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New Orleans LA Church Directory - Churches in New Orleans - Elevate Christian Network

Our metro New Orleans LA Church Directory is designed to provide you with information to help you choose a church or ministry to attend in the New Orleans, LA area. Our online church directory has updated listings and reviews of some of the top churches and ministries. This directory is for both residents, visitors, and people new to New Orleans, LA (USA).

New Orleans is the largest city of the U.S. state of Louisiana, and had an estimated 2013 population of 378,715. The New Orleans metropolitan area is home to more than 1.2 million people.  The Combined Statistical Area has an estimated population of 1, 452, 502  residents.  According to major travel guides, New Orleans is one of the top 10 most visited cities in the United States.

New Orleans LA Church Directory

City Church of New Orleans

City Church of New Orleans

Image: City Church of New Orleans

City Church of New Orleans: We seek to win their hearts to Christ and make them part of a loving, compassionate church body. Through the use of Christian media, community outreaches and international ministry, we are actively winning souls around the world to the Kingdom of God. Our immediate goal is to preach the gospel of Christ to every citizen of New Orleans.


City Church of New Orleans – Ministry Channel

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Cathedral-Basilica of St. Louis King of France

Category: Landmarks & Historical Buildings
Phone: +1-504-525-9585
615 Pere Antoine Aly French Quarter New Orleans, LA 70116

Beautiful structure filled with the spirit and preservation of God. This is the oldest active Cathedral in the United States. Basilica St. Louis of France… read more »

Rating: 4.5 based on 155 reviews

St Louis Cathedral Convent

Category: Churches
Phone: +1-504-529-7923
823 Saint Ann St. French Quarter New Orleans, LA 70116

I was in awe of this historic cathedral! It had an almost gothic-style architecture & was so tranquil. I am from Los Angeles so it takes a lot for me to be… read more »

Rating: 5 based on 9 reviews

St. Patrick’s Church

Category: Churches
Phone: +1-504-525-4413
724 Camp St. Warehouse District, New Orleans, LA 70130

Wow! Wow! Wow! What a beautiful church!! The detail of the arch and the beautiful stained glass. It’s so breath taking on how much detail there was in this… read more »

Rating: 5 based on 10 reviews

Trinity Episcopal Church

Category: Churches
Phone: +1-504-522-0276
1329 Jackson Ave. Lower Garden District, New Orleans, LA 70130

I love this church! Keep in mind that I am currently not religious, but grew up with a heavy hand of religion in my life, so I have a healthy respect for… read more »

Rating: 5 based on 7 reviews

New Orleans Community Church

Category: Churches
Phone: +1-504-832-9749
720 Jackson Ave. Lower Garden District, New Orleans, LA 70130

Fantastic little church in the Garden District. Very welcoming with Bible based message. Pastor Jason rocks read more »

Rating: 5 based on 3 reviews

Franklin Ave Baptist Church

Category: Churches
Phone: +1-504-488-8488
2515 Franklin Ave. St. Roch, New Orleans, LA 70117

I have attended this church since I was a kid and I absolutely love it. The church has grown tremendously over the years with now two Sunday services and… read more »

Rating: 4 based on 9 reviews

Saint Joseph Church

Category: Churches
Phone: +1-504-522-3186
1802 Tulane Ave. Tulane / Gravier New Orleans, LA 70112

This is definitely one of my favorite churches in New Orleans. It is very conveniently located next to LSUHSC. Sometimes the library isn’t as peaceful or as… read more »

Rating: 5 based on 8 reviews

Christ Church Cathedral

Category: Churches
Phone: +1-504-895-6602
2919 Saint Charles Ave. Central City, New Orleans, LA 70115

Oh look it’s my review 1300. And I choose this lovely historic non-Roman Catholic church. It is lovely with lots of polished wood and great acoustics. It… read more »

Rating: 5 based on 2 reviews

Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic Church

Category: Churches
Phone: +1-504-488-2659
1322 Moss St. Bayou St. John, New Orleans, LA 70119

If you are looking for a Church Community that is warm and welcoming and one that values both the spiritual and social needs of its members, Holy Rosary is… read more »

Rating: 4.5 based on 4 reviews

St Francis of Assisi Church

Category: Churches
Phone: +1-504-891-4479
631 State St. West Riverside, New Orleans, LA 70118

This is a gorgeous church to visit in the Heart of New Orleans. Great for photos. read more »

Rating: 4.5 based on 3 reviews

St Stephen Catholic Church

Category: Churches
Phone: +1-504-899-1378
1025 Napoleon Ave. Touro, New Orleans, LA 70115

This was my grandmother’s childhood church. She played the piano/organ for services as a teenager in the 1920s. So I’ve always had a fondness for the church… read more »

Rating: 4.5 based on 3 reviews

Rayne Memorial United Methodist Church

Category: Churches
Phone: +1-504-899-3431
3900 Saint Charles Ave. Touro, New Orleans, LA 70130

All are welcome! read more »

Rating: 5 based on 2 reviews

First Presbyterian Church

Phone: +1-504-866-7409
5401 S Claiborne Ave. Broadmoor, New Orleans, LA 70125

Great place to bring the kids to pick out their favorite pumpkin!! At the church next door they offer “old time square dance” lessons are every 2nd and 4th… read more »

Rating: 4 based on 5 reviews

Ursuline Convent

Category: Churches
Phone: +1-504-529-3040
1110 Chartres St. French Quarter, New Orleans, LA 70116

I was able to visit the Ursuline Convent via an evening event so I was only able to view the garden and not the interior of the convent itself. The garden… read more »

Rating: 4 based on 13 reviews

St Mary’s Assumption Church

Category: Churches
Phone: +1-504-522-6748
2030 Constance St. Lower Garden District, New Orleans, LA 70130

This is a beautiful and church in the LGD. Built in1860, and declared a national historic landmark in 1974. I had the honor of getting married here and have… read more »

Rating: 4 based on 4 reviews

Canal Street Church

Category: Churches
Phone: +1-504-482-1135
4302 Canal St. Mid-City, New Orleans, LA 70119

Apparently I love food for the body as well as food for the soul. And Canal Street Church will feed your soul like none other. One of the most diverse… read more »

Rating: 4.5 based on 2 reviews

The City Of Love

Category: Churches
Phone: +1-504-895-5410
8601 Palmetto St. New Orleans, LA 70118

As good as it gets!!! Bishop & Pastor Fran are a blessing unto this area. Not only are you getting a Word from The Lord, you also feel like a you’re part of… read more »

Rating: 5 based on 1 reviews

Saint Anna’s Episcopal Church

Category: Churches
Phone: +1-504-947-2121
1313 Esplanade Ave. Seventh Ward, New Orleans, LA 70116

After being a lapsed Christian most of my adult life I began attending St. Anna’s in 2004. It is everything I want in a church. The St. Anna’s community is… read more »

Rating: 5 based on 2 reviews

Lakeview Christian Center

Category: Churches
Phone: +1-504-482-6221
5885 Fleur De Lis Dr. Lakewood, New Orleans, LA 70124

Great teaching is ever-present here, thanks in part to Pastor Peter Davidson! There are other leaders, who likewise assist with outstanding teaching. Pastor… read more »

Rating: 4.5 based on 2 reviews


The Hope of Glory Church New Orleans – Gretna, LA

The Hope of Glory Church -- Gretna Louisiana

The Hope of Glory Church — Gretna, Louisiana

The Hope of Glory Church in Gretna, LA, a multicultural body of believers located on the Westbank of New Orleans.  Pastor W. Ron Walker ministers the Word of God humorously and with great authority under the unction of the Holy Spirit.

