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hello everyone welcome to another installment of the word for the moment video blog I just want to say once again how much we have appreciated the great feedback we’ve been getting from you on the last few blogs we’ve done the one on the last days has gotten a lot of circulation and great comments another exodus has certainly been circulated a lot and wonderful comments from people all over the world literally I appreciate that I did one just before that on the Dominion of God and and my first intention was to continue in that vein today but instead I feel like that I’m to take a blog and honor someone that has gone home to be with the Lord a dear friend by the name of Neville Johnson by now I’m sure most people have heard the news that Neville passed away on September the 1st so I just thought I would take this blog and not incorporate it with anything else that I’m doing but just take 15-20 minutes or so and tell a little bit of the history that I have had with Neville some of the prophetic crossroads that he and I had together and maybe relate it to some extent of where we are now I believe it is pertinent I’m being I believe it is relevant none of these things happen in the kingdom by accident and you know Neville passed away September the 1st and it was kind of interesting two days before I received notice our I saw the notice of his passing away on September the second and you know Amy and I saw it and my first comment was wow I’m I’m shocked and she said you shouldn’t be in just two days earlier she and I were sitting on the couch playing we were just looking at some YouTube stuff you know and one of our friends in Canada had written and just encouraged us to listen to some of Neville’s stuff you know because he was saying the same things we were and so we were just talking about that a minute and I just began to you know mention a little bit about Neville and and she said I kind of zoned out for a couple of minutes just kind of went somewhere else for maybe a minute or two and then I just kind of blurted out someone’s about to go home and then just kept going but I gotta be honest in my mind I did not connect that to Neville I’m thinking Neville’s gonna live – the Lord returns so even though we were talking about Noah’s own doubt for a couple of minutes and then said someone’s about to go home I honestly did not even remotely connect that to Neville I didn’t and so two days later which was the second of September we saw the notice of his passing and I said I’m shocked at that she said we shouldn’t be the Lord tried to tell you and I guess I just wouldn’t hear it I just wasn’t willing to hear it but as soon as I did just acknowledge that as soon as I you know connect to that in my mind Neville has passed away I heard the scripture that I’m sure most of you are familiar with John 12:24 which says unless a grain of wheat perishes it abides alone but if it perishes it brings forth much fruit fruit like the original seat and I felt like the Lord said to me at that moment that I didn’t have a vision I didn’t have a dream I didn’t have a angelic visitations just an internal witness that you know if maybe the Lord was trying to tell me a day or so before then maybe this is also true that he went as seed for the message that he preached and so I’m going to just talk for a few minutes about what I believe that means what does it mean what was his message what was the heart of his message and I remember back in 2015 I was spending just hours and hours a day with the Lord and the day before John Paul Jackson passed away the Lord came into my room just in that presence and I heard this internal voice began to talk to me about the Stephen and the Paul paradigm where there was this unconnect between the death of Stephen and the reaping of Paul I’ve taught on it many times I’m sure most of you that watched me remember it where I had a vision of that I saw the stoning of Stephen and I I saw the Lord as Stephen was about to die I saw the Lord stand up in heaven and point his finger at the devil and said that one is going to cost you and I saw this undeniable spiritual transaction that took place where the devil took one of God’s men so God took what he is the Apostle Paul but he was never the devil’s to begin with but he was an instrument of the devil Paul said he was an apostle from his mother’s womb he was born an apostle and was an apostle even when he was persecuting the church he just had not yet had the revelation of it he was ordained an apostle and then the revelation came to him and no longer was he the great persecutor of the church he became its greatest advocate and so I felt like that is a truth that is a relevant truth and in the same way I feel like with with the passing of Neville that there is a spiritual dynamic something is going to occur in the realm of the Spirit certainly things have changed and shifted since John Paul went in and I was the same way with John Paul I’m thinking John Paul 64 years old God’s gonna heal him he’s gonna raise him up I I did not anticipate even though John Paul had had some sickness that he was about to die the same is true with Neville but I met Neville I’ll never forget when I met Neville it was September the 10th 2001 and most of you remember what happened on September the 11th 2001 I had flown to Vancouver British Columbia to do a series about a week-long set of meetings with Neville and sadhu and I think I flew in late in the day on the nights of the following day which would have been the 10th of September we began the meetings and that’s when I first met Neville our first introduction to one another I had known sadhu had met him a little bit before that and you know the following morning the morning of September the 11th 2001 we all turn on the news to see the the tragic news of the towers and Neville came across the hall and came into my hotel room and we sat there on the bed talking to one another when the towers literally fell we were sitting on the bed I’ll never forget literally when the first tower collapsed so I’ll never forget when we met had something interesting happened that week we went ahead and finished out the