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Elevate Christian Network :: Ministry Outreach TV

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turn to proverbs chapter 4 proverbs chapter 4 wisdom is the ability to discern difference difference in people difference in a moment a difference in an environment wisdom is the scriptural solution to a human problem wisdom is quite simply the ability to anticipate consequences wisdom is the ability to anticipate consequences and rewards wisdom is not produced through time it is not produced even through education it’s produced through a passion to be right to be right wisdom is a choice it’s a gift to be received and perceived the Bible says that wisdom is the most important thing in her life because it decides health wealth favor success wisdom is the ability to see difference difference in right and wrong Joseph saw difference on the countenance of the butler and the Baker his ability to see difference brought him to the palace your entire future will not be decided by God because destiny is potential not a guarantee potential is not destiny Satan had potential your future is decided by your wisdom wisdom determines the experiences you have wisdom must be pursued must be pursued wisdom is the ability to see difference on the earth difference in people difference in character difference in opportunity difference in integrity difference in investment 4:7 wisdom is the principal thing therefore get wisdom with all thy getting get understanding exalt her exalt her and she shall promote thee she shall bring thee to honour without dust embrace her these are dark times that we’re entering and we know that God talks a lot about darkness Jesus was born at night it was night politically spiritually emotionally at the end of the book of Malachi launched 400 years called the period of the Maccabees the Maccabees were a kingship line God did not speak to any human on earth for 400 years the voice of God was unheard on the earth according to historians that interpret in study and when Jesus came and the book of Matthew picks it up those between Malachi and Matthew God was so distraught and so disappointed with men that he stopped to divine conversation with the entry of Jesus we see Jesus being birthed and came to demonstrate and we know that Jesus was divine because of the changes his name creates when you say in the name of Jesus your environment divides and demonic powers have to subside his name is above all names over 600 worms came out of my body including walk crawling out of my mouth and one day my mother counted the worms that came out of my body at one day over 600 the doctors had given me up said he will not live he will die but my father went into the prayer room lifted up his hands and simply said thou art a mighty God thou art a mighty God thou art a mighty God and what doctors could not do my Heavenly Father did in one moment there’s power in the name of Jesus there’s power than me we’re shocked and stunned no lawyer no lawyer of integrity would allow you to sign a contract without reading the contract and yet we have watched almost 800 billion dollars of our money I children’s money we’re watching insanity and our representatives in Washington DC sign bills they haven’t even read that’s shocking to us that’s shocking to us we stand and we stare and we don’t know what to do because you can wake up you’re legal and we like pass a law and Union not even know it you wake up on the wrong side Psalms 18 1911 says he bowed the heavens also and came down in darkness was under his feet these are dark times I want to talk to you about 7 decisions sevens decisions that will get you through the dark places through the dark times 7 decisions because it will not be God that just gets us through it’ll be our decisions to trust God believe God listen to God he rode upon the cherubim did fly you he did fly upon the wings of the wind he made darkness his secret place hallelujah hallelujah he made darkness his secret place Mike what does that mean that means the dark season is where God lives halleluja halleluja he hides himself in the dark place and where you think you’re going to be destroyed God’s going to show up in this dark season in the dark times seven decisions that would get you through the dark times he made darkness his secret place his pavilion round about him were dark waters of thick clouds of the sky lamentation 36 he hath sent me in dark places he’s equal 32 8 all the bright lights of heaven will I make dark over thee and set darkness upon my land saith the Lord God Amos 5:20 shall not the day of the Lord be darkness and not light even very dark and no brightness in it say God’s going to be with me in the dark times write this down Isaiah 45 3 you there it’s your home watching through the internet right there write this down I will give thee The Treasures of darkness say treasures of Darkness said again treasures of Darkness treasures of Darkness treasures of Darkness the next 12 months are going to be the most creative months of your life there’s going to be a simplification process because dark times expose the unnecessary I said dark times expose the unnecessary dark times show you what you can live without dark times reveal what you can’t live without dark times reveal true friends and distinguished between Fairweather friends say treasures of Darkness hidden riches of secret places that thou mayest know that I the LORD which call thee by that and am the God of Israel Isaiah 48 6 write that down thou has heard see all this will not you declare it I’ve showed the new things everybody say new God likes new he loves new I like new I said I like new I love new I love sometimes I buy something I already have because it’s a new one say I love new even God’s mercies are new every morning I said God’s mercies are new every morning God’s a creator not an imitator not a duplicator say this is a season for new things oh I can’t hear you said again I’ve show the new things from this time even hidden things they’ll does not know them thou did not you didn’t know darkness is a conclusion Dargis is a conclusion it means that yesterday is over darkness is the first part of the new day hallelujah