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good evening I’m pastor Ryan and I want to welcome you tonight to the four points broadcast with dr. Cindy trimm 0:08 we have we have so been enjoying this new series the DNA of destiny how many 0:15 of you heard about the DNA of destiny its blessing you’re right we’re connecting to our identity in Christ and 0:22 at the same time God is teaching us how to manage our relationships there’s so much that God is pouring out through 0:28 this message and and we know that the revelation is gonna come pouring in and as soon as it does we want you to tweet 0:33 about it we want you to put it on Facebook and we want you to connect to what’s going on here with this ministry 0:39 by using hashtag destiny DNA and we’re gonna be talking about destiny tonight 0:46 God is gonna meet you right where you’re at wherever you are around the world we want you to pause in and focus in on 0:52 this message and we want you to hit that share button so all of your friends and family can connect to this message as 0:58 well let’s make this message of the kingdom go viral on social media tonight how about it are you guys gonna be 1:04 tweeting it up too right well we don’t want to waste any more time dr. trim is 1:11 coming to the platform right now would you put your hands together for the woman of God doctor we are so excited to 1:23 welcome all of you my life group is right here in ATL and we are joining 1:30 light groups around the world all the way in Indonesia in the Middle East and 1:36 South Africa in Europe and South America in the Europe all over the world life 1:43 groups are meeting right now and it’s just a wonderful thing to know that when we are meeting wherever two or 1:50 three are gathered together God is in our midst I got my two or three do you have your 1:57 two or three and even if you are even if you were tuning in and it’s only you you got God 2:04 the Father God the Son God the Holy Ghost you’ve got your three let’s ask 2:10 God to bless the word tonight amen our Father no God we give you praise and honor and glory this is the day that you 2:17 have made we are rejoicing we are glad in it I prayed today that you would 2:23 think through my mind speak through my lips let there be none of me all of you bless our time together give us 2:29 articulation of speech particularly as we delve into the topic of destiny this 2:36 is a word and a concept that so many people are trying to make sense out of and as we ask evade it week after week 2:44 we pray that at the end of this series your sons and daughters will be able to make Destiny’s decisions that will not 2:51 only cause them to collide with purpose but that purpose will be attached to 2:56 problems and we together as the body of Christ will be able to make this world a 3:01 better place bless the word bless us as we deliver this word and bless the hearers of the 3:07 word in Jesus name Amen amen amen how many of you are having an amazing 3:14 day well I decree that this is the best day 3:19 of your life and tomorrow is gonna be even better amen well let’s go directly to the Word of 3:26 God take out your notepad your pens your Bibles iPads your smart phones your dumb 3:32 phones take out whatever you got and let’s begin to really delve into the 3:38 Word of God and I am grateful to have the opportunity to do series often times when I travel from place to place and 3:45 from country to country and ministry to ministry I only have about an hour to deal with some they’re very complex 3:51 concepts and destiny out of all the concepts is very very complex but we’re 3:57 praying that after this you will begin to understand how simple the concept really is and every single day you are 4:04 changing the trajectory of your destiny your future comes to you one day at a 4:09 time and it doesn’t have to be a mystery but you can history when you begin to make decisions 4:15 based on the prompting of the Holy Spirit who will give you wisdom in all areas of your life and help you to make 4:22 the right decisions decisions so that your future looks nothing like your past and everything that God had had in mind 4:29 when he said I know the thoughts I have two of you thoughts of good not of evil to bring you to an expected end so let’s 4:37 go to the book of John chapter 5 verses 1 to 15 John 5 verse 1 15 take copious 4:44 notes and then later one go back over your notes and prayerfully from this 4:50 revelation you’ll be able to extrapolate principles that will become a Rhema word to you that you’ll be able to apply it 4:58 immediately in your life and see positive change John chapter 5 verses 1 to 15 the Bible said after this there 5:05 was a feast of the Jews and Jesus went up to Jerusalem now there is at Jerusalem by the Sheep market a pool 5:12 which is called in the Hebrew tongue Bethesda having five porches and these 5:18 lay a great multitude of impotent folk of blind halted withered waiting for the 5:24 moving of the water in other words they had no vision for their lives 5:29 you see when when people have no vision for their lives they will waste your time especially if you have the 5:37 discipline enough to get the vision for your life write it down and then begin to implement it be careful of a person 5:43 that does not have a vision of their own because 9 times out of 10 they will sabotage yours misery loves company and 5:51 you know vision is about how you see your life unfolding if you cannot see it unfold it won’t unfold the way you want 5:59 it to you if you cannot see it you will not be able to sees it because your feet 6:04 will never take you where your mind has never been so you’ve got to have a vision for your life you have to have a 6:11 vision in 12 areas but because we’re not talking about vision we’re accident actually talking about destiny we’ll 6:18 have an opportunity to share with you how to write a very dynamic vision that 6:23 will help you to live the life of your dream and more importantly live the life of God’s dream or the life that God had 6:31 planned for you they were blinded they will haunt it they would just stop and there are so many people that I meet and 6:39 then I lose track with them and 20 years later when I meet them again they’re talking about the same thing they 6:45 haven’t done anything different as like their life is on Studdard you know that 6:50 they’re a next year looks like last year and the year after that looks like this year they’re just hold it there just 6:57 stop there stop emotionally there stop professionally their stock relationally 7:03 their stock to just stock spiritually Deven moved anywhere there’s nothing dynamic not even about their prayer life 7:11 they’re praying the same prayers for 20 years and you know life should be 7:17 dynamic you know there’s nothing boring about life when you’re stopped it lacks 7:24 luster nothing shines everything is dull and I decree and declare starting from 7:30 today you are going to get your brilliance back you’re gonna begin to shine and you’re gonna lose the dullness 7:37 and you’re gonna find the brilliance and excitement you you you are you’re gonna 7:42 wonder we’re 24 hours a day went you know and it’s gonna be so excited it’s 7:48 gonna be like throwing your own birthday party every day of your life amen when 7:53 you wake up in the morning the Holy Spirit will say surprise I got this surprising adventure for you and then 8:00 when you go to sleep you’ll be dreaming you’ll say surprise I’m showing up again and when you wake up surprise and the 8:07 most amazing things are gonna happen to you when you have a vision God is able to 8:14 take the awful out of your life and put the awesome into it you are going to 8:19 live an awesome life you’re gonna get awesome back amen people are no longer it’s gonna say whoa they’re gonna say 8:26 wow amen they were halted and withered they were they were withered things were 8:33 drying up money was drying up nothing was thriving everything was dry drying 8:38 on but your days of things drying up finances your your spiritual life your prayer your praise 8:46 your giving thought that season of things drying up is over this is the season where things are about to thrive 8:53 so they were blind halted withered and they were waiting turned to your name in acts I’m what you waiting for because 9:01 nothing happens until you make it happen you you could wait for the rest of your 9:06 life it ain’t gonna happen you’ve got to make it happen can I just make