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Elevate Christian Network | Ministry Outreach TV

On this week’s episode of Everlasting Love TV, Dr. Candice Smithyman joins Patricia King to dig into this truth and share powerful testimonies that will build your faith, stir your hunger, and open your eyes to how you can connect with heaven right here, right now.

Do you realize that as a born-again New Testament believer Jesus has not only restored you to the fullness of your relationship with your Heavenly Father but you are also plugged into the fullness of His Kingdom. That’s right! You are a citizen of heaven right now.

Video Transcript

Did you know that it is absolutely the portion of every single believer in Jesus to have access into heaven to have encounter in heaven to have experiences with God in heaven and that is before you die that is like while you’re still living and breathing in the earth well today’s program is just about that it’s about how you can have access into heaven how you can experience and encounter that heavenly dimension and with me today I have a special guest dr. Candice Smith men so awesome to have you you’re all the way from Jackson Florida from freedom destiny destiny Church sorry and also you are the founder of dream mentors coaching Institute’s so awesome to have you with us and why you’re here is you’re going to tell us all about encounters into the heavenly dimension and before we have you share some exciting testimony I want to open up in Revelation chapter 4 I love this scripture because here’s John he’s having an encounter it says after these things I looked and behold a door standing open in heaven so I can just imagine John there and he’s just you know in the presence of the Lord probably maybe worshiping or or meditating or something and all of a sudden he sees this door open in heaven and the first voice which I heard so you can hear sounds coming out of heaven it was like the sound of a trumpet speaking with me and I said come up here come up here and that’s the call of God for every believer and of course we don’t have time to unpack that in its fullness with you right now we have courses that we can lead you to in fact Kandace you’ve got one called releasing heaven a whole CD series with five CDs that people can order on your website that’s on the screen right now but I want to hear about your most impacting heavenly encounter oh my goodness well I’ve had a few but the most impactful one was the very first time and I feel quite like John because God God called me up during a time of worship I was completely engaged with the Lord I’ve been praying and fasting for days and I was worshipping Him and all of a sudden my spirit was caught up to heaven and there I was encompassed by the presence of God amazing I saw the sight of Jesus’s face but while I was there I had no consciousness of myself I don’t I’m not even sure how long I was gone because it seemed like I was gone for a long long period of time but when I returned to self it was a very short period of time but when you’re talking about self you’re talking about your natural humanity so yes did you feel like you weren’t just kind of like in your your your pure spirit man sort of thing yes it was totally pure spirit man I believe it’s really what God says about being in Christ I had no revelation of my own consciousness no consciousness of sin no consciousness of who I was not only a melting of me and Jesus together it was so profound that I actually asked him Lord I don’t want to go back I love my husband I love my children but I don’t want to go back and he said you have to go back because you have to tell them what you experienced and so here today I get that opportunity to tell what I experience because that set my life on a course of wanting to know him more wanting to experience his love wanting to know who he is completely because I had encountered him in that heavenly place it’s so beautiful so in this encounter you were not conscious of your natural self you were in the spirit and that’s what says some revelations John said in Chapter 1 he said I was in the spirit on the Lord’s Day so it was like you were in the spirit not conscious of your natural being not conscious of sin the conscious of the righteous presence of Jesus and sometimes when we have a spiritual encounter heavenly encounter there can be activities there can be different interactions sometimes with the angelic sometimes with voices or sounds and but it sounds like this one in particular was all about presence it was it was about his presence it was about knowing a knowing of who he is in a pureness there was a pureness there’s the holiness there was a sacredness to it as a matter of fact it was so sacred to me that when when I returned from this place I didn’t want to even share it with anyone I didn’t want to speak it was only my children that drew me out to even remotely share it all at that point because it was so overwhelming to me and I held on to that experience for quite some time the reality of it where it didn’t even leave me it was like I could just be there in an instant with him even though I was present here isn’t that interesting though is that once you have a heavenly encounter you can actually go back into it because it’s in your memory bank yes you will never forget it it actually happened it’s in your memory bank and so you can reflect back on it and I find that as you reflect on it sometimes you actually go back right into that same place right yes so that’s really awesome so when you were in the presence tell us about like what aspects of Jesus were made alive to you as you were in his presence and I mean obviously there was a lot because you didn’t want to go back you were just you were just taken in his presence you were content to be there for all eternity you wanted nothing else so can you explain to us some of some of what you sensed of Jesus you know it was the wholeness aspect it was the fact that for the first time in my life I was completely whole with no need for anything I didn’t have a need for provision protection acceptance no fleshly need was there it was the consumption of who I believe I was born to be from before the foundation of the world and in this one moment I was