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Yemen: The worst humanitarian aid crisis you've never heard of

Yemen: Aid groups say 1.4 million severely malnourished children could die in the next few months if more help is not forthcoming.

Photo by EU Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid
The most harrowing reports come from Yemen, where the United Nations says a staggering 20 million people need humanitarian aid. In addition to millions who lack food, more than 330,000 people have been afflicted by a cholera epidemic since late April, with one person dying nearly every hour on average.

Donors have supplied less than 40 percent of the aid Yemen needs to prevent starvation, and officials have recently been forced to divert some of that assistance to fight cholera. The U.N. Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs was reporting that only 43 percent of the $6.27 billion needed to head off famine this year in Yemen, Somalia, South Sudan and Nigeria had been raised.

Food Shortages and Civil War

A poll by the International Rescue Committee showed that 85 percent of Americans are largely uninformed about the food shortages. Civil wars in those countries have combined with meager spring rains to drastically reduce food supplies. In Nigeria, some 5 million people are at risk in the northeastern provinces where the terrorist group Boko Haram is active.

With public awareness still lagging, one encouraging development has been the formation by eight large U.S. private relief organizations of an unprecedented alliance, the Global Emergency Response Coalition, which on Monday launched a two-week fundraising drive.   Read the full story…. yakimaherald.com


MONA Relief Delivers Food To Hungry Yemeni Families On Ramadan

(Mona Relief Canada)  Yemen Organization for Humanitarian Relief and Development (Mona), is a national Independent, non-governmental and non-profitable organization based in Yemen.The organization activities are mainly focused in the field of humanitarian relief.

Blockade on Yemen

With a single intent and a single goal, an idea was conceived: the idea to somehow go around the current Blockade on Yemen and help those who are displaced by war. With this idea the #20ForYemen project was started on Twitter. In as little as 10 days, Twitter responded to their initial call to action, and they raised $4200. This amount was enough to feed almost 150 families for a month. Mona Relief was on its way to bigger things

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http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/senate-hearing-highlights-saudi-arabias-responsibility-for-suffering-in-yemen_us_596e956be4b0000eb196b134Senate Hearing Highlights Saudi Arabia’s Responsibility For Suffering In Yemen – HuffPost Without mentioning the Saudis, or their U.S.-aligned partner in the Yemen campaign, the United Arab Emirates, the senator asked the USAID official to comment on claims that humanitarian aid has been stolen at Hodeidah and the port is not safe enough …Business Insider



http://newfoodeconomy.com/paying-attention-to-famine/20 million are starving. Why is it so hard to pay attention? – The New Food Economy At the time, famine was also looming in Nigeria, Somalia, and Yemen. But by May, conditions in Yemen had accelerated, prompting under-secretary-general for humanitarian affairs and emergency relief coordinator Stephen O’Brien to address United Nations …



https://www.usnews.com/news/entertainment/articles/2017-07-17/with-clooney-assist-us-aid-groups-team-up-on-africa-crisisWith Clooney Assist, US Aid Groups Team up on Africa Crisis – U.S. News & World Report … largest U.S.-based aid groups are joining together in a new campaign to address what the United Nations calls the world’s largest humanitarian crisis in more than 70 years. More than 20 million people are at risk of famine in nine African nations …Atlanta Black Star



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