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Paul asks…

What does being filled with you Holy Spirit feel like to you?

When the Holy Spirit touches me it feels like a warm stream of yellow rain on my face and back. Others I hear feel the Holy Spirit lower. Like He is hugging them from behind so deep and low they can feel him in their bowels. I have heard stories of the Holy Spirit exploding in someone’s mouth causing them to erupt in tongues while they feel his seed of inspiration coat their mouth and slide slowly down their throat. Is that how the holy spirit feels for you or do you have a different experience with Him?

Cee Harmon answers:

Hi Paul,

Being filled with the Holy Spirit to me is accepting Jesus inside you. It might feel strange at first, because it’s new to you. But as you get over your fears and learn to relax it is really amazing. Pretty soon you will want Jesus inside you all the time. You will invite Him to take you night and day. You really won’t be able to get enough.

After Jesus has been inside you for a while you might feel something warm gush inside you. This is His Holy Spirit. Don’t be afraid. That new warmness you feel inside you is normal. Try holding it in and enjoy it’s warm comforting feeling. If his grace leaks out of you because you are scared to hold Him in just pray to God that He will fill you again.

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