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0:00 if you’re going to be happy you have to be happy on purpose 0:04 because there will be people betrayals delays all kinds of things that can cause you to live sour 0:11 you have to put your foot down and say that’s it i’m not letting other people steal my joy 0:16 i’m not letting what’s not working out cause me to be sour not letting this problem at work 0:23 keep me from enjoying my life i will rejoice i will be glad i will live this day happy 0:31 god bless you it’s great to be with you today and i hope you’ll stay connected with us during 0:37 the week through our daily podcast our youtube channel social media we’ll keep you encouraged 0:43 and inspired i’d like to start with something funny and i heard about this elderly couple 0:49 they were sitting on a swing celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary feeling romantic the 0:54 husband said to his wife honey our love is tried and true she had difficulty hearing and asked him 1:01 to repeat it he said it louder i said our love is tried and true she still couldn’t hear him 1:08 said what would you speak up frustrated he shouted i said our love is tried and true 1:15 she said well fine i’m sick of you too okay y’all nothing inspiring but here we go ready 1:22 this is my bible i am what it says i am i have what it says i have i can do what it says i can do 1:29 today i will be taught the word of god i boldly confess my mind is alert my heart is receptive 1:37 i will never be the same in jesus name god bless you i want to talk to you today about choosing 1:45 to be happy when we make up in the morning we get to choose how we’re going to live that day 1:52 we can choose to live in faith happy expecting favor or we can choose to live discouraged 1:59 defeated focused on our problems happiness doesn’t automatically happen it’s a choice we have to make 2:07 you can’t wait to see what kind of day it’s going to be you have to decide what kind of day it’s 2:13 going to be first thing in the morning you need to make up your mind i’m going to live this day happy 2:19 i’m going to see the good i’m going to be grateful i’m going to love my family i’m going 2:25 to enjoy this day if you don’t decide how you’re going to live circumstances will decide for you 2:32 you’ll see every problem how it’s not going to work out you’ll think i don’t feel like going 2:37 to work this traffic’s so bad i never get any good breaks when you dwell on those thoughts 2:44 you may not realize it but you’re choosing to live discouraged you’re choosing to have a lousy 2:50 day the scripture says joy comes in the morning every morning god sends you a fresh supply of joy 2:58 you can dismiss it think that’s not for me i have too much coming against me or you can receive it 3:05 and say things may not be perfect in my life but i know god’s on the throne he’s ordering my steps 3:12 his plans for me are for good so i’m going to enjoy this day this is what david did 3:18 he had all kinds of opposition armies trying to stop him people slandering him 3:24 but in the middle of all that he said this is the day the lord has made i will rejoice 3:31 and be glad in it his circumstances said he should be discouraged afraid lonely if he was reporting 3:39 on the situation he would have said this is the day the lord has made and i’m really discouraged 3:46 i’ve got a lot of problems that would have been the truth but he wasn’t reporting he was making 3:52 a declaration of faith he was saying despite the opposition i will be happy despite people lying 3:59 about me i will be happy despite my family not believing in me i’m going to live this day happy 4:07 if you’re going to be happy you have to be happy on purpose because there will be people betrayals 4:14 delays all kinds of things that can cause you to live sour you have to put your foot down and say 4:20 that’s it i’m not letting other people steal my joy i’m not letting what’s not working out 4:27 caused me to be sour not letting this problem at work keep me from enjoying my life i will 4:33 rejoice i will be glad i will live this day happy see your will is more powerful than how you feel 4:43 david didn’t feel happy when he wrote this but he declared i will rejoice don’t wait to feel happy 4:50 before you decide to be happy you have to decide first then the happiness will come now like david 4:57 you may feel discouraged you may have a good reason things were not fair you went through 5:03 a loss nothing looks promising in your life the enemy would love for you to never get your hopes 5:10 up to think that’s the way it’s always going to be just drag through the day sour no you have 5:16 to kick your will into gear i will be happy i will enjoy this day i will focus on the goodness of god 5:24 your will is going to override how you feel now mark of maturity is when you can be happy 5:31 even when things aren’t going your way that your joy is not based on your circumstances 5:37 well joel when the pandemic is over i’ll get my joy back when i finish school i’ll be happy 5:43 