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Charles asks…

Is there a “Holy Bible” app that is a a Catholic Bible iphone app ?

Cee answers:

Hey Charles,

There is a Catholic Bible iphone app version available.  Check out this video below:

Introducing the MP3 Catholic Bible App for iPhone and Android

Introducing the MP3 Catholic Bible App for iPhone and Android.

The Catholic Bible includes a number of books not included in Protestant translations. Catholics call these the Deuterocanonicals, Protestants call them the Apocrypha.  I hope this helps.

Catholic Bible iPhone App

Catholic Bible iPhone App









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One response to Your Questions About Holy Bible App

  1. Yoshi May 16th, 2013 at 11:11 pm

    Sometimes I just read my bible at local cafe or even the bus stop or donut shop and each time I just read it’ notice I’m able to never see clearly in peace. There’s always some guy usually older trying to speak to me. They request me questions regarding God however they usually come and sit beside me and that i shouldn’t sit together because to tell the truth I dont have confidence in them. When they request us a question and move ahead its ok however they always desire to be beside me while I am reading through. I am a 21 years old girl and just how come its never anybody how old irrrve become asking me questions regarding God and it is No lady. It’s Usually a guy. The truth is I shouldn’t appear as rude espacially when I’ve got a bible within my hands however i just cant but feel uncomfortable. Shall We Be Held to feel by doing this?

    incidentally I’m 21 however i look more youthful than how old irrrve become and individuals usually think I’m a teen.

    I actually do wish to share my belief with other people but I am just getting fed up with it always being old males.