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0:01 ANNOUNCER: The Believers Walk of Faith is paid for 0:02 by Bill Winston ministry’s partners and viewers. 0:08 BILL: Righteousness has everything to do with 0:12 your successful life of prayer. When you pray 0:18 righteously, you pray with confidence that whatever 0:23 you pray God is going to hear you. When you pray something and 0:29 you’re waiting on the manifestation of the answer, 0:31 once you pray it, is when the fight begins. Notice the devil 0:37 starts with your thoughts, so if you thought wrong, put your hand 0:42 over your mouth because if you come out with something that 0:44 negates that prayer, then you’re going to have to start over 0:47 again. We have to watch what we say, because angels are on 0:53 assignment and waiting on God’s words that you speak. How do you 1:00 know that you have the petition you desired of Him? Because He 1:04 heard you. How do you know He heard you? Because you prayed 1:07 according to His will. When God suggests the impossible to you, 1:12 be it unto me. Don’t try to figure it out, how He’s going to 1:17 do it, how is this going to work through me, only believe. 1:24 BILL: There’s two kinds of knowledge. The 1:26 knowledge that comes by the senses is what 1:34 I refer to as dark knowledge. It is knowledge that helps 1:44 one to navigate in this dark world. Got it? Get different 1:52 degrees of that knowledge. But that’s not all. The 1:59 other knowledge is spiritual knowledge which comes from God, 2:07 that if you don’t have spiritual knowledge, you’re missing part 2:14 of your knowledge. Because this knowledge here, dark knowledge, 2:23 may be able to get you a good job, but it won’t, it won’t keep 2:32 the devil from trying to work something on you that that 2:45 knowledge cannot stop. Say amen. Y’all follow what I’m saying. 2:51 I’m saying we’ve got to make sure we get this knowledge as 2:58 well. And that’s why you have to bring people in church. I mean 3:01 these professional people, you gotta make sure that, wait a 3:03 minute, you gotta have this, man. I mean, ain’t no use in 3:06 getting that job and then catch cancer. You need to get 3:08 something to get cancer off of you just like you need the job. 3:12 Are you following what I’m saying? So this that I’m talking 3:18 about acknowledge of the spirit that the natural man many times 3:27 considers foolish. First Corinthians chapter 2 in verse 3:34 14. But the natural man receive not the things of spirit of God 3:39 for their foolishness, neither can he know them because they’re 3:43 spiritually desert. So the natural man, the person who 3:47 doesn’t have spiritual knowledge or light I call it, in dark 3:51 knowledge thinks that’s foolish. So when I tell them, you don’t 3:57 have to be sick at all, that every virus, disease and germ 4:01 that touches your body can die instantly. The natural man says 4:06 that’s not right. What he’s doing to y’all is he’s lying to 4:10 ya’ll. And I just read it out of the constitution. And because 4:14 the natural man has no knowledge of the constitution or no 4:18 revelation of how to walk with God, then the natural man 4:23 disputes that. And some people follow that because he got 4:26 credentials. I’m here to tell you all that mess you’re seeing 4:30 on TV, that doesn’t apply to you. That don’t apply to, you 4:39 know, the devil has this trick that he’ll come in with a flip 4:43 chart and make a full presentation to you. He’ll take 4:46 a flip chart and fold it up and say, look, this what you got 4:50 right here. Don’t you have some. And give you some symptoms. And 4:53 you said, no, no, no, that, ain’t what I got. And then he’ll 4:56 roll it up. He said, no, this I know you got cause your 4:59 great-grandma had this and it’s running in your family line. Now 5:03 he don’t know you in a different family right now. But it’s 5:06 running in your family line. Watch this. But you gotta say 5:12 no, no, no. See, you can receive any one of those. You can 5:17 receive… They’re making a presentation on TV. They’re 5:20 making a presentation, man. They’re telling you what you 5:24 got. They say you got this. And we open up the cancer center 5:28 just for you. Cause