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Elevate Christian Network :: Ministry Outreach TV

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my husband is at North Campus this morning and he’s he’s over there and then tonight he is actually gonna minister a really powerful message so I want to invite you to come out to that you know it’s six o’clock tonight we also have prophetic ministry at five o’clock and that there’s a we actually have a team that hears the Word of God for your life and they’re really they’re really powerful and so that’s at five o’clock and it’s a good ministry to bring friends to who don’t go to church or even know the Lord we see lots of people really touched through that so come at five o’clock and then come to the service at six pm um so this morning I’m going to finish out this series that we’ve been in all month my husband’s been just rocking it with these messages and the father’s blessing and believe that the Lord has spoken some key things to my heart this morning and the first thing I want to ask this room this today is I want to ask how many of you have been impacted somehow some way by fatherlessness and if that’s you just raise your hand keep your hand up now look around look around friends look around see see how much that is an issue in our culture an issue in our life this whole thing about fatherlessness and to be honest with you I you know I I look at this and it’s the same same that’s a hard word to say statistic you know say that ten times fast statistic okay it’s so what I’m seeing when I when I actually asked those questions about fatherlessness what I what what I’m let me phrase that better what I’m not seeing is a bunch of men and our culture not being responsible I actually don’t believe that okay III know sometimes there’s kind of a you know that message in our media and that kind of stuff and I actually don’t believe that what I am seeing however is is a demonic assignment okay a demonic assignment against families and we as a church need to reverse the curse of fatherlessness in our own lives as well as in our in the the social arena because you know the answer is only gonna come from the church right you know that that’s the only place answers like this are going to come from his is from the church so we we would have to to really grab hold of that and learn to fight for our families TD jakes said this he says every child has a hole in their soul in the shape of their father and if they don’t have the hole filled with a father they try to fill that hole with other stuff powerful huh powerful fatherlessness brings this negative cycle generation generation after generation until somebody you know in that cycle says enough that’s the truth and there are effects my fatherlessness I’ll just ask the room what are some effects of fatherlessness that you know about what would you say just just shout it out to me one abandonment issues what else fear rejection insecurity anger it’s all coming right from here okay let’s talk tell me about it tell me what your problems are that okay all right how about addiction how about poverty abuse looking for love in the wrong place gender identity problems very often rooted in that not always but often anything else a lot of bad stuff huh all goes back to to fatherlessness and when it’s happened in your life and you get a clue that you can climb out you know usually what what I hear people say is they’ll say to the to the Lord they’ll say let this the change start with me how many in the room need to have the change start with you right let the change start with me go start somewhere let the change start with me and so to change the effects of fatherlessness in our lives even even in our culture it actually requires prayer and it requires a strength from God it requires a strength that we don’t have and we have to get that strength from God being a father you actually lay hold of it by faith have you realized that parenting does come natural all right you know you have to learn as you go I mean have lots of great books but you really don’t know today get into it and you know we all we all used to get irritated the parents who couldn’t control their kids on the airplanes and and the restaurants and stuff until you had your own and you couldn’t control them either my son when he was like I think there’s three there’s some ladies at the restaurant and they were you know not being very kind to be honest with you but that didn’t matter and my son took a swig of water looked at them and blew the water right on him and so we went took him to the restroom gave him the courtesy spank and you know but we felt they had it coming but either way can’t have your kids spitting water on people in restaurants okay you know and and we’re a disciplined household okay spirit-filled my point is my point is parenting doesn’t come naturally you have to learn so we we even choose minute house you you even choose the the role of father by faith even if you didn’t have a father you actually you actually choose that role by faith and by faith we we as a church that’s all that all the people in the church we we model the role of a father to those who need one you know and just like when we’re doing with all of our kids projects and stuff we’re actually being a father to