is on our website Cindy trim ministries dot org we will 58:30 see you next time where it’s live it’s prophetic and it’s all God god bless you god bless

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