you got this and you need these pills and you 5:32 got this. Your mama had this and passed down and you, this is in 5:37 the air so forth. You gotta say no, in Jesus name, by his 5:42 stripes, I’m healed and no plagues shall come on my 5:47 dwelling. That’s why it’s called television. He trying to tell 5:53 you his vision. That’s not God’s vision for you. God sees you 5:59 healed. God sees you well. God sees you victorious. God sees 6:05 you a millionaire. God, come on now. Now wait a minute. You got 6:15 you a millionaire. God, come on now. Now wait a minute. You got 6:21 some spectators in here. See, oh he’s getting these people all 6:25 hyped up. I just read it out of the constitution. But that, that 6:29 don’t make no difference with them. Cause they ain’t saved. 6:32 They ain’t saved. See, you got to get saved to receive. A lot 6:44 of times, we’re trying to follow after somebody that ain’t even 6:47 saved. You ain’t saved. You can’t tell me nothing. Cause you 6:54 don’t know nothin. Oh boy, don’t make me preach. Somebody pulling 7:08 this out of me. See the devil don’t want me to tell you this, 7:22 but he’s under your feet. Tell him if he got another 7:29 presentation to make to you, tell him to talk to your shoe. 7:34 Oh yeah. They ain’t doing nothing but make presentations 7:44 Oh yeah. They ain’t doing nothing but make presentations 7:50 on television. And they trying, the enemy is trying to use that 7:54 communication media to tell you what you got. That is not 7:57 information. That’s not to inform you so you’ll be more 8:03 intelligent. It’s to make you think you got it. And what he 8:09 comes in with suggestion. And then he comes in with a symptom. 8:13 And you need to rebuke it as soon as you come here. I rebuke 8:22 you in the name of Jesus. You got a friend around you 8:25 somewhere. Lay hands on me right there. Oh, okay. Thank you. 8:29 Appreciate it. Amen. All right. Where we go from here? Now don’t 8:36 be, don’t be a little thrown out if somebody around you don’t 8:42 like this. Put Romans chapter three up there. Verse three. 8:45 See, I got something for you. For what if some around you do 8:54 not believe? Shall their unbelief make the faith of God 8:58 without effect. Come on. God forbid. Come on, read it. Let 9:04 God be true and every man be alive. So when 9:13 you start stepping out over into the impossible, because 9:17 you’re about to get something now that’s big. 9:19 Come on. You’re about to step into Canaan land. You’re 9:22 about to get the best of God. You’re about to be a 9:25 witness for Jesus. You’re about to set up a platform for, for 9:29 people to know your God. You’ve got to know that the enemy tried 9:34 to stop you at some point. And sometimes he try to put a 9:38 symptom or disease or something on you like that to try to make 9:41 it. And you gotta shake that thing off. You gotta know, wait 9:44 a minute. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. See, are you follow what 9:47 I’m saying? And you gotta walk it out by faith. Say amen to 9:50 that. Now the next one is over here in Romans chapter eight and 9:56 verse one. He said therefore now no condemnation to them which 10:02 are in Christ Jesus. Who walked not after the what? Flesh. But 10:07 after the who? Spirit. All right. Now, remember Satan is a 10:14 deceiver, a tempter and a condemner or an accuser. He 10:22 accused the brethren before God. The Bible says in Roman chapter 10:26 12, day and night. So he is an accuser. All right, now here’s 10:32 why I wanna go through this with. This is why I wanna go 10:36 through it. Now all this is kingdom mindset now. Say kingdom 10:42 mindset. Over in second Corinthians, chapter 5, verse 10:53 17. He says, therefore, if any man be in Christ, he is a new 10:59 creature. All things are passed away. Behold, all things have 11:07 become new. All right. Now here’s what happened with this. 11:10 You and I are not flesh. We are spirit. Uh, the Bible talks 11:25 about two, two men, two people in second Corinthians chapter 4 11:30 and verse 16. We read it last time. He said, for which cause 11:37 we faint not, but though our outward man perish, the inward 11:40 is renewed. When? Day by day. Two