this declaration over you I decree and 9:13 declare that this is your season of making it happen this is your make it 9:18 happen season how are you going how are you going to how are you going to 9:24 realize your dream you should say I’m gonna make it happen how are you gonna 9:29 realize your dream how are you gonna build your house how are you gonna buy 9:34 your car you’re gonna make it happen how are you gonna be wealthy why because God 9:41 gives you power that word power is potential he gives you potential and 9:47 unless you find a platform for its expression it will always just be latent 9:53 power it’ll be just waiting there waiting for an expression you’ve got to make things happen how are you gonna be 10:00 a best-selling author you’re gonna make 10:05 it happen how are you gonna go back to school the school is not gonna call you 10:10 up and say hi this is Harvard University heard all about you it would be our honor if you would apply to our school 10:17 you’ve got to pick up the telephone you got to go on the internet you’ve got to write that application out you gotta 10:24 send it simply put you gotta be able to you’re not waiting the wait is over the 10:32 wait is over the wer ght and the w AIT the wave is 10:40 over they were waiting for the moving of the water for an angel went down at a 10:46 certain season into the pool and troubled the water who’s over then first after the troubling of the water 10:53 stepped in and was made whole of whatsoever disease he had and a certain 10:58 man was there which had an infirmity now that word means to lack firmness it 11:03 means wishy-washy now the scripture says that a double minded man is unstable in 11:09 all of his ways so I want to float that as a balloon in him and pull it out of the atmosphere in a minute a double 11:16 minded man is unstable in all of his ways what do you want for your life one 11:23 minute you want to be saved the next minute you don’t want to be saved one minute you’re praying a word the next minute you’re not a prayer warrior what 11:28 do you want do you want for your life how do you want it – what info what do 11:35 you want for your marriage what do you want for your family what do you want for your health what do you want nobody 11:44 asks us this that question they usually usually tell you what they want from you 11:51 but what do you want and a lot of times we have a revelation of what God wants 11:58 for us God gives us vision and sometimes a vision can be overwhelming because it can be so big and then we wonder whether 12:06 or not we can accomplish it so we started out yes this is what God wants me to do and then life happens and then 12:13 eventually we give up on our dreams we put it in the one on the backburner and and we don’t we we I don’t know what 12:20 happens but there is something that happens to us that crushes our courage 12:25 because it takes a lot of courage to move out of the status quo to move out of the familiar because most people love 12:32 the common I love the uncommon most people love the ordinary I love the extraordinary and it’s 12:40 uncommon for you to one something that is extraordinary something out of the ordinary because if 12:45 you ever go for it people wonder who gave you permission to think that you deserve to have that then people ask 12:54 that question and then we ask that question of ourselves why should I have 13:00 better why should I live better and does God really want me to live that way and 13:05 if I want to better and have more is it materialistic is it being carnal and it seems as if we 13:13 are plagued by those questions over and over again but we’re getting ready to 13:18 give you some answers in this series and see you should want what God wants for 13:24 you God didn’t want God didn’t play games with with your life it’s not his 13:30 will that any should perish so that means that he wants you to live he wants you to be healthy he wants you to be 13:36 happy he wants you to be successful he wants you healed he wants you prosperous he wants you wealthy Rick we could sit 13:46 here all day and talk about God wanting you to have wealth and why would you feel guilty when you begin to pray I 13:53 want to be wealthy I want to have a lot of money why would you be guilty you 13:58 could do more if you had more you could do more for the kingdom we could film we 14:05 can we can we can we can um house more orphans we could feed more hungry we 14:11 could heal more sick if we had more God is gonna bless you a thousand times more 14:18 even as you are in other words wherever you are right now it is God’s will for 14:24 you to have more more health more wealth more energy more friendships more more 14:31 excitement more power more authority more influence more happiness more joy 14:39 God is the god of more in fact he created everything to be more than what 14:45 it is at the better day of conception that’s the power of the seed he created 14:51 a seed to be more than what it is at the point of its creation everything is 14:56 created to be more than how it is birthed that’s why you have a baby 15:01 that’s growing because it’s created to be more to be a greater human being not 15:08 to just lie there and people feed it and people lift the baby up they’re created to talk more to eat more to see more to 15:16 understand more God is the god of more even in the animal kingdom there is 15:23 procreation so you you let a cat run stray for a couple of days is gonna come 15:28 back with more more kittens he he lacked 15:39 firmness he he was in firm they and Obama said they were healed of infirmity 15:46 but this particular man he had been infirm for 38 years the Bible said it 15:53 was a certain man that was there amongst the clutter of the common folk he was 15:59 surrounded by individuals that had no vision didn’t know where they were going 16:04 never acts a person who doesn’t know where they are for direction if they 16:17 don’t know where you are they are they can’t help you to get to where you need to be even if they had a GPS that won’t 16:23 help because the GPS calculates based on where you are never be afraid to bring 16:31 where you are to the table when you talk to God where you are emotionally he’s 16:38 not afraid of that where you are spiritually where you are professionally where you are relationally where you are 16:44 man Minister Lee never be afraid to tell God exactly where you are you cannot 16:51 help a person that’s in debt if they refuse to calculate how much they owe and this is the problem with the average 16:59 person they want to be wealthy but they’re not gonna sit down and calculate and add up all their debt why they’re 17:05 afraid to know well if you fraid to know there’s nothing we can do to help you 17:11 there’s no strategy that can you can apply this gonna help you you’ve got to 17:16 be able to admit this is where I am this is where I am emotionally this is where 17:23 I am physically this is where I am spiritually you don’t have to admit it to people around you but admit it to 17:29 yourself and admit it to God when you mitt it to yourself it’s called integ when you admit it to God is called 17:36 credibility it means that you’re not lying to God and you’re not not lying to yourself and God can get you from point 17:42 A to point B number one if you know where you are number two if you know where you’re going if you don’t know 17:48 your destiny your GPS can’t help you so you know where you are but we’re where 17:54 do you want to be and this is how destiny is formed you’ve got to have a 18:00 specific destination and you’ve got to lock it in into your GPS system in order 18:06 to it for it to calculate a route and this is what decision-making is all 18:11 about it’s being able to calculate your route from getting you from point A to 18:16 point B now knowing point B and not knowing where Point a is it’s just like 18:22 not knowing where point point B is but knowing where point A is you know where 18:28 you are but you don’t know where you’re going you know where you want to go but you don’t know where you are but where 18:35 you are is enough to take you where you need to go I’m gonna say it again 18:40 and I want I wanna I want to drive it into you where you are is enough to get 18:47 you where you need to go in other words you don’t need to justify it you don’t need to be ashamed about it you don’t 18:53 need to lie about it it is where it is that ain’t we ranked tomorrow about this time I ain’t gonna be here