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Video Transcript

0:00 [Music] 0:03 Vanessa was born a healthy and perfectly 0:06 normal little girl but when she was a 0:09 baby a small lump and a few dark hairs 0:12 cropped up over her left eye over five 0:17 years the small lump has become a 0:20 significant tumor growing bigger and 0:23 bigger affecting her vision and causing 0:26 her great pain aboard a anomaly when her 0:31 friends make fun of her she cries and is 0:33 forgotten she cries a lot and says my 0:36 they make fun of me and tell me to go 0:39 away the doctor said we can’t do 0:44 anything for her 0:47 [Music] 0:50 with no money and no doctors who could 0:53 help them they were out of options 0:55 until Vanessa’s parents learned about 0:58 Mercy Ships 0:59 [Music] 1:02 mom is so happy as they board the ship 1:05 and get settled in after years of worry 1:08 and watching her daughter suffer she was 1:11 finally told yes we can help her if I 1:16 were him what’s in my heart is that I 1:19 want her to be heated so she can play 1:21 with her friends and I’m go to score 1:23 that will make me happy 1:27 then there is a setback Vanessa fell and 1:31 hurt her chin the nurses discuss whether 1:38 surgery will have to be postponed 1:42 thankfully it is determined not to be 1:45 serious surgery is a go 1:49 vanessa is a perfect little patient as 1:52 they prepare her 1:52 [Music] 1:54 she’s doing good her swollen lip is not 1:59 a result of the tumor but is a condition 2:01 that she was born with and it can be 2:03 healed with medication over time I have 2:08 faith in God that everything will be 2:11 okay she has been suffering such a long 2:14 time not when she finally has her 2:17 surgery I will cry she’s in for a very 2:24 difficult and intense operation the 2:28 tumor covers a large area on the scalp 2:32 they won’t know how bad it is until they 2:34 start to operate 2:36 [Music] 2:42 because of the tumors location so close 2:45 to the brain and the eye the surgeon has 2:48 to take his time to remove it all so it 2:50 doesn’t grow back 2:53 and he hopes to save her I 2:55 [Music] 2:59 Vanessa went into surgery at 9:00 a.m. 3:03 she doesn’t come out of recovery until 3:05 5:00 in the evening it was far trickier 3:10 than anyone expected 3:12 but her I was saved 3:16 [Music] 3:25 fortunately it was just above the eye in 3:29 the socket but it didn’t involve the eye 3:31 very often if patients wait long and 3:35 they then get treatment for all the 3:36 different reasons in Africa it can 3:39 invite iron we have to remove the eye 3:40 with it 3:43 [Music] 3:47 like this the next day vanessa is awake 3:53 and happy and wanting to play I’m so 4:03 happy 4:03 everything is going to do better later 4:05 fuzz about her life will change she’s 4:09 going to be able to play with her 4:10 friends and do everything she wasn’t 4:12 able to do 4:15 [Music]

Every day, a growing tumor above Benessa’s left eye caused her more and more pain. Doctors feared she might lose her eye. When Benessa’s mother heard about Mercy Ships, she was ecstatic. Her family traveled for hours to get to the Africa Mercy, and they got there just in time.

Learn more about Mercy Ships here: https://www.mercyships.org


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