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Texas - La Lomita Chapel Engaged in Legal Fight Over The US-Mexico Border Wall

The latest legal battle over the land between the government and La Lomita took place last week. The local diocese tried and failed to stop the government from surveying the chapel land. | Image courtesy: npr.org

The local Catholic diocese is mired in a legal battle with the U.S. government over the chapel’s land, which is right next to the Rio Grande River. 25 miles of President Trump’s proposed border wall, funded in 2018 when Republicans still held a majority in the House, are slated to go through Hidalgo County, where Mission is located.

La Lomita Chapel Involved in Land Dispute

La Lomita — which means little hill — has been here almost since the southern border was created, following the Mexican-American War in the mid-19th century. It’s part of a series of missions established by the Catholic Church to maintain a presence on the U.S. side of the new border. The town of Mission — now with a population of around 80 thousand people — grew up around it.

In last year’s appropriations bill, money was allocated for “levee fencing” on the land at La Lomita – a massive 30-foot wall on the north side of the property, complete with access roads and cameras. After the Mass, Father Roy Snipes says he believes a wall will desecrate this place. Those who came to pray here agree […]


La Lomita Chapel in Legal Dispute with Border Wall Project | Father Roy Snipes

  • La Lomita Chapel is on the wrong side of the border wall. The iconic chapel will be divided from the community, with little to no access to a religious institution that is part of many lives in the Texas Rio Grande Valley. Father Roy Snipes, sometimes known as the Cowboy Priest, is the pastor of the congregation that was founded by the Oblates.


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