hallelujah the night and the day the night and the day darkness means yesterday’s over means God put a period on the past it means everything in the past has lost its influence over the present that means everything yesterday has no influence on tomorrow darkness is a difference in season darkness is a difference in season say darkness is the difference in seasons there are seven decisions I’d like for you to write them your decision to dream a new dream write that down my decision to dream a new dream the darkness has come because God wants to do something new God talks in pictures Abraham see the Stars that’s what your kids going to be like see the sand is sure that’s what your kids going to be like what is the dream you have of the future God brings us into dark places as a purging element to take out what does it belong in our future disappointment is a divine instruction always study disappointment it contains a signal a disappointment means something is over something didn’t work something wasn’t correct get excited over disappointment disappointment is a divine signpost that you’ve left Egypt Egypt has to be exposed before you head for Canaan if you think the present is your Canaan you’ll never move but the moment you have there’s a disappoint in your life God said see where you’ve been was not what I planned get excited disappointment is a divine conversation God wants you to dream again and usually God will give you a disappointment to show you who doesn’t belong in your future I said God gives you a disappointment to show you who does not qualify for your future God has to take out the lot before he gives you the future like he gave Abraham say I’m going to dream again said again I’m going to dream again say it loud I’m going to dream again you got to hate the present to birth your future what does the dream gods put in your heart what’s the dream your decision to dream again say I’m going to dream again say it again I’m going to dream again say it loud and nobody can make you dream that’s you that’s you you got to make a decision to go for your future you didn’t like your past or you too stayed there so since you didn’t like your past why don’t you get a picture of your future and put it on your wall put it in front of you put it in the bathroom where you spend time meditating put it in front of you this is a future I see for me this is a future I’m planning for me I’ve had people tell me brother Mike I don’t know what the future holds I said then plan it plenty of experiences I often say schedule your pleasure because pain will schedule itself schedule your pleasure because pain will schedule itself schedule your pleasure and every pleasure has a price what price are you willing to pay for your future what price are you willing to pay for your future is your future so big that you’ve stopped talking about yesterday if you’re still talking about yesterday you don’t have your picture yet my conversations determines what grows number to write this down my decision to stay thankful hallelujah thankfulness is the seed for joy you’ll never meet a thankful person who is unhappy you’ll never meet an unhappy person who is thankful now if you’re a problem-solver this will be difficult problem-solvers look for things to correct problem solvers are constantly looking for things to improve so if you’re a problem solver all you see is something that needs requiring the change improvement help me after a while you can get a little critical you get all upset so this is my whole life soar like a policeman they believe everybody’s broken or loss just how soon they’ll find them and at some point in your life you have to work with this thankfulness thinking that you’ve got air to breathe thank him that you were able to get up this morning when you pull into your garage at night thanking that you made it through a thousand cars that drove past you you think there’s a lot of crazy people they went past you and miraculously God salvaged you and kept you and preserved you God watched over you say I will stay thankful I’ve decided to be thankful said again I’ve decided to be thankful he said like there’s some praise at people the world yes and they could have easily been in your house that means thankful God kept you kept you kept sure he preserved you he watched over you sale I made a decision to be thankful as you begin to voice that thankfulness and you begin to express it father thank you for your presence thank you for your love thank you for you’ve helped me survive Laura thank you thank you for exposing this wrong person before they went any further into my life Laura thank you for giving me a quick thank you Father thank you for my help I couldn’t be in a hospital today I could have tubes running in out of my body I could be a I could be smashed up in a with my with my leg paralyzed I could be like the young lady that had to have her her her legs cut off in that her arms cut off thank god I’ve got I’ve been blessed today I’ve been blessed have you been blessed do you know that you’ve been blessed john d rockefeller told a little boy that he he was known for giving out dimes dimes does a lot more in those days it is but he gave a little boy a dime one day and he made the statement to the little boy he said I would give up all my millions to be able just to eat a hot dog but his stomach was so torn up he couldn’t even eat a hotdog without severe pain God has been good to us I said God has been good to us three write this down I’ve decided to lavish see the seat of Honor into my environment your decision to lavish the seat of honor your decision to lavish the seat of Honor into your environment honor is the celebration of difference wisdom is the recognition of difference honor is the ability and willingness to honor somebody’s difference in your life God runs the earth through difference not sameness you must celebrate your difference you must identify the difference from others because it’s your difference that brings you your success I don’t go to McDonald’s because they have hamburgers like Quarter burger I go to McDonald’s because I get served on the same day that I order it Walmart or rather a Waterbury you have to sort of scheduled a few days