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Following Your Heart - Leaving the Wrong Job and Creating a New Beginning

Keisha Reynolds: “Have you ever taken a leap of faith in your career? What did you do? If not and you are unhappy, can you think of ways to liberate yourself?” | Image courtesy: (positivelypositive.com)

The Courage to Leave:  (Keisha Reynolds) In 2008, I was a communications consultant, making six figures and working for the federal government. Mornings were the worst. I would get dressed with a deep pain in my stomach and drive to the office with a redundant wonder—does my work matter?

Feeling Trapped, Helpless and Unremarkable

One day while searching Dr. Jane Goodall’s website, I noticed an announcement to apply for an international internship. I remember how my heart skipped. I felt pulled to international service and the off-chance I might get to visit the chimpanzees of Gombe, popularized in Dr. Goodall’s writings.

I sent in my application almost on a lark and waited. After an interview, I was soon notified I had been accepted and was invited to Tanzania, East Africa. I could have pinched myself. But what intensified the surreality of the coming experience was that the chosen six interns would actually live in Dr. Goodall’s house.

Leaving Everything to Follow Your Heart

Time was short. I had only a few weeks to leave everything, and I mean everything. How could I even consider leaving a good job, a fancy car, a house and a boyfriend? I couldn’t make sense of it. I couldn’t reconcile the desire of my heart to go and the logic of my brain to stay.

I walked around with a new pain, the pain of struggle and confusion. I prayed. I cried. I asked the opinions of my close friends and family. Then I repeated that cycle over and over again. Nothing gave me solace.

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