again when the texans win i’ll be in a good mood they’d be waiting a while when i get married when 5:50 i get married i’ll be happy or if i wasn’t married i’d be happy if you’re putting off your happiness 5:57 there will always be some reason to not be happy why don’t you make a decision that 6:03 you’re going to be happy today not when it clears up not when your boss changes 6:09 not when you lose 20 pounds not when you get the promotion this is the day the lord has made 6:16 i’ve learned if you don’t get happy where you are you probably won’t get to where you want 6:22 to be well i can’t stand this job i don’t like working at this place try a different approach 6:29 god i’m happy that i have a job help me to not let these people steal my joy 6:34 if you’ll have a good attitude where you are that’s a seed that god will use to change things 6:41 but if you’re sour at that job and god gave you a better job when someone does you wrong there 6:47 you’ll be sour at that place too you have to get happy where you are may not be in my dream house 6:54 yet but i’m happy in this apartment not marriage yet but i’m happy being single this health issue 7:01 hasn’t resolved yet but god i’m going to be happy while you’re changing things you control 7:07 your own happiness it’s not up to anyone else you’re as happy as you want to be i 7:14 played basketball with a young man and he was always in a good mood so friendly and upbeat 7:20 one day after the game i asked if he wanted to go get something to eat he said no i have to go 7:25 up to the clinic i’m taking chemotherapy he’d been fighting cancer for three years i was so surprised 7:32 i couldn’t tell anything was wrong i said i’m so sorry to hear that he said don’t feel 7:37 sorry for me life is good i’m blessed i have a beautiful wife a new son i’m grateful to be alive 7:46 he could have been depressed thinking why me this is not fair sitting around in self-pity instead he 7:54 made the choice to be happy where he was i asked him how he had such a great attitude he said when 8:02 i wake up in the morning i ask myself do you want to live depressed or do you want to live happy 8:08 i choose to live happy i wonder how much more we would enjoy our lives if we would do like him 8:16 and start choosing to be happy we can’t get away from negative circumstances i can’t tell you 8:22 that having faith will keep you from trouble bad breaks people that do you wrong but i can tell you 8:29 those things don’t have to take your joy you’re in control of your happiness david said in psalm 144 8:38 happy are the people whose god is the lord and sometimes we look at circumstances and there’s 8:45 nothing to be happy about fighting cancer going through a pandemic having trouble at work nothing 8:52 good about that no the reason we can be happy is our god is on the throne he controls the universe 9:00 he’s our provider he’s our healer he’s our vindicator he’s our waymaker 9:07 we can be happy that the most powerful force in the universe is on our side no person can stop him 9:14 no bad break no sickness no addiction all the forces of darkness cannot stop what god has 9:21 ordained for you it’s significant that david started off by saying this is the day the lord 9:28 has made he could have just said i’m going to be glad today i’m going to rejoice he was saying god 9:35 i recognize that you not only made this day but you’ve allowed me to be alive you chose 9:41 me before i could choose you you formed me in my mother’s womb now i’m not going to waste this day 9:48 living negative focused on my problems dwelling on my hurts i’m going to live this day to the full 9:56 you and i are not here by accident god could have chosen anyone to be alive today there 10:02 are billions of people that have lived and died but god hand-picked you to be here at this time 10:09 he woke you up this morning he gave you strength to get out of bed he’s crowned you with favor 10:15 he put seeds of greatness in you he calls you more than a conqueror the head and not the tail 10:22 one way we honor god is by living happy he didn’t create you to drag through the day overcome by 10:30 problems discouraged by disappointments this day is a gift from god we should feel a responsibility 10:38 to live it in faith happy joyful good-natured once this day is over we can never get it back we don’t 10:47 have time to waste another minute being negative discouraged focused on what didn’t work out 10:54 complaining over who did us wrong get your joy back well joel i’d be happier but i’ve 11:00 been through hurts people have done me wrong i say this respectfully everyone’s been hurt i’ve 11:08 had disappointments bad breaks loss we all have you can use that as an excuse and let it sour 11:15 the rest of your life or you can say father thank you for entrusting me with another day 11:22 i’m not going to take it for granted i recognize it’s a day that you have made i’m going to choose 11:27 to be happy i’m going to choose to enjoy this day i’m going to live it to the full 11:33 when you have that kind of attitude god will give you