our see we’re being a father to the children of our city and and that’s that’s what it looks like we get our blueprints for fathering from the word and from God himself and then day by day we learned to walk that out okay this is all you know let the change start with me this is where where it all starts and so God who calls himself father isn’t that fascinating he doesn’t call himself the Supreme Being call me you know you know ruler I mean those are his attributes and we do acknowledge that but really when he says you know when he invites you to dialogue with him he says call me father is that powerful God calls himself father father is important it’s really really important and he’s fathering every aspect of your spirit every aspect of your life and even if you don’t have an earthly father you still have a Heavenly Father and that means you’re not alone I don’t know about you but that really ministers to me and so as you climb out of the cycle of fatherlessness well you have to do this is real important let me give you a couple tips here you have to let go of what you felt you lost it’s real important because you get into those those mental cycles and every time life goes bad you start going back to what happened with dad you know and and if you keep doing that you’re never gonna climb out and so you have to intentionally let go of what you thought you you lost and you give it a funeral okay you actually give it a funeral and you stop mourning the past and so so you you just really accept where you’re at and you choose to move forward to a better day and you do all this by faith all this by faith cuz you you’re going against the grain you’re going against patterns you’re going to get cycles in your life and you move forward by faith to a better day and so one of the things I’ve learned to say for myself and I’ve taught this to other people is you literally tell yourself stop being sad that’s a big one because a lot of us are we we get sad and then we go to the doctor and we take a pill and then we’re perpetually sad you know like we’re sad all our life and now we’re chemically sad oh my god we never learn how to rise out out of it and so we tell ourselves just stop being sad tell your neighbor that stop being sad tell your other neighbor that stop being sad some of you’re like well what am I gonna do with my life well we’re gonna stop being sad we’re gonna stop start there okay all right okay so stop being sad and and God who calls himself father he actually puts people in families that’s why we have the family of God psalm 66 you might not have fathering from where you should have but but God has an amazing way of providing surrogates to you to start filling those hell holes and so what you want to do is you want to pay attention a lot of times we miss it because we’re not paying attention we don’t know how to recognize it I had a pastor once at the one of the first churches I went to you and he was actually failing in his health so he didn’t stay very long but it was so simple and keep in mind I had just come out of the world and you know looked all wild and and I’m in church but and I love Jesus you know but I’m fresh out of the world so anyway you know you’ve all been there and and some of you’re still there so all I remit is so simple he I just remember how I felt I felt like he accepted me and he liked me that’s it I didn’t feel like like he was looking at me like how I dressed or anything none of that was that play just he accepted me and liked me and really what it was is that was the Father’s heart and just that brief interaction that we had I remember it to this day he began to fill the holes that’s what we do as a church so we do with one another and if and if that’s you you learn to recognize it and you thank God that that was a gift and so I was talking about that that there is an assignment against father’s I believe it’s more of a demonic assignment more than men in general or not responsible I don’t actually agree with that at all I think there’s an assignment against fathers and here’s here’s the deal Satan does not go after something unless it’s valuable it’s not valuable he doesn’t go after it but if it’s valuable he goes after it and fathers are very valuable they’re valuable emotionally for all the reasons we talked about and fathers are very valuable spiritually and we had a family here you this is years ago and my husband was teaching about prayer and he was talking about how fathers need to pray for their prey with their families pray for their families and he really exhorted the the men of the house to begin praying for their families and so one family is a blended family the father sat at the Christmas Eve meal and he prayed a simple prayer that’s it first time he prayed for his family ever and he prayed with them as I’m sure it was something like you know Heavenly Father we asked he bless this meal to bless us and that we have a good year is probably something just as simple as that and when he did that it turned out his stepson was was in the occult and he didn’t know it and his stepson begin to manifest demonically when he’s doing this simple meal the simple prayer over the meal you know he said well what does that look like well he began to levitate off the ground I don’t know if you ever seen that before