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Doug shivered as he tried to sleep in the pouring rain. His life had fallen apart; he’d lost everything. He wandered to a gas station and begged a cup of coffee.

“I couldn’t even drink it. Every time I’d bring the cup to my lips, it would spill because I was shaking so hard — and not just from the cold. I was sad. Never thought my life was going to be like that.”

One day Doug found Portland Rescue Mission. A hot meal and a loving conversation was the first step toward a total life recovery for him. Today, Doug has a bright future.

Thanks to caring friends like you, Doug has hope.

To help more men like Doug break the power of homelessness and addiction, donate today at https://www.portlandrescuemission.org/lp/youtube/ or call 503-MISSION (647-7466).

Thank you.


Cee Harmon is the founder of Elevate Christian Network and Elevate Your Potential Magazine. He enjoys helping people improve the quality of their lives - spirit, soul, and body.
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