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Elevate Christian Network - Health and Wellness

Elevate Christian Network :: Health and Wellness

Interview with Michael Tyrrell, creator of Wholetones Music:  “Well I’m excited about the healing frequency music project because so many people are suffering now in our world. Even though we have some things we can do about it, medicine, psychiatry, church people are still suffering and I was always looking for something that I could do to help that.

When I discovered these seven frequencies that have had a profound effect on humanity, it kind of blew my mind. Because for example, when people listen to that suddenly if they’re feeling shame or guilt or insecurity, suddenly that just moves away and opens them up to be touched by God.  Each of them has an inherent quality and the way it impacts the physical body. ”

Music Releases Feelings of Shame and Guilt

“As well for one thing, if people are suffering from shame and guilt and rejection and insecurities, when they listen to the frequency all of a sudden they lose all of those inhibitions. In those feelings of being unworthy, I guess and they open themselves up to God to touch them, and they’re not repulsed by the thought of God looking at them and in the same way.

Physically, there’s things that happened with their liver function metabolism, a myriad of different things blood pH things that happen because they’ve listened that frequency and the body can’t help but be affected by it.”


Wholetones Music by Michael Tyrrell - Therapeutic Healing Frequencies

Wholetones Music: Listeners report that Wholetones removes stress, soothes anxiety and may even help to relieve pain. Word of this incredible collection of divinely inspired music has spread around the world | Image: Michael S. Tyrrell

After nearly 2 decades, Michael S. Tyrrell has finally discovered a way to share these amazing healing frequencies with you and everyone who listens. The frequencies have been handed down from ancient, Biblical times and are believed to have been used by King David to soothe Saul in his desperate time of need for healing.

Wholetones Music – Sound of Healing

Now you too can have this blessed collection of modern music with ancient healing powers. 7 CDs, 7 songs, nearly 3 hours of blissful healing for the soul. Included is Michael’s new book Wholetones: The Sound of Healing so you can experience the incredible story of how Wholetones came to be.

  • For the latest updates and information, visit him online at: Wholetones.com



Wholetones Music Channel | Therapeutic Healing Frequencies

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Wholetones Music - Michael S Tyrrell on the You and Me morning TV show on WCIU in Chicago

Michael S Tyrrell on the You and Me morning TV show on WCIU in Chicago | Image courtesy: WCIU


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The Sound of Healing Book – Michael Tyrell

Wholetones - The Sound of Healing

The Sound of Healing Book by Michael Tyrrell | Image: Wholetones

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