Pastor Ron is also founder of Hope Center Inc., a faith based organization established to empower individuals within the church and community to break the cycle of poverty in their lives.  To learn more about this ministry, visit them online at:  http://www.thogla.org


Pastor W. Ron Walker Sermon: “There is Power in the Name of Jesus”.

Video Transcript

tell somebody there’s power in His name Matthew’s Gospel chapter 1 the book of the generation of Jesus who is the Christ the Son of David the seed of David the seed of Abraham then we drop down the verse 16 no no no I ain’t far enough I am far enough that’s what I want now the birth of Jesus Christ with verses that verse number 18 now the birth of Jesus the Christ was on this wise win when as his mother Mary was exposed to Joseph before they came together she was found with a Holy Ghost child read then Joseph her husband being a jest man and not willing to make a public example of her he was minded in his own heart to put her away private Lea privily read but while Joseph thought on these things behold the angel of the Lord appeared unto him in a what ok come on let me help teach you all the day look at me it’s amazing how what’s on your mind you go to sleep with hang again anybody say man how many of you know if something is on your mind really troubling you you are sleeping but you’re not sleeping you’re sleeping but that thing has such a hold of you that while your sleep is talking to you and so watch this so God can talk to you even when you sleep so God appears to Joseph in a dream saying Joseph thou son of David fear not to take them to thee Mary thy wife for that which is conceived in her is of the Holy Ghost and Mary shall bring forth a son and thou shalt call his name Jesus for he shall save his people from their sins this is not a salvation message this is to teach you the power that’s in the name this is to teach you the authority watch this that you possess in his name see a part of apostolic teaching is to teach people the meaning of the name how we are to function in his name and the results we get see after all what what good is it if you’re not getting results are you with me God is a result-oriented God and thou shalt call his name Jesus and he shall save his people from their sins now watch this so not only do we have the name Jesus the name Jesus brings with it the fact that God is with us God is with us you’re with me God is with us so every time I’m using that name that’s the indication that somebody that I got somebody with me that you can’t see because you can’t see him know me he ain’t there are you with me God with her now listen to what I’m about to tell you because if you understand this you go understand how God work and how we expect you to function everything that God has done he did it before he ever laid the earth before he ever did any work in the earth it was all mapped out it was already done so Jesus was the Lamb that was slain before he got here which means when God put him here he already knew that my mission is to fulfill the will of the father who sent me I will not have accomplished my father’s will if I refuse to go through death because in order for me to inherit my inheritance I got to fulfill my destiny and then fulfilling my destiny it’s always got to be something I got to go through come on talk to me that I got to go through that I can’t run from I got to go through it you’re not talking to me see there are things in your life that you got to go through it’s going through that that kills you that gives God the opportunity to raise you from the day your worst nightmare your greatest fear is what God’s going to use to elevate you and promote you to your greatest level of victory and I nobody shout with me they don’t understand there are some hard places in life that you got to walk through that’s not comfortable to you that’ll make you look bad to everybody else but if you just go through the process and realize it ain’t over tell God say so I feel the Holy Ghost up in here see I have pain that come to my life but that pain is not to take me out it’s the teacher Miss up see that’s why that’s why we don’t have enough people with no backbone cause they’re afraid to go through through the storm through the flood through the fire you got to go through it no test and running around it Jesus obtained his name by inheritance because he knew he was born to die because he was a sea and the purpose of a sea is to die so that it can multiply you with me in here all of you in here look at me you got a reputation all of you in here you got some persona about yourself come on talk to me up in here you want people to perceive you a certain way God say more strip that from you I’m a strip you to the point where you have no reputation ain’t gonna buddy won’t shout now I thank God nobody won’t shout now I’m a strip you of your reputation I’m a strip due to your naked I’m a strip you to your glasshouse I’m a strict you tall I pried out of you I’m a strict you take your ego go so I can do something in you so you will know it’s me and not you that’s why I can’t get no blu-ray see a lot of people are gonna die they came to Christianity trying to hold on to the old life God said you got to die to your old life and get the new life thank you lord that’s why I like people in the Bible like Mary Magdalene who was possessed the devil’s everybody knew she was a prostitute but Mary hung in there cause she said I don’t care what they say about me Jesus I’m not leaving your side I’ll take my hair wash your feet I do whatever I got to do but I tell you what I’m not leaving you that was Mary y’all kind of quiet see MERIS hey I was a prostitute for I met you but you got the devil out me and I don’t care what people say please don’t push me away see we talking about Jesus he by inheritance obtained a name that was more excellent than any angel see y’all want to talk up in here you ought to get some of y’all gonna get delivered today cause you’re gonna get delivered from people who talk about you people who can’t receive you cause they know your weakness they know your iniquity they know something about you that I’m trying to get some help that they may try to use against you but you need to understand Jesus who took Moses who was a murderer and David who was a liar an adulterer and a murderer y’all kind of quiet ya’ll kind of quiet ya’ll kind of quiet I told y’all I’m trying to preach the goody-two-shoes I’m trying to find people who need some help I’m trying to find some broken people some people who say you know what Reverend I’m not doing everything right but if you just work with me if you just love me enough you just give me some time to get this together I’m gonna make it see one thing I learned about Jesus he was full of compassion compassion compassion is the ability to love somebody despite themselves y’all kind of quiet of him here can I put this Jesus I’m talking about he obtained a more excellent name by inheritance see I believe Jesus was made sin with my sin sin what’s your sin sin with everybody in the world because of him being made sin he had to be separated from his father when you were separated from your father that means you have to taste death for every man y’all kind of quiet for every man not one man not two men every man he had to taste that for every man if I was preaching wrong I couldn’t prove it from the Bible Jesus is the first man ever to be resurrected from the dead the first one if he was the first one wouldn’t that make him the sea thank you that’s all I was looking for the first one is always to see everybody that comes out of the seed becomes a carbon copy notice the words I use a carbon copy because before we have all these fancy stuff y’all remember the carbon copy y’all remember that you’ll remember they had the paper that you wrote on and underneath it they had a piece of carpet people in between then they had another sheet to the back am i right about it so that when you write on top of that top sheet if we go through the second she end up on the third sheet I wonder if God was using carbon copy to teach you that when Jesus I’m trying to get some help when Jesus would be crucified and God wrote it out an ink you was underneath there so that you would be the copy you would be the exact replica of what God did with him see how appreciated some of y’all just slip that sup y’all should have been on your feet you ain’t never heard nothing like that you mean to tell me God did that in Jesus so I could be the exact replica yes that’s exactly what I’m saying so you need to change your status go to facebook and change your status change your profile quit putting down there I’m Christian and put down there I’m the son of the Living God change your status from Christian and put on that I’m the daughter of the Living God in the next line put them equal with Jesus and when everybody on facebook start running you off you’ll know I get you a revelation listen to me children are about to make a statement to you I got to get the fear out of some of y’all you’re too fearful fear will feel what it kept Jesus from dying cause see when you fear death you can’t go through it y’all not let y’all know listening to me Jesus Dana had to conquer his greatest fear which was death which meant he had to be separated from his daddy his greatest fear his great what you mean Jesus couldn’t feel I’m trying to teach you something Jesus had to be separated from him why because he took on my sin and you old saying yeah it was in his body on the tree but sin is not just physical sorry I don’t know a lot of people who won’t hit it but that’s okay keep reading the Bible now wait a minute notice what the writers say but now we see not yet all things that are put under Jesus oh oh oh no no hol up hol up rewind but now we see not yet all things put on the man we don’t see what’s put on the man we don’t understand the authority that man have yet but in order for us to start understanding the authority that man have we got to start looking to Jesus though I’d like I’m not preaching up in here man lost his dominion in the Garden of Eden but in Jesus we get it back man became a reasoner in the garden after he fell but after Jesus came man must become a believer God dog it man got to believe what God had said about him so that he can go back to his original state that’s why I got time to be playing with some of y’all I don’t care what they say I’m gonna overcome every chuckle every article every obstacle why cause i see Jesus