in advance you don’t buy a Cadillac because reminds you of a Toyota difference decide to honor people for their difference lavish the seed of Honor countless will show honor your words will show honor honor the chain of authority because the blessing always comes through the chain of authority always remember that blessings don’t flow up they flow down you can only you can only be promoted by someone who gave you an instruction you can only be promoted by someone who has given you an instruction when someone has given you an instruction they position you for promotion they permission you they prevail it early position you for promotion every instruction is part of the golden equation of your future say it out loud I will lavish my environment with the seeds of Honor till someone next to you I will show honor to you I will show honor to you oh say it loud I will show honor to you write this down I will excel in obedience I will excel in obedience there’s people who love to excel in a pretty tight a nice shirt but they don’t excel in obedience there’s men with Rolls Royces and helicopters and jets and today they’re in prison because they wouldn’t excel in obedience obedience is the seed for promotion it’s the seed excellence is a seed it’s a beginning it’s not a conclusion it’s the seed for everything that happens in your life have you excelled and obey the instructions instructions or invitations to significance instructions or opportunities to prove your integrity the difference in seasons is an instruction the difference between a fool and the wise is a reaction to an instruction oh say I will Excel next write this down I’ve decided to invoice unnecessary metals I’ve decided to avoid unnecessary battles battles exhaust you battles distract you I’ve decided to avoid the unnecessary battles there’s people who want to argue about everything the color of the carpet they want to argue every little part of their life say it again I have decided to avoid unnecessary battles now Mike what does that mean that means stop trying to change anybody give them information let them do the changing I said give them knowledge let them do the changing now 90% of all of your battles all your pain in your life will come through misplace trustee you might want to write that down 90% of life pain comes through misplaced trust trusting wrong people which brings us to the next wisdom key I’ve decided to study the character of every friendship I’ve decided to study the character of all friendships I said a few weeks ago when people show you who they really are believe them when people show you who they really are believe them look at someone next to you say when people show you who they really are believe them 90% of human pain comes through trusting people who are untrustworthy trusting their character or their caring are their judgment in decision-making now you know that wisdom is a study of difference and one of the things I’ve been asking the Lord to do in my life is show me who I should stop teaching it’s very critical that you qualify the soil that attracts the seed of your energy the seed of your time if you’re serious about success in 2009 you must study the character of every person that’s in your life integrity invites scrutiny we know that from Daniel he said study perfect in days if I don’t produce then we’ll go your plan your way seed has no power without proper soil seed is passive its impotent it has no future until it enters into a covenant with quality soil seed does it change soil it exposes the character of soil as you have planted your life into different people and your energy study and evaluate the results of your seed don’t be afraid to scrutinize the results of what you put in someone achieve so time and I tell you something the most powerful gift you can give someone is not money not even love if love could change anybody the whole world be saved because God loved the earth and it didn’t change or anybody look at someone next to you and say if you stay stupid I can’t be your friend if you stay stupid it can’t be your friend the greatest gift God gave man was opportunity opportunity to reach opportunity to learn opportunity I have made up my mind to study the character how do you study the character who do they trust everyone you trust is trusting someone you wouldn’t what’s been the product of the last 12 months of their life who had they refused to honor who do they trust who have they chosen to honor write this down I’ve decided to be to master the art of learning I’ve decided to master the art of learning I’ve decided to master the art of learning God doesn’t decide your life as you already know that if he did there’d be no purpose for wisdom if everything that happens was planned by God obedience does have a place disobedience doesn’t have a penalty the whole Bible eight hundred thousand words is written about decisions decisions I’ve decided to become a learner and master the art of learning what I want to learn there’s three things I want to know a lot about there’s actually 365 but there’s three that I major in one is the holy spirit I want to know his countenance I want to discern his voice I want to know how to get along with him I want to know what agitates him I want to move away from anything that he’s not far to I want to know my assignment I want to know the center of my assignment I want to know where I belong where I don’t belong I want to know to whom I have been sent I’m not been sent to I want to learn I want to learn my assignment I want to learn the people that God’s put in my life to bring change to and I want to learn a whole lot about sowing seeds for a financial harvest you interested money you bet your life you think about money and for a day of my life I know some of your spiritual you never do think about money that’s why we have to pay your bills for you I want to look at someone next to you and says you need to think about money a little bit more look at somebody that you need to think prayer you need to think about money a little bit more I want to know how to sow it how to grow it how to multiply it how to manage it I want to be a financial partner with God how many want to be a financial partner with God

