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0:02 [Music] 0:09 good evening and welcome to the bull winston ministries virtual africa conference 2022 0:14 this morning session was so powerful and we believe it’s only going to get better i’m erin miller and i’m honored to be 0:21 your host this evening before we get started let us pray father we thank you so much for the 0:27 life-giving power of the word of god we decree and declare that our lives will never be the same again in jesus name 0:35 amen but winston ministries has had huge impact around the world and we know that 0:41 we cannot do it without the help of our partners and for that we want to say thank you 0:47 now if you would like to find out more about partnering with this ministry then listen to this next message 0:52 i’d like to take a minute to speak to you about the importance of partnership 0:58 now partnership is something that the apostle paul talked about over in philippians chapter one 1:05 and he talked about this too the people that supported him in his ministry and 1:10 he called it fellowship but in the greek the word is partnership and when you partner with bill winston 1:17 ministries you are helping to fulfill the great commission he said the great commission is to go into all 1:24 the world and preach the gospel to every creature well you can go but you need some help 1:30 sometime in helping you go and when i say that i mean the gospel is free but the equipment costs something 1:36 so you have to be able you have to be able to pay for it as we go and when we came here to chicago we had 1:43 nothing but 200 and even no place to save our own but somebody partnered with us and 1:49 gave us a place to stay and and kept us there for seven or eight months and then we moved on to our own place and then 1:56 started the church and people started partnering with us and now we’re preaching to almost a billion households 2:02 on a weekly basis so what happened people start joining us and partnering with us helping with prayer helping with 2:09 financial support to get the job done number two when you partner with us every soul that 2:16 is saved every person that’s healed every life that’s transformed every family that’s restored 2:22 is accredited to your account and that’s what paul brings out in philippians chapter four 2:28 and he is saying that it’s not so much that i desire a gift but that fruit may 2:33 abound to your account and same thing here we’re not here to get your money we’re 2:39 here to get you blessed and part of that blessing is when you do give it’s given back to you good measure press down 2:46 shaken together because god wants you to have abundance but the other way you get blessed you get rewarded i mean the 2:52 souls that we can’t bring in into the kingdom and the lives that are transformed 2:57 part of that goes to your account it’s kind of like you being a stockholder in a in a 3:03 company and the company does well well you get part of the rewards and it’s the same thing here number three 3:09 the same anointing that is on me flows on you through your giving i call it the 3:15 law of association that as you associate with me through your giving and with your prayer support 3:22 i want you to know that that association actually causes an anointing that is on 3:28 me to also flow on you huge example when peter was fishing jesus asked to use his 3:34 boat peter now was washing his net and no next thing you know he gave jesus use of his boat now jesus 3:41 then sat down and taught and then after he finished he said launch out into the deep let down your nets for a drop 3:47 a great increase and peter said well we fished all night and caught nothing nevertheless of thy word 3:53 i’ll launch out and so he did when he did that partnering with jesus then he pulled in a boat-sinking 3:59 net-breaking load of fish because that anointing that was known jesus came right on him through his giving but not 4:05 only that he called for his partners and his partners came out who were helping him they got blessed too their votes ran 4:13 over notice everybody’s getting blessed because of the law of association when 4:18 you partner with this ministry the blessing the favor that’s on us is coming right on you so i’ll encourage 4:24 you now to become a partner i want you to partner with us go online or call today 4:30 just get hooked up because god is doing amazing things through this ministry i’m 4:35 not bragging i’m just saying what god is doing praise god and with you joining us 4:41 we can do more so i’m reaching out to you today partner with me let’s go 4:46 together and build his kingdom i love you bill winston saying keep walking by faith 4:53 [Music] 5:09 so if you would like to partner with us then simply email us on partners 5:14 billwinston.org that’s partners at billwinston.org.cda and our team will be sure to assist you 5:20 with the process now let’s get straight into tonight’s session with dr paul winston 5:27 dr bill winston is a visionary leader and global icon 5:33 known all over the world as a faith general he and his wife veronica winston 5:40 started living word christian center now 22 000 members bill winston ministries 5:47 taking the gospel of the kingdom to the nation 5:53 with tv and radio broadcasts reaching over a billion households worldwide he 5:59 is the founder of the nationally accredited joseph business school 6:04 with partnership locations stretching five continents and having over 600 6:10 churches around the world under his covering through faith ministries alliance with an uncommon faith that has 6:18 produced two shopping malls the carver innovation center harvest 365 restaurant 6:24 and fresh grill living word christian center school of ministry royal christian bookstores and cafes 6:31 founder of joseph wealth management a licensed and registered investment advisor firm offering comprehensive 6:39 investment advice to help individuals reach their financial goals to generate 6:44 wealth