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It was brined, golden brown was the color
Turkey time, and this bird’s very tender
Family’s here, lovely day late November
Hashtag blessed with this food treasure
It’s the sauce of the cranberry nature
It’s the sides on this day that are major
Spare room… on your plate… is a failure
When you’re done, there’s more for later

I am eating all the dressing
Eating all the dressing
Stacking up my sides right next to my turkey
Then I’m curling up and resting
On the couch I’m nesting
Falling into slumber, had too much gravy
Ohhhhhhh had too much gravy
Ohhhhhhh had too much gravy

Mashed po-ta-tos, how they tempt me
Corn ca-sser-ole, love you dearly
But My favorite’s stuffed up a turkey
Cornbread and celery laced
There’s more food on, Fri-day


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