men, same body. Two men, 11:44 same person. Two men. Got it? One man is inside. That one you 11:52 can’t see. The other man is outside. That one you can see. 11:59 The outside man is perishing. The inside man is being renewed 12:06 day by day. Now when you and I expire or Jesus comes or tarries 12:14 and, and you and I are expiring before he comes, then, which man 12:21 is still going to be alive and well? The inward man, your 12:27 spirit can live without your body. But your body can’t live 12:33 without your spirit. Because there ain’t no life in it. 12:36 There’s no life in it. If that body falls on the ground and 12:44 nobody does anything with it, what is it gonna do? It’s gonna 12:48 go back to the dirt. So your body is dignified dirt. Come on, 12:56 dignified dirt. I know we trying to do a whole lot with it, but 13:00 it is dignified dirt. Okay. Okay. Now. Okay. Let me get off 13:12 over here. Okay. Alright. Now Y’all still with me? So now the 13:21 real you is in there. Now you have a soul called your mind, 13:30 will, emotions, intellect and imagination. It’s right up here 13:33 and it runs down. Now it’s a connector between the spirit and 13:41 your body. Now you are never led. You were never designed to 13:47 be led by your body, nor your mind. You were designed to be 13:59 led by your spirit. And that’s why he put up their Proverbs 14:04 chapter 20 in verse 27. Please put it up there right quick. Let 14:07 me just read that for you. Notice I’m walking through this 14:09 now. he spirit of man is the candle of the Lord. Watch this, 14:14 searching all the what, inward parts of the belly. Let me 14:18 define that, break it down for you. Simple, God will use your 14:22 spirit to guide you. So he doesn’t talk to your mind. He 14:28 talks to your spirit. Your mind is not alive. God wants to talk 14:34 with you. So we are coming back to a time now he wants to spend 14:41 time with you. He walked and talked with Adam and Eve. You, 14:46 you, you in the God class, you and God y’all can talk together. 14:50 When you pray, He talks back. You’re not group, and now stay 14:57 there. Listen. So he that worshiped the father must what? 15:07 Worship him in spirit and in truth. So my spirit is alive and 15:17 Romans chapter one verse, pardon me chapter eight and verse one 15:24 says, there is therefore now no condemnation. Watch this to 15:30 them, to them, which are in who? Christ Jesus. Are you in Christ 15:36 Jesus? Who, what? Walk not after the what? Flesh, but after 15:44 spirit. Now why is this? Because when you got born again, you’re 15:51 flesh was involved in what you did before. Watch this, and your 15:58 mind remembers it, but your new spirit wasn’t involved. And your 16:07 spirit is you, not your body. That’s not you. That is your 16:16 house that you live in while you here in this dispensation, in 16:21 the earth. When Jesus comes back and the glorified church comes, 16:24 you gonna get a new body. It’s gonna be a glorified body. So 16:29 now, no condemnation. So what did you do before that body? 16:38 Whoever did that died. Whoever, before that new spirit came, 16:49 whoever did that died. That body’s not you it’s gonna be 16:55 dirt. That’s not you. That person who did that died, and 17:00 the person who’s in there now, never sin. Now wait a minute, 17:09 why are you feeling like you did? Because your mind still 17:16 remembers what that one did and your mind can’t be born again. 17:23 It can only be renewed. So it’s renewed when you get the word 17:33 and find out that what God says about you is true. And don’t go 17:41 by your feelings, because your feelings will lie to you. You 17:47 need to go by the word, if your feelings contradict the word, go 17:51 with the word, because Jesus said, I’m the way, the truth and 17:55 the life. So wait a minute. I’m almost done. So look at 18:01 scripture in Isaiah 43. I even, I am he, this is, he means God, 18:09 that bloteth out your transgresions for my own sake. 18:14 And I will not. I will what? Not, remember your sin. Blot! 18:25 How am I going to blot something? How about spot 18:32 remover? Anybody ever work with spot remover before? Notice, you 18:37 don’t know what happened to the