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An interview with billionaire developer and founder of Caruso, Rick Caruso, and divisional president at CBRE, Lewis Horne. In this interview, the gentlemen discuss getting started in the real estate development industry and give advice to those just starting. The gentlemen also discuss property developments throughout their careers and the future of real estate.

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Video Segments:
0:00 Introduction
2:00 How did you meet?
4:09 Getting into real estate?
7:23 What made you decide to build The Grove?
10:56 Anything that did not work?
12:30 Office?
17:45 Treadmill Desk?
19:00 Glendale?
24:11 Future of the business?
31:12 Start of Q&A
31:13 Downtown L.A?
37:39 Impact of rail?
39:58 Parking structures?
41:08 What is stopping you from converting streets and neighbourhoods?
43:39 Tips on how to become a developer?

Interview Date: 4th MAY, 2018
Event: USC Price
Original Image Source:http://bit.ly/RCarusoPic, http://bit.ly/LHornePic

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