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I want to talk about giving I knew I would get a few fewer amens in normal on that point there was a blessing and giving somebody say the blessing of giving and I want to take I mean the Bible all through the Bible is a ton of verses about giving and what I want to look at today is just a section one little section in Exodus that talks about one scenario about giving now lose your neighbor say we broke we hurt no no money yeah so I don’t want people think I’m teaching this cuz we heard we ain’t hurtin you can’t if you came to the church business meeting you would know that but it is a principle of truth that that when you get a hold of it and you apply to your life there are rewards to it amen amen some people give but they don’t give with the right attitude I believe let me just say this up front i’ma say this from now I repeat it again later there’s some things you give to God that you’re obligated to give to God whether you want to do it or not your ties is one of those things that’s that’s holy it belongs to God but an offering which is above and beyond your time it matters how you give that I believe God’s heart is that if you go have an attitude about giving an offering keep it to yourself amen amen all right okay let me go ahead because this this it’s a tension filled rope in the other day I want you to go to Exodus chapter see where I want to start let’s go to chapter 25 and in chapter 25 the first thing we’re going to know is that the people needed a tabernacle they needed a tabernacle now this is back in the back in the day after they were free from slavery they had gotten free from bondage and now they’re out in the middle of the wilderness and they needed to they need a place to worship God and in verse in chapter 25 here’s what it says his word God is sending the Lord was speaking to Moses and said to him in verse number 8 are y’all with me right there 25 verse 8 and let them make me a sanctuary that I may dwell among them God said I want them to make me a tabernacle so that I can dwell among them and being in midst of them God wanted to be in the midst of them and he manifested himself to them through and in the tabernacle it was it was a dwelling place God’s place of dwelling now what God has done for us that’s different from the Old Testament Saints when God hung out with them we got hung out with the Israelites back then he dwelt in the tip in the tabernacle today he doesn’t hang out in the tabernacle he hangs out in you in that great news back then they had to go to the temple they had to go to the tabernacle to get in the presence of God but we have the glorious we have the glorious experience of when you meet the Lord Jesus and he’s in your life he comes and lives inside of you all that’s wonderful that makes me wanna shout and praise the Lord but back then they needed but now what’s the application here the application here I want to talk about the fact they needed a place for God to dwell so they needed a tabernacle we don’t need it we don’t we don’t need a tabernacle contact well we have a place for God’s as well but we do have needs so even though they needed a tabernacle the principle of giving here will be beneficial to you because you have needs if I wouldn’t talk to everybody in here everybody here in here got something that they want God to do for them some prayer did they want answered something they want God to bring deliverance for something some door they want God to open some prayer they want answer who in here got a prayer thing they want God and let me see what you look like good that’s everybody that’s everybody tell you nay but that’s everybody that’s alright so they see ok so God they they God said he wanted him to build a tabernacle that would be their dwelling place and then he says in chapter 29 and verse 42 let’s go to that chapter 29 and verse 42 he says this shall be a continual burnt offering throughout your generation at the door of the tabernacle of meeting before the Lord where I will meet you to speak with you [Laughter] the only help right there do you need some help they don’t know when or her phone start talking to her about it reading this scripture to me I was following the scriptures and I must have hid something and I started reading this scripture and I didn’t know how to turn it off what did I do why don’t we select a version of the Bible where it won’t read to you let’s do that okay talk among yourselves I’ll figure it out chestnuts roasting why is it a net doing that listen do you know it’s I got the version that reads along with you so I just have to turn it off and I couldn’t figure out it’s okay babe I hope it is that the only problem that you have mm-hmm that’s the only one that I use the you version okay okay all right don’t don’t ever say that your husband will not interrupt what he’s doing to share [Applause] where was I okay so so so so they’re at this temple here’s why I was important to him God dwelled there number two God would meet and speak with them there that’s profound I will communicate with them they needed a place where God can communicate this is the great news God communicates with us right where