complete I was totally complete and and I believe that that when were in that place that’s what he’s giving us is the completeness and the wholeness of who he is so meshed with us it’s that union in love it was such a union in love I feel so in love with him that I didn’t want to leave where I was at regardless of all of the human relationships and covenants that I was in those relationships with my husband and my children Wow I mean he Trump’s that all day today but I loved what you shared about how in his presence you discovered yourself the reality of who you were was discovered by being in his glory by being in his presence and when I’m mentoring people I have an online mentoring program called the a-team and I love it and my my goal and my passion is to see believers so established in their core with who they are in Christ that no matter what they put their hand to they will prosper and no matter what comes against them they will not be shaken right and it’s like one encounter in the glory can establish a person in that place of knowing who they are being so unshakable you never forget it you know I’ve had encounters in the Lord the same way you just are in his presence and he reveals to you who you are of just a few days old in the Lord the Lord gave me I was just three days old in the Lord and I had an encounter with the father I’ve never forgotten him and he showed me in that encounter that I was this little girl I was like a little 4 or 5 year old girl and I saw my purity my innocence and everything I’ve never forgotten it and in the core of my being by seeing that that’s who I’ve become in the spirit very childlike very you know like you know the innocence of the spirit man right and so when you are in that heavenly encounter like what you’ve arrived to us you saw yourself yes and that’s who you are that’s how people see you you know so it’s it’s beautiful and you you can have encounter I highly recommend getting releasing heaven going on dr. Candace’s website and getting it because she has she has keys every CD in this set there’s 5 CDs and every CD shows you how you can access heaven and in the second half of this program we’re going to give you some keys as to how you can access so tell us about another encounter that you’ve had you know I’ve had a variety of different encounters there’s one that that comes frequently to me and that is when I’m worshiping the Lord he will show me a picture it’s really just like a dawn like the Sun rising and when I see this in worship I know that he wants to release heaven in an environment and so um it’s it’s as though he’s saying I’ve given you authority at this time to begin to release Heaven into the environment that you’re in beautiful and it’ll happen you know it at various times but you can go into worship at any moment I mean in an instant right now we can begin to worship God and release heaven right here just just in our connection with one another so and then of course in the corporate body it’s beautiful but when he takes me to that place I know okay it’s he wants to release heaven in this environment and so I began to call out and cry out for heaven to come and be released and he and he does and he releases the angelic hosts to come and they began to minister to others and healing comes and just freedom freedom in the spirit where where people feel like they’re one with or one with God and they they feel his everlasting love you know I just love it because our partnership with heaven is the same as what Jesus did right he said in John 5 he said I only do the things I see my father do so what you’re describing is so cool because what you’re doing is discerning the Father’s will so when you discern that atmosphere of Heaven’s coming you know that he wants to invade the earth with the manifestation of that presence right there so you’re partnering with him it gives you the faith to move forward you also shared in the room earlier about you have angelic encounters in meetings as well that you have a seer gift so you’re able to see with open vision yes and some of you will have open vision in your seer abilities some of you will be able to see in your mind’s eye it’s all very authentic and very beautiful one isn’t more powerful than the other as far as its significance goes some ways are more dramatic than others but even the most faintest way that you see or perceive is very very powerful but tell us about the Angels that you see coming to your meetings at your church yes it’s certainly powerful we we moved into a very large facility and during this process God began to show us and show me in particular when the angelic hosts were around and he would say to me there greater than the numbers here and Andy and I would begin to see like the multiplication of angels and then we moved to our new facility and he showed me a portal in the facility and there’s angels that will descend and ascend though they’ll kind of go back and forth and they’ll fill our sanctuary during our times of worship and people can feel their presence and I’ll see them and I’ll just I’ll be like okay there’s healing angels here right now you know there’s angels that are worshiping the Lord right now there’s just a variety of different angels and they’ll come and they’ll engage with us and they just bring just a powerful presence of the of the Lord into the room and and everything shifts in our environment I knew we even get lighter as a church you know every just edges you know you know our everything our organic mass changes you know we’re completely different as a result of that and so when I see that happen then I know what God is doing in our meetings too you know it’s truly I love it I mean when you see a healing angel come into a meeting you know my god said to him right it’s to serve his purposes in healing so we can learn how to partner with God and partner with the angelic to bring about the purposes of God in the earth mm-hmm Candace mentioned about portal some of you might wonder what a portal is and the Bible talks about gates into heaven and for example you can look at Genesis 28 and it talks about Jacob where he saw the ladder going up into heaven the Lord was at the top of a ladder and angels were ascending and descending and then he said is