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Sid Roth with Perry Stone on It’s Supernatural!

Perry Stone says Holy Spirit adventures run in his family, and he shares from his lessons in the supernatural and Hebraic studies for over 42 years! Perry was mentored in the supernatural as a young man, but few had mentors like he had. Now Perry wants to teach you secrets from the invisible world such as angelic encounters, the coming greater glory, and even ancient rabbinical secrets from the temple days.

More Than Ever, We Need to Know the Holy Spirit
When a head rabbi in Jerusalem told Perry Stone that on the Day of Atonement the High Priest spoke in a “language of God,” Perry began a journey to search out Hebraic insights on the Holy Spirit.

In The Code of the Holy Spirit Perry shares his discoveries through the lens of Old Testament understanding and Jewish tradition. Perry traces the Holy Spirit’s presence through Old Testament texts—including Israel’s feasts—pointing to the Day of Pentecost. As he helps you understand the Holy Spirit, Perry answers questions such as:

• What is the relationship between the olive tree and the anointing, and how does it affect your relationship with the Holy Spirit?
• What is the significance of the wind and the Holy Spirit?
• What are the three ways to test a spirit?
• Can a believer blaspheme the Holy Spirit?

Perry urges you to search out the deep things of the Holy Spirit and to get to know Him and the realm of the supernatural. His 4-CD set, Secrets of the Supernatural, includes rare sessions with his father, Fred Stone, who shares his own stories and experiences. Perry says when you search deeper, you will find the Person you need to know now more than ever!

Perry Stone is a fourth generation minister and director of Voice of Evangelism. He is recognized as a leading author and teacher on Bible prophecy. Perry is joined in ministry by his wife, Pam. They reside in Cleveland, Tennessee.

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