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Jesus is love love Wow are you waiting to be encountered by God because he’s waiting to be encountered by you you know you were created to be one with him and he is he is as much looking forward to spending time with you and encountering you in fullness as you are with him and today we have special guest dr. James Goll with us and you wrote God encounters today in fact this is a and an updated version and it’s it’s fantastic and beautiful cover too by the way stunning but this was written by yourself and also Michael and who’s going on to glory no but her experiences and encounters are still here that we can enjoy them and learn from them and and and step into the reality of God wanting to meet with us so it’s awesome this book has just gone re-released and I did do it a new editor on it and it’s bill Johnson’s done a new forward and and all this and everything but Bob Jones seer prophet Bob Jones gave a word to Michael and that we did not understand and he said this he says when your books re-released Wow I’ll have four times the impact in the world didn’t they have now we’re looking at each other we’d understand what this man was saying at all and right now yeah those books though she will have been in heaven nine years yeah this September 15th that prophecy is getting fulfilled right now I love it because they’re getting this is one of its getting re-released Wow because why God encounters are for everyone yeah and testimonies live on for eternity yeah okay and you know we serve this amazing God who actually wants to encounter us yes and you know in in in false religions there’s so much labor involved in getting anything and what you do get is demonic you’re fighting for an illusion of delusion and yeah and it’s fake and it’s false and it’s Lutton it’s not right but we don’t strike we’re not strong you don’t have to strive do you know that right from Genesis 1 we see that God created man for relationship and we see in in Genesis 2 how he he walked in the garden with man I mean he just he made man in his own image and likeness and gave him this utopia to walk in a gorge and it’s like it was all about relationship with hammer and God even though mankind fell God took care of that yeah through Jesus Christ all that we could still walk in the garden with God hey no let’s do this okay one of the certain this book is filled with Scripture and it’s filled with stories stories stories stories stories you just talked about Jesus 1 Genesis 2 about how God came what did you say walking yeah in the cool of the day we actually had an experience okay guys put your seat belt on maybe we actually had an experience where we heard God come walking in our house come on and the doorbell rings and we go to the door we opened the door and there was a guest now we didn’t see them we knew and invisible yeah but get a presence the presence was tangible and in this situation that night this man Christ I’m gonna blow your circuits maybe a little but that’s okay that some of the stories all right we have not told but I have permission to tell some of them now that man Christ Jesus came walking in our house and heard I heard him walking like Genesis want to I’m walking walking because he wants he was what he came approaching us that’s what he did when Adam and Eve had fallen yeah he came pursuing them and he was and he would walked with them he didn’t quit yeah pursuing them and I want you to know this he has not quit pursuing you and maybe you’ve backed off but he hasn’t and maybe you say yeah but that’s James gaunt patricia king and they see things well so can you and I also want you to know that God’s coming walking towards you right he is coming right now he is coming in his personhood he’s coming in his fatherhood he’s coming in his intimate place he’s coming so you can encounter him a man walking amen God is invisible he’s the invisible God the eternal invisible God it’s true but invisible doesn’t mean it’s not real my grandson called me one time and he was just a little not maybe maybe five or six years old he said grandma did you know that just because things are invisible it doesn’t mean they’re not real yeah and I said absolutely because the whole kingdom realm is an invisible realms right but it’s a very real realm and when the Bible says that that Jesus is Emmanuel God with us that’s literal he is with us right now we might not see him we might not feel him but he’s the one who pursued us I’m sorry you know Adam and Eve they were trying to hide themselves from God but God pursued them that’s you know he never stopped pursuing make sure you know and he hasn’t to this day stop pursuing us but he he wants to have encounter with us not only that we would encounter him but that he would encounter us he’s waiting for us and I just said is so peculiar though to think to believe that okay that sounds so back I think that probably sounds really backwards to some of you they’re racing I kind of maybe get at that like God wants to dump like yeah but wait wait wait wait which way is right you just said something that again there’s a testimony in here how the Lord would come and he’d love the smell of Michael Anne’s hair Wow honey would come near her yeah can see we carry the fragrance of Christ we carry and and he would come to her folks I’m really into the Bible okay I’m really into Church of Jewish history and I really tried to drop I drop an anchor to my boat but I’m talking about encounters right now he was he would draw so near so near they wanted just to smell the fragrance of her hair yeah and I want everybody