and rise a groundbreaking prison ministry that has turned the jails into 6:50 boarding schools every aspect of the anointing on dr winston’s life is designed to catapult 6:57 you into your destiny with an undeniable and proven track record dr bill winston 7:04 is a trailblazer apostle soul winner philanthropist visionary leader best 7:11 selling author man of integrity prophet pastor entrepreneur veteran of faith 7:18 mentor and a beacon of hope to the next generation dr winston is a faithful 7:25 steward of the gospel of jesus christ and a force to be reckoned with in 7:30 kingdom exploits the message you’re about to hear is no ordinary message get 7:36 ready to receive a message that will change your life 7:42 let’s welcome dr bill winston [Applause] 7:59 hello this is bill winston and welcome to another teaching praise god we’re 8:05 teaching on faith and the blessing now this is our virtual conference and as i 8:11 teach these lessons try to follow along with me or just do some research on your 8:16 own accord just to make sure you understand the things that i’m teaching and also to get them in your heart you 8:23 know one place is their head but but you got to get them all the way down in your heart they’ve got to be believed and 8:30 once they get believed now god can move in those uh those scriptures to make 8:36 those scriptures a reality in your life meaning that scripture’s on healing scriptures on prosperity so forth like 8:42 that so just take what i get maybe write it down and then we have to meditate these scriptures so these scriptures go 8:48 from our head down to our heart and they mean something to us and they can manifest in our lives so it’s very very 8:54 important well we’re going to continue on with lesson number three in faith in 9:00 the blessing now we covered some territory the last time in terms of the blessing and what the 9:07 blessing means but we’re going to go back to that through that that’s what is the blessing and how the blessing 9:15 works now we said before that people use the term very loosely uh god bless you 9:23 or you know bless you and so forth and so on oh you’re going on a trip bless you and so forth but they really don’t know 9:30 the depth of that and the thing about the scriptures is that you have to have 9:35 a revelation of them before they actually can have the power to do what 9:40 they do in your life in other words you just can’t intellectually know that they’re there you’ve got to actually get 9:48 these scriptures to come alive inside of you we call it revelation knowledge the light of the word so once that 9:55 revelation knowledge comes forth there is power in that word that you can use it and the same thing about the blessing 10:01 now faith is the way we’re supposed to live the bible says the just shall live by faith so this is not 10:08 faith you know some of the time this is faith all of the time for the believer because there 10:14 are things coming in the world or things situations we come upon that only faith can fix it and so god wants you to have 10:22 faith faith in what faith in the word i’ve got to have faith in the word over in mark chapter 11 i 10:28 have faith in god in chapter 22 have faith in god having faith in god is like 10:34 having faith in his word the bible talks about over in second chronicles chapter 10:39 20 he says if you believe in the lord your god so you shall you be established but 10:45 if you believe his prophets you’ll you’ll prosper so that’s some having 10:50 faith in what the prophet says the prophet in second king said tomorrow about this time and i’ll put it in my 10:56 own words it’s going to be plenty it’s going to be cheap well there’s one man that came to him he didn’t believe that 11:01 well he didn’t partake of it but there are four lepers and they advance towards the syrian army or the enemy next thing 11:08 you know the enemy heard noises and left and left everything food gold silver 11:13 everything shall notice how faith in something can make the difference we’re supposed to have faith in the name of jesus that’s 11:21 when it has the power we have both have faith in the blood of jesus that’s when 11:26 it’s supposed to have power in baptizing in water you release your faith in that name we’ve had people come up they’re 11:33 out of the water we’ve immersed them in water and brought them up all the drug addiction was gone 11:40 so miracles can happen when you have faith in the things of god so now we’re 11:45 talking about faith in the blessing now what we said about the blessing and what it is we said the blessing is 11:52 empowerment for success in empowerment for success one of the things that the 12:00 blessing does once a blessing comes on someone is it leads them to success it 12:05 generates success in their lives it can bring them into prosperity 12:10 it can have them with provision things that they didn’t work to get the blessing provides for them the blessing 12:17 also gives them uh this leadership or being the head and not the tail it’ll make 12:23 them the lender and not the borrower this blessing also will preserve them 12:29 and it will give them in many cases um proficiency and when i 12:34 say that david even said over in psalm chapter 144 he says he teaches my uh hands to 12:41 war and my fingers to fight and he’s talking about this blessing that this blessing has come on him through that 12:48 anointing now we said also that this blessing is the anointing of god 12:56 uh through which divine favor flows the anointing of god through which divine 13:02 favor floats we talk about what is the blessing and that anointing of god is 13:07 that that empowerment that god gives us that comes on us and in us to protect us 13:14 to give us knowledge of things uh to give us great favor you remember esther 13:20 and esther here was talking about not going into the 13:26 king to be an intercessor or to to seek the king on behalf of the jewish jewish 13:33 nation well the king had put out an order