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Celebrity nutrition and fitness expert and four-time New York Times best-selling author, J.J. Virgin, sits with Tom Bilyeu on Health Theory to discuss the real impact of sugar and how your mindset can create miracles.


Taking over a town with Dr. Phil to teach nutrition [1:07]
Making “fast food” healthier for teens [3:08]
Watching out for sneaky sugars [4:51]
Why it’s so hard to let go of sugar [7:23]
How to effectively get sugar out of your diet [9:11]
J.J. Virgin’s Sugar Impact Diet process [13:04]
Feeling worthy enough to make changes to your diet [14:11]
Who you want to be and how to get there [15:34]
J.J.’s son’s traumatic accident and leading with belief [18:41]
Creating your own luck [23:23]
Controlling your environment by your mindset [27:42]
Finding what the next step is [32:12]
Choosing not to be the victim [34:11]
How to forgive yourself [38:10]
Reframing how you look at and feel fear [39:55]
Decide that you’re worth it and hack your habits [41:32]


The Virgin Diet by JJ Virgin
The Sugar Impact Diet by JJ Virgin
Miracle Mindset by JJ Virgin


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