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life was intended to be radical and revolutionary I want you to experience life at the speed of intention life at the quality of authenticity life at the level of the extraordinary life at the leap of faith life at the expression of the exceptional life at the threshold of the exemplary life on the edge welcome to on the living edge greetings beloved I’m dr. mark chironna and you are on the living edge and I’m delighted that you’ve chosen to join me as always right at the top I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for all our faithful destiny partners and friends because you enable us to take this precious gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ all around the world and we are bearing fruit and increasing daily by the Holy Spirit because of your faithful support people are being saved healed empowered and transformed thank you I’m really excited about this brand new series called I’m tired of being tired because God wants to move us in this season of release that all the prophetic voices are talking about from Hope deferred to desire realized so I invite you to open the word to proverbs chapter 13 verse 12 as we begin to explore the therapy of the Holy Spirit to bring us into something beyond fixing our lives to making our lives whole so that our dreams can be realized and success can be achieved the greatest motivational speaker that ever lived was Solomon the wise open the Bible open your heart open your eyes you’re about to move out of I’m tired of being tired to the realization of your dreams beloved I want to share with you a very well-known portion of scripture from Proverbs 13 before I do that I want to emphasize something that I believe is really important we have been hearing seasoned voices declaring decreeing and proclaiming that this is a season of release I believe it with all my heart I also know that there is a part we play in the promise we receive so that the promises of God have to be more than received they have to be obtained God has called us to walk in obedience to faith and cooperate with the Holy Spirit in order to buy those promises become partakers of the divine nature our obedience makes the difference Paul tells his son Timothy in the gospel in 1st Timothy chapter 1 that he’s to fight the good fight of faith based on the prophecies made concerning him that were given over him and in essence Paul is saying that all prophetic words are conditional now in my travels of late I am hearing many of God’s precious sons and daughters who love him with all their heart and who have been through long seasons of endurance and perseverance that they’re tired and we all know that very well-known statement I’m tired of being tired I’m sick of being sick and I want to talk to you about I’m tired of being tired I want to talk to you about getting past deferred hopes and on into realized dreams from proverbs 13 12 where Solomon says Hope deferred makes the heart sick but desire fulfilled is a tree of life years ago I did a series called the therapy of Jesus where I took the 33 miracles of Jesus the 26 miracles actually and the overlapping of the other few from the Gospels and I began to unpack the way in which Jesus moved into the lives of those who were afflicted and brought them into wholeness one of the words for healing in the Greek is therapure from which we get the word therapy now everything that Jesus did therapeutically the Holy Spirit now therapeutically comes into our experience both by his indwelling and by his office as the lord and administrator the church to bring us into wholeness and well-being we know that John the beloved said bill but I would that you prosper and be in health even as your soul prospers now in a season where God is promising release where many of God’s people are anticipating longing for yearning for breakthrough I also know that if people are saying they’re tired it’s because their hopes have been deferred and when our hopes are deferred Salomon accurately observes and modern cognitive therapists behavioral therapists social psychologists will tell you that there’s a whole lot of people that wrestle with the deferral of hope and it makes their heart sick now they’ll use all sorts of technical terms for that nevertheless the ancient wisdom of Solomon still proves to be true in today’s complicated 21st century life because Hope deferred still makes the heart sick and yet desire fulfilled is a tree of life satisfaction and fulfillment are important aspects of the promise of the gospel God really does want you to live a satisfied life God wants you to live a life of well-being and wholeness a life of meaning a life of significance a life where his untapped greatness inside you can find its full expression through you I’m I’m mindful of the words of the great and late poet laureate Langston Hughes I want to read you this very brief poem that has been known all over the world and from which a major movie with Sidney Poitier was framed what happens to a dream deferred does it dry up like A Raisin in the Sun or fester like a sore and then run does it stink like rotten meat or crust and sugar over like a syrupy sweet maybe it just sags like a heavy load or does it explode Langston Hughes profoundly profoundly takes the words of Solomon about dreams deferred making the heart sick and begins to describe