spot, but it got removed. And 18:42 I’m saying that God blots out what you did. Watch this, out of 18:49 his book. So he has no recollection of what you did 18:57 when you got born again. So I just got born again. I’m now in 19:02 the kingdom of God and guess what I’m brand new. Oh, my flesh 19:06 might have participated in some stuff. But the man who did that, 19:10 the woman who did that, they died. I’m brand new. Now you’ve 19:15 got to receive this. Suppose I get born again and I miss it. 19:22 Now God just told me when I got born again, he’ll remember my 19:29 sins no more. That’s done. Say amen to that. So that’s gone. He 19:34 blotted it out of his book. Now wait a minute. He didn’t put it 19:36 in history. Because history, I can recall it. He blotted it. 19:43 It’s like it never existed. So when God sees you, he somebody 19:52 that never sinned. Folks, this is key for you to have what we 20:05 call righteous prayer. See, when you pray righteously you 20:12 pray with confidence that whatever you pray, God is 20:18 gonna hear you. Now suppose you saved and 20:25 get into sin. You got condemnation in your life. 20:29 You see yourself low. You see yourself low. You can’t 20:33 even look right. You can’t even dress right. Your hair look like 20:36 I don’t know what and so forth, because you got the wrong 20:40 perception of who you are. But when you get a clear picture of 20:45 how God sees you, you can look right, dress right, talk right, 20:50 be happy all the time and so forth. The reason why you’re 20:54 manipulated and brought down and your attitude is bad and 20:58 everything is because the devil is still in your council. And 21:02 he’s telling you how to think, how to walk and how to talk. 21:05 He’s crippled you long enough. Now I’m preaching you this cause 21:09 I had to come through this same teaching myself to get free 21:14 because I had an old life that if I brought it in my mind, it 21:18 would make me ashamed. It would make me feel I’m not worthy to 21:22 preach the gospel. But I had to remember any man that is in 21:27 Christ. First John 1:9. Here’s what he says. I’m about done. If 21:37 Christ. First John 1:9. Here’s what he says. I’m about done. If 21:50 we confess our sins, he’s faithful and just to do what? 21:52 Forgive us our sins and to what? Cleanse us for all what? All 21:57 righteousness. Effective, fervent prayer of the who? 22:00 Righteous, availeth much. The enemy trying to keep you from 22:04 your righteousness. And let me tell you, if you confess that 22:07 thing, God is faithful to do what? Forgive it. He didn’t put 22:12 in no memory bank. He forgave it. He wiped it out. Blotted it 22:17 out. It’s gone. I’m here to tell you. This is what Jesus did for 22:24 us. He paid it all. He paid it all. And thank God he did. So 22:38 that people like me could preach the gospel. People like the 22:42 apostle Paul. All them people that Paul had and was consenting 22:48 to their death and getting them killed and so forth like that. 22:52 Paul end up saying in Second Corinthians 7:2, I’ve hurt no 22:58 man. He touch no man. Why? He’s talking about the, the new man. 23:10 Now, all I gotta do now is renew my mind, because the enemy’s 23:14 gonna come in my old thoughts, try to renew those old thoughts, 23:17 watch this, and give me this idea that I gotta, every time I 23:21 get on my knees, I gotta be confessing sin. That’s called 23:25 sin conscious. And what it’ll do is it’ll weaken your spirit and 23:29 when it weakens your spirit, your spirit will not release a 23:32 force of faith. And if we won’t release a force of faith, your 23:35 prayer ain’t going no higher than your nose. Now give 23:39 the Lord a praise. I’m done. Free at last! Free at 23:45 last! Thank God almighty. I’m free at last. 23:58 BILL: Well, I trust you were blessed by this powerful 24:00 teaching from this four disc series that’s called 24:03 the power of prayer and praise. Praise God. 24:07 Now, here’s a very important point you wanna 24:09 remember. That the key to an effective righteous prayer is 24:14 having no condemnation. Now, believing that God has blotted 24:19 out your transgressions for his own sake and will not remember 24:23 your sins. Now