Victory Fellowship Church New Orleans (Metairie)

Victory Fellowship - Metairie Louisiana - New Orleans

Victory Fellowship Church – Metairie, Louisiana – (New Orleans).

Victory Fellowship Church New Orleans emphasizes authentic relationships, living a Christ-centered life, and experiencing daily the person of the Holy Spirit. Victory Fellowship is more than just a friendly church, it’s a family church made of vibrant and growing individuals who want to make a difference in their communities.  Visit online at:  http://www.victorychurchnola.com

  • Victory Fellowship Church New Orleans – Pastor Frank Bailey ministers on the topic “Receiving from the Lord”.

Video Transcript

or everybody whether you’re a regular church member or guests or whatever we’re gonna have a little jambalaya festival rain or shine we’ve got jambalaya cooking outside and there’s gonna be you know a bowls of jambalaya available for everybody all for free and then also too if you are in need of a frozen turkey for Thanksgiving there is a registration desk at the back of the sanctuary and you want to sign up and/or register today it is gonna be there they’re gonna be given out two weeks from today November 18th where will actually have gumbo Angella jambalaya as well as desserts on that Sunday it’s gonna be awesome so you want to make sure that if you’re in if you want or you need a frozen turkey or somebody a new family needs one you need to make sure that either you or they sign up at the back table and again last year we gave around 125 of those away so it’s first come first serve or first registered first you know get your turkey so make sure you get the word out we’ll be giving away free groceries all throughout the month of November and December it’s gonna be a great time here at Victory fellowship who needs blessing in their life Amen well God’s got blessing for you every day why don’t you stand up to your feet you know the Lord says in Psalm 95 oh come let us sing to the Lord let us shout joyfully to the rock of our salvation father we come today to shout joyfully to you to worship you you alone a worthy Jesus come and inhabit the praises of your people God you are able to save you are able to heal and you are able to deliver Lord we surrender our life to you and we pray that you would come and move in this place in a supernatural way come and confirm your word today with signs and wonders in Jesus name Amen amen let’s praise Him [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] see [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] and I’ll sing because you are good and dance because you are good and shout because you are good you are good to me and I’ll see because you are good [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] you’re getting there’s no no about your goodness never stops your kindness smells Mace’s then I’ll sing and I’ve seen because you are good in dance because you are good now shout because [Music] you [Music] [Music] oceans you should you me [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] I appraise my heart will proclaim blue that you are good sing it out but you the son my life celebrate you sing but you know [Music] [Music] [Music] Hortis school in it out there every mountaintop your goodness knows no bounce your goodness now Wow [Music] you are good [Music] you are giving us you [Music] one more time come on and I’ll sing because you are good and dance because you are good and shout because you are to me I see because you are good dance because and I’ll shout because you are good we declare joy and the whole ghost we declare joy and the Holy Ghost you’ll read the Claire joy and the Holy Ghost we declared joy in the Holy Ghost yeah gallop a joy declared to him [Music] yeah yeah [Music] Thank You Barry [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] yes [Music] [Music] [Music] yet teach us to love mercy humble [Music] for your code [Music] justice [Music] [Music] generation [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] yeah hearts appear one more time every voice come and move justice my worship tend to revival [Music] our hearts with you yes [Music] spoken you sing you know [Music] you have been so so good [Music] so so [Music] [Music] [Music] you’ve been so so good to me and I felt no were you paid [Music] um so Sokka [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] me [Music] I could still give [Music] [Music] malicious lift our hands this morning all across this place just begin to put your affection on teeth speaking the welcome as Holy Spirit in this place this morning [Music] that heavenly [Music] your praises in our song [Music] that your hair is white as wool I know that your voice it sounds like water Jesus you’re beautiful I know that your eyes are like a flame of fire I know your hair is one this fall I know that your voice it sounds like water Jesus you’re beautiful [Music] [Music] let your voice it sounds like water Jesus your [Music] that your boy it sounds [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] it sounds like water [Music] boys Jesus [Music] like you there is no [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] the teens have [Music] Jesus you’re beautiful Jesus are beautiful just welcome him into your life welcome it into your circumstances you’re welcome you’re welcome Lord you were welcome here Lord in my life today Lord you’re welcome here in my life today Jesus Jesus Lord God we know we know what John saw you know you were beautiful to John Lord John told us that your eyes were like flames of fire that your face was like the sun shining in its strength Lord Lord John told us learn that your voice was like the voice of many waters and your hair was white like wool that you were beautiful Lord the Lord God I I want to know for myself Lord it’s not good enough for me that John had a glimpse of your goodness Lord I me I need that in my life God I need your goodness in my life today God but I can’t walk through this life these shadows or these troubles in this world without you Lord God in my life every day what I need you I need you today not yesterday or tomorrow or some other time and need you today more God in my life yes I do Lord is close your eyes and lift your hands toward the Lord right now just begin to acknowledge his presence in your life now it’s your need for him today lord I need you today in my life I need you right now in my life Oh God yeah yeah yeah yeah would you come Lord and light up the shadows of my life Lord would you come Lord and shall shine down your glory Lord and every crack and crevice darkness in my life Oh Lord God I need you today Lord I need you in my circumstances Lord I need your healing touch today I need you Lord who provides all my needs and every way I need you Lord that can step into my world today boys yes I’ll lift my hands and I’ll pray to you Jesus Jesus just just worship his name right now my Jesus my Jesus my Jesus he’s filling my life he’s filling my soul he’s filling my song tease me [Music] so beautiful to me it’s so beautiful Lord you know each one of us in the service today Lord you know the questions in our heart or do you know our questions before we even ask them Lord God you know the the the curves in the path of our Road Lord even before we get to them lord I thank you God you make away or God for each one of us or you have an answer you have a path you have intervention who have helped Lord always need to do it’s trust that’s what we do today we look to you God you’re our help you’re our very present up today or no matter what we face we give you praise just give him some praise go ahead raise yeah you’re welcome here Lord in this house today well thank you Jesus you mean y’all can be seated we have a awesome Lord you know I love I think the thing that caught me by surprise some you know like most of us raised that around here you know we were brought up with some kind of church background and so was i but um you know he never became personal to me till I was 21 I was 21 years old and went just one day it all changed for me instead of it being about some God that somebody else knew that lived 2,000 years ago and all these stories he stepped into my world and that’s when it all changed that’s my prayer for you today no matter what you’re facing no matter what you’re going through no matter what your past is like that he’ll step he’ll step into your world and that little that you’ll be it’ll be undeniable that you’ll have to say yeah I know one thing I know that God was in this place today you came and stepped into my life and met me amen amen so we’ve got an awesome so awesome things planned for today we’re gonna some had effect as soon as services that we’re gonna have free jambalaya for includes to over will everybody can have free lunch today it’s gonna be an awesome time on the front yard and they’re out there cooking it right now getting it ready for us and it’s gonna be gonna be a blast gonna have a great time a great thanks we’re celebrating Thanksgiving three weeks early we’re gonna start giving thanks right now today I’m gonna give thanks to the Lord and we’re gonna give thanks every week all the way till all the way through the hollow and the Christmas season this year just give thanks to the Lord I have a passage of Scripture I want to read to you this morning before we worship the Lord with our giving with our tithes and offerings out of first Timothy chapter 6 pant powerful passage of Scripture about about provision and especially it’s a it’s a special word for people that have that had have an abundance that are rich maybe not everybody has a problem with being rich but some of more of us I’m sure would like to have that problem how how