beauty for ashes he’ll make 11:38 up for the wrongs a few months ago there were some birds right outside our bedroom window 11:45 five o’clock in the morning they started chirping and chirping so loudly that they woke me up 11:51 this went on for over an hour all this singing different sounds melodies one would chirp real 11:58 loud there’d be a pause then another would answer at times they’d all chirp together sounded like 12:05 a symphony i would have enjoyed it but it was five o’clock in the morning i wanted to sleep 12:10 the next morning five o’clock the same thing again and again one morning it was raining 12:17 thundering i thought there’s no way those birds are gonna sing today no way they’re 12:22 gonna be happy cold rainy lightning five o’clock right on cue here came the birds louder than ever 12:31 i wanted to say to those birds why are you so happy don’t you know we’re in a pandemic 12:37 haven’t you read the news there are problems in the world the price of gas is high the supply 12:43 chain is messed up how can you be singing what if you don’t get your worms tomorrow 12:49 it’s interesting how god put something in those birds to start the day off singing they’re saying 12:56 in effect life is good we’re happy we’re going to enjoy this day what would happen if we would 13:04 have that song of praise every morning like those birds not be moved by our circumstances but sing 13:11 in the dark when things aren’t going our way sing in the rain when circumstances are against us sing 13:18 in the cold when we don’t feel like it we could be discouraged complaining instead we’re making this 13:25 choice that we’re going to live this day happy one reason those birds are so happy is they haven’t 13:32 watched the news they haven’t read the papers they’re not on social media nobody has told them 13:39 they’re supposed to be worried afraid upset they believe that their heavenly father is in control 13:46 they’ve seen him take care of them in the past they believe he’ll take care of them in the future 13:53 if you’re going to live happier you may have to tune some things out you can’t take in negative 13:59 all the time and stay in faith the scripture says think on things that are of a good report 14:05 things that are positive hopeful our thinking has a lot to do with our happiness the apostle 14:12 paul went through a lot of bad breaks second corinthians 11 it lists some of these difficulties 14:19 five times he was beaten with rods once he was stoned three times he had been shipwrecked he 14:25 was bitten by a poisonous snake he faced angry mobs fought off bandits survived flooded rivers 14:32 he’d gone without food proper clothing sleepless nights nobody had more come against them than paul 14:40 after being in prison for two years he was brought before king agrippa for his trial when 14:46 he stood up to give his defense the first thing he said was king agrippa i think myself happy 14:54 you would think he would see himself as a victim be bitter angry have a chip on his shoulder 15:02 but he shows us a secret of how to overcome all that he said i think myself happy 15:08 you can think yourself depressed you can think yourself into a bad mood think yourself a victim 15:15 or you can do like paul and say yes i’ve had a lot of difficulties 15:20 i could be sour live discouraged but i’m going to think myself happy as long as you’re thinking 15:27 about your hurts what you didn’t get how you were left out you’re going to be discouraged 15:33 why don’t you start thinking happy thoughts happy thoughts or i have a bright future something good 15:40 is going to happen to me my latter days will be better than my former days i’m not saying to deny 15:46 the negative i’m saying don’t dwell on it don’t relive what didn’t work out don’t replay the loss 15:54 the disappointment the failure you can’t move forward if you’re looking back you can’t enjoy 16:00 today if you’re focused on yesterday you may have had disappointments things that are not fair you 16:07 need to do like paul and start thinking yourself happy i get up every morning and tell victoria 16:14 today is going to be a great day you know what i’m doing thinking myself happy i’m getting my 16:20 mind going in the right direction it’s easy to get up and think yourself sad think yourself into 16:27 self-pity why did i come down with this illness my friends are all married why am i still single 16:33 these people at work are not treating me right this is not fair you’re thinking yourself defeated 16:40 you have to change what you’re thinking yes i came down with this illness but father i want to thank 16:45 you that you’re restoring health back unto me that i will live and not die that my best days 16:51 are still in front of me yes these people at work are not treating me right but i’m not a victim 16:57 i know i’m a victor god you’re my vindicator you said you would always cause me to triumph 17:04 happy thoughts are god i’m grateful to be alive i’m excited about my future i believe you’re 17:10 taking me from glory to glory that i haven’t seen or