why because 19:01 I’m making a decision to be somewhere else it is your decision not my decision 19:07 is a decision well for that God places in your lap but will is that place where 19:13 do you want to be the Bible said that he was lacking firmness he was wishy-washy the scripture says a double minded man 19:20 is unstable in all of his ways let not that man thinks that he’s gonna get 19:25 anything from God and so is it possible that you’re praying and praying and 19:31 praying but God is just waiting on you to confirm to him what it is that you 19:36 really have made up your mind that you need where you’re going when you’re going there how you getting there do you 19:43 really want to be a business owner are you just playing games do you really want to be wealthy do you 19:51 really want to preach do you really want to be a doctor do you really want to be a lawyer do you really want to be a 19:57 missionary do you really is this what you really want for your life because if that’s 20:02 what you want as a man thinketh in his heart so is he have you meditated if it’s if it’s 20:08 occupying expensive real estate your your brain is very expensive real estate 20:13 and your thoughts are just as expensive as it your thoughts are not cheap amen 20:21 verse number six when Jesus saw him lie and knew that he had been now a long 20:26 time in that case now we know that he had been there for 38 years we don’t 20:33 know what his age was but all we know he had in been in that state that condition 20:39 for 38 years now watch this verse verse number 6 when Jesus saw him lie make 20:45 note of that word when he saw him lie and knew that he had been now a long time in that case he said unto Him wilt 20:52 thou be made whole the impotent man answered him sir I have no man when the 20:58 waters troubled to put me into the pool in other words he was culturally 21:03 conditioned to to to throw the responsibility onto someone else 21:09 he was culturally conditioned to play the blame game I’m in this state coz 21:15 nobody’s gonna help me it is a learned helplessness write that word down 21:21 because if you learn how to be healthy you can learn how to be empowered if you 21:28 learn how to be helpless excuse me you can learn how to be empowered it’s all 21:34 about what you have learned it’s a paradigm it’s a paradigm float that a 21:39 blue but balloon I’m coming back for it in a minute but while I am coming another step it down before me for 38 21:47 years I keep going to this pool and every time I go something happen if it’s 21:52 not one thing is another I’m trying so what was he doing what he was doing he 21:59 knew how to push emotional and mental and spiritual buttons and people so that people could 22:06 give him money because there’s no grown man that sits by a pool all day long and 22:13 survives without someone giving him some money someone giving him some clothes 22:19 someone given him some food in other words he learned how to be a beggar I 22:24 decree and declare your days are begging are over you are not gonna ask anybody 22:31 to help you you’re going to say my help comes from the Lord he’s gonna empower 22:38 me and I’m gonna get out of this with the help of the Lord you are not gonna 22:43 beg anybody for anything you’re not gonna beg them for their money you’re not gonna beg them for their time 22:48 and you’re not gonna beg them for their attention the day is gonna come we’re 22:54 where they’re going to want to pay you to pay attention you’re gonna beg 23:02 anybody any longer that’s beneath you God’s best is not begging God’s best is 23:10 that you are a benefactor you’re not gonna just wait for someone to bless you 23:16 you’re gonna be a blessing that’s what God said I’m gonna bless you and then in you shall all the nations of the earth 23:22 be blessed this is what God said to Abraham as soon as I take you from the 23:28 things that formed your your paradigm leave your kinfolk leave your country 23:34 and leave your father’s house leave your kindred leave your country leave your 23:39 father’s house what was he talking about those are the elements or those are the 23:44 contributing factors to a mindset or paradigm so that the very source that 23:51 created the paradigm is what God is going to deliver you from whether it’s 23:57 people or friends or an educational system somebody’s getting this you’re getting this leave those things behind 24:04 that means if God is telling you to walk away from it he’s got new forms of 24:11 Education for you he’s got new friends for you he’s got new church 24:17 for you he’s got something new that will help you to form the right Kingdom 24:22 paradigm so while I’m coming another 24:28 step in my way these are alibis these are excuses he’s talking about look I 24:34 got these glass ceilings that I can’t break in other words society has the 24:40 haves and the have-nots and I’m just a part of the have-nots there’s a social stratification and I 24:47 can’t break through to the next level of status people don’t want me to be a part 24:53 of their clique because everybody has a clique and so I want to break through in 24:59 my office I want to break through professionally but the boss seems like 25:05 he prefers so-and-so so we have all these excuses as to why we can’t go to 25:11 the next level and most of them are self-imposed limitations these are 25:16 mental models that abort our purpose that the Bible says Jesus didn’t answer 25:22 him he said to him listen rise take up your bed and walk and immediately the 25:31 man was made whole so first jesus said to him will thou be 25:38 made whole he didn’t say do you want to be healed please note the question was wilt thou 25:46 be made whole and he said rise take up 25:52 your bed and walk now this is very important number one he asked him a question of what do you want do you want 25:58 to be whole wholeness is all-inclusive it’s not up just about healing your body 26:03 is the healing of the mind then he said take up your bed and and and and rise 26:09 and walk rise take up your bed and walk now this is interesting interesting 26:15 because to rise means to consciously and deliberately move to a higher plane in 26:23 other words he was saying elevate your thinking then because your physiology your physiology 26:30 follows your psychology so your body is going to follow the flow of your mind 26:37 are you with me so wherever your mind goes your energy flows wherever your 26:42 energy flows your life goals so he said elevate your thinking think 26:47 at a high level and then while you’re at it take up your bed the bed represents the many nights he went to sleep 26:54 dreaming about walking so put feet to your dream and get up out of here walk 27:01 means to progress so it’s interesting because one would think that Jesus would 27:07 have had pity on him and given him a crutch but Jesus didn’t give him a 27:14 crutch Jesus didn’t give him a wheelchair Jesus gave him a word he 27:21 didn’t need a wheelchair what do you need it was a word you don’t need a 27:26 wheelchair you don’t need a crutch what you need is a word and the word will empower you 27:32 because when the word is spoken in the form of a mandate it means that you 27:37 already have the potential and the mentality to perform it whenever a 27:44 mandate is given it presupposes the recipient already has the potential and 27:51 the mentality to perform it if I gave you something to do if I told you if God 27:58 told you let me let me put it this way if God told you get up and dance it means that automatically he’s gonna give 28:05 you the mentality to dance he’s gonna give you the mindset to dance and then he’s going to activate it because you’ve 28:11 got the potential to dance God will never instruct you to do 28:16 something that you don’t have the potential to do it so a mandate connects 28:24 to potential so if God gives you an instruction it presupposes you can do it 28:32 here is here is Noah Noah build an ark what’s an ark nobody in my family 28:40 built ark nobody in my community built our there’s no such thing as an art in 28:45 this world it is now why cuz you’re an art builder well I’ve never done it 28:52 God will never tell you to do what you don’t have the potential to perform and 28:58 the moment he gives you an instruction the moment he gives you a dream the 29:04 moment he gives you a vision he begins to summons they hit him potential on the 29:09 inside of you write that best-selling book oh wow I never wrote a