conference in Vancouver and obviously because of what had transpired with a 911 shutdown there were all the flights that we would have had to go back into the States had been cancelled and so therefore we had to spend an extra day or two in Vancouver and so on this extra day after the conference was over we were in Vancouver and had gone to dinner and I want to share a little something that might stretch a few people but you know this is a this is what happened I’ll tell you when I do what I believe about it but we’re sitting there you know and I had I had done some some research if you if you will in the Pyramid of Giza years earlier back in the 90s the Lord spoke to me and said what came illegally in the days of Noah will come legally through the sons of the kingdom that was this or that audible voice say that one morning the moment my eyes open what came illegally in the days of Noah will come legally by the sons of the kingdom so I began to dig into that back in the 90s and I discovered you know the Book of Enoch and some of what that book teaches us even though it’s not Scripture it gives us a pretty good grasp of the spiritual condition that existed in the days of knowing how the angels that fell brought information and knowledge to the earth illegally so forth and I had actually heard brother branham talk about the Pyramid of Giza and how inna could built the Pyramid of Giza now you know some on my said what that’s the first time you heard that the Pyramid of Giza is a separate item and the other pyramids in Egypt I believe it is the Isaiah 19:19 memorial I believe there’s much more to it I listen to a teaching by chuck Missler who’s now in heaven also he has about a two-hour teaching he was he was a brilliant engineer and so he understood it he understood the construction and the the astronomical precision of the location of the Pyramid the contour of the pyramid that just over all these various details on the external and internal parts of the Pyramid of Giza way above my ability to really fully comprehend but certainly to be able to teach but chuck Missler has the best teaching of ever anyone wants to get it his conclusion was whoever built the Pyramid of Giza had supernatural information he kind of concluded he thought it was Seth well you know I don’t I believe it was in it william branham had a revelation that it was enoch i’m just laying that foundation to tell you my story with with with neville and the lord began to teach me back then how they had an access to to knowledge that we’re going to bring in the last days one of which had to do with sound and light how did they cut those stones with such precision they harnessed the power of light how did they move you know two and three tons stones and move them up on the building and people have imagined they built all kinds of harnesses and and my revelation was they had that they had harnessed the power of sound vibrations that made the the stones almost levitate if you will and then push them into play that’s that’s my revelation if a person doesn’t want to believe that that’s okay don’t write me about it you know it’s not mandatory for salvation it was just something the Lord was teaching me back then when he was teaching me about how the sons of the kingdom will bring extraordinary knowledge part of what Daniel prophesied over in Daniel 12 now back to novel and so we’re sitting at dinner and this extra day but while we tried to figure out how to get back into the States and Neville is sitting straight across from me at the table and we’re just having small talk just casual conversation and all of a sudden out of my mouth I said well tell me Neville who built the Pyramid of Giza and he kind of fell back in his chair you know and he looked at me kind of funny gonna rise we just have known each other a couple of days now and we’d only just done meetings you know so it was not like we had had a lot of conversation about things like that so he leaned back in his chair and he looked at me kind of funny he says well who do you think built the Pyramid of Giza I said ain’t up built the Pyramid of Giza like you know I was completely sure about it which is what I believe and he said oh my goodness he just was beside himself he said my wife made me promise not to tell this to anybody but he said I just had an experience where the Lord came to me and began to unfold a panorama in front of my eyes he said I watched in a vision as Enoch and 100 of his spiritual sons built the Pyramid of Giza and I just thought that was a wonderful introduction to to a friendship that kind of centered around that dimension of the supernatural if a person doesn’t want to believe that that’s no problem that’s what I believe I believe someone had supernatural information they built that as a memorial by the instruction of God there’s so many things you might say well that’s pyramid odds you know the devil steals everything God ever does tries to emulate it tries to counterfeit it and so forth I’m completely confident saying the pyramid that one pyramid was God ordained and God orchestrated and God engineered now moving on so that kind of began our friendship that was all the way back in 2001 at about the same time we started doing some meetings in Lancaster California with Pastor Joe Swedes been a good friend for a long time and Joe hosted us he and I had a brief conversation we think four years in a row could have been more that we did meetings he and sadhu and I and so I just had this wonderful relationship with Neville I really never was a man of God I believe he walked with God in an extraordinary way you know I said at the beginning of the blog that I felt like you know he might have gone a seed a seed for you know the ultimately the Lord is the seed I mean you know John 12 is the Lord speaking of himself that he was a seed he was the son of God but if he were to perish and go into the ground the the concept of reproduction was that then out of that will come a group of people multiplied grains of wheat like the original seed I’ve taught on it often where the Lord goes into the ground 2000 years ago as a seed planted and we had a firstfruits introduction of that in the early church and