uh-huh I haven’t seen that when I’ve seen others but but that that will freak you out so the kid begins to levitate off the ground and so the family calls the emergency because they don’t know what to do you know he’s just saying I say the prayer of the meal and the kids floating and so we went over there you know everyone over there we actually worked him through some deliverance and he actually gave his life to God he was like to Christ and started in the youth group and so it was really powerful but that happened because dad prayed a meal over the prayer do you see how valuable fathers are spiritually I mean do you see the value we don’t recognize that huh we don’t recognize many times what we have and so so I wanna I want to expose that to you and so James 1:17 says every good and perfect gift is from above coming down from the father of the heavenly lights who does not change like shifting shadows and so all blessing comes from our Heavenly Father right blessing is good right blessings good it’s really good some of your so into blessing like you get a discount at the store you write on your Facebook thank you Jesus I got a discount at the store you know or you find a dollar on the ground thank you Jesus you know alright my son no joke you found a hundred dollars in his pocket isn’t know where it came from I said that’s what tithing kid that’s what happens to us you know so so anyway yeah reason bring that out it’s like we are so looking for the blessing of God we love the blessing of God you know as just bless these are good and all blessing comes from our Heavenly Father and notice what God did with father Abraham back in Genesis everybody know who father Abraham was every know about father Abraham you don’t okay it’s in Genesis so read it and the Bible says that Abraham was the father of faith and so what that means is we can learn about faith from him that that we can have faith because he had faith that he showed us the ropes he showed us the way and so what happened with him is God told Abraham that he was going to have a child even though he was really old okay way too old even thinking about it and his wife was really old where hate too old okay so these wrinkly people you know they’re they’re you know the Lord has promised of a child so they still have to have date night you know at that age and um you know spare you the visual but they have to have date night and yeah because really God speaks to you a word you still got to participate you gotta do your part you know and so I mean there’s just a fax it’s just the fax and so so you know Abraham demonstrates to us what faith looks like you know and so God speaks something impossible to him and he actually had a hold on to that promise by faith until it came to pass anybody faith you know and like he couldn’t make it happen God just got to make it happen but he had to he had to hold on and not let go to it and that’s that’s what faith looks like and the reason abraham needed to have a child you know there’s a reason for having a child is because of the the father’s blessing and our Heavenly Father okay our Father he actually gave to Abraham his blessing and we call it the father’s blessing okay so God gave to Abraham the father’s blessing and this blessing was tangible it was transferable and it was also generational okay so it was it was tangible is transferable and it was generational let’s read it together we actually read it at the front of the service Genesis 12:2 and 3 says I will make you a great nation and bless you read it with me I’ll make you famous you’ll be a blessing I’ll bless those who bless you those who curse you I’ll curse and all the families of the earth will be blessed through you and so this is what God is telling to Abraham he’s saying basically you’re gonna be a rock star and I’m gonna make it happen alright that’s what he’s saying to him and and you know and in this is a blessing that goes to the next generation so we need to have a child and you will have one okay so he was setting him up for all these things but the point is it was God who was going to make these happen Abraham had to do his part but God is the one that that would would do the rest and so the purpose of all this blessings you know the purpose of Abraham having these outstanding blessings on his life was somehow some way all the families of the earth are going to be blessed how many of you are are a family on the earth you are so somehow this is about you you got to connect that somehow someway is about you and if it’s about you it needs to appear it needs to come into your life you know we need to figure that piece out and so because it’s a generational blessing here’s here’s what I want you to see when there is no father there is a disruption of a heavenly order you know it breaks this connection a blessing because blessing is supposed to be passed down from one generation to the other from from the father to the next generation we see these patterns all throughout the Old Testament in the Old Testament the blessing of the patriarch to the to the the children was was powerful I mean it had weight in heaven it was really really important and you wanted the blessing of your father and if you didn’t get the blessing of your father was like being cursed to be honest with you and so