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Worship overflows from a heart surrendered in thankfulness to our personal Saviour, Jesus. The power of a single moment in His presence can bring healing, hope and restoration. Our desire is that, through these songs, those who have felt lost, broken, hurt, confused or alone can find freedom and new life.

Worshipping in African languages for the first time, we pray that these songs will bring deeper understanding to our personal faith and connect us more intimately with the God of heaven and earth. The heart of this album is to connect people to Jesus, the Name that stands above all names.

Jesus is for everyone. Enabling people to worship God in their own language brings dignity and greater intimacy. We pray this album will also promote unity and a greater level of love and understanding amongst our brothers and sisters across South Africa.

May this album bring men and women, young and old together as we worship Jesus. May our hearts unite and be inspired to build a brighter future. And may we truly see God’s glory displayed across this beautiful rainbow nation.

Phil Dooley (Lead Pastor, Hillsong Church South Africa)




VERSE 1: (English)
God of creation
There at the start
Before the beginning of time
With no point of reference
You spoke to the dark
And fleshed out the wonder of light

CHORUS 1: (Zulu)
Ngephimbo lakho
Izigidigidi zenkanyezi ziyazalwa
Ngophefumulo wakho imihlaba iyabumbeka
Um’ ikanyezi zikudumisa nami ngok’njalo
Uveza uthando lakho kukho okwenzile
Zinkanyezi ezivuthayo
Luphawo lomusa
Um’ indalo ik’dumisa nami ngok’njalo

VERSE 2: (Xhosa)
Thixo wes’thembiso
Uthetha ngenjongo
Akawi phants’ amazwi akho
Uthetha nje kwakho
Imvelo nolwazi zilandela isandi sakho

CHORUS 2: (Afrikaans)
En soos U praat
Skep ’n honderd biljoen skepsels U asem
Verander in navolging van U Woord
As dit U aard so openbaar dan sal ek ook
Ek sien U hart in alles wat U sê
Elke geverfde hemel
‘n Genadeskilderdoek
As die skepping U gehoorsaam sal ek ook

BRIDGE: (Zulu)
Um’inkanyezi zik’dumisa nami ngok’njalo
Um’iintaba zik’khothamela nami ngok’njalo
Um’iilwandle zik’gubhela nami ngok’njalo
Um’umhlaba uk’phakamisa nami ngok’njalo

Um’imoya ibhembhuka nami ngok’njalo
Ek’thuleni amadwala ayakhalela nami ngok’njalo
Um’imizamo yonke yethu ingafinyeleli
Sohuba njalo nguna phakade

VERSE 3: (Afrikaans)
God van verlossing
U’t my hart nagejaag
Deur al my mislukking en trots
U’t die lig van die wereld
Op ‘n heuwel geskep
Om alleen in die donker te sterf

CHORUS 3: (Xhosa)
Ngezwi Lakho
Iziphoso ngeziphoso ziyanyamalala
Uncame obakho ubom’ uze ndiphile kuwe
Walishiy’ ithuna uze nam ndenze njalo
Ndibon’ intliziyo yakho kuko konke
Kucikiziwe konke ngothando Lwakho
Xa uzinikezela nam ndonjenjalo
Ndibon’intliziyo yakho ngendlela zonke
Ngamnye onexabiso wamsindisa
Ubunikel’ ubomi bakho ngobathanda
Nam ndonjenjalo

TAG: (English)
Like You would again a hundred billion times
But what measure could amount to Your desire
You’re the One who never leaves the one behind

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