book so I 29:15 guess I’m gonna write a best-seller now dad David get up and kill Goliath I’ve 29:21 never killed a giant before nobody in my community has ever killed the Giant my 29:26 family has never killed the Giant in fact everybody in the community are afraid of Giants but David never killed 29:33 a giant until he killed a giant if you think you can you’re right if you think 29:41 you can you’re right either way you’re right 29:49 elevate your thinking this man was not lame he was lazy I decree your days of 29:58 laziness or over you’re gonna get up you’re gonna stand up you’re gonna speak 30:04 up and you’re gonna show up you are gonna show up in your own life you are 30:10 not gonna be a supporting actor or actress in the unfolding of God’s drama 30:15 of your life you’re gonna wake up every morning to decree and declare I come in 30:20 the volume of the book it is written of me and if it’s written I’m gonna be wealthy oh wow this is the day that the 30:28 Lord has made I’m gonna be Joyce and be glad in it because this is my day of 30:34 creating wealth good things be the way 30:42 they are because you are the way you are and what one thing can you change that can change everything you could change 30:49 the way you think about yourself about what you’re capable of doing what 30:55 you’re capable of achieving what you’re capable of writing what you’re capable of owning where you’re capable of living 31:03 where you’re capable of achieving you are going to change the way you think 31:08 about yourself and your capabilities the problem with the man at the pool is he 31:14 felt like he didn’t have the capability to walk and it was self-imposed and plus it was the cultural conditioning he was 31:21 around people that surrounded him and when we talked about your your relational destiny and that’s coming 31:27 down the road we’re going to talk to you about how to determine who should be in 31:32 your life because just because people are attracted to you doesn’t mean you 31:38 are attracted to them you’re gonna have 31:44 a blueprint who comes in who leaves who you’re gonna give a going-away party to 31:50 by this you’re going to a party where I’m going I don’t know but you’re leaving here that’s your decision my 32:00 decision is this is my destiny that’s your destiny I’m deciding that you no 32:06 longer qualify and we’re gonna tell you why I’m gonna tell you why spiritually 32:11 and then we’re gonna show you scientifically what is happening when you’re mixing with the wrong people and 32:18 what’s happening around you when would when wrong people leave your life wrong things stop happening when bad people 32:27 leave your life bad things stop happening what do you think about 32:34 yourself what do you think about yourself what do you think about your capabilities what do you think you 32:39 deserve where do you deserve what do you think you deserve to live how much you 32:45 didn’t think you deserve to be paid what’s your thoughts like what goes on 32:51 in a day in your mind because as a man thinketh in his heart so is he now 32:57 write this down your thoughts are pure energy pure energy 33:03 did you not know that there are a hundred billion neurons in an adult human brain 33:10 100 billion and God is gonna multiply you a thousand times even as you are 33:17 you’re already a billionaire you’re already a multi billionaire is what 33:23 you’re doing with that energy called thoughts there are a hundred billion neurons in the adult human brain and 33:30 each of you are neuron makes 1,000 to 10,000 contacts with other neurons in 33:35 the brain the number of permutations and combinations a brain activity exceeds 33:41 the number of elementary particles in the universe my god this is this is why 33:48 the Bible says in in the book of Ecclesiastes he has put eternity in your 33:54 heart he’s put eternity in your heart you you you are something to behold 34:01 but you haven’t figured it out yet and why would you allow the enemy make you 34:08 become a warrior why use your brain for things like worrying and being 34:15 revengeful why because we don’t know who 34:20 we are and we don’t know our capabilities we are like the paralytic man sitting for 38 years with the 34:28 potential to walk and he gave his power away to the prevailing culture people 34:34 that were around him self-imposed limitations paradigms that that would 34:41 not take his life from out of Studdard 38 years every year every year 34:47 everything repeated every year it’s like a bad nightmare think about that for a 34:53 moment think about the pure potentiality and possibility that’s sitting on your 34:59 left and right think about the powerful person on your left and right you are 35:05 sitting next to one of the world’s most powerful individuals 35:11 turn to your neighbor say she’s talking about me give me my props I’m powerful 35:16 I’m more than them than what you see on the outside 35:21 you’ve got pure power sitting next to you if we add one more person to your 35:29 road to your role I believe the whole role will blow up it’ll be too powerful 35:39 can you imagine the type of potential that you are sitting on and this is why 35:44 the enemy didn’t want you to think because if you think you could think for a change can you imagine the pure sheer 35:53 creative power of the human imagination can you imagine once imagination is 35:59 hornist by vision vision takes imagination and it polishes it until 36:05 it’s laser sharp you see I could take a floodlight and take it into surgery and 36:12 nothing will happen other than shining the light on the problem but if I take that floodlight and if I put it in a 36:19 conduit I can create a laser that can cut open a human body 36:25 I could put I could do laser surgery and then will my patient out and there’d be 36:31 no signs that they were operated on that’s how precise a light is I could 36:38 cut through metal with light why would you want to be a floodlight with your thoughts all over the place and not 36:46 allow God to harness it by giving you a vision a lot of us go to work to make 36:56 money in this season don’t just go to work put your brain to work and your 37:02 brain has enough power in and of itself to bring to you anything you want 37:07 what are your thoughts about who you are and what you’re capable of accomplishing what are your thoughts about who you are 37:14 and how it affects the highs and lows of your life the goods in your life your 37:21 brain has the ability to bring only good into your life what you think frames your reality what 37:29 you think influences your perception what you think influences the interpretation of your reality and 37:35 occurrences and experiences and when you change how you think you change your perception and interpretation of what is 37:42 happening to you you can be a thousand-aire you can be a millionaire you could be a billionaire you can be a 37:50 trillionaire you can be a known Mobley air and the Mobley air means that you can count how much the person has you 37:58 got so much stuff is not is that it’s in trims lexicon is a made-up word if you 38:06 think you can you will if you think you can you won’t when you change your thoughts about how you are living in 38:14 this world and what’s coming to you and what you jus deserve and what you can 38:20 accomplish when you change your mind the course of your destiny is altered that 38:28 means you don’t have to stay where you are the protocole Sun hit rock bottom and 38:33 the scripture said when he came to himself he started thinking differently he said to himself how many of my 38:41 father’s hired service and more to eat and I died from hunger I will arise turn 38:51 to your neighbor and say tell the devil I changed my mind I changed my mind 38:57 about how I’m living I changed my mind about what I’m receiving I changed my 39:02 mind about how I’m treated I changed my mind about how I dress I changed my mind 39:08 about what I wear I changed my mind about my relationship I changed my mind 39:13 about my health I changed my mind about my body I changed my mind nothing has to 39:19 remain the same tomorrow about this time everything about your 39:24 life is gonna be changed for the better cuz tonight you have changed 39:44 [Music] your thoughts every day your thoughts 39:50 are sending out energy and like attracts like like the tractor like so it goes out we 39:58 call it going out in the into the universe but I don’t believe it’s being 40:04 sent out into the