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Decisions - When to burn the ships and take massive action

Pastor Brandon A. Cox: Some decisions are so radical that there is simply no going back. They’re life-changing, and sometimes world-changing. The problem is, only a relatively few people will ever experience them.

Taking Massive Action | No Turning Back

Out of twelve spies who scouted out the promised land, only two would inherit the blessing of ownership of the land. An entire generation of Israelites died off in the wilderness because of an inability to take massive, burn-the-ships, no-turning-back action to align completely with God’s will […]


Burn The Ships. There’s No Going Back | Pastor Brandon A. Cox

  • If you want to enjoy God’s massive blessing, you must take massive, no-going-back action. Just as Joshua (and Caleb) chose to break with the rest of the spies even if it meant standing alone, you must decide to be true, stand out, and to risk it all.


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