you know you see in the situation of Jacob and Esau they were brothers Esau was older Jacob was the younger and when Isaac was old and he was going to give the family blessing that’s what they did they would give the family blessing they they would actually prophesy over your life as a son they prophesy what was going to happen to you and they did this right before they died and so Jacob was so into you know this blessing that that he wanted to steal a saws blessing as the firstborn son because traditionally the firstborn son got a got a much bigger blessing to everybody else not fair is it um and so so anyway ace Jacob was like I’m gonna somehow get that blessing and so he tricked his dad into thinking that he was a saw when it was time to get the blessings and he actually you know a saw was real hairy guy and I guess Jacob put like hair on his arms and his neck and stuff to make it appear like he was a song cuz his father was blind and so when when he saw his father in that in that manner he says I’m here for my blessing it’s a saw I’m here for my blessing and so and so what happens is Isaac he actually prophesize over him he basically says to to Jacob thinking it’s a saw he says you’re gonna get all the wealth and everybody’s gonna rule is and you’re gonna rule everybody okay I mean just powerful so he gets the firstborn blessing and then ASA finds out about it and he’s angry you know and he goes to his daddy says do you have anything left for me and his dad says no I already gave it to your brother he says all I have for you is that when you get tired of your brother you’ll throw off his rule that’s all I got but the thing is when a father blessed a son that way heaven honored it like it’s stuck to you even if even though Jacob stole it he got it I mean is really really powerful to get to get this okay and so so we see how important the the father’s blessings were and and how we needed to have this secession in family families to stay in order there’s a reason why they said honor your father father and mother honor your father and mother mutter mutter this is my third service okay honor your father and mother and you will have a long life okay there’s a reason for all those statements because of how the blessing was to pass from generation to generation and we were supposed to have this continuum now we get to the book of Malachi and there’s an interesting thing that is said here it says in chapter four verse five and six it says behold I will send you Elijah the Prophet before the coming of the Great and dreadful day of the Lord and He will turn the hearts of the father’s to the children and the hearts of the children to their fathers lest I come and strike the earth with a curse now there’s a lot of prophetic language in here so I’m going to try to make it plain but keep in mind Elijah’s already dead and yet there’s this prophecy saying oh he’s coming back and there’s a reason he’s coming back because he’s going to turn the hearts of the father’s to the children children of the fathers so what’s the inference here the inference is huge breakdown of families coming that’s the inference and there’s such a huge breakdown that the Lord is making a prophetic word he’s sending that word ahead of it and he’s saying he’s saying there’s gonna be a restoration of families really really important to get this okay he’s gonna say he’s gonna there’s gonna be a restoration with families but he uses the character Elijah he brings out the character idea and you say well why does he do that and and I’m not going to develop it all out because we don’t have time but I I alluded to it a couple of weeks ago in my teaching the drought is over you can get that but why is he bring out Elijah well Elijah has kind of this age-old battle with what Jezebel right and we often believe that Jezebel is a spirit and she actually kind of shows up throughout the Bible you know Old Testament New Testament and also the harlot and revelations that there she just kind of shows up and and reasonably reason Elijah comes out because he’s the one who battles with her it’s kind of description of this battle and here’s my point when it comes to the family breakdown to this mass fatherlessness is mass breakdown you know now we have these laws that are that are pushing homosexual marriage I mean come on friends there is an assignment you know come on and and what what are we seeing here we’re seeing a spiritual battle there’s a spiritual battle what what’s the battle with this battle is with the spirit of Jezebel and so what does she do well she she comes against men and basically to to break you break you up with your covenants and just to destroy you in every way shape form that she can figure out and it’s actually a real spiritual battle and a lot of times as men as fathers we don’t know what we’re up against and we try to do the natural things right and they don’t work and that’s because we actually have to be spiritual man and we have to do things spiritually and and and recognize our value as dads and how powerful we are spiritually just resonating just in your own self you know that that father prayed one time one time and his family had a breakthrough over a prayer over a meal okay that’s how powerful dads are and that’s why there’s such a battle against her role and if