that all the jews at a certain 13:38 time would be killed that’s genocide and so what happened is mordecai as his uncle 13:44 told essa please go into the king and so forth and she hesitated he said i said wait a minute you’ve been 13:51 created and born for such a time as this and so or you have come into the kingdom for 13:56 such a time as this so here’s esther then she they fasted and she went in put 14:02 on her royal apparel and went into the chamber of the king and the king pointed his scepter at it and said what is that 14:08 esther that you desire i’ll give it to you up to half of my kingdom now look 14:13 what favor did favor open the door for her favor made it so that when other people would die she would live favor 14:21 gave her this the ability for god to speak to the 14:26 heart of the king because it’s in the hand of the lord and offer her one half 14:31 of his kingdom now that’s what this anointing of god through which divine favor flows that’s a blessing so when 14:37 you see anointing a lot of times you’re talking about the blessing now also you’re going down and you have also what 14:45 the blessing of god is the covenant of god that overrides the curse the covenant of god that overrides the curse 14:52 a good example of that is when they were in genesis chapter 26 14:59 isaac who is the son of abraham and so what happened is the bible says in 15:05 genesis 26 and in verse 12 that isaac sowed in that land the land of famine no 15:12 rain and as he sowed in that land uh the bible says he received a hundredfold 15:18 that same year now this he went on and continued to sow 15:23 so he sowed when there was no rain no water to water the seed that he had sown 15:29 and the next thing you know his isaac getting so rich till they asked him to leave the country he got richer than the 15:36 government so that’s what the blessing will do it’s the power of god or the empowerment for success it’s the 15:43 anointing of god that overrides the curse and it’s a covenant of god through which divine favor flows now here’s the 15:50 good news genesis galatians chapter 3 verse 13 and 14 it says christ has 15:55 redeemed us from the curse of the law being made a curse for us for it is written cursed is every one that hangeth 16:02 on a tree that the blessing of abraham might come on the gentiles through jesus 16:07 christ that we might receive the promise of the spirit through faith 16:13 so all these things happen by faith but what he said the blessing of abraham 16:18 well let’s go back to abraham and see what that blessing was now rather than that let’s go all the way 16:25 back to adam and see how that blessing came on adam first genesis chapter 1 and verse 28 and 16:33 god blessed them and god said to them be fruitful multiply replenish the earth and subdue it and have dominion over the 16:39 efficiency of the fowl of the air and every living thing it moveth upon the earth so here is god blessing 16:46 them adam and eve blessing them so the blessing was on them why because they 16:51 were supposed to take the every place god would lead them and create the 16:57 garden of eden with it sometimes when you have an opportunity you can read that over in ezekiel chapter 36 verses 17:05 33-36 he talked about this land that was desolate has become like the garden of 17:11 eden well how did he do that he did it with the power of the blessing now the 17:16 one way of course that blessing was released in that time is through the spoken words now it’s interesting 17:23 because what happened is god calls us kings and calls us kings and churches 17:29 kings and priests and so forth but he also calls us lords because that’s what it said in revelation 17:35 that jesus is the king of kings and the lord of lords now how does a king 17:41 function a king functions by decree a king functions by decree 17:48 it says over in job chapter 22 and 28 thou shalt also decree a thing and it 17:53 shall be established and so kings functioned by the creed so 17:59 jesus 99 of the things he did he did with words so he would decree things 18:04 decree his old english word means the legislate so you are legislative body so 18:10 you can speak things that are legislated angels will bring them the past the faith can bring them the past so forth 18:16 and so on so they’re kings and lords now what is the lord rule or lord rules by 18:24 ownership lord rules by ownership so king’s rules by decree lords rule by ownership so 18:30 here’s just earth turned over to adam and eve now what did they do they didn’t follow through with the plan 18:38 of god in chapter 3 of genesis they sinned in the garden eve picked up the forbidden 18:46 picked the forbidden fruit and gave it to adam and he did eat both of them fell now what happened 18:52 the blessing was gone it was off them no longer did they have the power of god to turn every place 18:58 they went and the worst places in the earth and to the garden of eden they didn’t have that power anymore 19:03 so now they’re just trying to feed themselves i mean it would toil in everything that 19:09 they did now if you’re going over now we’re kind of fast forwarding now but over in 19:15 proverbs chapter 10 verse 22 he says the blessing of the lord it 19:20 maketh rich and addeth no sorrow with it now the blessing of the lord 19:27 it maketh rich isn’t that something the blessing of the lord it maketh rich now 19:34 you do yourself good to capitalize the word blessing to make it a big b or make 19:41 all the letters capital because that’s telling you it’s just not some word 19:46 you know just loosely used but it’s it’s the blessing there’s only 19:51 one is the blessing so that was the blessing of the lord that was on adam and eve now 19:58 he is saying the blessing of the lord it maketh rich and addeth no sorrow with it 20:04 now where did sorrow come from it came from genesis chapter 3 and you look at it in the amplified god told adam and 20:12 eve that they were going to toil they’re going to struggle they