  • In this message, Dr. Mike Murdock teaches “Wisdom Is…The Ability To Discern Difference”. “Wisdom Is…The Scriptural Solution To A Human Problem” and so much more.

About Dr. Mike Murdock

Dr. Mike Murdock is Founder and Senior Pastor of The Wisdom Center, a church with international ministry based in Fort Worth, Texas.  He hosts a daily TV show called “Wisdom Keys with Dr. Mike Murdock”.  He is the author of over 300 books, with many of them focusing on gaining wisdom in life.

Some of his best- sellers include: Wisdom for Winning, Dream-Seeds, and The Law of Recognition.  Dr. Murdock receives hundreds of invitations each year to speak in churches, colleges, and business corporations.  He has traveled and spoken to more than 23,000 audiences in more than 133 countries, including Asia, East Africa, the Orient, and Europe.


Dr. Mike Murdock - The Wisdom Center - Fort Worth Texas

Dr. Mike Murdock | The Wisdom Center – Fort Worth, Texas



Dr. Mike Murdock | The Wisdom Center Channel



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Zjolt had been waiting for this one and it did seem like August 14 and 15 were afar off, but alas here we are! COZA Abuja’s programme with Pastor Murdock here in Nigeria began last night! Yay! Even before the service

One on One with Dr. Mike Murdock | K24TV

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[Music] welcome back and thank you so much for staying with us now in studio we do have with us dr. Mike Murdock like I told you this man has so many you know acclaims and you know he’s done so much in his life and one thing that is very principled for him is wisdom you know the gift of wisdom now they’ll be having of course a series of events if I may say so and they’ll be one at the Norfolk just this morning okay at 7:00 and it’s a corporate breakfast meeting yes and you know you’ll be speaking about insights on the workplace and what you understand especially by applying wisdom later on at the st. Andrews church and that will cost you 1,000 shillings so make sure you go for this particular event choose either okay and make sure that you’re imparted with it with wisdom because I believe that is a basis of so many things dr. Mike Mattek thank you for coming Wow privilege thank you for getting up this early I rarely end up this what your studio is beautiful it is wonderful to be here with you I love Nairobi okay and we’re so happy to have you you know someone who has accomplished so much in his life sometimes you know you end up looking like an enigma you know there’s people who do all these things in their lives you know how are they made what stuff quote unquote are they made of okay so today I know you have to do a breakfast meeting okay but I would just like love us to give give us a bit of insight into who Mike Mattek is I’ve you know I read a bit of your books you know go on the net you know such a bit on your history but it’s insane okay for someone who helped me so much so thank you so much for coming and yes you can give us this perspective you could only learn from someone you admire you can’t learn from someone you resent I’m one of my mother had nine children I’m one of seven that lived my father’s 98 he’ll be 99 in a few days has never spent one night in hospital he was a passenger my father was a pastor for 63 years and if someone you trust gives you the confidence that you can accomplish anything you want to not believe that you just have to walk – but I had an early persuasion about the presence of God that if you could get in God’s presence the best would come out of you so I fell in love with the Bible I’ve written and copyrighted 900 books that’s a lot of books some of them up to 900 pages well I brought you what I brought you 131 days of wisdom thank you and by the way if I get a little commercial anybody that wants a free copy can go to my website called free book dot TV it’s free free book dot TV okay but I have people hurt and they’re hurt by statements in their childhood things that are said and so the develop a picture of themselves are you ready for this wisdom K you’ll always act like the person you think you are that’s true so it’s important for people who I believe I came from I believe that there’s a god I believe in God it’s the only way to you know the proof of a song is a composer the proof of a book is an author you know or the proof of an author is a book but the same way of proof and there’s three things I would want to say to our friends there at your home number one your your walls should tell me a story about your future your walls