would you what do you rather deal with problems of being rich than the problems of being poor anybody in here can see if that wasn’t true no one would play the lottery good you know everybody wants to win lottery everybody wants to be a everybody wants to be a millionaire that anyway this is a Venetian for the rich it says as for the rich in this present age now listen carefully for everybody here as for the rich in this present age charge them not to be haughty not to be arrogant or hard not to have an arrogant haughty attitude in other words don’t think just because you’ve got money you’re better than everybody else and don’t think that just because you’re you got money that that you’d that it’s it’s because of your your your excellence or your greatness or your your talent maybe just maybe just maybe you got favored for someone unbelievable reason maybe it was maybe it was God’s accidental destiny for your life that he for whatever reason he wanted to put you in that place to see how you would respond you know so you know he it’s easy come easy go you could be here today and gone tomorrow so Paul says for as the rich in this present age charged them not to be haughty in other words don’t take credit for your success and then he goes on to say something even more powerful don’t set your hopes on the uncertainty of riches don’t trust in your riches don’t trust in your riches trust in the one that gave them to you because you know he he’s the source of every every blessing that comes and if we trust in the stuff stuff comes and stuff goes but God is consistent so he says don’t don’t don’t be filled with pride and don’t trust in the uncertainty of riches but trust in God trust in God amen everybody say trust in God trust in God who richly provides us with everything to enjoy so everything that we receive comes from above God is the source of everything he owns everything he distributes everything he’s the provider of all things amen every good gift and every perfect gift comes from above from our Father and he’s constantly providing for each one of us every day he’s feeding everybody every day all seven billion people on this planet are eating from his hand and today all the chickens are eaten from his hand all the Ducks are eaten in from his hands all the nutrients all the Kangaroos all the catfish speckled trout redfish they’re all eaten from the hand of the Lord even the whales are eating from his hands and he provides abundance the elephant’s the kangaroos the giraffes they’re all eating from the hand of the Lord he richly supplies food for his creatures for you and me he richly and then he says but then he gives the admonition so it’s so if we’re not going to take if we’re not gonna be filled with fried or trust in the uncertainty of riches this is what he says to do he says that we’re to do good to be rich in good works to be rich in good works maybe just maybe God blessed you and gave you resources so you can be a blessing to other people just maybe that’s what it’s about maybe that’s why maybe it wasn’t so you could just have everything for yourself maybe he gave it to you so you can be a blessing to other people maybe that’s why amen so he richly provides us with everything to ensure that they’re to do good to be rich in good works to be generous and ready to share ready to give and by doing that so in by doing that as we share a give of our resources back to the Lord into our local church he says thus we’re storing up treasures in heaven we’re storing up treasures for themselves is a good foundation for the future so that they may take hold of that which is truly life so that you can take hold that you can grab hold of what really matters in life at the end of it all when it’s all said and done what’s gonna really matter after all what’s gonna matter it’s the mark that you’ve left on this earth the people that you’ve helped and been a blessing to that’s what’s gonna matter not how big your bank account is the day that you end up in the ground buried ten feet under or in a tomb somewhere it’s not gonna matter how much you leave behind what’s gonna matter is how many people you were able to affect in this world that’s what’s gonna matter amen so Lord we’re getting ready to give today let’s get our tithes and our offerings ready to sow into the house of God today thank you Lord Lord we thank you for this house for victory fellowship thank you for all that you’ve done in it all that the blessing Lord that we’ve seen happen in our lives each one of us you’ve met us here time and time again or as we come together thank you for an opportunity to be a blessing to our community to our city to the city of New Orleans father we thank you guy that we can partner together or to make a difference here Lord God we thank you for that thank you for the opportunity Lord to today to so to give back into the house of God Lord we just say thank you thank you Lord that you’ve been generous with each one of us and father we want to be generous as we sow back into the work of God bless your people Lord as they invest in this house today in Jesus name Amen amen amen we’ve got a quick video we’re gonna worship hey victory fan to say that we have had an amazing year in 2018 would be an understatement we have had an amazing year of harvest and growth and we have you to thank for that this has been quite the year of anniversaries for Victory fellowship beyond the grave celebrated its 20th year and we’ve seen over 70,000 people dedicate their lives to Christ because of this production and Merry song celebrated its 10th anniversary of healing hearts and restoring lives and then grand New Orleans area Victory Christian Academy is celebrating 35 years as a school and feed the multitudes has had a massively successful thirtieth year it’s the most exciting thing that happened in 2018 was the opening of our feet the city of food pantry and we’re so grateful for every volunteer who has poured out every single week to see this ministry become a success we’ve seen people born again and added to the church because of your efforts in food the city with 2018 coming to a close we want to take this holiday season to celebrate you and give back to our congregation in our city so we’re introducing harvest NOLA what we’re gonna give back to you in our city we’ll be giving out groceries every single week as well as other items each and every single Sunday to talk to a section pastor or a live group leader or visit our website for more information as we celebrate harvest NOLA [Music] all right let’s stand in worship the Lord [Music] we have [Music] no y’all [Music] [Music] disguise [Music] [Music] to see [Music] [Music] we’re gonna bring it if y’all just stop stay standing for a minute we’re gonna pray for this Brian and baby girl to the Lord let shall stretch out your hands bless this precious precious little daughter of God Addison Addison Gonzalez or think the hand of God upon her find her dad find her mom on this entire family bless this family at the end of god be upon this thank you sweet bless me bless this precious little girl that you’d surround her your angels like a shield and no weapon formed against her would prosper he’d watch over her all the days of her life to keep her Lord from the tempter keep her from tragedy or from sickness disease father let your hand be less problem ray the inside of her heart [Music] thank you how can have a seat thank you lord thank you Jesus precious little girl wow I’m excited about about this morning about this word that I have for you today I want to share with you about the woman with the issue of blood let’s just let’s go back to prayer for just a minute and I’m I’m just gonna ask the Lord to come you know in unusual way today and and you know maybe somebody’s gonna get more than they expected today thank you Lord Lord Jesus slowly just look to you right now today Lord we look we turn our eyes toward heaven Lord God Lord you’re the author and you’re the finisher of our faith Lord one glimpse one glimpse of your glory Lord God one glimpse of your glory just one glimpse of your glory and I will never be the same just one touch of the Masters hands and I will never be the same Lord God what what is that like to have Jesus step into my life Lord I pray that that would be the case today Lord God that there be the touch of God the touch of God upon this service upon the prayers on the Ministry of the word Lord God I pray that your word would enter into our lives touch us and change us Lord today we pray in Jesus name Amen I’m gonna read this story it’s one of the great miracles in the Bible and I’d have to say if I were to pick the greatest description in the Bible of of the anointing it would have to be this passage you know what is what is the anointing of the Holy Spirit what is that what is you know it’s this how can you describe to someone that’s never experienced the anointing of the Holy Spirit how would you how would you explain that to someone you know Jesus in the Bible in the book of Mark we have in the dis gospel we have this this story to to display the touch of God now we know Jesus of Nazareth he was he was you know the the people in this world knew him in the flesh he was he was born of the Virgin Mary he lived in Nazareth till he was 30 years old he was baptized in the Jordan River by by John the Baptist his cousin but after that day everything changed that day the day that Jesus was baptized in the Jordan River the Bible says the heavens were opened and something came and got all over him and from that day began to move in the power of science wonders and miracles and he became known as you know this is the he became known as Jesus the Messiah our Jesus the Christ in English you