were going to everything is going to be hard now 20:17 because the earth was under a curse because of what they did so notice if you could look at it in a way here’s the 20:23 blessing with all this power and after they sin the blessing turned to a curse you just reversed and the next thing you 20:30 know that now the earth is cursed so all of this is coming out of a person a man 20:35 you know that kind of thing so now god’s got a plan because you got to get that blessing back and so he 20:42 first if you will noah that god blessed noah and his son so notice god is trying to 20:49 get get that blessing back into the earth because that’s the only thing that can save this earth that’s the only thing that can fix this earth a lot of 20:56 times what people are doing in this country in america they have the legislatures talking about green deals 21:02 and and global warming and climate and all that and they’re trying to fix it with with 21:08 windmills or or no fossil no more fossil fuels and and no automobiles with with 21:15 the engines that you know burn oil and gasoline and so forth trying to fix it 21:20 like you can’t fix it like that that’s not even close to being strong enough to fix this atmosphere it’s got to be fixed 21:27 with the blessing it’s the only thing strong enough remember i said the blessing is the name god gave to the 21:33 power he used to create the world and it’s that blessing he put that same blessing on on mankind because mankind 21:40 became a co-creator with god well adam lost that blessing now it’s lost and now people are trying 21:46 to fix it with the intellect they’re trying to come up with some can’t do it but god is not done so he’s going to 21:53 restore that blessing so now because of noah and noah got in trouble of course 21:58 you heard noah got drunk and so forth and so on but before that after the flood 22:04 noah’s got to take that blessing and fix the places of the earth now he had three sons one went of course to the africa 22:11 and nations and none went to the asian nations another came europe and so forth and so on but they went to different 22:17 parts of the world now this is god’s plan because it’s going to take the blessing but in time 22:23 the blessing was lost now god’s going to restore this he’s going to restore it through a man named abraham that the 22:29 blessing of abraham will come on the gentiles abraham is a great figure in 22:35 terms of our patriarchs because he was the one that god chose to get that blessing back into the world and 22:42 eventually on jesus jesus came with that blessing and then because we’re in 22:47 christ that blessing comes on us isn’t that powerful amen it’s a powerful powerful thing so 22:54 you can talk about it all day long really and get more and more revelation out of it the more revelation you got 23:00 the more power this thing will have in terms of operation operating in and through your life 23:06 so we look at abraham then what god did he called abraham out of a place named earl 23:11 the caldis and he called him out and and he blessed him god says i will make of 23:17 you a great nation i will bless you i will make your name great and you will be a blessing i will bless those that 23:23 bless you curse those that curse you and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed 23:29 you see now he was blessing abraham how is he getting in on him he was speaking 23:35 it on him so that blessing is now coming on abraham he’s telling him what he’s 23:40 going to do with him and through him now notice he said all families of the earth 23:46 are going to be blessed so god in his mind still sees all families blessed 23:53 they’re supposed to all have the blessing and that’s where he wanted to start out with adam because out of adam 23:58 would come their children and children’s children so forth everybody would have the blessing on him now 24:04 because of the sin god’s chosen a man named abraham and he’s blessed him now 24:11 as abraham has isaac isaac gets blessed the blessing is on 24:16 isaac now with abraham here is what that blessing had to him to 24:21 accumulate in genesis chapter 24 and verse 1 and he said and abraham was 24:28 blessed in all things and it begins to speak about what specifically that blessing has caused abraham to 24:34 accumulate cattle and gold and silver the land i’m sure and everything so this 24:40 is his blessing as how it’s working now specifically this time i want to work 24:46 with joseph because we only have a limited time for this teaching i’m going to work with joseph so here we see that 24:53 the blessing was on abraham so we call it the blessing of abraham so now we 24:58 know it’s the blessing of the lord that was in the garden of eden and but now we’re calling it the blessing of abraham 25:05 that’s what the scriptures call it so we call it that and so now we move to isaac 25:10 so isaac is blessed isaac gets so blessed over in genesis chapter 26 until 25:15 they want isaac out of that country they say go from us thou art much mightier 25:20 than we are so now isaac is now leaving the country and so forth and so on but isaac now is passing on that blessing to 25:29 jacob now it wasn’t supposed to be jacob that’s supposed to have that blessing it was supposed to technically be the 25:35 firstborn that was going to be esau but god saw things in the future 25:42 and he knew that this jacob would be the one that be able to carry that this 25:47 blessing on as as a heritage as a legacy so now 25:52 here the mother of jacob tells mother jacob to go in there and and they schemed and so forth they went in there 25:59 and the father uh isaac ended up blessing jacob well once he blessed jacob now esau 26:06 hears about it esau goes to his father don’t you have another blessing he said i’m i’m sorry son there’s only one 26:12 blessing and they said uh is uh isaac trembled why because he realized 26:18 technically he had done the wrong thing but prophetically he had done the right thing and