out there no this is not about an elite crew of people is this about the hound dog of heaven hunting us yeah sniffing us out finding us up here for because he loves us and he is jealous yeah for us yeah I remember one time it was in the midst of a renew of the 1990s I was moving I mean he was so generous with his presence as manifest glory and fragrance and everything was everywhere and sometimes we put a person in a circle and then go and the glory would come on them and they would encounter God in amazing ways his fragrance his his tangible touches his everything would just come on them and this thought came to me at the time I could feel God’s longing to be encountered in the same way so I said to the group I said hey let’s put God in the circle it’s also and let’s just love on him and let our presence minister to him and we were weeping Ansel’s I mean we could feel the the ministry that the Lord Himself was receiving the love that he was receiving and he was so touched by and in fact that’s what we do every time we worship a lot of times people will think well I’m worshiping because I I want to connect with God but actually we’re giving him an experience we’re giving him an encounter we’re giving him a gift right and it’s so beautiful to think that way but we have this mutual exchange between God and ourselves were we’re we’re we’re entwined with him for all eternity and we experience him and he experiences us and and you know through throughout our lives that I mean you’ve got a whole book full of testimony and this is only a part of it this is just a small percentage of what you’ve experienced in God and we can say the same thing as like a like over the years you have these amazing encounters with God that are so personal and so beautiful that some of them like you said earlier you can’t even share with people because it would be like casting your pearls before this one they would trample on it they wouldn’t get it and yet they’re so holy and you know God wants up for every believer he wants up for you he wants you to live in that realm of encounter that’s right in I think it’s a Matthew chapter 13 it talks about the wise steward and it says that they bring forth treasures doesn’t say they just store them up right it says they bring out treasures both new and old now that’s the way it’s wrong but the way most people read it is and they bring forth and they store up treasures store all the new both of those things are are incorrect yeah they’re are correct in park but they’re in a direct we stored them up so we can give them away yeah it says a wise steward a head of a household brings forth treasures but here’s the order it’s amazing new and old well I got a whole book of old ones but I also added some new ones in when I redid this because why God still encountering God today yeah it wasn’t just 20 years ago it wasn’t just the Pensacola it wasn’t just Toronto and it wasn’t just this dead or sundaland or wherever oh it’s breaking out in San Diego right now what’s a sustained moving these presents and now it’s leapfrogging again across the great pond over into london right now and because moment by moment in those meanings there enters ripples and waves and yet it’s not like just about meetings you can have your own meeting hey man how would you like to experience God like maybe like Moses did when he took 70 elders off the mountain and all of a sudden they’re eating in the presence of God on sapphire Street you know or how would you like to be like his aquiline picked up by by the locks of your hair that’s why I don’t have much more and taken into the visions of God how would you like to be like Moses of the Red Sea and you you put your stuff out and all of a sudden the sea parts you know there’s there’s so many descriptions in the Bible of phenomenal encounters but those aren’t isolated to Bible characters your name is on things like that and so when we come back from this break we’re gonna give you some keys on how you can posture yourself to encounter God in greater ways we’ll be right back the glory school by Patricia King is a journey into the supernatural realms of the glory of God is practical easy-to-understand anointed and will invite you into personal encounter with the Lord of his kingdom all I can say is met the love of God in a way I’ve never experienced it before the glory school explores the supernatural realms of the cross and the covenant new creation realities and the person of the Holy Spirit it invites you into an counter with God it will completely change her life for the first time really got the love of God uncover the truth of hearing the voice of God experiencing the third heaven angelic Majesties the fire and the glory embark on a faith adventure today with Patricia Kings biblically-based 18 DVD teaching the glory school be prepared for God to invade your life in a personal way like you’ve never seen before dr. James gall the author of God encounters today is probably one of one of the best teachers in the body of Christ not only for information but for practical application and he has helped like multitudes of people over the years have encounters with God experienced the prophetic the seer realm the dream realm intercessory prayer you know just all kind of aspects of those of those encounters with God and I want to highly recommend you seeking him out even more for for his his multitudes of teachings I mean this is one book but he’s written a whole library full and you also have some great courses and you’ve got them as webinars now which is great because wherever people are in the world wherever you are you can take