would say Jesus The Anointed One the one that carried something on his life and everyone that came in contact with this anointing this this tangible presence of God that was resting upon Jesus it affected people through his words he would preach and his words would carry the substance of that anointing in his words and it would infect people’s lives people would get near him he’d say often times he would he would touch people with his hands and through just the simple touch of his hands there be an impartation of that of that miracle anointing the anointing that was on Jesus was transmitted through his touch there was unusual times when when Jesus actually rubbed his he spit on the ground and made mud and an rubbed muddy and this muddy substance that came from saliva in dirt and rubbed it on people’s eyes and in something was even transmitted through the through that through that touch of mud this application of mud on someone sighs one day he actually spit on his finger and stuck it in somebody’s ear and their ear was opened now that’s weird you have to admit that’s weird but if it works hey I’m for it right the only problem the only problem you have is if it doesn’t work that’s when it gets weird now let me let me read this Mark’s account of this miracle this is the the story of this woman this woman had a problem she had been sick for a long time Bible said she’d spent all of her money going to the doctor all of it all of it was gone she depleted all of her resources and hadn’t gotten help from her prefer a problem she had been having a hemorrhage hemorrhaging blood for 12 years and it was it was it was a health problem it was also a religious problem because that was something in the Jewish faith you couldn’t you couldn’t participate in the synagogue services or anything if you had a hemorrhage of blood you were considered ceremonially unclean you’re an outcast like like as if you had leprosy so you couldn’t participate you couldn’t be with your family couldn’t be in the market you couldn’t be in the synagogue you couldn’t touch people you were unclean unless it was a terrible affliction so anyway a great crowd followed Jesus and they were thronging he’s being pressed by the crowd of people as he walked through the town that day and there was a woman who had a discharge of blood for 12 years who had suffered much under many physicians and spent all that she had and was no better but rather grew worse listen carefully it says she heard the reports about Jesus came up behind him in the crowd and touched his garments he didn’t even know she was there as far as is humanly speaking Jesus didn’t know this woman existed she was sneaking through the crowd illegally according to Jesus Jewish law wasn’t allowed to be there wasn’t allowed to be in this service wasn’t allowed to touch the rabbi wasn’t allowed to press through the crowd but she she was gonna sneeze a blessing that day it’s what she was gonna do so she snuck up behind him and she touched his garment for she was saying to herself inside of herself she kept saying if I just touch his garments if I just touch his garments if I just touch his garments I’ll be made well and immediately everyone say immediately as soon as she touched him the flow of her blood dried up and she felt in her body that she was healed of her disease now she was good she was gonna get out of there she got what she came for and she was out of there but not so quick Jesus perceiving in himself that power Dunamis anointing had gone out from him he felt it go out he felt something go out of him he’s so he’s he turned immediately he turned about in the crowd and he started crying out who touched my garments now you have to get the picture hundreds of people were touching him that day people were pressing in and pushing and shoving trying to get close to get a word and to hear what Jesus was going to say that day hundreds of people were touching him but not touching him the way this woman touched him not the touch of faith he felt something different when that woman grabbed the edge of his garment and he spun around immediately when he felt it something happened he knew it and she knew it it was undeniable when something like that happens you know it you don’t hope it happened you know what happened in your belly you might not see that symptoms yet have to have have changed you know might not be certain about your circumstances yet but you know something happened you felt something go into you because the power of God is very real so she said who touched my he said who touched my garments and his disciples said to him you see the crowd pressing around you and he looked around to see who had done it but the woman knowing what had happened to her in fear and trembling and fell down before him and told him the whole truth and he said to her daughter your faith has made you we’ll go in peace and be healed of your disease now here’s the here’s the deal with this in order there there’s there’s certain things that have to happen inside of us there was a preparation going on in this poor lady’s life her circumstances maybe you can identify with this maybe somebody and here can identify with this this morning her circumstances had brought her to the end of herself her circumstances will regardless of what it was in her case it was a fit of physical infirmity maybe with you it’s your your children maybe with with you at your your finances maybe with you it’s your job your emotional state or a substance abuse problem but you’ve come to the end of yourself and you know that this problem whatever it may be is bigger than you are it’s bigger than then than anything you can do to fix it as a matter of fact it’s bigger than all of your resources you don’t have enough money to fix this problem as a matter of fact as a matter of fact for this lady and maybe for for someone sitting in here today maybe you could have all the money in the world you get half billions of dollars and it still it would not be enough to fix what’s wrong in your life that’s that’s the case with her it wouldn’t matter if she had a thousand dollars or a hundred billion dollars there was no number of dollars that could fix the amyl ailment that she had in those days because there was not a medical fix in those days – what she had no doctor doctor could fix her so maybe maybe that’s something that’s going on in your life maybe here and that’s how it is with a lot of life’s problems a lot of life’s problems you know it’s something as simple as alcoholism people come to the end of themselves because there’s not a true human remedy for alcoholism there’s only a spiritual remedy for that only something supernatural can change you on the inside and fix that broken part of your life just like this woman could not she could not no matter how hard she tried she could not fix that flow of blood in her body if you’ve got an alcoholic issue in your life something you’ve dealt with it could have been something your grandpa had your grandma had your dad had your uncle had it every member of your family has dealt with this substance of substance abuse thing but it can stop right here right now today it can be fixed it can be over in a moment of time this woman’s problem was not any bigger than your problem is and and your problem can be fixed the same way hers could it’s changed by the touch of God the touch of God is real the touch of God is not a formula the touch of God is that six steps to a better life the touch of God is an impartation of supernatural power that can change your life can change your DNA can change who you are in a moment of time how do I know this because it happened to me that’s how I know I’m not talking smack up here today I’m not talking something I learned somewhere today something somebody told me happened in some random place in some other worlds no I know what happens in my life I know it happened in my life when I was 21 years old I hadn’t had a sober day in five years and in a moment of time something got all over me and not that chunk out of my life in a moment of time just one touch yeah it’s just one touch now let’s let’s take a little look there’s some preparation sometimes that goes into this why was this lady any different from all the other people thronging that day what was difference why her and not someone else why her she was she was ready she was ready for her miracle she got ready for her miracles look look what it says there’s a couple of little clues if we look in the in the scriptures in this story look at this in mark 527 it says she had heard about Jesus what had she heard what had she heard about Jesus well she had heard the rumors she had heard of that blind guy down the street that wasn’t blind anymore she might have wind knocked on his door let’s see if it was true she heard about the guy that used to be sitting by the synagogue he week after week begging for money that was now walking around dancing for joy who wasn’t paralyzed anymore he was walking around healed she wasn’t chucked it out for herself she heard the rumors she’d heard the stories of deaf people that could hear blind people that could see people that had been in firms with leprosy that had been cleansed she’d heard about other miracles and every time she heard about another miracle something jumped on the inside of her maybe maybe maybe maybe there’s hope for me maybe there’s hope for me the more she heard those stories the more her faith began to leap on the inside of her she was getting ready she was getting ready for for her touch she was getting ready for for her touch you know the touch of God it comes all kinds of different ways for her it happened when she touched the edge of his garment for someone else it comes