this not the gate of heaven right so there’s this portal or opening into heaven and Jesus opened the heavens 2000 years ago when he came out of the waters of baptism and the heavens were open it said and the father said this is my beloved Son in whom well please and so portals are very real you know and we do a whole teaching on living under an open heaven I do that and one of my mentoring courses helped people learn how to open the portals and live under the open heaven and I loved it and of course in our glory school we you know teach different posturings for that well this is very very exciting and we want you to know that even as candice has experienced these these and way more than that this but these are powerful testimonies and they can be yours a god it’s not a respecter of persons you know the heavens are opened over Jesus Christ who is in you if you are believer and so you have access into this heavenly dimension and after the break we are actually going to go into giving you some keys as to how you can posture yourself to experience heavenly glory we’ll be right back life affords us many opportunities to leave an eternal mark in history in the end all that matters is what we’ve done for others what I love about Patricia is that she is just a solid laid down lover I see Jesus in everything that she does what you see is what you get just a real person it’s encouraging to see what God is saying or her life we can do more together than alone I love this ministry I love their outreach to sex trafficking and kids at risk so when you partner with this ministry you get to make global impact into people’s lives feel like the word has aligned me up to just sender her mantle and gifties departed with Patricia because she is a sold out leverage it’s just because I’m connected I receive it it’s just like sowing and reaping that you’re so you’re gonna get abundant so when you break through for him he breaks through for you God blesses us when we look forward in our faith I just encourage everybody I’m a partner it just takes you up to another level partner with Patricia King to spread the love of God around the world this is one of my most favorite books right now God’s law of attraction it is an amazing discovery when we understand that God creates the laws for our benefit and we get to search them out it says in 3rd John verse 2 beloved I pray that you would prosper in every respect and be in health as your soul prospers so God’s law of attraction is about souls prosperity whatever you think whatever you imagine whatever you feel whatever you choose whatever you speak it’s gonna have effect on your life you’ve heard of it said enjoy that which I feared came upon me you see he attracted what he feared because he was operating in God’s law of attraction but you know when you align your soul with the promises of God guess what you’re going to attract you’re gonna attract those promises you’ll want to get God’s law of attraction it’ll transform your life well welcome back you know I just adore you I think I have the most amazing viewership in the whole universe because all of you hungry people come to watch everlasting love and you know because the Lord loves you so much he has invited you into this heavenly dimension to experience him it’s because he adores you he wants you where he is and he’s opened up everything for you and in this segment Kandace we’re going to talk about how our people can access that heavenly realm that you’ve access and that that is so cool because even in your very first significant encounter the Lord told you to go share it so that other people could experience it too he just wants a whole family with him so what has been your greatest key for accessing heavenly encounter I would have to say it’s a worship when we come into the presence of the Lord and the pureness and the holiness of worship and we lay down ourselves and our encumbrances and the things that tie us to the earthly realm and we release that and we just enter that place of adoring him and and lifting up his name he takes us into the higher places it’s like he calls us just like John come up come up to wearing I experienced the fullness of me in that place and that’s available to everyone you know Jesus as your Lord and Savior you have an open gateway an access point through Jesus and so all people can come and enter into that place of worship and then just keep their minds and their hearts open I think one of the most difficult things is people will allow guilt condemnation fear shame that things be put upon them that shouldn’t be there that was taken care of on the cross and that diminishes the the power the opportunity that he’s providing for us to come into his presence he already took care of that we don’t we don’t need to be engaging in worship we just need to enter in because it’s done and then once we’re there quickly he will usher us into that place of wholeness and completeness and in him what I loved about your encounter that you shared in the first part of our program was that when you were in that place in the presence of God you had no awareness of your natural man with all you know with all this stuff that the natural man deals with it’s not even existent in that place so if we were to spend more time in that heavenly dimension seeing who we really are in his presence then when we are in natural situations will manifest more of that heavenly life and I love Ruth Heflin when she was alive she used to say praise mm-hmm until the spirit of worship comes and worship until the glory comes and then stand in the glory right and the thing about worship that I love is that it’s a complete focus on him it’s like you’ve humbled yourself and your adoring him from your heart when you get he said himself when you humble yourself he exalts you so he brings you into that place so definitely worship is this place of connection into God’s heart and into the heavenly dimension you can get lost in it especially as you bring your focus so it’s not just words only but your heart is focused and for sure I find also as you is you can get lost lost in the glory lost in the heavenly dimension what other keys do you find helpful well praying in tongues prayer just entering into that place of allowing that you