so next thing you know here’s 26:26 jacob jacob’s got to leave because now he saw us threatening him he said i’m going to kill him well that’s impossible 26:33 because if that blessing is functioning on your life and that blessing is believed and 26:39 functioning on your life nobody can touch you they can’t kill you they can’t kill you 26:44 you know you look at people like david and david 26:50 in first samuel chapter 17 uh came to the front line 26:55 where israel was facing this this philistine giant named goliath 27:01 and he’s facing him and and he was really had israel afraid and so forth 27:07 like that well fear is a blessing blocker blessings don’t happen through fear 27:14 they work through faith and so now they’re blocking their own blessing the 27:19 ability for them to go up against someone that’s much much mightier and so forth than they are 27:25 and defeat them but now they don’t and so here comes david david has now been 27:30 anointed in first samuel chapter 16 by samuel and samuel anoints david david 27:38 being the youngest the smallest so forth and so on but god anoints him god doesn’t look on the outside he looks at 27:44 the heart and so he anoints him and next thing you know here comes david under his father’s 27:51 direction to take some food to the front line so he takes his cheese and so forth 27:56 to the front line for his brethren and they said you know what are you doing here get back and keep those sheep and 28:02 so forth and so on notice what david didn’t do he didn’t get into strife with 28:08 him why because strife is a blessing blocker now let’s look at that that’s 28:13 found over in genesis chapter 13. in genesis chapter 13 28:18 what happened this blessing caused abraham to increase so much and lot was with him 28:26 so a lot began to increase and then they go on down and next thing you know there’s strife between the 28:33 herdman of abraham and the herdman of lot and here’s what abraham said to 28:40 a lot he said let there be no strife between us he said you choose the land that you 28:45 want to take if you choose the right i’ll take the left if you choose the left i’ll take the right 28:52 now why could he say that because wherever he went 28:58 the blessing on him would make it like the garden of eden so it doesn’t make any difference 29:04 so when you got that blessing on you you don’t need to get in strife with anyone 29:10 because that blessing will give you proficiency it’ll give you favor it’ll give you protection it’ll give you 29:16 prosperity you don’t have to argue with anyone you need the blessing and so what happens now is that’s an 29:25 example so lot picks this land that looks real fertile and so forth but it was over by sodom 29:31 and gomorrah and next thing you know of course what happened with sodom and gomorrah that 29:37 some enemy confederated together and went down and swept down and took lot took sodom with more took all the riches and 29:44 so forth and so on and abraham heard about it in genesis chapter 14 and verse 14 and abraham armed his own 29:53 servants trained in his own house what trained them the blessing 29:59 why they could go out and defeat multitudes of armies that have confederated together he defeated all of 30:06 them the bible says he slaughtered them this is found in genesis 14. he slaughtered them just didn’t just 30:13 defeat him he slaughtered them then he got back everything including his nephew lot 30:19 so now we’re seeing here how this blessing is functioning how this blessing makes you the winner makes you 30:26 the head it puts you on top it raises you up with wealth and so forth and so 30:31 on so we said the blessing of the lord proverbs chapter 10 22 it maketh rich 30:37 and addeth no sorrow with it now if you look at that same thing in the 30:43 niv translation it says this the blessing of the lord brings wealth 30:49 without painful toil for it glory to god it brings wealth without painful toil 30:58 for it so what i’m saying here is this blessing 31:03 is going to bring wealth it’s going to bring 31:08 wealth now here’s a good example of that in luke chapter 5 31:16 this is when jesus now was teaching on the shoreline and 31:22 he needed more room apparently jesus starts teaching they start pressing in on him because they know 31:28 he’s the anointed one and so forth and they want to touch that anointing get healing so forth and so on and he asked 31:35 peter he saw two boats two ships he asked peter could he use his so he chose peter got in his boat and said push out 31:42 a little from the land and he sat down and taught to people teaching on the blessing 31:47 see the the pharisees pretty much teach on the law according to galatians chapter 3 the 31:53 manifestation of the miracles of god doesn’t take place by preaching the law and so but they were preaching pretty 32:00 much preaching the law and so and i’m not saying you couldn’t know the law but understand that you got to have faith in 32:07 that blessing for this thing to operate and give you the miracles that you’re looking for so what happened in this 32:13 particular case is that he sat down and taught the people out of the ship 32:19 once he had finished speaking he looked to simon and said now launch out into the deep and let down 32:25 your nets for a drought and what did simon do he launched out 32:31 let down his net and enclosed a great multitude of fishes in the net break 32:37 wow and then he called for his partners and they filled both ships so that they began to sink then when he came in he 32:44 threw himself down at jesus’s knees saying away from me i’m a sinful man o lord for he was astarted and all that 32:50 were with him at the draw of fishes they had taken now again i say to you 32:58 where did the fish come from you know where did the fish come from so this 33:05 this this idea of drawing something the blessing of the lord 33:10 brings wealth the blessing of the lord manifests wealth in your life and adds 33:18 no sorrow with it peter