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‘God’s Not Dead 3’ Movie Actors Share Their Experiences in Making Film

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'God's Not Dead 3' Movie Actors Share Their Experiences in Making Film

The “God’s Not Dead 3” actors talked about their reasons for joining a faith-based film. | Image courtesy: arkansasonline.com

God’s Not Dead 3 Movie: In October, after finalizing a cast including Academy Award-winning actress Tatum O’Neal and Shane Harper, the studio began filming in Arkansas. And on Monday afternoon, a group of reporters piled into two shuttles outside a Doubletree Hotel in downtown Little Rock and drove toward the set.

Since 2014, the company had earned more than $80 million from the God’s Not Dead franchise. The first movie cost just under $2 million to film, making it a big financial success. Reporters wanted to know if O’Neal was religious. They planned to ask Harper whether he felt like he was in a “faith-based box” after his starring role in the first movie.

Harper Goes from Faith Based Film to an MTV Show

The 24-year-old had gone straight from God’s Not Dead to an MTV show. When he received the script for the third film, he accepted the role right away, but it didn’t really hit him that he was back until a producer started the first day of filming with a prayer. “They don’t pray on an MTV set,” Harper explained Monday. “It felt good.”

The people at Pure Flix pray often. David A.R. White, who co-founded the studio and stars in many of its films, says he prays on-set and before sending an offer out to an actor, while optioning a book for a film and holding meetings with investors. Sometimes, when there is a difficult decision to be made, he will stop everything and say, “Let’s just pray.”  Read the full story…. arkansasonline.com


Actor Shane Harper talks about shooting ‘God’s Not Dead 3’ in Arkansas



God's Not Dead 3 Movie

Image: God’s Not Dead 3 Movie


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