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“I’d lost everything… my family, my house. I’d tried twice to slit my wrists and end it all.”

Alcohol consumed Connie’s life. She spiraled down a black hole, unable to escape. There were times she slept on the sidewalk. “I’m embarrassed by what I’d do for a safe place to shower or use the bathroom.” Death seemed like the only way out.

Connie found a thread of hope to cling to. In our recovery program, she’s found healthy ways to combat her addiction and live a full life again.

Your support restores hope. Donate online at http://www.porthandrescuemission.org/lp/youtube. Or call 503-MISSION (647-7466)


Cee Harmon is the founder of Elevate Christian Network and Elevate Your Potential Magazine. He enjoys helping people improve the quality of their lives - spirit, soul, and body.
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