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US Supreme Court Justices

Abortion in the United States 2016: In one of the most important rulings since abortion became legal in the United States, Supreme Court Justices may use the case to revise constitutional principles on abortion and to determine how far all states can go to restrict it.

The Supreme Court will hear a case in March 2016 whose outcome could limit access to abortion for millions of women across the United States. The case will focus on the legality of a 2013 Texas abortion law that place restrictions on doctor’s performing abortions and the types of clinics that can adopt the practice.

The regulations in Texas have already forced the closure of almost half of the women’s health centers in the state who provide abortion services. Read full story at… www.telegraph.co.uk


Abortion in the US 2016: Supreme Court to Hear Challenge 0n 2013 Texas Law

  • CNN’s Pamela Brown Reports: The Supreme Court announced it will hear a challenge to key parts of Texas’ 2013 abortion law.


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Change New Orleans

Court ruling forces all but one of Louisiana’s abortion clinics to close: Next week, the Supreme… https://t.co/Atf43Gaxxt | @feministing


Carol A Lawson Esq

RT @GOVERNING: Oklahoma Supreme Court reverses abortion ruling https://t.co/aYVdCTj0Uy



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http://www.nytimes.com/2016/02/25/us/whole-womans-health-v-hellerstedt-supreme-court.htmlSupreme Court Abortion Case Seen as a Turning Point for Clinics – New York Times Overruling a lower court’s injunction, the Fifth Circuit appeals court allowed the Texas admitting-privilege rule to take effect throughout the state in 2013, immediately shuttering about half of what had been more than 40 abortion clinics, although …Bloomberg. Washington Post. ModernHealthcare.com – –

http://www.npr.org/2016/02/15/466848747/scalias-death-may-mean-texas-abortion-case-wont-set-u-s-precedentScalia’s Death May Mean Texas Abortion Case Won’t Set U.S. Precedent – NPR The U.S. Supreme Court next month is scheduled to hear its biggest abortion case in at least a decade, and the reach of that decision is likely to be impacted by the absence of Justice Antonin Scalia, who died over the weekend. A Texas law requires …USA TODAY. BustleThinkProgress –



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