a course and get taught and fed and equipped and this is strong Bible teaching this isn’t just you know flaky stuff this is really good strong teaching and God wants you to be equipped and he wants you to be able to give a count for what you believe and what you experience so I want to highly recommend you seeking out James gall and his teachings and go further with it and definitely get God encounters today but anyways James teach us oh can we how can we posture ourselves now to encounter God we we want to have visions and and we want God to show up in the room and hear his footsteps and stuff like that so where do we start with this well you know something I heard years ago was that the depth of your hunger is the length of your reach to God yeah well that’s going one site I know that statement is totally true but then I also know I need to in one way temper that statement and I’ll do that in a moment but I want everybody know this the depth of your hunger is the length of your reach of intimacy to God now do we have to reach to God yes no well how about that but yes about a Bible example about that woman when there was Jesus in the crown and she pressed through all of the crowd and there was only one who did what mm-hmm press through and touched the hem of His garment and immediately she was made well yeah and he felt virtue compassion he felt a power presence proceeded out of hold out of him she pulled it out of him what was it it was desperation yes a lot of people are desperate but they’re not really hungry you can be desperate and in a victim mindset and be in a what was me place and be yes and I threw some life circumstances have been learning the difference in being desperate and being hungry because I have been hungry and I haven’t been desperate but now I’m learning to turn my desperation back into a deeper level of hunger yeah now so there’s one key is hunger and you say like I’m really hungry right now physically I’m sitting here thinking oh my gosh I wish I was lunch time all right well so how do you increase your appetite you feed yourself see so it’s like some people say well I’m not gonna read the Bible unless it just jumps out at me well I’m gonna tell you something it’s not gonna jump out at you until you read it it’s not gonna jump out of you until you meditate on it it’s not gonna really jump out at you until you pray read it I don’t read this book I read it I pray read this yeah that’s so here’s one of the keys maybe I have everything that I read in this book the Bible I prayed that I can experience uh-huh and so can you you can read this you know Jacob’s Ladder Genesis 28 God stood at the top of the ladder and Jacob laid his head on rocky and go that’s got my name written on it exactly because what comes real inside God is with equal opportunity employer yeah it’s available and he put it there just for you that’s right and you put your name in and so you encounter you encounter his word you encounter the truth or revelation just receiving revelation is an encounter I was just thinking about something about this hunger right it says about Jesus that he fasted for 40 days and then became hungry right it’s really interesting because when you fast you’ll be hungry for a day or two right and after that if you don’t eat if you do not eat for a day or two you actually lose your hunger it shuts down it draws back so that’s important to know because it is really important that we stay consistent in the Word of God whether you feel like it or not stay on it because if you stay away from it you might be thinking oh man I really need to read my word or I really need to read my word but if you don’t read the word eventually if you fast this word you will lose your hunger for it but it’s true like the more you eat like if I eat at lunch which I’m gonna you know lunch guaranteed I will be hungry again in a few hours because what I make be hungry for more but we become what we yes exactly if you’re gonna eat the word guess what you get to counter the word now that’s not works that’s cooperation and there is a difference because there’s cooperating with the ways of God which is okay let me explain this little issue here because this is a fine line tightrope here between marks performance and grace through faith right but I remember the time one of the books I had written similar to this and I would say it’s a contemporary read on the spiritual disciplines and the Holy Spirit says to me spiritual disciplines spiritual disciplines you don’t have enough discipline to have a spiritual discipline then I go oh ma you got me and then he said this they’re not spiritual disciplines their spiritual privileges completely changed my mindset well their privileges and if you know by revel if you know that their privileges to come to the throne if you know that healing is a privilege if you know that visitations they’re a privilege they’re not an earned bar ribbon of proof they can’t give you greater approval but the discipline can do you good yeah if I have let’s say a discipline now this isn’t going to get me brownie points with God referring but if I have a discipline time where I read your Bible in the morning that discipline will keep me reading it whether I feel it or not exactly but when I get inside the word then it’s like wow yeah I just want to do more and more but I might not feel like it at first that’s it so the discipline holds me to it and it’s the same with exercise not that I do any but if I did discipline would be healthier right no sir no God’s not gonna love me any more whether I’ve got muscles or not okay that doesn’t matter but I’ll