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Walking into Memphis Women’s prison, we had an idea what to expect but classic God on this #wonderinthewild tour – we were surprised yet again —-

We watched you walk in, young and old, sombre faced. We wondered what your stories were and could see you looked at us the same yet even though we didn’t know your names we knew a God who did.

To see you start to worship God together with us, cracking smiles, clapping hands, waving and even tears flowing, was the most refreshing worship – it was heartfelt and real.
You left the room different, maybe a little lighter, waving and we waved right back. It’s humbling to think God can use anything; a smile, a wave, a look that says I see you, even a bunch of Australians in Memphis.

You better believe we were all in heart and soul as our hope has always been that people would always walk out better than when they walked in and classic God I think we all did that day.
– Taya Smith


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