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New Poll Reveals 21.5% of Non-Christians Say Coronavirus Pandemic Has Led Them to Start Reading the Bible

Image courtesy: Freely Photos/Brad Neathery

The poll, commissioned by pro-Israel ministry group “The Joshua Fund” and conducted by McLaughlin & Associates, interviewed 1000 Americans — Christian and non-Christian — to find out a bit more about their spiritual reactions to the crisis.

Notably, some 44% of Americans polled said they see the global coronavirus pandemic and economic meltdown as a “wake-up call for us to turn back to faith in God,” and as “signs of coming judgment.”

In addition, some one-in-five non-Christians (21.5%) polled said the crisis is causing them to “start reading the Bible and listen to Bible teaching and Christian sermons online even though they usually don’t.”

As for the Christians, four-in-ten (40.1%) of the respondents said they are “reading the Bible more than ever, watching or listening to Bible teaching and Christian sermons online since they cannot go to church.” […]


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