live better oh yeah if I if I did some exercise yes sure yeah so God counters are for today yeah they come by the completed work of the cross don’t earn them they don’t earn them the way it’s not by our striving of our it’s by grace through faith yeah and it’s by offering ourselves in hunger and if you’re not hungry one of the first prayers to pray is be real say God I used to be I’m not as hungry as I was and just ask him to make you hungry again and maybe eat anyways that’s right reduce some hunger that’s right that’s awesome well you know I I teach the glory school you know 30 day encounter about 2001 and and the Lord opened up the word to me it was a word encounter oh my gosh just a revelation of you know it’s so beautiful to have your eyes open and and that just came by the simple nudging of the Spirit and you talked about hunger and that’s what it was I said God I you know I’ve heard all these people are encountering you that going to third heaven I don’t get it you know can you show me more about this and and I’d had a sovereign encounter from the Lord back in 1994 but what I didn’t know is I could have faith encounter that’s right and so it was during that time that I was I was hungry for more sovereign encounter when God said let me show you something and then I got really hunger for hungry for more faith encounters as he showed me how to how to walk it out and so it’s really amazing that that you know like God can come to us in sovereign counters or we can go to him in favor encounter that’s exactly right and that’s what I love about because it’s a two-way street yeah it’s a back and forth and he does come and as you’re using the word sovereign and I really appreciate that word and he comes in his Providence to visit us but we have the opportunity every day by faith yep to have a god encounter today and now one of the things that I do today it’s so simple I kneel at my bed when I get up in the morning I might do it for 15 seconds I might be there for 15 minutes but one of the things I did today to express my adoration my love my hunger is I honestly I did it this morning at my hotel bill bed I did it before I would come to be on TV right now in my bed I said God my life is not my home and it’s yours yeah and I want you more today yeah I mean I wanted you yesterday and some of you it’s not that complicated I want you right now just maybe just pray something simple in your heart but that’s literally is what I am doing is it’s the way he’s got me right now I’m doing such a simple thing I literally wherever I’m at and the more I sit on my knees and that’s worship mm-hmm Orson is a key to the encountering the presence of God I find to like you know you talked about worship is that if you just meditate on the attributes of God let’s say His goodness for example Lord you are so good your goodness is so amazing your goodness is lavished upon me you’ve shown me goodness and every moment of eternity through Jesus Christ and you just keep meditating on that one attribute before long like I can feel it now right now in this studio I am sensing the presence of God I’m encountering his goodness just by turning my attention towards His goodness so there’s a little key for you know like like James said it’s easy it’s not complicated it’s just simple and we want you to encounter God we want you to have daily encounters with him I want to highly recommend that you get James’s book God encounters today because it’s not just for the Bible days it’s for you and it’s right now and also feel free to visit our website Patricia king.com and look for the glory school because it’ll help you line online some precept experience.the the invisible realm of the kingdom of God thank you so much for joining us today and remember this that God loves to you with an everlasting love he really really does why don’t you take that message and go share it with someone today we’ll see you next time all I can say is I met the love of God in a way I’ve never experienced it before the glory school explores the supernatural realms of the cross and the covenant new creation realities and the person of the Holy Spirit it invites you into an account er with God it will completely change her life for the first time really got the love of God uncover the truth of hearing the voice of God experiencing the third heaven angelic Majesties the fire and the glory embark on a faith adventure today with Patricia Kings biblically-based 18 DVD teaching the glory school be prepared for God to invade your life in a personal way like you’ve never seen before life affords us many opportunities to leave an eternal mark in history in the end all that matters is what we’ve done for others what I love about Patricia is that she is just a solid laid down lover I see Jesus and everything that she does what you see is what you get it’s just a real person it’s encouraging to see what God is doing or her life we can do more together than alone I love this ministry I love their outreach to sex trafficking and kids at risk and when you partner with this ministry you get to make global impact into people’s lives feel like the Lord has aligned me up to just say under her mantling your party with Patricia because she is a sold out lover of Jesus just because I’m connected I receive it it’s just like sowing and reaping lit your soul you’re gonna get abundant so when you break through for him he breaks through for you God blesses us when we look forward in our faith I just encourage everybody I’m a partner it just takes you up to another level partner with Patricia King to spread the love of God around the world