then we’ve had 2,000 years of church history as this the life of that seed as has extended through the seven church ages throughout 2,000 years of church history and even while the church was in the Babylonian system inside of that was a life that that was going to eventually at the end of the age you know produce great fruit and so as the the last of the age is that they began to put forth the buds and they began to the shuck of the wheat and on the inside of that are the seeds and I believe the very end of the age is a community a company of people thousands maybe tens of thousands of people moving and mature or even hundreds if I don’t have any idea of the numbers but they will be just like the original seed that went into the earth 2,000 years in fulfill Ephesians chapter 4 verses 13 where we see the fullness of the stature of Christ manifested in the mature man and so I believe Neville was a part of that principle the principle that God you know allowed that we see was Steven the principle that the death of Steven meant the reaping of Paul and so with that I believe the death of Neville will be the reaping of the reality of the message that Neville preached and if I could sum everything up that Neville preached he preached a lot of things obviously yeah I haven’t heard everything Neville priest but uh we did enough meetings together that I I know that and we communicated quite a bit by Skype or telephone or by email so I but the heart of his message was I believe was to raise up a company of people at the end times who walked with God like Anna did that’s what I meant that sums it up a group of people that have access to the unseen realm which is what we have been bringing for quite some time of the last few blocks a body of people that have heard the Lord say come up here and I will show you what will take place here after a body of people that have ever lived the reality of Zachariah chapter three and verse seven well they have been given free access to the presence of God a group of people that have entered into the very heart of God to access the secrets of God and the mysteries of God things that are hidden in Christ according to Colossians chapter did that that was the heart of his message to walk in great realms of intimacy and fellowship with God manifesting the revelation of Jesus Christ on planet Earth that’s what that’s what he preached the sum total of most everything that I know of he had some good practical teachings about the prophetic another thing but the heart of what I know at least my exposure to Neville was and my communications with him was a body of people that genuinely walked with God like Anna did and the deal is that’s gonna happen mm-hmm it’s gonna happen and so while I was very sad about the passing of no psyllium I’m still sad about it but on the other hand if there is a positive spiritual dynamic you know he’s among the cloud of witnesses now he’s pretty happy you know he’s in a good place and so we don’t weep for him we weep for ourselves because who’s gonna fill that void there weren’t a lot of people like Neville I don’t know of anyone I don’t have any one of all the other ministers at least that I’ve ministered with a pastor than my wife that believes the message the way that I do the way I believe it Neville did and so you know there is a loss there there is a void and I believe God’s gonna fill the void before this thing gets too long I want to share one other thing that happened with us and I’ll close with this back in 2008 Neville and sadhu and I did a meeting in Jerusalem on the Mount of Olives Santos Alvarez hosted the meeting and a tent on the Mount of Olives just prior to that I’d had an experience the night of the experience I felt troubled deeply troubled and couldn’t sleep and so I went into the den area I prayed until I just felt like I didn’t have anything else to pray go into my bedroom the moment my head hits the pillow the moment my head hits the pillow I what I feel like shoot out of my body and I go down into what I call the bowels of hell that was the words that I used when I shared it first on the school of the Spirit which is by the way on a website and I saw this evil looking creature walking over to what I called a manhole and most of you probably that watch this know like in the street systems of most cities you have a manhole where they can access the underground pipes and different things and it’s covered by a lead cover and we call that a manhole so in this experience I’m watching as this evil looking creature walks over to what looked like a man whole and was beginning to open it and I knew whatever was on the other side was horrendous was horrible and so I began to scream out no no you know don’t let him do that and then just as I did he took this man hold and he removed and when he did this black billowing stuff just came pouring out just this thick looking black horrible stuff came pouring out of the manhole just shooting straight up and I could see periodically the images of people I saw the image of Stalin then I saw the face of Hitler go up in other tyrants of history negotiator went shooting up and and I was just overwhelmed and I thought I can’t take this anymore I’m down in this dark dingy hellish place that I call the bowels of hell and I was overcome by what I was seeing and when I felt that feeling that sensation of being overcome I heard an audible voice speaking in and say oh by the way I forgot to tell them look most of them they’re in another part so this black billowing stuff was coming out of hell that was demonic then I could see that was seeing a vision within the vision demons meeting in the bedrooms of people teaching them how to walk in realms of darkness they were having demonic visitations willingly desiring to understand realms of darkness that was when I was overwhelmed and I heard a voice say and the sons of light must respond in like fashion and when I heard that voice I looked straight up and what these double doors opened up in heaven and angels came pouring out of heaven it was as though they had been standing behind that door for eons of time waiting for the moment that the doors burst open it was as if they had been