we are no matter where you are no matter what your environment no matter where you live no matter what your pop position you don’t have to face in a certain direction you don’t have to be in a certain position God will talk to you why are you driving your car God will talk to you why your boss is cussing you out somebody ought to give God the shout right here amen he’ll he’ll communicate with you right where you are and speak with you but that’s this was their need that’s the point I’m trying to point out this is what they needed they had a need and you have a need and maybe these things are not your need but this is what then D was and then here’s something that is profound I love verse 34 of chapter 29 says this so I will consecrate the tabernacle of meeting and the altar I will also consecrate both Aaron and his sons to minister to me yes priest Oh y’all missed a great spot to shout here’s an amazing thought the scripture says God says I’m gonna consecrate them so that they will minister to me that’s what God said do you not know that you can minister the guy y’all to say yata you can bless the Lord you can honor him you can you can help him you can put a smile on his face you can strengthen him you we can minister to God I think that’s amazing that God gives us the opportunity to do that I and I sense that when the devil tries to get you to curse God like the devil tried to get a job to do it and by creating all the drama and all of the stuff yep God and yet job still gave God to worship it still God gave God the praise and even though he had lost his children lost his wealthy I seek from the top of his head to the sole of his feet had his jacked-up friends come by and tell him that he must have been a sinning somehow and yet he had not been sitting here all that drama happening in his life but he said the Lord has given the Lord has taken away blessed be the name of the Lord he’s still worshipped God even in the midst of the drama of what he was going through I believe God is blessed when you worship Him even with the hell that you’re going through in life I believe he gets blessed I believe he gets ministered to I believe he gets strengthened I believe that when God can put his trust and confidence and knowing that you will plead his case and worship Him regardless of your circumstances I believe God gets the glory and the honor somebody ought to say Amen right there I love that verse he says that his sons he’s I’m a consequent Aaron and his sons to minister to me God empowers us to be able to do that now here’s what they need was that’s what their need was somebody see that’s what their need was they had that need what do you do when you have a need here’s what they did they gave willingly a man they didn’t say a word but it’s alright here’s the point I want you to see here when we read this is is not that they not just that they gave they did give giving is something that should be a regular part of our lifestyle we have to be givers God has trouble dealing with stingy people it is hard to receive when you are a tightwad somebody on your row is a tightwad go ahead point to them they not only gave but the scripture says here’s the keyword I want you to see I want you to see I guess I should have probably gave me all this again I’m we get to the end of this story what we’re going to discover is that the glory of God filled them and filled the tabernacle so much so Moses couldn’t even go he couldn’t even go in the temple the glory of God was so awesome and so mighty they he they didn’t even go in the tip Church was so high they didn’t even get to go in the church to have church they had Church outside the church y’all now hear what I’m saying to you the goal that’s what you want don’t you what the glory of God that just be so mighty that wherever you are there’s the glory of God fighting the battles opening the door and the thing that is a common point with all of these I’m going to see this we’re going to see this as we read through here the number of times it says that they gave willingly that’s what I want you to see it is the attitude with which you do it so in here look at these verses writing verses 4 and 5 of chapter 35 it says and Moses spoke to all the congregation of the children of Israel saying this is the thing which the LORD commanded saying take from among you and offering to the Lord whoever is of what a willing heart let him bring it has an offering to the Lord gold silver and bronze and it goes on through purple blue scarlet thread fine linen ghosts hair ram skin dyed red bad your skin a carrier wood here’s the thing about this that’s amazing to me I mean let me stick a pen I think I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned this to y’all before I think I have sometimes when we do our joint revival and do revivals with other services and we go to other churches and we see churches our people get a little frustrated because their pastor won’t ask people for a specific amount but other pastors will say give 20 give 100 view 500 give a thousand and the First Baptist Church of people start sending me letters and texts and emails Moses say it bring gold silver bronze be purple that’s a thousand