the heavenly language that God gave you to just come forth that will help you engage much quicker with the heavenly realms and and help you understand kind of who you are in the realm of heaven which will give you the confidence to be able to release heaven into your motives a lot of it is about our confidence – and worship and prayer build our confidence and who we are in him and that gives us the authority to release heaven in – I love the gift of tongues I love it and if you do not speak in tongues yet I want to help you with that and I do have a resource that will really help you and it’s called tongues so just go on Patricia King calm and go to the store there and we have it in CD format we have it in in a book format but it’ll it’ll help you in fact most people before they finished reading the book they’re speaking in tongues or before they finish you know listening to the CD they’re speaking in tongues because the thing about tongues is it edifies your spirit so it’s calling forth your spiritual nature into its place and connects you to the god realm because it bypasses the natural mind it bypasses your natural understanding it connects you director the spirit and it says in in first Corinthians 14 it says that when you pray in tongues you’re actually declaring mysteries your action proclaiming mysteries kingdom mysteries so you’re you’re totally releasing a divine intelligence or connection into that realm and I find that if I spend let’s say even an extended hour something praying in just tongues and focusing on God and praying in tongues that it’s like the revelatory realm opens up the heavenly dimension is easier to access so for those of you that do speak in tongues but you haven’t been using it come on go and get it out of the cupboard dust it off and put it to use because that is a key for you to enter into divine encounter what other tools have you found um reading the word sitting before the Lord and and studying the word reading the word and allowing the revelation or the Rhema to come off the page and just deposit into our spirit in such a way that we have a moment in heaven where we’re changed it’s like we have a moment that goes into our memory value that causes us to be changed that’s a release of heaven right they are right and then when we continue to operate in that realm we’re learning to release having on a more frequent basis and a lot of this is about teaching ourselves the different ways to access so that we can release heaven on a frequent basis it should be a normal part of life not a Lou normal yeah so that’s no we should never be separated from that heavenly dimension we can live in in in in woods term by location it means being able to live in two realms at the same time it’s what Jesus did he lived in the earthly realm but also in the heavenly realm at the same time simultaneously because we’re a spirit being and we’re living in a natural realm so we can we can do both but when you’re talking about the word I love it because the word is very powerful yes it’s powerful to read it’s powerful to meditate on it’s powerful to decree but also it is actually living pulsating life Jesus said the words I speak to you are spirit and their life so you can actually enter inside the word because the word is eternal so if we can let the word come to us as we’re reading it the Spirit can quicken word or we can go to the word and I had an encounter a number of years ago where the Lord took me inside of Ephesians 1:3 hmm where I saw all the the the spiritual blessings in the heavenly places I went in the spirit and I saw all of it was like the word was a place it was tangible it was it wasn’t just print on a page it was real and that’s why I think that when you meditate on the word you connect into that that multi-dimensional life that is in the word so we want to encourage you to just delve into it okay go into the word and invite the Holy Spirit to open it up and to bring you inside of it and get the word inside of you you get inside the word it’s beautiful do you have any final key to give us as we’re as we’re hungry to enter into that realm of experience and encounter in the Lord you know I think we have to know first and foremost that we’re spirit beings you’re a citizen of heaven but yet you have an earthly assignment and it’s learning to have connections with heaven in such a way that you’re so totally transformed in who you are that you believe you really are heavenly and and as that becomes a part of your mind your will your emotions as it becomes part of your soul transformation then you literally will walk as heaven on earth and as the church the Church of Jesus Christ each and every one of us come together corporately we’ve been given the authority from heaven to operate in the realm of heaven I mean the church is the highest level of authority on the planet but we’re not exercising that and we’re not exercising it because I think a lot of people are our citizens of heaven but they don’t realize that to the depth and and what we’re talking about today is going to next levels of that understanding so we can be the church that God wants us to be you know individually as a corporate body and and allow heaven to really manifest itself in this place beautiful beautiful Candace thank you so much for the encouragement that you’ve brought to our people today I know that you’ve been greatly encouraged we just want to you know really support what Candace is doing go to her website find out more about our ministry shows a whole team of mentors who can help you grow in the spirit as teachings available so go to our website and find out more about that and also of course you can go to PatriciaKing.com and find the glory school their teachings on the supernatural and on my mentorship program the 18 would love to be your mentor and help you grow in who you are in Christ and grow into and accelerate your full potential so god bless you and remember this above all else that God loves you with an everlasting love he really really does so this week go and explore that love because it is enormous it fills the universe God’s love for you is beyond anything that you could ever comprehend and he wants to touch you with a big time in this season god bless see you next time