prepared by God from eternity past whenever they were created they were waiting for a specific moment in human history when they would be released to go down to planet earth and I knew that they were related to the end of the age that their function their responsibility what they carried was essential for the end of the age then I watched them begin to manifest themselves in the bedrooms of the saints of God beginning to teach them how to walk in realms of glory they wasn’t it was an amazing experience that happened on a Friday by the way so that was the essence of it there’s so much more to it than that so I shared so I didn’t tell anyone about that on Monday morning I sat on it through the weekend on Monday morning I just felt this urge this sensation to write the vision down and send it to Neville, Neville Johnson so I did that within 30 minutes of me sending of course he’s in Australia 18 hours ahead that within 30 minutes of me sending and he wrote right back totally shocked he said I had that exact experience that morning which were in Monday morning and said in fact there was a couple there from the states that I happen to know that were staying the weekend with him and at breakfast that morning he shared his experience with them verbatim every detail even the faces of the other of the tyrants that I saw pouring up into you know up into the earth the exact experience just as a side note I feel like the oil spill of 2010 April 20th and the Hitler’s birthday when when when they said a man-made hole was breached in the and the crust of the earth which is exactly what it looked like when I had my experience when I looked on the news and saw this oil coming up out of the bowels and then that’s what they said they said this oil is coming up out of the bowels of the exact word I used it was a man-made hole releasing oil into the govern that black billowing stuff looked identical to what I had seen in my experience what was it a time piece it was a marker that the spiritual conflict between light and darkness has been taken to another level I think we can look back over the last eight nine years and confirm that’s true and it’s gonna escalate darkness is going to get darker and lights going to get more brilliant and so we shared that experience together and on and 2008 on the Mount of Olives I began to share it through a message called messengers of his face and it was a very powerful thing that we began to prophesy and share and it was something that Neville not communicated together and this has already gone a long time so here’s my conclusion my conclusion is that that the passing of Neville is a is a marker in time I remember back in 1947 Charles S price died March 8th I believe it was 1947 four days later Smith Wigglesworth passes away and by 1948 the whole country was in a massive revival called the latter rain or the voice of healing revival I’m praying something like that happens for us we have Bob Jones going home you know Valentine’s Day 2014 John Paul 2015 and Paul can go some other other people have gone on TL Osborn I think went home in 2013 if I remember right different ones have have gone to gone home going into glory whatever the word is we want to use maybe it’s marking a time frame that a new breeders about to arise something fresh is about to be released on the earth that will transform current understanding of Christianity I I just want to say that I trusted Neville one of the three or four most powerful prophetic words I’ve ever received from anyone including Bob Jones and other major prophets came from Neville and I am praying Lord let that word be true let it be now let it be now if this be the hour let this be the moment delay no longer that’s my prayer Revelation chapter 10 delay no longer and you know these people have laid a foundation you know they have they have poured themselves into a generation of people I I kind of felt like Neville might live – the Lord returns he was in his late 70s but you know what is that hard for God he quickens our mortal – what says in Romans 8:11 age means nothing to him he can quicken us and cause us to be stronger at a hundred than we were at forty look what he did to Moses under an Old Covenant so I don’t have any concern about that when it comes to age issues but for whatever reason you know the Lord allowed Neville to be taken home and we have to deal with it we have to begin to ask the Lord for the wisdom what does that mean what does it mean for us now I know what it means for him he’s in glory he’s probably already working pretty hard he’s probably might be might be right here right now I’m on the cloud of witnesses as we began to talk and honor God and honor the people that serve God it brings that realm in that dimension maybe even now as I’m sharing with you something stirring in your in your room or in your car or wherever you happen to be while you’re watching this because it’s going to bring a spiritual dynamic it’s gonna bring the unseen realm evidence of the unseen realm so lord I pray I pray that now would be the time this would be the day of salvation this would be the hour that you say to a body if people come up here just as you did to the Apostle John come up here and I’ll show you things that will take place here after and we get an image we get a visualization we get a an experiential concept of what it means to worship in the throne room when the four living creatures and the twenty-four elders fall down on their faces cashing their crowns before the Lord declaring worthy is the lamb to receive glory and honor and power but you created all things and according to your will they existed and were created that’s – I want to see that and I know Neville gave his life for a body of people to have access to that realm and that dimension to see those things firsthand and come back with real authority and began to prophesy the reality of the kingdom age release that to your people Lord I ask in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ [Music] you

In this blog Paul Keith honors the life of Neville Johnson and shares some of their prophetic history with strategic insights and revelations.

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