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Elevate Christian Network :: God’s Grace

Detail - Glory of the New Born Christ in prese...

Detail – Glory of the New Born Christ in presence of God Father and the Holy Spirit (Annakirche, Vienna) Adam and Eva are represented bellow Jesus-Christ Ceiling painting made by Daniel Gran (1694-1757). Post-processing: perspective and fade correction. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Grace is the part God plays in rescuing us. It’s certainly the leading role. Without having His forgiveness and His never-failing help we’d be back right where we began, attempting to rescue ourselves by our own methods. Happily, our Father is an extravagant giver. You don’t have to labor for His rescuing help: You simply have to be more adept at receiving it. This is the point where our faith plays the key role. By means of trusting our life to this grace-giving God, we are raised up to new life in the Spirit.

For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God, not of works, that no one would boast. Ephesians 2:8 -9 WEB

Grace is the surprising miracle of forgiveness and new life which saves us. It is astonishing because it is so wholly unmerited by us. When considering our sins and sinfulness, what we really deserve from God are reprimands, censures, even penalties. But He gives love and mercy instead.

Grace is also the unanticipated remedy that God gives us to all of our issues. When we really want to be led by Jesus, He gives help and wisdom every step of the way. If we stagger in our steps, He is there, giving strength and confidence to all who depend on Him. Grace is exactly the reverse from what we might expect: It is a life-giving, super-abundant torrent of blessing.

You Can Bet Your Life On Grace

Grace is inextinguishable! Since God is requesting us to risk our lives on His grace always being available to us, He has shown us how robust it is.

1. Grace is an unchanging part of the very personality of God. Our Father is the God of All Grace. Giving grace may seem strange for us (consequently we have a hard time entrusting ourselves to it), but it comes easily to the Lord. Grace is who He is. He is not about to change. That’s grace.

2. Grace is supported by the written promises of God. The Father knows that to us He seems invisible. It isn’t that He is truly invisible; it’s that we are blind. To accommodate us He has given us the visible proof of His Word. The Father has taken an oath to be merciful by His own Word, Jesus has testified to the truth of the Word, and saints throughout the ages have given their lives for a witness to the scriptures. That’s grace.

3. Grace is shown by the death of Jesus. Before we even realized we needed mercy, God delivered Jesus to the cross. The Blood Jesus shed is a vivid demonstration of the Father’s love and a visible confirmation (to our spiritual sight) that our wrongs have been fully atoned for. That’s grace!

4. Grace is proven by the indwelling of the Spirit. The Holy Spirit has unreservedly chosen in love to live inside of us. All of the support He gives us is an offering of grace to us, whether it is comfort, pleasure, confidence, understanding of the scriptures, hunger for the truth, hope, strength to persevere, discipline, wisdom or supernatural power for ministry. That’s a lot of grace!

5. Grace is unlimited. Grace is the principle the universe is constructed of. God formed everything out of nothing. From the tiniest life forms to the most enormous stars, He not only formed the universe functional, He also formed it superbly beautiful. That is an enormous gift of grace! He didn’t seek the advice of any of us before making us and giving us a life with which to traverse His lovely world. That is a warm-hearted gift of grace. Nor did He wait for us to ask, but through conscience, dreams, right motives and high ideals He started directing us towards beneficial things. That is an in-depth gift of grace!

Grace is not merely an attribute of God as terrific as that would be. Grace is a “code word” for the Father who longs for us; Jesus whose death rescues us; and the Spirit who guides us. Any time you enjoy an occasion drenched with grace, you have just had a close intimate encounter with your God!


*Courtesy of Rev. Steve Evans and Healing Streams Ministries



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