About Freedom Destiny Church

Freedom Destiny Church is a non-denominational church where you will find people of all ages, ethnicities, and cultures. When you join them for worship services, you will experience their friendly and loving atmosphere. Since their worship services are contemporary concert style, you will notice the lights down during worship.

After worship, you will enjoy practical life-changing messages from their Pastors.  Come as you are and experience God’s love for you and your family. FD is Bible-based. They come together for worship, communion, Bible study, prayer, and fellowship: It’s what the Bible instructs us to do.

Studying, teaching, and living out the Word of God are priorities at Freedom Destiny. In doing so, they accomplish their reason for being here: worshipping and giving glory to the Lord. Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path. – (Psalm 119:105)

About Pastor Adam Smithyman

Adam is Senior Pastor of Freedom Destiny Church in Orange Park, Florida. He is the Founder and President of Dream Mentors Transformational Life Coaching Institute, a biblical life coaching educational organization that teaches and trains educators and coaches in this specialty of life coaching.

Adam is an ordained minister with One Focus Network in Hampton Roads, Virginia, and a Board Certified Pastoral Counselor with the American Association of Christian Counselors.  He is a retired US Navy Commander with over 21 years of service.

He and Candice are the parents of Alexandria, Nicholas, and Samantha, two sons-in-law, Garrison Knight and Hunter Lisenba, and one daughter-in-law, Avery Smithyman.

About Dr. Candice Smithyman

Candice is Executive Pastor of Freedom Destiny Church in Orange Park, Florida, and Founder and Vice President of Dream Mentors Transformational Life Coaching Institute, a biblical life counseling and coaching educational organization that teaches and trains educators and coaches in the specialty of life coaching. Dr. Candice has appeared on international and local television and radio programs.

She has co-hosted the local Jacksonville Trinity Broadcasting Network, Praise the Lord program with her husband, Adam. She also hosts her own television show called “Glory Road” that connects viewers with key leaders and authors speaking on important topics like healing, miracles, deliverance, angelic hosts, spiritual warfare, the glory realms, and how to access His righteousness, knowing the Hebrew calendar, and more.


Candice Smithyman Ministries Website



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Pastors Adam and Candice Smithyman on CTN Homekeepers Show with Host Arthelene Rippy. | Image courtesy: ctnonline.com



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Dr. Candice Smithyman interviews Katt Kerr on the Glory Road Program. | Image courtesy: candicesmithyman.com



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Dr. Candice Smithyman interviews Evangelist Joan Hunter. | Image courtesy: candicesmithyman.com



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