two thousand five hundred somebody but in here’s the deal if you ain’t got a thousand they asked for a thousand dang talking to you [Applause] don’t send me no emails about that no more y’all and you ain’t gotta be talking you traitor gotta get you to the point where you have to make a decision about it Moses gave a whole string of things that he told him to bring but he said the key is that you do it willingly if you have an attitude you cancel out what you want to get what you want God to do for you because God looking for people with a willing heart thank that section right back there with them Rosen Amen slide down to verse 21 of this same chapter then everyone came whose heart was stirred and everyone whose spirit was willing and they brought the Lord’s offering for the work of the tabernacle of meeting for all its service and for the holy garments they came both men and women as many has had oh there it is again a willing heart and brought earrings and nose rings I don’t want none of that I’ll take I definitely the one that came out your nose rings and necklaces all jury of gold that is every man who made an offering of gold to the Lord slide down to verse 29 the children of Isreal verse 29 brought a free-will offering to the Lord all the men and women whose hearts were willing to bring materials of all kinds of work which the Lord by the hand of Moses had commanded to be done this is this is powerful and it’s important that you have the right attitude let’s go to second Corinthians I’m going to slide over the sentence we won’t come back to Exodus in a few moments but just keep your marker there but slide over to second Corinthians chapter 9 this job many of y’all pray notice verse already verse 7 so let each one has he purposes in his heart so let each one give has he purposes in his heart he is how not to give not grudgingly or of necessity for God loves a cheerful Giver laughing it means hilarious in the Greek you roll it on the floor you’re on the floor balled up laughing you can’t wait to do it it is a joyfulness it’s a delight God loves a cheerful Giver God is excited about a person and and while I’m here since I’m here we might as well read verse 6 it says but this I say he who so sparingly will also reap sparingly and you souls bountifully will also reap bountifully if you’re a stingy giver then which you get back will be stingy you’ll be limited but if you’re a cheerful Giver God loves it if you are bountiful giver if you give abundantly God will give abundantly back to you is the principle God gives to you in proportion to what you give to him we live in a culture that don’t like that we live in a culture that wanted to put a dollar down and get a million dollars they want to put two dollars down get a million dollars bad that’s unnatural that’s not it’s not the Snyder way it works and if you do put down a dollar in when a dollar it was the lottery come on look at your neighbor it was the LA way and the problem with the lottery is sorrow comes along with it drama comes along with it pain comes along with it Hale comes along with the devil comes along with it but God loves a cheerful Giver that person who gives with the troffer and I like verse eight while we’re here can I reverse eight while I’m here and God is able this is one of my favorite verses right here I don’t have a favorite verse but if I did this is one I’m right here and God is able we could just stop right there that we serve a God who is able able to make all grace abound towards you I love that God will make give you all the grace you need he will make all grace abound toward you that you always having all sufficiency in all things that you’ll have everything you need and every arena that you in every capacity that you need you have all grace abounding towards you in all things and may have an abundance for every good work not only not only they says but you’ll have an abundance and that’s what I that’s what I like talking about this God will give you abundance God would give you more than you need so that you’ll have enough for you and somebody else some of you are tightwad some of you will never move to a place of prosperity because you’re tight and stingy and that’s the wrong attitude to have let me roll on let me roll back let me go back just go back to it’s Exodus 35 now here’s the other point I want to make this is another point I want to make I think I’m behind on these scriptures here God loves a cheerful Giver I gave that y’all got that right they gave while they were in the wilderness they gave why they were were in the middle of nowhere while they were out in the middle of nowhere no banks no jobs no savings account no checking accounts no CDs no bonuses they were in the wilderness and yet even in the wilderness they gave and that’s something I need you to need you to point it at cuz some of you don’t give because you say you can’t afford to give this is a principle to help you with your life I want to repeat it again because maybe somebody came in late I’m not teaching this because we in need this is not a this is not a teaching out because we have a necessity because we press up our back against the wall and we need some money to pay