when when a word is spoken in due season from someone else it might be in the prayer life for someone else it might be in Union taking the communion at the communion service in one moment of time this Lully the world changes the light turns on and the touch of God affects your life she was getting ready for a miracle look what else in the next verse it says she thought to herself if I can just touch his robe I will be healed another translation the amplified bible says it like this it says she kept saying she kept thinking on the inside of herself she was repeating it was like Hebrew Hebrew meditation is a little different from what the meditation that we think of today the biblical meditation that David taught about was rehearsing to yourself the scriptures it was thinking about the scriptures they’re thinking about what you’ve heard about Jesus rehearsing it over and over and over and like a like a cow chewing its cud it just keeps on chewing keeps chewing and chewing and chewing and she would doesn’t stop every time you see that cow it’s chewing its chew and this shoe in its foods well the Word of God the stories about Jesus is our foods she had heard those stories and she wasn’t sure when Jesus was going to come to to her town you know he was in other towns and other villages in faraway places but the day came the day came when she heard the news today Jesus of Nazareth is going to pass through your village and she was ready she was ready for that day she had been rehearsing on the inside she’d been thinking about that day she been thinking what she was going to do when that day came she had been rehearsing and rehearsing and rehearsing if I can just get through the crowds if I could just do the get through the crowd and touch the edge of his garment no one will even know and I believe when I touch the edge of his garments my life is gonna change something is gonna go into me my body is gonna respond and I’m gonna be made whole my life will be given back to me again in a moment in just a moment of time so that’s what happened to her now let’s I want to read a little a little bit more I have a devotion that I wrote recently I want to read to you about this Luke 8 43 and 44 the woman in the crowd had suffered for 12 years with constant bleeding she could find no cure coming up behind Jesus she touched the fringe of his robe everyone say she touched the fringe of his robe say that today you can touch Jesus you can touch Jesus just as real as she did you can press through the crowd of all the obstacles all the reasons why your life is never going to be back to normal all the excuses why it’s like the crowd keeping you from getting through but you say I don’t care how many people are in my way I’m getting through today I’m gonna touch him he’s gonna touch me I’m gonna get a hold of the edge if that garment and something’s gonna change in my life I’m tired of the same old same old I’m not gonna live my life like this anymore I’m tired of this issue of blood in my body you’re snagging away my life I’m gonna get something real today I’m gonna touch God if it’s the last thing that I do I’m gonna touch God lots of people that were in the meetings that day it even says in one account that Jesus was being thronged by the crowds sounds like pushing and shoving and touching but who was really touching Jesus Jesus suddenly was stopped in his tracks he spun around who touched me he said someone touched him with the touch of faith and was immediately healed what does that story say to us today what does that story say to me today is it possible that many who attend church never really touched Christ is it possible he they just go to church bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla that’s it oh they just say oh the band wasn’t really on today the preacher he must have not really problem ah I didn’t get anything worse nothing there bla bla bla bla bla it was just like you went there you went through the routine but nothing happens that’s how it is with most church services and that’s how it is with most Christians they go through the routine but nothing ever changes she was determined that’s not gonna be my story today I don’t care if nobody else gets anything I’m gonna get something for myself today they sing the songs they pray their prayers they listen to the preaching they take communion but they never really touched Jesus there was something different about the lady with the hemorrhage that day it wasn’t that she was sick that made her different she was ready to receive her touch now there’s guy JC Riley I want to read this to you he said we are told in these verses that many people followed our Lord and they thronged him but we were only told of one person who came in the press behind and touched him with faith and was healed many followed Jesus from curiosity and derived no benefit from him one in only one followed under a deep sense of her need and of her saviors power to relieve her and that one received a mighty blessing we see the same thing going on continually in the church in the present day multitudes go to the places of worship and fill our pews hundreds come up to the Lord’s table and receive the bread and the wine but of all those worshippers and communicates how few really obtain anything from Christ fashioned custom ritual habits the love of excitement or an itching year are the true motives of the vast majority but there are a few here and there who touch Christ by faith and go home healed and made whole what brought you to church this Sunday morning did you come out of routine or duty or did you come expecting a touch from the Lord’s how will your touch come could it be from reading a scripture hearing it’s a song and the presence of God coming to you in that song a word spoken from the preacher or even through the laying on of hands and the prayer line there are many ways you can touch the hem of his garments one touch can change your worlds now we’re almost finished half a couple more scriptures I want to read to you it says immediately everyone say immediately immediately the bleeding stopped the bleeding stopped you know that’s a that’s a saying today when things are going self quickly you say man I got to stop the bleeding I just got to stop the bleeding maybe that sure can maybe maybe your world it’s just it’s dwindling things are falling apart and it’s somewhere you just got to you’ve got to stop the bleeding well that stop is gonna come in an instant of time when you step out of the natural world where you’re in control and step into the spiritual world where there’s someone else that’s in control put your life listen to me put your life once and for all put your life once and for all in the Masters hands once and for all put your life in his hands let him touch you with the touch of God let him do what doctors can’t do let him do what counselors can’t do let him do it what preachers can’t do let him do what teachers can’t do let him do what no human could ever do for you he can do above and beyond what you can ask her think to trust him today trust the Lord with all your hearts humans will let you down people will be untrue to their word but our God is real his power is real his word is real and he will help you today she was instantly healed her bleeding stopped and she could feel in her body that she had been healed of her terrible condition and Jesus you know we have to come to a conclusion and this and this next verse it says who touched me jesus answered asked everyone denied it and Peter said master this whole crowd is pressing up against you but jesus said someone deliberately touched me someone deliberate it wasn’t an accident they didn’t brush up against me someone bill liberally touched me for I fell healing power go out from me now why was she willing to risk really for her risk everything she was and she could have been you know she could have been persecuted she could have been punished for her actions that day her actions were not acceptable in a religious and Jewish culture but why was she willing to risk everything she was willing to risk everything because she had come to a point I mean my life is over unless Jesus inter intervenes in my life she came to a place where she was she was actually saying I’m gonna I’m gonna touch him around gonna die I’m gonna touch him I can’t go on like this in this present condition anymore I can’t live this way anymore I’m gonna touch him or I’m gonna die I’m gonna touch him today today is my day he might not be here tomorrow he might not be here next week or next month today is my day he’s passing my way I’m gonna touch him right now today I don’t care what people are saying I don’t care the obstacles I faced I’m gonna get through the crowd and I’m gonna grab name of his garment I don’t care if nobody else gets anything I’m gonna get something today I’m gonna get something from God yeah he touched me everyone denied that they touched him everyone did we have to realize like we said earlier in the service today the anointing the anointing of the Holy Spirit is more than just the energy of God the anointing of the Holy Spirit is a person he is the Holy Spirit he’s tangible he’s there in this place today he’s communicated through the Word of God he’s communicated through the touch through impartation laying hands on people laying on our hands on people like that like Jesus didn’t like the Apostles didn’t like the Bible talks about laying our hands on people it’s biblical and something is imparted when hands are laid on in an atmosphere faith there’s that importation of supernatural power into our lives yeah the anointing is tangible and look what else it says here says when the woman realized she came to the conclusion that