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“H E L P M E” composed and recorded by Dan Musselman.
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Composer notes:

It has been a challenging season, as a very close loved-one has been going through a heartbreaking medical condition that has left us feeling powerless. This music is a response to the struggle and all the emotion that comes with it.

A friend, who is facing his own daunting and discouraging situation, told me that there are times when he struggles to find the faith for hope. He told me this:

“Sometimes I need people to believe for me, because if I’m being honest, my faith gest tired in the struggle. So today, I’ve got enough faith for me and you so hang on to those promises you’re reading in the Word. Every single one of them is for you.”

Today I have the faith for me and for you. God’s promises are for you. All of them. My prayer is that this music encourages you and gives you peace. Regardless of the circumstance you are going through, there is hope.

There is hope and you are not alone. I’m praying for everyone who listens to this with a heavy heart. Keep moving forward.



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