said we had toiled all night sorrow 33:23 but nevertheless it’s thy word so when he launched out here comes all these fish that he didn’t toil to get 33:30 and that’s what the blessing is why because the blessing is designed to preserve you toil 33:35 is is is is pressure toil can be the um worry uh it’s it it can affect the 33:44 mind and the body god plans for you to live a long life he plans for you to be healthy how many 33:50 people are their health is tied to their thoughts meaning they worry about things 33:55 or how many are tied to not having enough money or so forth that that that 34:00 that is designed to destroy it’s the curse 34:05 and god has redeemed you from the curse you’re not supposed to worry about a thing 34:11 that’s what he says over philippians in chapter four he said be anxious for nothing that 34:16 means don’t worry about a thing and the blessing takes that off the worry out of our lives it makes 34:24 it so because the blessing causes it to happen and so here here’s the blessing going to 34:30 work for them once he had faith in the words that jesus spoke to launch out and 34:36 he launched out and brought in a boat-sinking net-breaking load of fish by the power of the blessing now this 34:42 just wasn’t enough fish so that they could get out of debt this is enough fish for this whole coastline of 34:49 capernaum the economy to be changed so the blessing is powerful enough to 34:55 change the economy of a whole city that’s how powerful it is one person 35:00 with a blessing one person look at david one person with the blessing he came 35:05 up to the front line in first samuel chapter 17 when they were faced with goliath and he 35:11 said who is this uncircumcised philistine that he might defy the armies 35:16 of the living god now notice he’s talking uncircumcised so he’s talking about covenant and he’s talking about 35:23 covenant he’s talking about that blessing and so now here he’s coming up 35:28 to the front line he’s got the anointing on him the blessing and now he then puts what i call he puts 35:36 some demand on that anointing demand under the people have the 35:41 anointing sometimes but they don’t put any demand on it you you here’s god he said to me buy 35:47 that shopping mall what is he doing putting a demand on that anointing why because he said in luke chapter 19 35:56 and verse 13 occupy till i come that means advance 36:02 and whole see and what people don’t want to do many times because they can’t 36:08 see it by faith they they want to just hold where they are until things look better no no you 36:16 make them better notice what he said here over in joshua how long are you going to be slack in going in and 36:22 possessing the land which the lord thy god giveth you well you look in the scriptures look at deuteronomy you look 36:28 at exodus chapter 23 deuteronomy chapter 9 whatever have you it says god says i’m 36:34 going to give you cities or nations mightier than you are that’s what god 36:41 says this is what god says now understand you have to go up against them 36:48 for the anointing to kick in it you have to put a demand on that anointing it doesn’t kick in while 36:54 you’re just comfortable here sitting down talking about how wonderful things are that’s wonderful 37:00 but this blessing the anointing that covenant this kicks in 37:06 when you place a demand on it you’ve got to step out 37:11 so i had to step out on 33 acres of shopping mall i never had any shopping 37:17 mall experience i never had but god knew all of what he did now look what he’s done now built big sanctuaries and and 37:24 and stores and and and now still having us to buy grocery stores so forth and so 37:30 on this this is stepping out see he he wants that blessing to 37:36 manifest and and and he doesn’t want any slack in your rope that’s what i’d say you know 37:42 how you can have a rope and and uh it’d be tied to something and you could pull it and and pull it tight keep it tight 37:50 or you can let it be slack and it just you know kind of be on the floor or whatever have you god doesn’t want any 37:56 slack in your rope he wants you to always be putting a demand on that anointing and to do it you got to step out you got 38:04 to step out i’m telling you now what did i say the blessing makes you proficient so it’ll give you knowledge of how to do 38:11 something that you’ve never gone to school to learn the blessing will do it i’m not coming against schooling and education whatever 38:18 have you but i’m saying add the blessing to it do things that you never thought you 38:23 could do now under the direction of god of course he said buy that shopping wall so i did that 38:28 how about airplane i mean same thing i had to step out i sowed a seed and believed god uh 38:37 somebody else had an airplane they were trying to buy and i sowed into theirs it was a sacrifice seed and boom miracles 38:43 took place now i’m talking about the blessing now and what that blessing with is so 38:49 powerful and it’s on you it’s on you right now and the tendency is is we don’t want to 38:56 go take the cities because well you know i don’t know that’s a big city hey 39:03 david one person said this over in first samuel chapter 17 verse starting at 39:10 verse 45 and then 46 he said this day shall the lord deliver you into my hand 39:16 and told him he’s going to cut his head off and he’s going to feed the whole army to the foul of the air 39:23 now what does he know about he knew about angels because he’s blessed now he’s empowered 39:28 for success over in psalm chapter 34 and verse 7 he said the angels of the lord 39:34 encamp around about them that fear him and delivers them and delivers them so he went up the salt 39:42 he said i can take this giant and saul said now wait a minute he’s been trained in war from his youth makes no 39:49 difference that blessing is on my life and that blessing is on my life to teach 39:54 me go over to god to make me proficient and so forth why because i’m hearing 