she could not stay hidden she was exposed she came and she fell down she she became she began to tremble and she fell to her knees in front of Jesus she fell to her knees in front of Jesus she was trembling in his presence when was the last time you trembled in his presence when you were shaken to your very core that God is in this place when you came to the place in your life were you recognized maybe just maybe I’m part of the problem maybe the reason I’ve got these issues in my life is because of God’s dealing with me maybe I’m a sinner in need of a savior and she found herself suddenly the light was turned on all the attention was faced on her there was no escaping she was found in his presence and she found herself trembling in his presence not knowing what was going to be said next maybe now is the time the judgments gonna follow my head’s I don’t care something’s happens then she heard the greatest words she had ever heard when she came trembling in front of Jesus this is what he said to her daughter go in peace your faith has made you whole she was made whole that day that was it her troubles were over she found acceptance with God she was made whole spirit soul and body not only did she get healed she got she got forgiven she got cleansed her life was changed in that moment she stepped out of one world and stepped into another world her life could never be the same she could never go back to the she used to live she had found herself in the presence of the Lord’s and her life had changed so today maybe it just maybe today is your day maybe you’re here out of whatever reason that you’re here in this particular service this morning but maybe you’re about to get more than you bargained for maybe just maybe I know it happened to me and I know it happened to me you know I went to I went to a religious service in 1994 not expecting much I was going to be the the critique of the service because I was the expert until I got into the room and Jesus stepped into that room and suddenly I found myself on my face trembling in his presence I found myself needing the touch of God in my life I needed to be changed I’ve needed to be changed all my life I need to be changed still today I need his touch in my life I need his impartation just one touch of the master’s hand or just one glimpse of his glory and I will never be the same never ever ever and just a moment we’re gonna pray I’m gonna ask you to stand everyone stand with me and we’re gonna pray before we go on and have our lunch and have our all we’re gonna do this after this service that I want you to bow your heads with me everybody praying with me this is a very personal moment right now here we are just like that woman was hiding in the crowd there’s no hiding from him she thought she was well hit but he put his hand on her yup he got her he’s about to get you this morning yeah yes just one glimpse of his glory every head bowed every eye closed you know Jesus loves you more than you could ever imagine and today you’re in this service he’s knocking on the door of your hearts there’s description revelations it says behold I stand at the door and knock he’s knocking on the door of your hearts all he’s asking us you’re to answer the door to open the door and let him come in to your life it’s the beginning of a brand new life in one moment everything changes behold I stand at the door knock if anyone hears my voice and opens the door I will come in I will come in I want to pray for you this morning I want to pray especially for every person in this place it’s not certain about their spiritual condition you know I know I was raised in church too I was I went to just Baptist Church as a child but but it wasn’t real to me my parents drugged me over there but it wasn’t real to me until that day when when Christ not from the door from my heart and I opened the door and he came into my life and my life was changed in just a moment what does it take just a willingness to say yes lord I need you I need you in my life if you feel like you’re away from the Lord whatever that means in your life you feel like God’s a million miles away from you you don’t like the way it feels I want to pray for you this morning I want to pray for every person in this place it feels like they’re away from God not certain of their spiritual condition if that’s you you want to be included in this prayer that I’m about to pray I want you just to lift your hand up right now right where you’re at and sit up I pass god bless you lifted my pie god bless it all over the building lift them up hi god bless you God bless you God bless you God bless you God bless you God bless you God bless you God bless god bless you Jesus is real he loves you more than you can ever know just a moment vans gonna lead us in a song and this is what I’m gonna ask I’m gonna ask everyone that raised their hand to to slip out of the place where you’re seated and come just stand up here I wanna pray with you and pray for you maybe you didn’t raise your hand but you know the Lord is calling you in I want you to talk I want you to come right now come let’s worship God come right now come right now [Music] [Music] ever before I need you if you know someone that needs to come really kerchief felt get him by the hand come now come join these outlaws come give your heart to Jesus today come on open up your life come open up your life today is your day today is your day come now than ever before I need you Lord I need you though we need you or that we need you in our lives come come down come down yes come now eating Christ in your life come respond did this all for call come join these others right here right now I’ll wait for you come now come now come make peace with God today [Music] thank you you know we’re gonna keep praying right now everybody in this building just keep praying with me you know the Lord loves you more than you could ever know this is not about you know it’s one thing for your parents to go to church another thing you know for your brand burgers to go to church but the Lord wants to become very personal in your life he wants to become real in your life if he’s not real in your life today’s the day no reason to be out there alone come now he wants to come and make himself alive in you you feel like you’re away from God there’s still time come join these others you know someone that needs to come up here go get him by the hand I’m gonna sing this song again and ask you to come come join these other people upfront we’re gonna pray with you and pray for you come now come now go ahead more than yesterday I need you more yeah more than words can say that I eat you hard come now come join these others come now before I need you I need you [Music] more than yesterday [Music] more than words can say I need you [Music] I need you you know you heard me mention a couple times hear me mention a couple times what happened in my life the reason I I say that all the time because there was a time in my life when everything changed and one day I never thought it could happen everything changed and one day for me I was 21 I was 21 years old and in one day everything changed I got radically I got radically changed by God he came into my life I was like I got a heart transplant I didn’t want to get loaded anymore I wanted to read my Bible I couldn’t explain it it didn’t even make sense to me I’ve never been like that I’ve never been a religious person but something got on me got in me you’re about to have a life change it’s about to change everything about you Jesus is real he’s got new plans for you everybody bow your head I’m gonna lead you in a prayer and ask you to pray this prayer with me but let this be your prayer open your hearts open your heart as you pray with me right now pray with me Heavenly Father I thank you that your son your only Son Jesus became a man to come down on a cross to represent me to die in my place Lord Jesus washed my sins away cleanse me now forgive me I open my heart come into my life make me new I thank you Lord my old life is being washed away in a new life is beginning today in Jesus name Amen amen amen amen now just a moment just everyone in this building just lift your hands like this it’s a sign of worship a sign of surrender begin to say thank you Jesus begin to thank him right now thank you Lord Jesus thank you Lord for a brand new life thank you Lord for washing my sins away thank you Lord for coming into my life today Lord thank you Lord you’re making all things new you’re making all things new in my life today today changes come today change his cup today change his cup today in my life changed his cup in Jesus name in Jesus name Amen amen hallelujah our pastors are over here when they want to give you a gift and then they let you go to the jambalaya party so turn around go that way they’re gonna just put have you sit these two seats sections over here we’re gonna give you a gift pray for you let’s welcome these folks y’all thank you lord thank you lord [Music] it just we’re gonna ask everyone that’s to join us we’re gonna have a jambalaya party after this I want to pray for people we have a Holy Ghost service tonight it’s gonna be awesome I can’t wait for it looking forward to that but if you need prayer this morning I want you to come right now we’re gonna lay hands on you as we worship press into God’s do you need physical healing if you’re going through stuff in your personal life I want you gonna come we’re gonna lay hands on you today leave God for a miracle in your life I’m gonna join with you in faith this boy thank you Jesus would you come would you come thank is the highway [Music] raises the see the hard the [Music] [Music] Live chat replay was turned off for this


