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Elevate Christian Network :: Health and Wellness

Quality Sleep Better Than Diet and Exercise

Shawn Stevenson: “Make your bedroom a sacred place where peace, calm, and relaxation are overflowing.” | Image courtesy: StillsByHernan.com

In our modern society, millions of people are chronically sleep deprived and suffering the deleterious effects of having low quality sleep.  Sleep deprivation effects are not pretty either. Try immune system failure, diabetes, cancer, obesity, depression, and memory loss just to name a few.

How Continuous Sleep Problems Can Affect Your Health

Most people don’t realize that their continuous sleep problems are also a catalyst for the diseases and appearance issues they’re dealing with. Studies have shown that just one night of being sleep deprived can make you as insulin resistant as a type-2 diabetic. This translates directly to aging faster and storing more body fat than you want to (please say it ain’t so!)

Now stretch that out over weeks, months, and years then you can start to see why lack of sleep can be such a huge problem. Many people hop into bed, and then proceed to think about the when, where, who, why, what, and hows of their life… all while they’re supposed to be sleeping.

If this sounds familiar to you, then you have a serious issue with something we call “inner chatter”. But don’t worry, there is a cure. | See the full story here… theshawnstevensonmodel.com



Why Sleep is More Important Than Diet | Shawn Stevenson

  • Shawn Stevenson, host of The Model Health Show and author of Sleep Smarter, joins Tom Bilyeu to discuss why sleep is necessary, how a lack of sleep impacts your every day, and what you can do to optimize your sleep.



Shawn Stevenson - Getting Optimal Sleep

Author and health expert Shawn Stevenson shares some tips on how to get the best sleep of your life at Talks at Google. | Image courtesy: google.com


About the Author

Shawn Stevenson is a bestselling author and creator of The Model Health Show, a hugely popular Health podcast. He is a graduate of The University of Missouri – St. Louis,where he studied business, biology, and kinesiology.

He is also the founder of Advanced Integrative Health Alliance, providing wellness services for both individuals and organizations worldwide. Shawn has been featured in Men’s Health magazine, Entrepreneur magazine, ESPN, FOX News, and many other major media outlets.


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