in your home if I walk into your house today well I see pictures of the past or pictures of your future somewhere there should be a tomorrow wall there’s somewhere in your house there should be a wall of pictures of what you want to experience what you want to do what you want to own what you want to have and number two realize that your imagination creates your energy is that the same as a vision board I heard that stated here I love the word vision board I called mine a dream wall once my dreams yes and I have a dream room where everything in the rooms about the future if you took me the only way to conquer the past is picturing tomorrow I have a friend who says I’ve seen my future and I’ve decided to live there you know um the amazing thing about that particular mindset is the so many people with dreams and hopes but you know tapping is that imagination and knowing that you will make it a reality and sometimes you know the the challenge for some of these people how do you turn that imagination or those dreams into something tangible oh it it’s everything is possible that’s we make things impossible because of something we don’t know knowledge makes all the difference in the world other and what I have in me that helped me accomplish I really admire successful people I told Mohammed I’ll leave the box for one time oh you met yes oh yes for two days the same hotel with him had wonderful time oh he’s as great as he looks he’s as great as he talks he is a humorless human but I told him what inspired me when his name was Cassius Clay is he externalized his authenticity which when he was what he was he didn’t try to fit for everybody do you follow me and there’s a measure of adaptation that creates a reward but you want to be who you are it keeps you comfortable then why is it an urge to be you know something less than who you are supposed to be why is it easy for you know conforming because you know the thing about this I know it’s cliche many people will hear about you know wisdom or you know getting to be authentic but it’s it’s just a good thing to say or a good thing to hear about when does it become a reality in someone’s life that you know what you need to be antek you need to be real oh you just need somebody you believe tell you that’s all oh you just need someone you believe oh yeah yeah yeah I can’t change your life till I change whose voice you trust if I know whose voice you honor I can predict your future who are you believing about you who are you believing about you and I really got a hold of there’s two or three things I really like about myself one is I have a passion for truth number two I’m a I’m a learner I read late last night a book called the cactus of the desert by a pastor Theresa here who has a great work and I love learning from people listening listening receiving everybody knows something I don’t know I consider myself a professional learner people say what do you do for a living I say I learned this I mean what do you do for a living I said that’s what I do I learn I have twelve thousand eight hundred books in my library I read comic someone says what got you interested in reaching for wisdom I said be insistent when you realize the consequences of your ignorance and I saw early and this came from my mother my dad prays all day for hours of 810 hours a day oh yeah very actively at 98 oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah he knows who he is knows who I am and he lives five houses from me but my mother was a learner all I have to do is persuade someone at home don’t spend twenty thousand dollars on a car and two hundred dollars on books reverse it let me ask you doctor yes did you count all the books in the library to twelve thousand eight hundred did I say that again did you count all the books in the library to twelve thousand eight hundred oh I have people yes oh well there was more than twelve thousand 789 about 10 days ago 789 89 books of watch it Wow I can read a man’s life I can know his secrets in an hour there’s a 70 year old billionaire named Peter Daniels Peter J Daniels everything Bill Gates ever said I read his book the business at the speed of light he made one statement in there that changed my whole ministry changed my whole ministry if a 400-pound man came in this room what I want to ask him how he lost weight know who you gonna learn success from people who have succeeded okay then that will make me you know think about the aspect of wisdom is it something that you’re born with or something you acquire both I think we have too many success stories of