40:00 from god so david came up to goliath and as you know he destroyed goliath and and the 40:07 armies and they left and so forth and so on now this 40:13 this thing that happened with david or this thing that happened with abraham 40:18 or isaac or even jacob and we haven’t covered him but we’re going to cover him next time but let’s go to joseph now 40:25 let’s go to joseph because you can learn how the blessing works through seeing how the blessing is 40:31 operating in the different people’s lives see the bible wants you to study it he said study to show thy 40:38 self-approved he didn’t put it all in one place he wants you to study and the thing two things you want to get you 40:44 want to have understanding and imagination because it takes those two to fully understand the kingdom and what 40:51 god is teaching us so here is joseph now and joseph is a son of jacob joseph and 40:57 his brother benjamin they’re coming by one mother and then all the other sons come by another mother but here’s joseph 41:05 and he’s counted as the firstborn so here is joseph and his father gives him a coat of many colors found in genesis 41:12 chapter 37. now he gets his coat now this coat represents to me the blessing so when 41:19 you’ve got that blessing on you you’ve got a you’ve got a coat you’ve got an invisible coat on you 41:26 and that coat that you’ve got on you is evidenced by the things that are 41:32 produced in your life now here’s joseph and because he has this big dream tells 41:38 it to his brothers his brothers gets jealous at first they’re going to kill him but then they sell him to some midianites or 41:46 it’s a traveling ban of ishmaelites ishmael you remember ishmael okay so he 41:52 travels he gives um and they sell joseph to ishmael for something like 20 41:59 pieces of silver they then take joseph on down to 42:05 egypt now why did joseph had to leave there because there 42:10 was a blessing blocker why his brothers hated him there was strife 42:16 and it’s very difficult for the blessing to work in that environment you might be at home and there’s strife in somebody’s home 42:23 you might have a business or a job there’s strife in the job very difficult 42:28 because the blessing is an orchestration of the holy spirit and it’s very difficult for them to work in 42:35 that kind of environment they work in they’re used to working in eden eden is a place of peace and joy and 42:42 voluptuous living that’s what the blessing is so i’m saying when it’s working with you 42:48 that sometimes you have to depart from strife you have to depart from all these things 42:54 that are going on that are blessing blockers why because you want that blessing to work you know 43:01 here’s what paul said the love of christ constrains me meaning because i love that anointing or 43:08 i love that blessing then i’m going to make sure that i’m i’m going to be constrained 43:14 from anything that would cause that not to flow and that’s the same thing you should do in your life because you should always 43:21 be producing and that blessing causes production and so next thing it happened 43:27 is they sold him and that traveling ban of businessmen traveled and took him on 43:33 down to egypt and sold him again now this is interesting 43:39 because there’s a prophetic agenda what is a prophetic agenda it’s something 43:44 that is spoken that nothing can stop from happening now there’s prophetic words and those 43:51 words can be carried out or not carried out meaning that if you heed and believe 43:56 it and carry it out it’ll work if you don’t do it it won’t work but a prophetic agenda is something that’s 44:03 going to happen no matter what you think in other words prophetically jesus is going to come back for the church that 44:09 that i don’t care who doesn’t believe it it’s going to happen so this is a prophetic dream that he has 44:15 which is talking of a prophetic agenda he was chosen now he’s got to get out of there god’s 44:21 got to deliver him out of there well what brought the midianites to him the blessing so it orchestrates him 44:28 coming and that blessing brings him uh now down to egypt where he’s sold again 44:35 the blessing is orchestrating all of this to a man named pottevor who’s a captain in the egyptian army so he tells 44:42 and brings him in as a slave but he sees that the lord is with him the 44:47 blessing is on him and if that blessing is on you and you’re operating in it people can see it 44:53 if you believe it and operate in it people can see it on you why because you’re going to have 44:58 you don’t have evidence and so what happens is he went down there and where potiphar was 45:05 giving him an assignment he gave him assignment over the ranch that he had joseph never 45:11 went to ranch management school yet the blessing was working is making 45:16 him proficient and he began to bring in so much to potiphar didn’t have to check to see what was under his hand he had so 45:23 much coming in only thing potiphar was current about is some food to eat until 45:28 satan has going after that blessing and so he sends 45:34 mrs potiphar to joseph i know he was behind it and she comes of course she 45:40 tempts him and tells him to lie with her said no and so and 45:46 he ran and she grabbed his coat and took his coat and then mrs mr potiphar or 45:52 whoever she called said hey he’d come in and he tried to uh take advantage of me 45:57 and here’s his coat and so forth so i think mr potiphar knew 46:03 that that didn’t happen but he went ahead and he put joseph in jail so now 46:09 joseph’s in prison and in that prison they get you and they they put you in there and just throw away the key they 46:14 forget about it but here is joseph and the blessing is still working it’s now making him head over the prison 46:22 because the blessing brings you to the top no matter what environment you’re in no matter what industry you’re in as a 46:28 business person no matter what system you’re in it’s going to