something no we doing fine look at your neighbor say we’re doing fine I’m glad to be a part of a church where we got the money managed properly being fired our church gives you can talk about a lot I’m telling you I’ve been in church all my life most of my life I’ve been to church most of my life very I know very few churches Memphis I don’t really know any Church personally that gives on the level that the First Baptist Church gear stuff that I don’t know any church unless in other churches don’t give but I don’t know any other Church that gives to the tune of how we give and I’m proud of our church for that way when we a few years ago we had a passion to help the poorest of the world and we took five hundred thousand dollars and sent it to an organization called campus compassion international to give to children around hungry children around the world and at the same time we gave another five hundred thousand dollars to World Vision we gave a million dollars and you know and that’s on top of that’s on top of the 10% of what we bring in that we give out already that’s on top of that it wasn’t offering and both world vision and compassion international both said no Church in the history of either organization no Church in America had ever done anything like that in there and where they come from some black people in Glen Arden you would have think it was a rich white church somewhere in Texas or California but now it’s some black people including our because we know the secret we know how it works we and we’re not stingy somebody say we are not stingy and right now we are we are doing the work we’re doing in Peru we’re giving a million dollar in a 10-year program to serve the needs of hungry people in Peru the poor people have improved who wouldn’t hear the gospel who live in destitute situations every year every year we’ve committed a million dollars for ten years to help the hungry people above and beyond I know that because we are givers God will keep on showering us with blessing beyond what we please go man and all I’m trying to do is tell y’all this this is what I was talking about on Sunday all I’m trying to tell you is what historize will drip down on you somebody tell your neighbor damn ginger damn dr hear what I’m saying to you but you gotta have the same attitude we have you can’t just join the church and still be stingy you gotta pick up the same attitude and the same spirit and the same commitment that we have if you make the same anointing you’ve got to have the same attitude these people gave while they were out in the middle of nowhere a wise farmer knows that when he harvest his crop let me spend a few minutes on this a wise farmer knows that when he harvest is his crop if he’s wise he knows he cannot consume every seed of what he’s just harvested he knows that of what he just harvested he he must put aside some to plant and so for the next harvest you know what a lot of people are doing they are spending every dollar that they take in that they earn every dollar you’re not sewing anything they’re not giving anything they’re not definitely not tithing and if they do tied they tied down to the penny thirty-seven dollars and 27 cents that amazes me that you so stingy with with God yeah you know Sam I’m saying what I mean if you believe in God are you gonna tithe my god don’t be stingy with God how did you do that down to the penny look like in God worth the extra the additional at least seventy three cent around it all up to thirty dollars they were in the wilderness they had no jobs they had no bank accounts they had no certainty of their future but they still gave and if you’re wise you’ll be like a farmer and recognize I’d myself do what I have to do – so don’t consume look at your neighbors say don’t consume every penny on yourself don’t don’t consume and and obligate yourself and everything you got coming in is going out and you don’t have room to so that’s a problem let’s go to chapter 36 verse 6 & 7 can I read that to you real quick I’m almost finished verse 6 so Moses gave a commandment and they caused it to be proclaimed throughout the camp saying let neither man nor woman do any more work for the offering of the sanctuary and the people were restrained from bringing for the material they had was sufficient for all the work to be done indeed too much money we got more do we need look at your neighbor you’ll never see that in America go ahead tell him but in that an amazing thing the here they are in the middle of the wilderness in the middle of nowhere with no jobs no bank to take a loan no nothing and yet the people came and gave and they reached a point where Moses had to say don’t bring no more the people had to be restrained from giving they gave more than what was needed no woman no man can bring anything else and let me close with this final passage right here let’s go to Exodus 40 now they didn’t bottle all of this material giving all this this stuff but all these offerings and they had the resources to build the temple and now they’ve completed the temple and the tabernacle I’m calling it the temple but it’s a tabernacle it’s all completed it’s all done and in verse 36 I’m sorry verse 34 chapter 40 