universe and the universe is doing anything I believe it’s the Providence of God but you’re 40:10 sending it out on a supernatural Highway like like a train a railroad track so it 40:17 leaves you and then it comes back on the same track and it comes back not as a thought but it comes back as an 40:23 experience a meeting and encounter a relationship it comes back as a 40:28 condition you send it out it’s gonna come back the Bible said so to the wind 40:34 Reaper whirlwind and these are your thoughts and thoughts are very powerful I was gonna wait to give you this 40:41 revelation but you remember be me at up Scott from Star Trek and you remember 40:46 they would go from one galaxy to another and it was being propelled well it was 40:51 being propelled by an energy now this energy is using what is called 40:57 antimatter so they need matter and antimatter now this is all scientific 41:02 quantum physics and I’ll make it simple for you so when you get matter and it conversions with antimatter it 41:08 annihilates and what is left is energy so you see when they say beam me up Scotty and then it disappears and it’s 41:15 nothing there so what they’re doing is they cause cause matter and antimatter to collide it annihilates and what is 41:22 left is energy and then they show up somewhere else so that’s that’s the theory behind that it’s some quantum 41:30 physics when matter converges with antimatter then energy remains now 41:35 imagine a person who has nothing but negativity going on with their life all 41:41 they got is death disease confusion arguments every time you see them they 41:47 got a problem imagine having that type of energy around you because you’re pure 41:54 energy and you’re colliding with these folk every single day who’s gonna allow them in their life if 42:01 you had somebody that had a house and a storm hit it and their house collapse 42:06 and and and you know the neighbors help them and then the next storm right they 42:12 did their house gets blown away and then the next storm the house gets blown away then they stay with you and the house 42:20 gets blown away would you take them to the next house do you do you understand 42:33 what I just said you are pure energy you you may not see 42:40 it we call it some people call it aura you know you you meet a person and you 42:45 just say I felt strange around them something strange have you ever met a person and they just made you feel funny 42:51 it’s that energy field that is around them biblically we call it faith or fear 42:58 are you with me but there’s an energy field around you and it causes things to 43:04 be attracted to you could things be the way they are because you are the way you 43:10 are you need people that have capacity to carry you to your next you need 43:15 people around you that have been when you’re trying to go most of you have 43:21 people around you that has never done what you’re trying to do never been where you’re trying to go listen to me 43:27 carefully especially you that God has blessed as business man business women and you’re doing pretty good and none of 43:34 your friends have a business and then 43:40 you you you wonder why I don’t know why you know I made all this money last year in the business and I don’t have nothing 43:47 this year check your family check your uncle blah blah check your auntie Lucy check your friends who’s 43:56 around you what energy are they bringing to the table here is this man his 44:02 paralytic he’s around people that have no vision what kind of energy is that a 44:08 blonde the blind energy so now he can see I can’t see I’m gonna pay these bills I 44:15 can’t see how God is gonna do this you lost your ability to see and their whole 44:23 did they’re stuck so imagine people only everybody around him it’s important and 44:30 it’s that issue of what mine over matter 44:38 we’re going to talk about destiny and we’re gonna keep digging because you got 44:44 to deal with your relationships thoughts 44:49 are real physical things that occupy mental real estate moment by moment 44:55 every day you are changing the structure of your brain through your thinking this 45:03 is what Carolyn Lee said switch on your brain the key to peak happiness and thinking and health she also says our choices the natural 45:10 consequence of thoughts and imagination get under the skin of our DNA and can 45:16 turn certain genes on and off changing the structure of the neurons in our 45:21 brains so our thoughts imagination and choices can change the structure and 45:26 function of our brains on every level this is why when you read scripture and 45:34 the scripture says repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand they’re not 45:40 talking about you confessing your sin if he wanted you to confess your sin he 45:45 would have said confessed he said repent repent means change the top of you point 45:50 to the top of you point to the top of you no that’s your brain the top of you is not your brain the top of you is your 45:56 mind your spirit it’s no longer just mind over matter its spirit over matter 46:04 and if it’s mind over matter guess what’s gonna happen it means that your 46:10 spirit the spirit realm can control the natural background to change the very 46:16 nature of your brain to change the structure of your brain and it can 46:22 happen in happens by choices every day you make a decision something is being altered even 46:29 if it’s your brain even if you don’t see it in your immediate environment even if 46:35 you don’t see it as an immediate manifestation something is changing and something is off is being altered that’s 46:43 why Paul said let this mind be in you that which was also in Christ Jesus and 46:48 he said I beg you brethren whatsoever things are true whatsoever things are honest whatsoever things are just 46:54 whatsoever things are praiseworthy if there be any virtue he said I want you to think on these things why because you 47:01 have the ability to change the very landscape of your brain you’re smarter 47:11 than you even let on to let on to your thinking machine you’re a wealth 47:16 creating machine you are a money-making machine and it’s all in your brain this 47:23 is how gone heads wired you to be but if you don’t have enough don’t don’t blame 47:28 it on your employer blame it on your own poets you’ve got to be able to alter 47:33 your thinking scientists believe that we utilize less than 10% of our capacity of brain power 47:38 so if you are able to put 10% with the remaining 90% potentiality this would 47:45 mean you would totally maximize your potential but the average individual 47:50 waste their brain power on worrying and begging rather than creating what they 47:56 want one of the things that Albert Einstein said what a betrayal of man’s 48:01 dignity he uses the highest his highest gift his mind only 10% and his emotions 48:08 and instincts 90% you have to use your instinct because that’s what animals do 48:15 animals are driven by instinct and urges but you’ve got a brain it’s impossible 48:22 for an animal to be fake why because he doesn’t have an alternative self to be 48:28 he doesn’t have the ability to imagine and create he can only move by urges but 48:35 you couldn’t be anything you want to be because you’ve got nothing but brainpower you are a creative machine 48:42 you are an innovative machine every single day you were crafting your future 48:48 and you’re making a myriad of decisions why don’t you become deliberate and conscious with the use of your brain 48:55 rather than just letting it happen why don’t you use your brain thank you Jesus 49:04 let me go back to the text are you getting anything out of this God gives 49:11 you a vision and you say to people oh I’m gonna own a million I’m gonna live in a mansion you’re gonna say how’re you 49:18 gonna do that you don’t make that much money you’re gonna say let me just think for a moment because you could think 49:26 your way into anything you could think your way out of anything rather than using excuses rather than seeing things 49:34 as they are why don’t you see things as they could be what do you want Jesus had a 49:43 conversation said to him wilt thou be made whole he said look I don’t want 49:50 nobody to help me and while I’m coming there’s always someone getting in my way 49:56 Jesus asked him wilt thou be made whole he continued what do you want what do 50:03 you want what do you want and he kept giving excuses well I tried thirty-eight 50:09 years