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English: A "Jesus Saves" neon cross ...

English: A "Jesus Saves" neon cross sign on a church in Alphabet City in New York. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Salvation Basics :: Gospel of Grace

“What am I required to do to get saved” and “How might I get to heaven?” are the foremost issues of deliverance in terms of the next life. The reply to each is provided by the tremendously “good news” of our salvation basics found in Paul’s letter to the Ephesians: We are saved “by grace through faith” (vs. 2:8).

These essentials get you launched in the life of faith, but these essentials also keep you in the experience of new life! The moment you get a heart-calming answer to those 2 primary questions, you will quickly figure out a lot more: “Is there anything I should do to stay saved? How can I eliminate sinning? How do I live now that I have been converted?” The answer to these and all other daily life concerns is identical: You are saved by grace through faith! That dual application may surprise you, but don’t let it put you off. Our Savior doesn’t need to revise His practices, as if one approach might suffice for getting us to heaven, but not for helping us live a heavenly life down here. His method is wonderfully devised to operate for our blessing.

Everything you seek to do to “save” yourself (in this life or for the next), will end in defeat. Such misguided effort will also trouble you with unwanted stress all along the way, because you put the duty of saving your life on you rather than on God. This is striving to live by making self your savior. The fact is self can not rescue you from sin and death; neither can self save you from your own failings as a human being or from the many problems of life. We need God’s saving help to reach us in both of these levels:

1. Getting us to heaven means God needs to rescue us from our sins.

2. Enabling us to live the new life of grace while we remain on earth means God needs to rescue us from ourselves.

God’s commandments written in scripture will present to you what you need to do and the things that you will want to keep away from, but the law can not grant you the ability to live within its borders. It most certainly can not supply you the freedom to soar on wings of the Spirit. For that you will need to get God’s grace which is also found in His Word. By His wisdom God foresaw that we could only be saved by His grace through faith. You just will have to learn to depend on God that His way of saving you–for heaven and for right now–truly works. Believe in His grace and live by His Spirit!


Featured Video on Full Forgiveness and Grace

According to Rev. Steve Evans at Healing Streams Ministry, “Everyone who believes in Jesus gets started out with enough faith to believe that their current load of sins have been forgiven and that heaven is wide open to them. So how does this get so easily lost? Why can it seem so hard to get God’s forgiveness?”


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