imagined the great things you have in store 17:17 when you think happy thoughts it not only lifts your spirit but that attitude of faith is what 17:23 allows god to do amazing things after paul gave this great speech to king agrippa he was sent 17:31 back to prison his prayer wasn’t answered you would think now he would surely be discouraged 17:37 surely he’d be complaining no in prison he wrote rejoice in the lord always and again i say rejoice 17:45 he was telling us even when it doesn’t go your way just keep thinking happy thoughts keep giving god 17:52 praise keep thanking god that he’s working keep being grateful when you could be complaining 17:59 keep thinking victory when you’re seeing defeat happiness is not dependent on what’s going on 18:06 around you it’s dependent on what’s going on in you what kind of thoughts are you thinking 18:12 i’ll never get well i’ve had this too long you’re thinking yourself discouraged i can’t 18:18 break this addiction it’s been in my family for years you’re thinking yourself limited 18:24 i can’t be happy joel i’ve been through a lot of loss a lot of heartache that’s not how your 18:30 story ends here’s a key you have to give yourself permission to be happy sometimes we bought into 18:38 the lie that we’re not supposed to be happy we’ve been through too much we’ve made too many mistakes 18:44 if we’re happy people may not understand can i tell you you’re supposed to be happy 18:51 god created you to enjoy your life to laugh to smile happiness starts on the inside give god 19:00 something to work with every morning you need to say to yourself i’m happy i’m grateful i’m blessed 19:08 you can’t receive happiness if you’re thinking sadness joy is coming every morning some 19:15 people have been bypassing it year after year because of their thoughts you will live happier 19:21 if you’ll start thinking happier while paul was in prison he wrote in first thessalonians 19:28 be happy in the faith glad-hearted continually he was telling us again think happy thoughts 19:36 be glad-hearted he didn’t say anything about our circumstances be happy if people treat you 19:43 good be happy if your plans work out be happy if you don’t have any disappointments he was saying 19:50 get in a habit of thinking happy thoughts don’t let the negative circumstances talk you out 19:56 of living happy i was driving down the road the other day and i was in a hurry to get to 20:03 an appointment there was a car in front of me that was driving 20 miles an hour in a 45 mile an hour 20:10 zone it was a one-lane street you couldn’t pass it wasn’t a school zone the driver wasn’t elderly 20:17 i couldn’t understand why they wouldn’t go at that point i had to make up my mind that i was going 20:24 to think happy thoughts because the thoughts that were coming were not happy my first thoughts would 20:29 blow the horn call them a name get out of my way i was about to think myself upset but i did what 20:36 i’m asking you to do god i know you’re in control you’re ordering my steps i thank you that it’s a 20:43 good day i’m healthy i’m blessed i have a bright future i just switched over to happy thoughts 20:50 not long after that they turned i honked my horn and went on but in the scripture habakkuk i didn’t 20:57 honk and the scripture habakkuk put it this way though the fig tree does not blossom though 21:03 there be no fruit on the vine though the olive crops fell and there are no cattles in the stall 21:09 everything was going wrong for habakkuk business was down his crops weren’t producing his income 21:16 was limited if he would have stopped there he’d been depressed discouraged drugged through the day 21:22 but he went on to say yet will i rejoice in the lord i will joy in the god of my salvation he was 21:30 saying even when i’m not seeing increase even when things aren’t going my way slow drivers delays the 21:37 medical report hasn’t improved i’m not going to fall apart i’m still going to think happy thoughts 21:43 i’m still going to thank god that i’m alive that i have purpose that good things are in store 21:50 are you thinking yourself sad thinking yourself discouraged thinking yourself a victim it’s time 21:57 to start thinking happy thoughts a lady i know is very joyful she always has a smile and every time 22:04 i’m around her she’s so good-natured and so fun and she’s had difficulties in life hasn’t been 22:10 easy but she’s learned this secret to think happy thoughts she was at a store and she went up to the 22:16 counter to purchase something the men at the register asked how she was doing she said with 22:22 a big smile very enthusiastically i’m blessed and just grateful to be alive he looked at her 22:29 and said do you go to lakewood she said i do he said i should have known it everyone that comes 22:36 in here like you goes to lakewood i believe we should be the happiest people on earth 22:44 there should be a difference between us and people that don’t honor god when you go to work 22:51 everyone may be complaining discouraged talking defeat don’t fall into that trap stay full of joy 