drying up like A Raisin in the Sun festering like a sore and then running and bleeding out stink like rotten meat crust and sugar over and maybe just sink like a heavy load or explode now one of the things that I want you to realize is that when something is deferred and if you’re going to experience release in this season I want to assure you God doesn’t want your hopes and dreams to be deferred forever there is an appointed time for your breakthrough and your release one of the keys to arriving at that time on time is developing the kind of resilience and perseverance that we could today in modern culture we would talk about as coping skills and I think you can’t have coping skills without having biblical hoping skills and because faith is the substance of things hoped for the conviction or the evidence or the title deed of things not seen so that hope is a foundational dynamic for faith to be realized and dreams to be achieved and all too often when hope gets deferred our coping skills turn into the kind of experience where the stress response which is a medical term in a psychological term the stress response gets stuck you may have heard of it as fight or flight but when the stress response gets stuck it’s because the heart has gotten sick the heart has gotten weak and prolonged stress you know one of the things that psychologists build their framework on as they observe human behavior and they observe human reaction and they observe human thinking patterns and they begin to categorize them in terms of when a person is behaving and believing like this we call it this for example to be an anxiety perpetually for more than six months they will label as generalized anxiety disorder now whether or not I choose to embrace that label or not is something else because I have found that oftentimes people that are in prolonged and protracted seasons of distress and grief are often labeled something that causes them to think this is a life sentence and I want to assure you of this in this season of release God wants to release you from dreams and hopes deferred and bring you into desire realized and part of the way that will happen is your cooperation with the therapeutic presence of the Holy Spirit both within you and alongside you so that in cooperation with his guidance and his power you can begin to push back against the regrets the disappointments the grief and the fears that caused your stress response to get stuck in relationship to issues with your family your finances your physical well-being the fitness of your job all the things that tie into what makes life in the 21st century one continual challenge after another you know everybody relates to stress certainly if we lived a hundred years ago or two hundred years ago the stresses were different than they are now and today medical science will confirm that many people live in fight-or-flight all the time that’s what the stress response is and so if you’ve been in stress for over six months and most of us have had to deal with stress on a daily basis you could easily end up thinking that some label in the diagnostic manual of mental disorders would apply to you but I want to say that the labels that would apply to those that use them don’t have to apply to you as a child of God because this manual reveals a therapy that is beyond fixing you because God doesn’t want to fix you God wants to heal you God wants to empower you God wants to transform you and the same God who inspired Solomon to say Hope deferred makes the heart sick but desire fulfilled is a tree of life provides right within here all the keys to the realization of your heart’s desire God would never give you those desires if he didn’t intend for you to realize them and the longer you go through seasons of prolonged waiting for that appointed time the more you will find your coping skills being tested but the assurance beloved that you need to have is that your faith is going to be enlarged in your distress even as david says thou has enlarged me in my distress psalm 4 in in the King James it says thou has relieved me in my distress but that word relieved there in Psalm 4 in the King James is actually enlarged in the Hebrew and that word distress means to be put in a straitened str AIT en IDI a straightened or a narrow place but in that straightened or narrow place God makes you bigger on the inside than the circumstances on the outside so that you can cope and survive and overcome and yes I want you to hear my heart because many of you have been accused by the enemy that the best you’re doing is surviving right now and you need to hear me sometimes we are tougher on ourselves than we need to be because there are seasons where survival is a legitimate short-term goal as a matter of fact survival is instinctual inside you and survival is so instinctual that the fight-or-flight response is something that God put in you to protect you in the face of danger the challenge is that the stress response or the fight-or-flight response when it gets stuck because you end up perceiving when you are faced with overwhelming challenges you end up perceiving that you’re unable to cope and it triggers the fear that is the foundation for stress all stress is tied fundamentally to fear don’t be misled all stress has as its foundation fear and you need to be aware that God’s perfect love casts out all fear and so even