you’re gonna be a dad if you’re gonna last as a dad you’re gonna have to lay hold of it by faith Abraham became a father because he had faith to be a father he was a father by faith and so as dads we will be father’s as faith by faith you do these things by faith and so we have to be spiritual we have to understand what our battle is really a guess and we have to we have to take hold of it that way I mean we handle our natural stuff but we also handle our stuff spiritually recognizing what it’s all about okay I think there’s some lights going on in the minds of hearts of people in the room here during my first trip to China that was a couple years ago the Holy Spirit begins speaking this this passage that I’m bringing to you Genesis 12:2 and 3 and he began speaking this passage to me and he began to to speak to me that I need to declare that over my life and I felt so strongly about it you know just since the Lord was doing in my life and I began to speak out that passage over my life probably everyday for about 15 months straight I mean just everyday I was like really set on this thing and you said well what is that about well you can actually take a promise from God and actually pray over it in regards to your life and the Lord will honor it in your life and so I would just say things like this lord I thank you that you’re making me a great nation you’re making my name gray and your blessing me and on and on and on and I would I would do that daily because I felt the Lord told me to do that and so how many know that when you begin to to step into a promise from God when God leads you that way that there’s always a contradiction there’s always a confidence there’s always something to say that something’s crazy about you or there’s always something that comes in the way or something comes up because our battles are first spiritual you have to understand that we we just got to get that our bowels our first spiritual so we have to we have to learn to deal with things spiritually first as well as doing things naturally and and so um what happened is I started my extended family just started going berserk I had all sorts of weird strange things happening in my extended family like all of a sudden you know family fuse and big battles things that were just crazy and I couldn’t get a grip on it and it was just really really crazy and it got so bad and so destructive you know that I actually had to put some boundaries on some extended family but before I did that let me tell you what happened I had found out during that timeframe when everything’s going crazy I had found out that I came from a Masonic family anybody know what what Freemasonry is everybody know what that is okay some of you do well that’s basically I would call it a white person’s a cult group and you know it does have some ethnicity in it but it’s mostly white people and is a lot of our dads and granddad’s a great granddad’s they’re a part of this and they actually did a lot of rituals and oaths and curses and different things you’d be shocked at what what that’s about and so it was very common for for a grant dad and granddad to be involved in that and so what had happened is I had been given a ring it was a family ring it had a tie tack on it that was my great-grandfather’s it was four generations old I was given this ring from for graduating from college and I knew that I knew that the ring had an it’s not this one I I knew the ring I knew the ring had an oath on it but at the time I didn’t care it was a nice ring I didn’t get it and you know I just didn’t understand and so it was a nice ring so of course I took it and I held on to it for 20 years and I hardly work because it had a diamond missing bit but it was still in my drawer and so while my family’s gone crazy something happens with the ring never has no thon it and the ring starts to talk which I know is crazy farm stuff but that’s what happened and it starts to talk and it starts to tell me all about great granddad and it says great granddad Freemasonry Oh family curse on and on and so that was I’ve had a lot of weird things happen to me but that was like way over the edge okay just with everything going on I was just way over the edge and so I didn’t tell anybody what was going on I just know I got tired of this ring talking to my drawer you know it makes you feel schizo you know oh so anyway sorry like I hear voices everyday what’s the big deal my boys told me to be nice to you thank you tell your voice thank you anyway so I finally got frustrated I I spoke back to the ring and I said if you don’t shut up I’m gonna sell you and you know cuz I’m entrepreneurial I heard later I should probably destroyed it but I just didn’t think that way I I so I took it I actually sold keep my I didn’t tell anybody I didn’t tell my husband I know I should have I repented but I didn’t tell ya I didn’t tell anybody cause it was just way too weird and I sold it just to get get it to stop talking I so anyway uh by the time it’s all over my I’m having to draw these these really strong boundaries with extended family because it just got very destructive and how many have ever had to do that before oh yeah so you have to go to counseling and all that it’s just a mess and you know and so I’m having to do that so when I drew the boundaries I