Dr. James W. Goll Interview:  On this episode of Everlasting Love TV, Dr. Goll joins Patricia King to share how you can step into the place of encounter with the Lord. Not just once, but you can actually create a lifestyle of intimacy and encounter.

About Dr. James W. Goll

With great joy Dr. James Goll has shared Jesus in more than 50 nations teaching and imparting the power of intercession, prophetic ministry, and life in the Spirit. He has a desire to see people all over the face of the earth changed through a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

He is s the President of God Encounters Ministries and has founded numerous ministries including Prayer Storm and Women on the Frontlines. He is a member of the Harvest International Ministries apostolic team and an instructor in the Wagner Leadership Institute and Christian Leadership University.

God Encounters Ministries

God Encounters Ministries was started in Missouri in the early 1990s and was originally called Ministry to the Nations. This season was filled with zeal, prayer, and activating many into the prophetic. After moving to the Nashville, TN area in 1996, the ministry was renamed Encounters Network – a ministry to the nations.

Teaching and training, networking leaders, and hosting regional and national conferences made up a large part of this second phase of growth and outreach. Several pivotal ministries were birthed during this time which became expressions of Encounters Network.

Whether through prophetic blogs, social media posts, online webinars, inspirational and practical classes, books, study guides, and curriculum kits for personal use and small group settings, Dr. Goll’s heart remains the same… to equip the church to impact the world.


God Encounters Ministries - Dr. James W. Goll

God Encounters Ministries: “Our covenant is to love the Lord our God with all our hearts, souls and strength and learn to love our neighbors as we love ourselves.”



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Dr. James W. Goll ministers at King Jesus International Ministry in Miami Florida

Dr. James W. Goll ministers at King Jesus International Ministry in Miami, Florida | Image courtesy: kingjesus.org



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Dr. James W. Goll interview on The Jewish Voice with Jonathan Bernis | Image courtesy: jewishvoice.org



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Dr. James W. Goll interview on Everlasting Love with Patricia King | Image courtesy: xpmedia.com



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Bio. Dr. James Goll is the president of Encounters Network, the international directory of Prayer Storm, and the founder of God Encounters Training—an e-School of the Heart. He is an international bestselling author, a certified Life Language Trainer, and has taught in more than fifty nations. James was married to Michal Ann for thirty-two years before her graduation to heaven in the fall of 2008. He has four adult children who are married and a growing number of grandchildren. James makes his home in Franklin, Tennessee.

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