22:58 keep a smile on your face keep thinking happy thoughts this world needs more 23:03 happy people we need more joy in the world there’s so much sadness gloom and despair 23:11 if we’re not careful we’ll let what’s happening around us get in us that’s why every morning 23:17 you have to choose to be happy not i feel but i will rejoice i will enjoy this day i will be happy 23:26 when you think about the best day of your life what day would it be the day you were married 23:32 the day your child was born the day you found out you were cancer-free the day you moved into that 23:38 new house those are all great days we look back with fond memories but do you know what i believe 23:45 the best day of your life is today god has given us another day to be alive 23:53 another day to enjoy your family another day to see the sunrise another day of possibilities 24:00 to pursue your dreams to go after your goals but sometimes we let the pressures of life 24:07 the traffic what somebody said a challenge at work to keep us from enjoying this day 24:14 we think it’s just another ordinary day but there’s no such thing as an ordinary day every 24:21 day is a gift from god the scripture says our life is like a vapor we’re here for a minute 24:28 and then we’re gone 100 years from now we’ll all be finished if we really understood how valuable 24:35 each day is i think we would live it happier it’s easier to take it for granted just get up 24:42 go through the motions deal with the challenges and the day is gone 24:46 but if you’ll have a new perspective and start seeing every day as your best day then you 24:52 won’t let the little things upset you you’ll take time to enjoy the people god’s given you to love 24:59 you’ll stop by and say hello to that neighbor that’s lonely you’ll think more happy thoughts 25:04 you’ll live more grateful you’ll make the most of each day a pastor friend of mine went to visit a 25:11 35 year old mother in the hospital she had cancer and wasn’t supposed to make it through the night 25:18 walked in took her hand and told her that he loved her that he was praying for her 25:23 she smiled ever so warmly and said in a faint voice pastor this is the best day of my life 25:31 he seemed kind of puzzled thinking that doesn’t seem like a very good day for you at all and she 25:36 laid there very frail no hair she said you see i didn’t know if i was going to wake up this morning 25:43 now god has blessed me with another day to see my children another day to spend with my family 25:50 she went on to say if i make it through today tonight i’m going to look out the window and 25:56 look at the stars i’m going to enjoy the moonlight you may have some difficulties things you could be 26:03 sour about things that can take your joy but if you’ll keep it in the right perspective 26:09 recognizing that this day is a gift from god that really it’s the best day of your life 26:15 then it’s much easier to live it happy to not be sidetracked by all the worries what didn’t work 26:21 out who cut you off when paul came to the end of his life he said i want to finish my course with 26:29 joy we’re all going to go to be with the lord at some point i don’t want to go discouraged feeling 26:35 like a victim look what i’ve been through why did this happen let’s go full of joy 26:41 seeing each day as the best day getting up each morning and choosing to be happy saying with david 26:48 it’s not how i feel i will rejoice i will be glad like paul let’s get in the habit 26:55 of thinking happy thoughts if you’ll do this i believe and declare you’re going to live happier 27:02 you’re going to enjoy your life more forces that have held you back are being broken 27:07 right now god is about to release you into new levels of joy favor freedom fulfillment 27:15 you will finish your course with joy in jesus name and if you believe it can you say amen 27:23 i’d like to give you an opportunity to make jesus the lord of your life would you pray 27:28 with me just say lord jesus i repent of my sins come into my heart i make you my lord and savior 27:40 if you prayed that simple prayer we believe you got born again we’d love to send you some free 27:45 information on your new walk with the lord you can just text the number on the screen or go to the 27:49 website i hope you’ll get into a good bible-based church and keep god first place thanks for being a 27:57 part of our youtube channel we post new videos right here every week to keep you inspired and 28:03 encouraged when you subscribe to the channel it helps to get the message of hope around the world 28:08 if you’ve been impacted by our ministry let us know in the comments below and share this page 28:13 with a friend we also want to take a moment and thank you for all you do to support the 28:18 ministry with your donations and offerings you help keep the ministry going when you give i 28:23 believe god will open the windows of heaven you’ll see his favor in new ways in your life 28:29 i know our best days are still up in front of us we love you and we’ll see you next time

