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0:04 [Music] 0:18 from the dawn of time political social 0:22 and spiritual leaders have left their 0:25 indelible marks on the history of the 0:28 African continent the ancient Pharaoh’s 0:31 of Egypt ruling as kings and worshipped 0:35 as gods established a tradition of 0:38 powerful leadership a tradition which 0:41 like the Nile itself flowed through the 0:44 dark continents on its journey to the 0:46 future touching the lives of Africans 0:49 both old and young 0:55 along the journey honored history makers 0:58 emerged among them Kenya’s emancipating 1:02 president Jomo Kenyatta and the medical 1:05 pioneer and medical missionary dr. 1:07 Albert Schweitzer in what is now Gabon 1:10 West Africa and Nelson Mandela who 1:13 endured decades of struggle and 1:15 sacrifice to end apartheid in South 1:17 Africa these and others brought life 1:20 liberty and hope to generations of 1:24 Africans this journey also yielded the 1:27 infamous president for life Idi Amin in 1:30 Uganda warlord Charles Taylor of Liberia 1:34 and the genocide leaders of Darfur 1:36 Rwanda and Somalia this endless parade 1:40 of tyrants despots and overlords brought 1:43 pain suffering and death to millions of 1:47 innocent Africans 1:57 in the late 1800s God sent a man with a 2:02 new vision a vision to save Africa not 2:05 enslavement this was David Livingstone 2:08 an angler who criss crossed the vastness 2:11 of Africa as a missionary and Explorer 2:14 revealing uncharted territories to a 2:17 fascinated world and preaching the 2:19 gospel to the Lost as a pioneer of 2:22 African missions he set the standard for 2:25 reaching the dark continent his 2:27 leadership of love sowed the seeds of 2:30 the gospel future generations would 2:33 harvest 2:34 [Music] 2:39 in the 1980’s the 2:42 a wave of Christian conversions began to 2:46 sweep across Africa unknown to the 2:49 Western media this wave of revival was 2:51 created through the Ministry of one man 2:54 a man acting as both a witness and a 2:58 participant 2:59 a gifted evangelist whose massive 3:02 evangelistic campaigns in Africa are 3:04 both documented and undeniable this man 3:10 is Reinhard Bonnke 3:16 with a god-given vision to reach the 3:18 lost from Cape Town in the south to 3:21 Cairo in the north from Dakar in the 3:24 West to Djibouti in the East Reinhardt 3:27 Bonnke 3:27 is following the ancient paths of David 3:30 Livingstone and reaping an astounding 3:32 harvest of souls in the last decade 3:36 alone 3:37 bonkie is responsible for over 52 3:40 million documented decisions for Christ 3:42 the impact of his ministry on the 3:45 individual lives of Africans is both 3:48 immediate and eternal 3:53 Reinhart banquise path to ministry began 3:56 when he was a child of five in the midst 3:58 of a war-torn Europe during World War 4:01 two his family were German refugees 4:04 fleeing to the safety of Denmark when 4:07 his mother led him to Christ at the age 4:10 of 10 bonkie unmistakeably received 4:13 God’s call to Africa all of a sudden the 4:17 Holy Spirit spoke to my heart and said 4:19 one day you will preach the gospel in 4:22 Africa we were all on our knees praying 4:25 when suddenly one lady stood up and said 4:27 I see a vision she said I see a big 4:31 crowd of black people in a horseshoe 4:35 form and she said I see a little boy 4:38 with a big loaf of bread breaking it 4:41 feeding the people and as he feeds the 4:43 people she said the bread is increasing 4:46 all the time and then she said the boy I 4:51 see in the vision is this one and she 4:53 pointed at me 17 years later after a 4:57 Bible College in Swansea England and 4:59 marriage to his new bride Annie Reinhart 5:02 took the initial steps of fulfilling 5:04 that vision he sailed to Africa with his 5:07 young family at 1967 and began serving 5:11 God in the country of Lesotho a 5:13 landlocked enclave in South Africa 5:18 his early ministry was very small and 5:22 very discouraging and his vision of 5:24 reaching the masses went unfulfilled one 5:28 night in Lesotho bonkie hit rock bottom 5:30 in the midst of his absolute 5:33 discouragement and desperation he had a 5:36 very significant dream right here one 5:39 night I had a dream I saw the map of 5:43 Africa and I saw how the continent of 5:45 Africa become washed in the redeeming 5:48 blood of Jesus Christ from south to 5:51 north and from east to west 5:57 the vision transformed banquise ministry 6:00 as he reached for the four corners of 6:03 the continent with the gospel along with 6:05 his evangelistic campaigns he launched a 6:08 printing outreach with a Bible 6:10 correspondence course and drained 6:12 evangelists to spread the gospel writing 6:15 throughout the country on bicycles in 6:18 1975 at this Stadium in Gaborone 6:20 Botswana 6:21 bonkie held his first crusade it was 6:25 then he realized the vision was becoming 6:27 reality and the hand of God was with him 6:30 in a powerful way in 1984 bonkie 6:36 designed and built the world’s largest 6:38 mobile structure a tent capable of 6:41 seating 34,000 people large enough to 6:44 completely cover three football fields 6:47 with steel masts rising as high as six 6:50 storey buildings the big tent was a 6:53 giant in every respect just prior to a 6:59 1985 crusade in Cape Town South Africa a 7:02 tornado like storm ripped the proud tent 7:05 to shreds instead of cancelling bonkie 7:08 trusted God and announced that the 7:10 meetings would continue in the open air 7:12 instead of 34,000 70,000 people attended 7:16 resulting in many more conversions than 7:19 if the meeting had been held inside