New Orleans, LA Travel Guide (Video)

New Orleans, Louisiana Travel Guide – Must-See Attractions: Come on down to New Orleans, better known as The Big Easy. Dive headfirst into a melting pot of French, African, and Brazilian culture meshed with many different religions, foods, and of course jazz.

Let the good times roll in the French Quarter, the birthplace of jazz. Head to Bourbon Street, where festivals and late nights are a way of life. For a slightly more sedate New Orleans sightseeing trip, visit Jackson Square, where you can tour historic buildings like the beautiful St. Louis Cathedral.

Plan a trip to Memorial Hall and learn about the Civil War, or walk through Lafayette Cemetery to see one of the country’s most haunted graveyards. If you’d rather avoid a run-in with a ghost, you’ll find an assortment of galleries and boutiques throughout the city, so you can satisfy your desire for art and shopping.

Source:  Expedia Destination Travel Guide New Orleans



New Orleans, Louisiana Photo Gallery

New Orleans Louisiana Skyline

New Orleans, Louisiana Skyline.  Courtesy of Thepipe26 at Wikimedia Commons.



St Louis Cathedral - New Orleans Louisiana

St Louis Cathedral – New Orleans, Louisiana. Courtesy of Brendan J. O’Reilly at Wikimedia Commons.



Mercedes Benz Superdome - New Orleans Louisiana

Mercedes-Benz Superdome – New Orleans, Louisiana. Courtesy of Daniel Schwen at Wikimedia Commons.


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