Pastor Joel Osteen: Every day, we have the choice to live happy or discouraged. If you’ll choose to see the good and expect favor, your attitude of faith will allow God to do incredible things in your life!

About Pastor Joel Osteen

Joel Osteen Ministries Joel Osteen is the pastor of Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas, the largest and fastest-growing church in the nation.  Joel is the most-watched inspirational figure in America.

His first book, Your Best Life Now, reached the top of the New York Times Bestseller list and has sold more than 4 million copies. His weekly sermon is broadcast on every U.S. television market where it is viewed by seven million Americans each week and more than 20 million each month.

About Victoria Osteen

Her compassion and passion for ministry grew during her years of faithful service in many capacities. Now as co-pastor, Victoria is an integral part of each church service and the Night of Hope worship events across the U.S. and abroad.

As a wife and mother of two, Victoria is an inspiration and example to women everywhere who are balancing responsibilities both inside and outside the home. She is committed to empowering women, children, and families to connect and grow strong with a foundation of faith in Jesus Christ.

This commitment and passion led her to begin the Women’s Ministry at Lakewood Church which equips women at every age and every stage in life—at home, in relationships, and in the workplace.

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God is doing amazing things through their television ministry. They are reaching over 100 million homes in the U.S. and tens of millions more in 100 nations. Lives are being changed, relationships are being restored and communities are being transformed by the power of God and the message of hope that is being broadcast through this ministry.

Each week more than one million people are hearing God’s Word by downloading their audio and video podcasts, making their podcast consistently one of the top five in the world.

About Lakewood Church

After renovations were completed in 2005, Joel moved Lakewood Church into its new 16,000-seat home (the former Compaq Center) that was once home to the Houston Rockets professional basketball team. Each week Joel delivers God’s message of hope and encouragement to more than 52,000 attendees.

With the help of their faithful partners, they are sharing the hope found in Jesus Christ with others by providing the basic necessities of food, clothing and medical supplies to those in need.


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  1. musicistabest March 4th, 2013 at 5:41 am

    I had been once a part of a mega-chapel community. Today I’m agnostic however it wasnt that sometime ago I recall the contempt many fundies had for Joel Osteen.

    The fundies could never come on specific about why Joel Osteen was this type of threat, however the answer was apparent. Osteen uses real-speak and does not dress his sermons within the facade of constant fundy-speak and statistical scriptural references almost every other sentence.

    See, fundies “feel” “feed” once they hear things like:

    “Within Jermiah 2:12-15 the the almighty states to operate steadfastly after which he states (100 pages over) in Romans 3:21 to leap, and that’s why whenever you think back at Genesis 1:32 you can observe he was happy. So make sure to jump and run to help make the the almighty happy”

    After I funnel surf, ocassionally I pause and watch the fundy preachers…I actually do it for amusement. However, after i have viewed Osteen, I’ve really done this in excess of the conventional 20 second viewers pause. Anybody could possibly get something in the guy. Its this type of joke that fundies party him