the 7:21 giant tent and the Lord said 7:25 henceforth my glory shall be your canopy 7:29 and your praises shall be the masts I 7:32 said thank you Jesus 7:35 I found this tenet much easier and much 7:38 cheaper to finish and we’ve indeed moved 7:42 with it from Cape Town to Cairo the 7:46 tragedy became a triumph no longer 7:49 constrained by a roof 7:50 bonkie began using open-air gospel 7:53 campaigns exclusively in 1986 today the 7:58 fruit of banquise ministry reaches 8:00 staggering proportions now headquartered 8:03 in Orlando Florida 8:04 Bucky’s ministry is reaching the globe 8:07 through evangelistic campaigns media and 8:10 publishing in scores of languages since 8:13 the year 2000 he holds at least ten 8:16 massive evangelistic campaigns in Africa 8:19 annually each producing over 800,000 8:22 documented decisions for Christ and with 8:25 a budget of $900,000 per crusade dollar 8:28 for dollar these campaigns are the most 8:31 cost effective evangelism tools anywhere 8:34 each campaign is approached with vision 8:37 and faith and is organized around three 8:39 primary keys for success strong 8:43 relationships with local churches 8:45 superior logistics and proven processes 8:48 to disciple and enfold new believers 8:51 into church fellowship local churches in 8:55 a city or region invite Reinhardt Bonnke 8:57 to preach in their area because they 9:00 trusted and 9:01 their congregations will grow even 9:03 doubling or tripling in size 9:06 thousands of pastors from many 9:08 denominations pray and work together in 9:11 close cooperation with the national 9:13 campaign director from the bunkie team 9:15 as the campaign approaches the national 9:18 campaign director is constantly on the 9:20 move motivating campaign committees 9:23 visiting churches to encourage 9:25 participation and training prayer 9:27 counselors on how to use the follow-up 9:30 materials correctly Church workers 9:36 blanket the communities with posters and 9:38 banners in key locations pastors speak 9:42 on daily radio programs broadcast to the 9:45 most remote villages and loudspeaker 9:55 cars travel throughout the towns and 9:58 cities inviting all to attend activity 10:07 and excitement reach a peak in the final 10:09 week when monkeys team arrives huge 10:12 military type trucks transport equipment 10:15 for each massive campaign these are 10:18 trucks tough enough to withstand the 10:20 rigors of cross continent travel and 10:22 endure the rugged conditions of the most 10:25 remote locations months in advance the 10:28 national campaign director has secured a 10:31 venue for a crowd of up to 1 million 10:33 people per meeting to hear the gospel 10:36 [Music] 10:39 supervised by bunkies highly experienced 10:42 team who provide logistical and 10:44 technical expertise local crews unpack 10:47 the trucks and set up platforms install 10:50 lighting sufficient to cover the entire 10:52 venue direct sound towers run cables and 10:56 keep the generators running 24/7 11:00 the heart of this remote facility is a 11:02 highly sophisticated audio system 11:05 purpose-built in California for the 11:07 unique needs of bonky campaigns with a 11:10 computerized tunable array of speakers 11:13 banquise message is clearly heard 11:15 everywhere in the massive venue as the 11:19 meetings began tens and hundreds of 11:22 thousands gathered from miles around 11:25 bonkie steps on stage and presents the 11:28 gospel to the expectant crowd 11:42 [Applause] 11:45 [Music] 11:58 [Music] 12:06 each party gives an invitation to the 12:09 unsaved and each night 12:11 God’s Spirit moves with tens of 12:14 thousands of people responding to the 12:16 gospel and registering decisions for 12:18 Jesus Christ this is the moment all the 12:24 work and funding create a holy 12:27 life-changing and eternal event in the 12:30 lives of these individuals who just 12:32 moments ago were separated from Christ 12:35 for eternity because discipleship is 12:41 critical for success the centerpiece of 12:43 bunkies new convert follow-up process is 12:46 a 32-page booklet titled now that you 12:50 are saved 12:51 it has easy-to-read lessons about the 12:53 Bible and Christian faith and includes 12:55 an innovative two-part decision card 12:57 each new convert fills in the decision 13:01 card and keeps one part as a personal 13:03 record of their decision the second part 13:06 of the decision card is forwarded to 13:08 local churches for follow-up to ensure 13:10 the discipleship of the new believer 13:13 into fellowship never before in history 13:16 have so many people 13:18 to know Christ in such a short time span 13:21 churches in Africa or exploding would 13:24 throw and whole societies are being 13:26 transformed with the gospel for men and 13:30 women of faith those who do believe the 13:33 world can be saved through the gospel of 13:35 Jesus Christ this is an unprecedented 13:38 opportunity producing exceptional 13:40 eternal returns in a period when 13:43 monetary returns are diminished it’s 13:46 comforting to realize an investment into 13:48 soul winning brings multitudes into the 13:51 kingdom of God and provides the personal 13:54 satisfaction a big 13:56 the partner in history 14:00 [Applause] 14:17 [Music] 14:22 [Applause] 14:25 [Music] 14:32 you

Christ for all Nations (CfaN) looks at the continent of Africa, its leaders, and how God sent missionaries to bring His light. See how Reinhard Bonnke followed in David Livingstone‘s footsteps to reap a vast harvest through mass crusades with the fiery heart’s cry, “From Cape to Cairo, Africa shall be saved.”

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