you can imagine what it’s like living here nobody gets out of this place I try to get people to help me and 50:16 you’ve been telling the same story every every new person that comes into your life you repeat that story you tell the 50:27 same story what your daddy didn’t do what your mama didn’t do you know who hurt you you know who dropped you when 50:33 you were 2 months old you tell the same story the reason why I can’t think cuz I 50:39 just dropped when I was 2 months old yeah dad dropped me then I would have 50:45 been able to think better you’re always you have these wonderful stories and we 50:53 called them alibis and Jesus didn’t listen to any of his alibis he spoke 50:59 directly to potential today I’m speaking directly to your potential we all have a 51:05 story but we have an opportunity to change our childhood scripts and then 51:12 acquire adult strategies and that’s what God wants you to have adult strategies 51:18 he gave him I all abides in them finally he must have to say about this ain’t working he ain’t giving me no money he 51:25 ain’t taking me to Kentucky Fried Chicken to buy me so let me tell the man 51:31 yes and then like I said he didn’t get a wheelchair he got a word he got a word 51:39 take up your bed take up your own bed you are not responsible for taking up everybody’s bed around you you take up 51:48 yours and then you tell your uncle Bubba I took up mine I’m gonna give you an 51:55 opportunity to take up yours when I read 52:02 this story the word that popped out it so much in here when Jesus saw him lie 52:11 let me just end with a discussion on lying lying is not only reclining 52:19 horizontally but is also the misrepresent representation of the truth 52:25 the truth about who you are and what you have the capability and capacity to 52:31 achieve to become to do and to acquire you lie you know you deserve better and 52:39 you could do more but somehow you’ve been logged into not maximizing your 52:44 potential maximizing your day maximizing your gifts maximizing your relationships 52:50 the thing that is said about this sort story is he not only lied about who he 52:58 was what he kept was capable of doing not only miss represented the truth and there were so 53:06 many believers that are misrepresenting the truth about who they are this is 53:11 what God said you are the head and not the tail you are first and not last you 53:22 are above only and not beneath he said I will bless the work of your hand and you 53:29 shall not borrow but you shall land to many nations he said I will set you on 53:37 high above every nation this is what God said about you that means you know when 53:45 I think about people I know some people who are nurses and there’s nothing wrong being a nurse but they have the 53:53 potential to be a surgeon but they stopped I know some people that work at 53:59 as entry-level clerks in law firms and they have the potential to be a partner 54:05 in that law firm I know some people that makes thousands of dollars in a year but 54:11 they had the potential to make millions they are misrepresenting who they are by 54:19 accepting mediocrity as a way of life this is good enough it is not good 54:27 enough lying compromises the autonomic 54:32 nervous system the sympathetic nervous system the parasympathetic nervous ticks 54:40 at nervous system it taxes the brain it causes stress-related illnesses and 54:45 harms the body and what the what the doctors call stress-related illnesses 54:52 they call it fibromyalgia that’s another 54:58 name for I don’t know what’s wrong with you because they can’t find nothing 55:07 wrong with you it’s mind over matter [Music] 55:13 could it be that this man had self-defeating thoughts about his 55:20 own ability to break away from cultural captivity and thus his hopelessness caused his helplessness and infirmity 55:28 could be could it be his muscles atrophied as he looked for alibis for 55:35 why he was not doing being succeeding prospering he lived amongst people of 55:40 the lie that perpetuated pointed out rather than pointing in they talked about what people didn’t or didn’t do 55:48 for them they talked about what society doesn’t do for them they talked about what government doesn’t do for them but 55:54 they never do for themselves they are people of the lie David Hawkins did some 56:01 research on this he said the more you lie the weaker your psychological and 56:06 spiritual and neurological and physical muscles become because a lion affects 56:12 your autonomic nervous system remember the ice bucket challenge where people were throwing ice what they would do it 56:19 was about the ANS the autonomic nervous system in other words you’re an S or 56:24 visual nervous system or involuntary nervous system is a part of the peripheral nervous system that acts as a 56:31 control system functioning largely below the level of your consciousness and 56:36 controls your visual functions the an and s is responsible for heart rate 56:43 digestion respiratory rate salvation perspiration palpitation a urination any 56:51 kind of arousal it’s important that you understand what is going on every time 56:56 you miss represent the truth about what you are who you are and what you’re 57:02 capable of doing it is affecting every part of you is affecting your brain it’s 57:08 affecting your heart when they when they connect people to a lie detector they’re 57:13 connecting that device to the ANS cause the and that’s does not lie are you a boy or girl the 57:20 answer is either yes or no did you kill so-and-so will you at so-and-so and your autonomic nervous 57:28 system is the one that signals whether they’re lying or not because it’s something that you cannot control this 57:35 man was weakening his muscles every day he began every day he said I can’t walk 57:42 I can’t work listen to me carefully he had to learn helplessness why because it 57:48 was easier for him to beg than it was for him getting a job so he learned for 57:53 38 years how to manipulate people how to manipulate their mind how to manipulate 57:59 their psychology because if he did in bed he wouldn’t live and he was a man 58:04 that had they are potential to be a business owner yet the potential to be 58:10 an actuarial scientist why because every beggar knows after ten people one of 58:15 those ten is going to give me some money I just don’t know who which one of the tan so they bagged ten people are you 58:22 with me why use your skill to be a beggar it means that he has to be a 58:28 lotus Titian here’s the note exactly where the crowd will walk in order to be 58:34 a beggar why would he use his ability to be a logistician to be a psychiatrist I 58:41 college Asst why because he had to read people he knew the ones that were gonna kick him and the ones that would be 58:47 pitiful to him and he knew who to acts and who not to act all of that potential 58:52 on the inside of him and he just sat there waiting and he was slapping God in 58:59 the face you’ve got to understand just as long as you stay as you are keep blaming the 59:05 devil keep blaming your mother keep blaming your father keep blaming your 59:10 boss he blaming the economy when you’ve got the potential to break away from the 59:16 clutter of the common you’ve got the potential to be more powerful than what 59:21 you are but you are allowed people to tell you how far to go and to tell you 59:27 what you not and to tell you what you can’t do and then you repeat it over and over long enough until you believe that these 59:34 are your thoughts and these are your ideas I can’t do this because I’m a foreigner I can’t do this cuz nobody 59:40 knows me I can’t do that I can’t be this my boss don’t like me this person don’t 59:46 like me what does the price that you have to do with people that don’t like you they don’t even know you they can’t 59:53 like something they don’t know they can have an opinion but they do you know what business of the of yours is that a 1:00:00 lot of times we don’t understand and we have lived in a state for so long that 1:00:06 is affecting everything about you I believe that most of the health maladies 1:00:11 that we are seeing that we are trying to cure with pharmaceuticals can be cured 1:00:16 with a good dose of truth a good dope of truth about who we are we are not 1:00:22 individuals living as flawed being because we have this dumb saying oh I’m 1:00:28 just human as if being human is somehow a tantamount to being flawed but when 1:00:34 God created