it says that in I Isaiah chapter 43 and 25. You 24:29 see, every time you got down to pray and you start thinking 24:32 about what you did wrong, it will take it and dilute your 24:36 faith because faith makes prayer work. Prayer doesn’t make faith 24:40 work. You need the faith to launch your prayer. So when 24:44 condemnation comes in, it tries to take your faith right out and 24:49 make you ineffective in prayer. But God has blotted out your 24:53 transgressions for his own sake. And he’ll not remember our 24:57 sins. Praise God. The announcement’s gonna give 25:00 you some information on how you can order this 25:02 powerful set of teachings. I’ll be right back. 25:07 BILL: Righteousness has everything to do 25:10 with your successful life of prayer. When you pray 25:17 righteously, you pray with confidence that whatever you 25:23 pray God is going to hear you. When you pray something and 25:27 you’re waiting on the manifestation of the answer, 25:30 once you pray it, is when the fight begins. Notice the devil 25:36 starts with your thoughts, so if you thought wrong, put your hand 25:41 over your mouth because if you come out with something that 25:43 negates that prayer, then you’re going to have to start over 25:45 again. We have to watch what we say, because angels are on 25:52 assignment and waiting on God’s words that you speak. How do you 25:59 know that you have the petition you desired of Him? Because He 26:03 heard you. How do you know He heard you? Because you prayed 26:06 according to His will. When God suggests the impossible to you, 26:11 be it unto me. Don’t try to figure it out, how He’s going to 26:16 do it, how is this going to work through me, only believe. 26:21 ANNOUNCER: Stand in your righteousness, and exercise four 26:25 easy steps that will yield effective, fervent prayer every 26:29 time you pray in pastor Winston’s life changing 26:32 four disc series, the power of prayer and 26:36 praise. To order on CD or DVD, by bank 26:39 card at 1-800-711-9327 or online at billwinston.org. 26:47 BILL: Hello, my name is Bill Winston. I am here to 26:50 tell you about this exciting book, it’s called “The Vengeance 26:53 of the Lord.” Now, this is a topic a lot of Christians never 26:58 understood. It’s not revenge, that’s a human concept. This is 27:05 vengeance. God says over in Hebrews chapter 10:30, vengeance 27:09 is mine and I will recompense saith the Lord. What does it 27:14 mean? It means justice. It means that God is the one that’s going 27:17 to justify you. When we were trying to buy our first shopping 27:22 mall, the people didn’t want us to have it, but the vengeance of 27:25 the Lord stepped in. The next thing you know, ha, we got the 27:29 mall. Not only that, they tried to keep us from having services, 27:33 and we got that too. My point to you is there are places you 27:36 can’t go without the vengeance of the Lord. And just like 27:40 anything else that’s a provision of God, you have to do it by 27:44 faith. Well, how does faith come? By hearing and hearing by 27:48 the Word. The Vengeance of the Lord, get this book, build your 27:52 faith, and I’m telling you it will make you unstoppable. I’m 27:57 talking about in the education area, changing educational laws 28:02 back to be under the order of the kingdom of God. In economic, 28:08 in government, everything. This vengeance of the Lord will open 28:12 a pathway. One man said this, because of God’s people had not 28:16 known vengeance, many have been victims. Not you. Praise 28:19 God. Cause here’s the book called “The Vengeance of 28:23 the Lord.” Get it today, you’ll be blessed. 28:25 Bill Winston saying, keep walking by faith.

Worship In Spirit and In Truth – The Power of Prayer and Praise Vol. 1

Prayer is the very foundation of the Christian life. Every believer needs to know how to pray and how to have confidence that their prayers have been heard and will be answered. Never forget that the effective fervent prayer of the righteous shall avail much!

In this series Dr. Bill Winston shows you straight from God’s Word how to know without a doubt that your prayers have been heard and will be answered.

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