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Healing Streams USAI love “intimate” guidance by the Holy Spirit. Following the Lord’s specific leadings for what to do in all kinds of events transforms my life in Christ into an exciting journey of discovery. It improves my inner peace and even makes the professional side of my life far more productive. Although step by step guidance is complex to acquire, there is yet another way of being shepherded that comes effortlessly. It is so natural that small children pick up on it! Even step by step guidance is dependent upon learning this uncomplicated principle: You are currently being guided!

Whether you realize it or not, Jesus is leading your steps much more than you think. I call this “sleep walking” with Jesus and it was actually the first principle of guidance He showed me over thirty years ago when I encountered Him. I had recently been liberated from an extensive occult deception and anxiously needed to ensure He was the one I was following with my every step into my new life in the Spirit. I didn’t want to be mis-guided again.

God called my attention to Proverbs 3:6: “In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your path.” He taught me that the Holy Spirit is like the perfect waiter who attends to us in all kinds of ways without ever making us aware of His help. The secret is to train yourself to “acknowledge” the ways that God has already been guiding you. That grows spiritual eyes to see God’s way with you. After that you will gain the ability to cooperate with the guidance process better.

I got under way applying this each night. Just before falling asleep I would ask the Father to point out to me all the instances of guidance that I had failed to perceive as I raced through my day, so that I could acknowledge what He had accomplished. It is child’s play to see guidance after the fact, because the Lord says that wisdom is known by her children. If a situation went well, that showed I had been guided by wisdom. What had God used within me or around me to do it? This worked beautifully!

As I grew eyes to see His ways by hind-sight, my perception of guidance in the present rose tremendously. Naturally, you must be absolutely honest about the events that did not go well. Plainly, you weren’t steered by the Spirit into false steps, sins or foolish choices. What had mis-guided you and why? What I discovered from my missteps helped me “wake up” and pinpoint the true steps so much better.

Now, I’m tracking more closely with Him! And I pray that with this head’s up you will soon be close on His trail too. Your life in Christ is meant to develop into a heaven-directed river of peace!


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