you he didn’t create you as a monkey he created you as a human being 1:00:39 he said I’m creating them after my image after their likeness and he called us a 1:00:44 human being he called us a sentient being that means the more human you are the more godlike you are and many of us get 1:00:52 mixed up with a fallen nation and our human nature maybe your fallen nature’s chin but your human nature is godlike 1:00:59 your human nature is holy you are not flawed but you are fabulous you are not 1:01:04 only fabulous you are incredible you are not only incredible you are intelligent 1:01:09 you are a powerful being God made you to live better to do better he made you to 1:01:17 be hallelujah a reflection of everything that he is he said let your light so 1:01:24 shine hallelujah that man may see your good work hallelujah and glorify your 1:01:30 father which is in heaven as long as you stay connect did to the Babylonian system he will 1:01:38 always be a beggar hallelujah the Babylonian system perpetuates the lie it 1:01:44 seduces humanity to attempt hallelujah the tor to attempt to meet their needs 1:01:50 without God hallelujah it’s a strange thing when we are reminded that it was 1:01:57 the Babylonian system that educated you we are educated in it we are cultural 1:02:03 eyes in it we are socialized in it we build our relationship within it 1:02:08 we work in it it is all around you the Babylonian system is there when you wake 1:02:14 up when you go to work when your goal to worship every day you got to choose 1:02:19 whether or not you’re gonna be seduced by it or whether you’re going to resist it the Babylonian system produce the 1:02:28 current paradigms that undermine what it really means to be human and it’s a 1:02:34 revelation that each of us need hallelujah that human beings in its purest sense we are not marked but we 1:02:42 are marvelous we are created in the image and the likeness of God and each 1:02:48 time we buy into the lie we wish misrepresent God hallelujah by failing 1:02:54 to be godly the consequences of lying hallelujah is not just about how it is 1:03:01 affecting you but how it is affecting the world lying affects the unconscious 1:03:07 mind of humanity and everybody knows unconsciously when they’re being lied to 1:03:13 and everybody lies lying brings us into the realm of 1:03:18 atrophy truth recalibrates anything that has been atrophy by a lie 1:03:24 this is why the Bible said sanctify them through thy truth thy Word is truth John 1:03:31 17:17 every one of our poets has an effect not only on ourselves 1:03:38 but a rippling effect on the world a small white line has a greater impact on 1:03:44 society than we could ever imagine it effect has serious consequences 1:03:50 lying starts with a motive and an intention how does lion start when 1:03:56 people lie lying is a demonic strategy used to cover up something used to hide 1:04:02 something used to get something used to avoid something when Jesus saw him lie 1:04:10 lying is motivated by fear fear of the consequences of telling the truth lying 1:04:17 lying is intended to cover something up lying when Jesus saw him lie lying hurts 1:04:24 others it hurts others because of projection because of exaggeration because of a 1:04:30 violating commandment trying to cover-up ourselves hallelujah affects us on every 1:04:36 level lying stands from cultural and social conditioning where you been trained that 1:04:43 if you tell the truth you are going to have to suffer the consequences and many 1:04:48 of us don’t want to suffer the consequences because we’ve seen when someone tells the truth the consequences 1:04:55 usually are not good when you tell the truth about yourself people usually regret ly reject you and 1:05:03 rejection is painful and so we start lying about ourselves oh I’m not that 1:05:08 bright I’m not that intelligent I can’t really preach I’m not that pretty 1:05:13 I’m not that gorgeous oh this ugly thing you look good oh no I don’t this is ten 1:05:19 years oh we keep lying lying impacts us corporately it impacts us with business 1:05:26 deal lying impacts financially it impacts us emotionally have you ever been lied to a 1:05:33 person that you trust and when you find out that they lied to you the pain of being deceived and you never trust them 1:05:40 again it hurts you emotionally lion impacts us culturally it impacts us 1:05:46 natural nationally it impacts us corporately it impacts government it 1:05:52 impacts the church it impacts relationship lion lion causes you to 1:05:58 live in the realm of falsehood living in the well realm of falsehood creates a 1:06:04 significant amount of confusion in your mind and as long as you were confused 1:06:10 you can never think straight when you have confusion the thing that you have to do to eliminate confusion is to make 1:06:19 a decision you’re confused because you know you have to make a decision but in 1:06:25 making a decision you don’t make it because you’re afraid of the fall out somebody is not gonna like you someone’s 1:06:33 gonna leave you someone’s gonna misunderstand you so you just live a lie hallelujah lying 1:06:39 causes mental conflict lying causes emotional anguish lying is a misuse of 1:06:46 your creative power lying is a misuse of your innovative power line is a misuse 1:06:51 of your ability unfortunately many people don’t realize that they are 1:06:57 living a lie because they’ve never been shown the truth about who they really 1:07:02 are and the incredible potential that lies within people around you always 1:07:10 talks about what you don’t have but you can’t see what I have people talk about 1:07:15 what you can’t do but you can compla compliment me about what I can do if you 1:07:21 have on a black suit and there’s one piece of lint the suit could be a designer suit but they’ll always say 1:07:28 you’ve got this white lint on you but you can’t compliment me for my designer 1:07:34 suit that means what you have to do is to believe what God is saying about you 1:07:40 and encourage yourself God is telling me to tell you that you are good 1:07:48 now you are pretty enough you are tall enough you were educated enough you have 1:07:54 enough money resources when Jesus saw 1:08:18 him lie when he misrepresented who he 1:08:25 was when he allowed the culture to put on like put a cap on his progress on his 1:08:33 potential when he allowed people to take his personal power I’m gonna tell you 1:08:40 something when you misrepresent who you are you cheat the world the world is waiting 1:08:49 for you you lie when you fail to exercise your 1:08:55 potential its misrepresenting the truth you lie when you fail to discipline 1:09:02 yourself you lie when you fail to acquire life skills instead you continue 1:09:09 on with your childhood scripts you undermine your true worth your true value by failing to become all that God 1:09:16 has wired you to become and every time you fail to rise up and take your rape 1:09:21 rightful place in this world and accept the lies of the enemy and accept the 1:09:27 lies of the Babylonian system concerning your future something in you atrophy and 1:09:32 dies it might be your dream it might be an opportunity but something in you dies 1:09:39 every time you believe the lies the enemy tells you directly or indirectly 1:09:44 like you’ll never make it and it doesn’t make sense trying you’re only gonna fail it’s always gonna 1:09:50 be this way nobody is here for you every time you believe that lie something in you at 1:09:56 rifice and dies it’s like killing your potential at point blank blank range 1:10:03 BAM every time you miss represent who you are and so today let me talk about 1:10:11 the DNA of destiny it starts with truth the truth about who you are and what 1:10:17 you’re worth from today on you are not gonna use anymore excuses and no more 1:10:24 alibis this man said every time I try some obstacle is thrown in my way 1:10:29 he had become discouraged and despondent to the point of giving up and thus 1:10:34 relegated to living in a subsistence state – today I want to declare 1:10:40 something over your life God is delivering you from discouragement this 1:10:46 man lived amongst a culture of common characterized by cultural conditioning 1:10:52 he became a product of his environment then he was relegated to live amongst 1:10:58 the demographics characterized by begging he had lost his inner drive 1:11:05 misery loves company water seeks its own level so he was connected to people who 