if you’ve been in prolonged stress for over six months you are not a disorder you are not someone that needs to be labeled or identified with something that is simply an observation of behavior or of belief not realizing that the root of that may be a whole lot of situations that we could call a perfect storm Joe went through a perfect storm everything that could go wrong went wrong and it exploded in every dream seemed to explode and dry up like A Raisin in the Sun one thing happened after another after another after another he was going through a prolonged season of testing the enemy was on his back in his face and he didn’t understand it so when when James the brother of Jesus has counted all joy when you encounter diverse trials I want to say James you could have opened up your epistle with something like you may go through some tough seasons and eventually you’ll count it all joy let me say if you hung out with Jesus and knew the stuff he went through how can you say count it all joy because when you going through tough seasons it’s hard to count it all joy but James knows the end of the story James knows that the end of God’s dealings is that he’s good he’s loving he’s caring he says consider the patience of Job and the end of God’s dealings with him that God restored it all so that if I know the end of the story from the beginning I can begin to build in the needed resources of hope and faith and love to cope with the things that make me say I’m tired of being tired I promise you that there are things you’re going to learn in this series that are gonna unlock doors in your heart and in your mind that are gonna bring you into a new season of anticipation and hopeful expectation with assurance that your desires and your dreams are gonna be realized and so beloved I want you to understand that when the heart is made sick when when Solomon says Hope deferred makes the heart sick that the spirit wants to come and make you well he doesn’t want to fix you please hear my heart we have too many people trying to fix people in the world today and way too many in the body of Christ that they that they’re self-appointed fixers of everybody else job had friends that tried to fix him God doesn’t want you fixed God wants you healed God wants your heart healed Psalm 34:18 says the Lord is near to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit trust me when hope is deferred and the hardest sick your spirit can be oppressive Lee crushed the Holy Spirit in the King James Bible is called the comforter the word in the greek is Paraclete because King James use the word comforter 500 plus years ago we can end up misinterpreting what that really means because when the King James translators use the word comforter today when we think of a comforter it’s one who gives us you know a warm consoling sense of support and it’s not that the Holy Spirit doesn’t do that however you’re gonna miss the real blessing in what the Paraclete really does and why the King James Version uses the word comforter because it doesn’t mean what you think it means here’s here’s the reality the latin vulgate that was used up until the time of the King James Bible spoke of the Holy Spirit as as the comfort taken Forte in Latin and in Italian means to come alongside with strength Forte means strength so when Jesus is saying that thus the comforter will come in the King James Version what he’s what’s really being said there is that the Holy Spirit the Paraclete is gonna come alongside us with his strength all too often when you are going through seasons where your heart is being faint and crushed and the dream is being deferred and you’re being drawn out in a season of endurance wondering whether or not it’s worth it you’re being weakened by it and the longer you are weakened by it the more intense the stress response becomes and gets triggered perpetually and your ability to cope is going to be Ricky is gonna be essential that you understand that the Holy Spirit is there to strengthen you because what the enemy wants to do through both direct accusation and veiled accusation is come alongside you on the other side and tell you you can’t cope here’s the thing about the enemy he’s a profound exaggerator he’s a profound distorter he will come along and fill your mind with you don’t have what it takes to cope with what’s going on in your family you don’t have what it takes to cope with what’s going on on your job you don’t have what it takes to cope with what’s going on in your finances he’s gonna tell you you don’t have what it takes to cope with what’s going on in life and he will trigger fears incessantly like machine-gun fire fiery darts that will come at you to grip you at a level of yours but you’ll even begin to feel those stresses in your body and when you begin to realize hey wait a minute I don’t have to give a knee-jerk triggered reaction to fear if God has promised me that perfect love casts out fear because God would never allow you to be facing anything at all that you can’t handle and when you know in your knower his perfect love is so great that he will provide a way of escape so you might be able to endure it you can take a step back take a deep breath poison posture your spirit before the Lord and realize the Holy Spirit is coming alongside you to give you strength and while the enemy wants to you to focus on I can’t I can’t I can’t the