people who were born in there nothing my father was not rich in fact when I was 18 and went to go to Bible College he couldn’t pay four dollars a day for my Bible College and today God I’m not ashamed to be a multi-millionaire I’m not ashamed to tell people that because there’s loss let me tell you a powerful thing you don’t succeed because you’re a good person yeah the first good man on the earth was named Abel and he was killed by the first evil man you succeed because you listen if you listen to the right people I want to know you know I want to know what what made people the way they are and it’s usually three or four things number one they focused they focus there no reason men fail is broken focus they focused oh one thing they wanted a master number two they found out that solving problems creates a reward system I don’t pray for money never have prayed for money only oh no money it’s not a miracle what is no miracle does Donald Trump look like a great man of Prayer to you no but you have to learn from Donald Trump learn from his daddy he really listened close to his daddy and you’re to read his book one of his books is right I’ll be there every time someone succeeds Nelson Mandela I’ve read every word oh oh the man is a profound man he said something he did not work to destroy enemies he worked to understand enemies who does that who does and I read every word he said because he’s such a profound man everybody has a persuasion all I have to say to you whose life has inspired you if you can keep inspired you’re unstoppable the only struggle of life the only stroke there’s no such thing as a money problem it’s a wisdom problem the thing that changed my life is when I realized there was no such thing as as a wisdom problem or a marriage problem there was a wisdom it can tell you what wisdom is exactly please define it please define it it’s done in Proverbs – wisdom is the ability to recognize difference in people in an environment in an opportunity difference in value your difference from another person their difference from you the purpose of wisdom is to know who to honor a lady said a lady said I treat everybody the same I said so you go to bed with all the men in your neighborhood as well as your husband well well no well no I mean no no no you don’t treat everybody the same if you do what’s the reward of being your friend I said again if you treat everybody the same what’s my reward for becoming loyal to you if you treat everybody the same honor is the willingness to reward a person for their difference okay okay something is you know we’ve come to the end of a conversation and I say that again we’ve come to the end of our conversation I know it’s been short but very impacting in a wisdom okay I know you have an event right now so I don’t want to hold you okay all right um and this is your camera right there yes yes I’ll just look at the camera and invite everyone who’s watching right now to you know come for the breakfast meeting or the other event and said I’m discharged and tell them why they should come you should come because you’re a receiver of knowledge a receiver of inspiration st. Andrews at five o’clock at breakfast I think is fader o’clock seven o’clock so we’re on our way there not only there when you come I give you a free book of 31 things that will radically change your life God never uses time to succeed have this success it’s decisions that create wealth I’m going to tell you seven decisions that made me a wealthy man when I was born very very poor okay thank you for letting me share this time good to meet you between the flesh it’s such a pleasure thank you so much thank you thank you family for watching us today thank you so much and that has been dr. Mike Murdock like I told you he’ll be a bit Norfolk at 7:00 you know that that is right now this morning and at 5 p.m. at 10:00 Andrews the charger is one thousand make sure you go and you know you get imparted with wisdom [Music]


The 3 Most Important Things In Your Life | Dr. Mike Murdock

Dr. Mike Murdock Book - The 3 Most Important Things in Your Life

Dr. Mike Murdock Book – The 3 Most Important Things in Your Life | Image courtesy: wisdomcenter.tv

No Student of Success Should Be Without This Book. If you are seriously interested in succeeding, you need this book! The Holy Spirit / The Assignment / The Seed / 17 Facts About The Holy Spirit / 7 Secrets of Survivors / The Power of Expectation / Singing To The Holy Spirit. Proven Results That Will Last You A Lifetime. | Learn more…


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