bring you to the top because it’s going to make you the 46:35 head it the blessing of the lord it maketh rich it’s going to make you the head now 46:42 that’s if you believe in the blessing and yield to the blessing so what happens now 46:47 is he’s in there after a matter of time pharaoh has a dream in egypt well who 46:54 gives him the dream god does what the blessing is working it’s orchestrating 47:00 joseph getting to the top and so what happened here is he dreamed 47:05 this dream nobody could interpret it and one of his uh servants said well there 47:11 was a man down in prison when i was down there he could interpret dreams he’s a jew he said well bring him up here now 47:18 isn’t that interesting because if you got the goods you got the ability to perform it doesn’t make any difference 47:24 what background you came from what nationality you’re in what prison you were in if you’ve got the goods they’ll 47:31 bring you up so that you can solve the problems that the world has today and so 47:36 again here is joseph he’s brought up now once he gives them in genesis 41 what pharaoh 47:44 dream pharaoh says you’re the man i’m putting it in my own words you’re the man now i’m going to make you second in 47:51 command to me you’ll tell egypt what to do you’ll be orchestrating the law so 47:57 forth and so on now that’s where god wants the church we’re that modern day joseph issue will now notice what joseph 48:04 did he then had the strategy to fill storehouses in different cities in egypt 48:11 and these storehouses were going to be filled because there was a famine coming something was coming and so joseph 48:17 prepared for it now now when the famine came all the world had to come to egypt to 48:24 get the food now isn’t this interesting because god never intended for the world 48:30 to come to egypt to get the food he intended for the world to come to 48:35 israel to get the food he intended for the world to come to the church to get answers he intended but what is 48:42 happening the blessing hasn’t been taught we’ve got to teach that blessing because it’ll give you that that 48:49 manifold wisdom of god that we’ll have an answer for every situation that’s out here 48:56 isn’t that powerful and the answer wouldn’t come from this earth it’ll come from heaven praise god so what happens 49:02 now this prophetic agenda is being fulfilled god had to take joseph 49:09 get him out of the environment that was blocking the blessing bring him into a place where this blessing could 49:17 flourish and have joseph to bring forth the most powerful economy that the world 49:24 had ever seen now watch this so here’s the anointing that’s now 49:30 working through joseph to create the most powerful economy that the world had 49:35 ever seen that’s what he was doing and he meant for it to come out of israel for 49:41 everybody to come to israel to get food but now they’re coming to egypt so god 49:46 had to do it because he had to keep the people alive so i’m saying today i think we got 49:52 another shot at it praise god i think when god’s people learn about that blessing the people are going to be 49:59 coming to the church by the millions they’re going to be coming because that’s what provisions are going to be 50:04 that’s where peace is going to be that’s where joy is going to be and i say i believe that it’s founded in our 50:11 knowledge and our understanding of the blessing because only then can you have faith in that blessing so here’s joseph 50:18 now he’s second in command and notice what pharaoh said and everyone that 50:24 passes by you i’ll tell them bow the knee well that’s the same thing in the new testament at the name of jesus every 50:32 knee shall bow isn’t that powerful chosen was the kind of jesus and i’m 50:38 saying to you right now that this church is is is the 50:43 the the the church is the institution that that god is 50:50 using called the body of christ to bring forth solutions in these last 50:55 days to bring forth provision in these last days to make it so that people have an alternative to whatever lifestyle 51:03 they may be living the bible says that let your light so shine 51:08 that men may see your good works and glorify your father see he wants 51:13 everybody to be blessed all the families of the earth to be blessed he never 51:18 changes he said so shall my word be that goes forth out of my mouth 51:24 it shall not return to me void but it shall accomplish that which i please and it shall prosper in the thing we’re into 51:30 our sin every word god spoke is going to come to pass before this is all over with and i’m telling the church is 51:37 coming into its finest hour we’ve been made for such a time as this 51:43 now that’s why i’m teaching on this blessing now here is joseph now we’re going to finish joseph and then go back 51:49 to jacob because i want you to see how jacob was working for a salary but as 51:54 long as he was working and trusting in that salary he couldn’t get loose from laban he couldn’t get use loose from the 52:00 system that he was caught in but once he discovered and wanted to manifest that 52:07 blessing that was on his life and was willing to step out that blessing manifested and the bible says in genesis 52:14 31 1 that laban’s sons were heard saying this that jacob has taken away all that 52:20 was our father’s and of all this has he gotten this glory praise god god wants 52:26 the glory so isn’t that powerful well we’ll continue this on the next time we’re talking about faith in the 52:33 blessing my name is bill winston and i want you to keep walking by faith 52:39 what a powerful word from dr winston wow this revelation is definitely 52:45 designed to bring us into our purpose and destiny don’t forget tonight at 7 pm 52:50 we have dr veronica winston followed by dr bill winston that’s it from me goodbye and god bless and remember keep 52:58 walking by faith [Music]

Faith To Change Your World – Day 3

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