remember this ring I didn’t tell anybody about it had for 20 years never been a topic of discussion I kid you not I get a note that says I heard you’re gonna sell the ring give it back do you think that we had a spiritual problem you think we were dealing with something spiritual more than we were dealing with something natural right okay so so um you know I don’t know what else to do with that is what it is but we had a curse going we actually had a family curse going because of Freemasonry and our family was actually a play and had to deal with it I had no idea that it was going on it was what was destroying and being destructive and so in the midst of all of that I’m losing an extended family right and that’s hard and you know it is what it is but I’m I’m declaring this verse over my life Genesis 12 to 3 Lord I think he’ll make me a great nation lord thank you give me a good name you know making my name great your blessing me and on and on not in the midst of losing extended family the Lord decides to give me a name okay I start getting contacted by people to start writing I said will you write for this publication I’m I write for three publications will you will you write for us I I didn’t seek out any of these people and then I got a call from a publisher chosen books they said will you write a book for us and I said ok you know and they paid me like several thousand dollars to do this and and what was happening is in the midst of it all the Lord started giving me a name why because I’m in Christ and because I’m in Christ I have the father’s blessing you can be fatherless or you can have a father it all works but you could be fatherless and even though you’re fatherless because you’re in Christ you still have the father’s blessing and what I want to encourage you to do today is begin to take the limits off of your life all right you’re gonna have to change how you think you’re gonna have to dig out your poverty thinking all the reasons why you can’t succeed and can’t be normal and you know all the excuses that you make because life has dealt you certain things you begin to take those off of yourself and begin to say no I don’t know how he’s gonna do it he’s gonna make me a great nation it’s gonna give me a great name and weekend he’s gonna bless me so I can be a blessing to everybody on you and so so now I’m riding and all these people are receiving what I’m writing and I’m able to teach people stuff and the Lord did that okay because I get to pass something on now and if you think you won’t do it for you you’re wrong but you have to lay hold of it by faith and that means you have to climb out of the mentality that I’m fatherlessness and I need to be sad all the time we spend so much time being sad when the Lord says no there’s a better Road but you’re gonna have to do it by faith hey man hey man I’m gonna have you stand we’re gonna be in a minister along this line I’m gonna have the worship team come up if you’re in Christ and if you’re not I want to encourage you to make a decision for Jesus you can do it right where you’re at just ask him to forgive you your sins give your life to Him surrender it all you know we don’t have to have a huge thing to make that connection but if you’re in Christ you have the father’s blessing and that means you’ll have something to pass on to sons and daughters and that’s where it’s important okay we want to have something to pass sons and daughters spiritual sons and daughters and what I like about the father’s blessing member Abraham was old you don’t have to be a young person to step into it you could be any age you can be at your last decade yeah oh it doesn’t it doesn’t matter you know it all at place because because faith doesn’t know time all right and we see the Apostle Paul in the life of Timothy go ahead play we see the Apostle Paul in the life of Timothy and what happened is Timothy begin to serve the Apostle Paul will call it the family business all right you know serve and they really grew in their relationship to the degree that that it was a father and a spiritual son isn’t animation you can have a father who’s not even your own bloodline and God honors it I mean I just that I love that you know you have a son that’s not even your own blood and you can bless that son with the family bless you know and the Lord will honor it’s really powerful we see a point in their their relationship the Apostle Paul has laid his hands on Timothy to give him a blessing and what what happened is he received a spiritual gift as a result of laying his hands on him and then he encouraged him he says now go fan that gift into flame in other words stir that thing up and start walking out what you received from God Himself through me as I laid hands on you here’s what I want to tell you today everybody here that our Heavenly Father is laying his hands on your head right now and through His Son Jesus Christ he’s a party the father’s blessing upon you so now it’s time to fam it into flame a man

Jennifer Eivaz: If you are in Christ, then you have The Father’s Blessing. This message addresses fatherlessness, the spiritual roles of fathers, how to reunite with your God given blessings as a father in Christ, and how to pass that blessing to the next generation.

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