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Jesus Wells - Gospel for Asia continues to provide clean drinking water to villages

Garjan and his wife are thankful for their Jesus Well. | Image courtesy: gfa.org

Before their village received a Jesus Well from Gospel for Asia (GFA), Garjan and his wife didn’t drink enough water because of the difficulties obtaining clean water. Their health suffered as a result; they were even hospitalized once.

The residents faced an uphill battle to get ample clean water for drinking, cooking, bathing, washing clothes and watering their animals. The villagers had to either drink impure water or spend precious time in search of clean water. As a result, many people contracted waterborne illnesses, or they became dehydrated because there wasn’t enough clean water to drink.

“Thinking [back on] the difficulties we faced regarding drawing water from the well, when we first saw this Jesus Well and we drew water, I was very happy,” Garjan remembers. “Actually, I can say that I was the happiest person to draw water and get pure drinking water.”

Jesus Wells Provide Pure Water for Hundreds of Villagers

Life began to change for Garjan, Ubika, their families and the entire village. With access to a continual source of pure, sweet-tasting water, they could draw enough for drinking, cooking, washing dishes, bathing and watering their cattle. The well was closer for many people to use, and it was easier to use because it was a hand pump.

With improved health and more time for productive work, the entire village gained a chance to thrive. The residents, grateful for the believers who helped make this gift of compassion possible, work together to maintain the well  […]


How a Jesus Well Transformed Lives in India – Gospel for Asia & Clean Water

West Bengal, India. Surrounded by water, these remote islands still desperately needed clean, safe water. This is the story of Nandita, Arnab and their families—and how a Jesus Well changed their lives. The need for clean water amid the global water crisis, especially in parts of Asia and India, cannot be understated.

Gospel for Asia, through the provision of clean water wells and water filters, is saving the lives of children, mothers and fathers across Asia. And we’re saving these families’ time so children can attend school more often, mothers can do more with their time and fathers are healthy more often to keep working.

Clean water and the love of God. Learn more at https://www.gfa.org/water

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