then I tell you out chapter 40 verse 34 then the cloud covered the tabernacle of meeting and the glory of the Lord filled the tabernacle and Moses was not able to enter the tabernacle of meeting because the cloud rested above it and the glory of the Lord filled the tabernacle can you imagine what life would be like if God could do that with a building what kind of glory he could fill up in you matter of fact he wants to do that in us he wants to fill us with his glory and and and and I’m telling you God takes pride and joy and delight and showing his glory through people’s lives where he’s opening up doors that only he could have opened when he answers prayers and you know that nobody could have done it but God he takes pride in that that’s his that’s his delight he loves that God loves that he gets the glory he loves to sit to pull out his glory upon your life the other folk have to say now how you get that how’d it happen for you why you get the promotion ain’t nobody else got the promotion how you get the job and you ain’t qualified for the job how you get to work then you ain’t got the education how you how you get the house you’ll need make enough money to earn now I make it in that house how God wants that to be the thing that people look at you and they ask the question of how and you better say it’s the king of kings and the Lord of lords and I say it is because we’ve taken the principles of God and apply them to our life here’s what I tell people all the time and I believe this and I’ll take questions you got any questions come on I’m done y’all know I fly a plane I’m a pilot I love to fly I learned about the the the elements and components of flight which is lift thrust weight and drag the lift is greater than the weight and the thrust is greater than the drag the plane to fly every time you got wings you got a propeller you got gas in the tank if everything is in order if the lift is greater than the weight and the thrust is weighted in the drag the plane will fly every time I’ve been flying since 2001 I started taking lessons got my license in ode to my instrument rating at o3 I’ve got 1,600 hours of flying time not one time have I ever gone down the runway and applied the power and went down the runway and when I got to the right speed pull back on the yoke now one time have I pulled back on the yoke and the plane not taking off every time every time because the principles of aerodynamics are in place and I’m trying to tell you the laws of God’s favor in your life are in place if you just take the principles and apply now I do need to say that that there are some there’s some times when you are taking a risk and it’s dangerous so there’s a lot of stuff you got to do before you take off so I got a I got a I have to do a weight imbalance check I have to weigh sure that that that the plane is not too heavy what’s the girl’s the singer thing she got killed over in the Bahamas Aaliyah her plane was too heavy it was too much weight on it your plane won’t take off if you got the weight of sin too much way to sit on yeah I’m feeling something over in this section right here yeah but if everything else is in place it’ll take off every time so it’s just a matter of getting and one of the things I’m trying to tell you is one of those principles is being a cheerful Giver a person who willingly somebody say willingly with the right attitude and the right spirit willingly gives amen I ain’t never been finished before eight o’clock in my life alright do we have any questions your hiney got no questions okay well I know what it is y’all want to give an offer and don’t show anybody don’t just say if I want to join the First Baptist Church Bernard anybody want to rededicate if I should get on up come on down here and we’ll give that straight right quick right now anybody fall in that category anybody all right nobody let’s pray over this offer and we’re gonna go ahead do it all for now give us an opportunity to put in practice what we’ve been talking about let’s pray father give us a cheerful and a willing heart forgive us for the times that we’ve reluctantly did it to give us for the times that we let the basket fall pass right in front of us because we didn’t want to because we felt that we didn’t have it to forgive us now we recognize that even as you taught us in your word if the chosen of Israel could give of their resources while they were in the wilderness we can do it while we’re in our wilderness father make us know that the only way we’ll get out of our wilderness is by giving I pray that you would just bless every cheerful willing giver today in Jesus name Amen [Music]

Pastor John K. Jenkins Sr. ministers on “The Blessing of Giving”.  The Biblical principle of giving is giving is beneficial to you because you have needs. Everyone has a prayer they want answered. God gives us the opportunity to minister to Him. When the children of Israel had needs, Moses instructed them to give willingly (Exodus 35:4-5).

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First Lady Trina Jenkins ministering at First Baptist Church of Glenarden. | Image courtesy: fbcglenarden.org



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