1:11:13 were equally paralyzed nobody could help him because they were going nowhere they 1:11:18 were paralyzed physically they were paralyzed emotionally they were paralyzed financially yet others that 1:11:27 were professional they weren’t living amongst them the others that were succeeding they were in living amongst 1:11:33 them that means that if you are going to succeed in life if you’re going to 1:11:39 progress beyond where you are number one you gotta make a decision number two you 1:11:46 gotta be bold and number three you got to be unapologetic this does not work 1:11:54 for me any longer it means that you’ve got to get your ability to dream again 1:12:01 take up your bed the bed was a metaphor for his dreams and when you are able to 1:12:08 dream again able to break cycles you’re able to build a new life you ready to be 1:12:15 begin again only those who see the invisible do the 1:12:20 impossible he couldn’t see himself he couldn’t see himself ever walking ever 1:12:26 having a job so he lived a subsistence sub and been below system life below 1:12:34 life they were satisfied with living on the fringes of society they were 1:12:42 satisfied with working in the worst jobs in their industry I decree you are no 1:12:49 longer gonna work in the fringes of society live on the fringes of society and you are no longer gonna be taking 1:12:56 the worst jobs in your industry you were gonna have the best jobs you deserve it 1:13:02 God gets ready to change your life he 1:13:07 will introduce a new person into it whenever the devil gets ready to 1:13:15 sabotage your life he will introduce a new person in it your relationships 1:13:22 determine your destiny the paralytic was introduced to a new relationship and he 1:13:29 had a purpose-driven encounter the Bible said the Son of man came to seek and save that which was lost what did we 1:13:38 lose our ability to live like human beings in conclusion could it be that 1:13:46 his limited belief in his abilities limit his his capacity could it be that 1:13:53 given away his personal power to the environment the prevailing culture left 1:13:59 him powerless could it be that his poor image of himself caused him to sink into 1:14:05 the abyss of non productivity intellectual atrophy and poverty could 1:14:12 things be the way they are because you are the way you are and what one thing 1:14:17 can you change that can change every day you can change your mind about how you 1:14:24 see yourself in this world how you see yourself succeeding how you 1:14:29 see yourself growing how you see yourself prospering how you see yourself contributing you could change your mind 1:14:37 anytime you get ready why because thinking is free how do you 1:14:46 think about your self what do you think that you deserve what do you think you 1:14:54 should live what do you think you should drive do you think you should marry if 1:15:01 you’re married it’s kind of late but 1:15:17 when you walk out of here remind yourself I’m created for so much more 1:15:25 I’m created for greatness God is giving me power to create to expand to increase 1:15:33 I am a creative being I am God’s agent 1:15:38 today I’m not gonna try any longer I’m gonna trust and I’m gonna do I believe 1:15:46 in myself so I’m gonna fight for my dreams I’m gonna fight for my destiny 1:15:52 I’m gonna stand up speak up I’m never going to apologize for wanting better 1:16:02 the DNA of destiny starts in your mind and a lot of us have been socialized and 1:16:09 we’ve acquired paradigms that bought us into this state our thoughts creates an 1:16:17 invisible energy field around us which becomes a magnetic force like attracts 1:16:25 like and when you change the way way you 1:16:30 think about yourself change how you feel 1:16:36 about yourself and what your worth 1:16:42 things will begin to change I deserve better so you live better amen let’s 1:16:50 pray our Father God will give you praise and honor we thank you from everlasting 1:16:56 to everlasting thou art God even as we begin to talk about and continue on our 1:17:01 conversation about the DNA of destiny when we walk out of here when we turn 1:17:06 off our lights when we go to bed let me park our car we’ve got a lot to think 1:17:12 about the Babylonian system is filled with people of the lie the devil is the 1:17:18 father of lies but Jesus you are the truth the truth sets us free it 1:17:25 liberates us people are talking about today find your truth but that small T we’re 1:17:33 not trying to find our truth we’re trying to find the truth capital T it’s 1:17:39 not a process but a person it’s not a principle but a person it’s not a virtue 1:17:45 but a person it is you Jesus and we thank you now that as we look at 1:17:52 ourselves you can always see the things that are wrong the mistakes that we made 1:17:59 because we just did not know who we where we didn’t know our worth we didn’t 1:18:04 know why our identity and most of us didn’t even know that we could give our ourselves a gift of decision-making so 1:18:14 we’re taking our lives out of neutral we’re shifting it into gear and we pray 1:18:19 for wisdom we pray for insight father we’ve been sleeping too long 38 years is a long time just waiting and 1:18:26 waiting but now we decree in declare our a verbal 38 years are over tonight we’re 1:18:35 gonna take up our beds we’re gonna progress walking into new relationships 1:18:43 they’re walking in the spirit we are walking in truth and we are walking with 1:18:50 you bless us God as our destinies are altered moment by moment and day by day 1:18:57 now unto Him who is able to do the exceeding abundantly above all we can ask a thing it’s according to the power 1:19:04 that works in us amen yes God the DNA of 1:19:14 destiny you know the common thread throughout 1:19:20 this whole series is who are you connected to right because when a new and influential person comes into your 1:19:26 life your season immediately shifts and so we want to speak to you in this room but all of you that are watching online 1:19:34 right now we want to be connected to you whatever is going on in your life negatively can shift with an effectual 1:19:42 and new relationship we want to be that new relationship in your life we want to pray for you we have prayer partners 1:19:47 standing by right now and we also want to connect with you as a partner would 1:19:53 you sow a seed into Cindy trim ministries and connect to us and the empowering work that we’re doing around 1:19:59 the world I’m telling you testimonies are rolling in of healed body’s healed minds finance 1:20:07 is turning around marriages being restored and they’re coming in from all over the world I’m telling you this 1:20:12 message is going out with power and we want to expand this vision we want to be able to reach more people we don’t want 1:20:19 to be able to put this footage into the hands of studios in Africa and Europe and be able to transmit this message 1:20:26 even further than we’re doing it right now we want to expand will you walk with us on this journey of expansion just hit 1:20:33 that give button right now if you’re on Facebook it’s in the description above we also want to see you in person let’s 1:20:40 continue this relationship with a face to face encounter we want to invite you 1:20:45 to end your year strong empowerment Summit this year 2018 it’s gonna be 1:20:53 December 7th and 8th we have an amazing line-up of speakers dr. bill Winston 1:20:59 Bishop Tomlinson dr. Cindy trim is our host 1:21:04 it’s gonna be incredible we have pastor Steven and Lori ward leading worship and we also have special guests Todd Delaney 1:21:11 how many of you love Todd Delaney your great name he’s gonna be there you want to register right now and guess what 1:21:18 there’s a limited time to get an early bird special so go ahead and hit that button right now early bird is $39 after that the price 1:21:25 is gonna increase on a genuine the first so register now so you can get your seat 1:21:31 at one of the most profound events in all of 2018 we’re gonna give you the prophetic momentum to push you in to the 1:21:39 new year with tools strategies it’s gonna be incredible you don’t want to miss it we want to thank you for joining 1:21:46 us and we encourage you to come back every first and third Thursday where it’s live it’s prophetic and it’s all 1:21:51 God we’ll see you then

Walking Out Your Dreams | Dr. Cindy Trimm | The DNA of Destiny

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