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Nancy asks…

What does the following Christian salvation statistics suggest?

Statistics gathered from US federal prisons in 1997 show that 75% of inmates are Christians, which corresponds to thePrison Chaplain percentage of Christians in the US population. Atheists make up 10% of the US population but only 0.2% of inmates in federal prisons. Interesting, eh?

Are atheists smarter than Christians and are therefore less likely to get caught?

Do Christians somehow convince themselves that they can commit crime and still achieve salvation as long as they repent and accept Jesus as their saviour?

Any other thoughts? I’m interested in what areas of inquiry can be explored from conclusions based on these statistics.

Please…I’m familiar with arguments from both sides of the fence so don’t repeat the same tedious arguments from other questions.

I classified this under Philosophy instead of Religion and Spirituality on purpose, btw…

Cee Harmon answers:

Hi Nancy,

It seems that a lot of inmates “find” religion (Christianity or Islam seem most prevalent) in prison. They have time to do much soul searching and looking for redemption. The people that influence them while in prison (anyone involved with them like educators, counselors, doctors, nurses, etc.) tend to be people of faith.  There is a whole community of Christians devoted to prison ministries.  Some prisons have Chaplains (clergymen) assigned to them. Most people tend to seek Christ in times of despair (both inside and outside of prison).  God loves people in prison too, so we must not forget about them.

I have provided you some more information below:

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