Holy Spirit wants you to focus on I can I can I can I think there are some things we can’t cope with unless we’ve been trained to cope with them so for example what might I not be able to cope with well if in the middle of the night you hear a door slamming and you wake up with a knee-jerk reaction of protecting your household that’s a valid response but what if there’s no intruder and it’s just the wind blowing a door shut because somebody left the window open your reaction would have been overreacting to something that was a perceived threat that you didn’t think you could cope with beloved a lot of what you and I are going through right now are our perceive reactions to shadows and smoke and mirrors that the powers of darkness are throwing at us because the enemy wants you to think that your dream is never going to arrive and the deferral of it is a sign God’s either angry at you or he doesn’t want this to happen I’m here to tell you your desire is going to be realized and you have the capacity to develop the hoping skills and the coping skills to move through this and come to your breakthrough and I want to encourage you to stay tuned because we’re gonna take you through in this month a whole series and litany of processes and strategies from the scripture that are going to help you renew your mind to get past I’m tired of being tired and I promise you you’re gonna move into a place of getting past deferred hopes into the realization of your dreams and some of the things you’re wrestling with right now are gonna be of no consequence within the next season of your life because your whole perception of them is going to shift and the way you interpret what’s going on is going to be shifted in favor of what the scriptures say about what God is up to there is an appointed time of favor you are moving into it and I encourage you to dare to believe God and dare to believe the simple reality I can cope with this I’ve coped with it so far he’s been faithful before he’ll be faithful again and I will confidently expect him to deliver on his promise because God is not a man that he should lie or the son of man that he should repent as my precious hero in the faith brother schambach used to say if God said it he’ll do it if he spoke it he will bring it to pass beloved in this season of release I want to join my faith with yours so that you can see the kind of breakthroughs that God indeed wants you to have by his precious and magnificent promises I want you to sow a love gift right now into the soil of marks your honor ministries and help me take the gospel all around the world to see people saved healed empowered and transformed so your best love gift right now and let me say thank you by blessing your life with some rich resources if you’ll so a love gift right now with twenty nine dollars or more I want to put in your hands this powerful brand new series I’m tired of being tired your choice seed the DVD I promise you the skill sets you’ll learn from listening to this over and over again will empower you to move into a brand new season of The Tree of Life in your life resurrection life and fulfillment and satisfaction even in spite of hopes being deferred if you’ll so a love gift right now a forty-nine dollars or more you’ll also get the powerful manual that will give you skill training and inventories to begin to develop resilience at a whole new level and for those of you that feel moved upon to sow a love gift of fifty nine dollars or more I’ve got a brand new powerful to message series called I’m not just bouncing back I’m bouncing beyond that are gonna give you additional coping skills coping skills and resilience building skills to get past the stress response that keeps you stuck call that number right now so your best love gift and let me say thank you for partnering with me by putting in your hand all of these rich resources and life-giving strategies to empower you to become all God’s called you to be call now for your best love gift today of twenty nine dollars or more dr. Chironna wants to bless you with his new release I’m tired of being tired on your choice of four CDs or DVDs I am hearing many of God’s precious sons and daughters that they’re tired and I’m tired of being tired you will learn skillsets to empower you to move into a new season of fulfillment in spite of your hopes being deferred in this season of release God wants to release you from dreams and hopes deferred and bring you into desire realize to order your copy on four CDs or DVDs call toll free gift of $49 or more you will also receive the powerful companion manual – I’m tired of being tired that will give you the training and resources to take resilience building to a whole new level and for your gift of 59 dollars or more to help dr. Chironna take the gospel to the world you’ll also be blessed by his bonus new to CD series I’m not bouncing back I’m bouncing beyond to give you additional hoping and coping skills call now to order these rich resources and life-giving strategies to enable you to be all God called you to be precious one Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures was buried and the third day rose from the dead according to the scriptures and God made him not only Messiah to the Jews but Messiah and king of all the earth and all creation as you have been moved on by His Holy Spirit if you have never surrendered to him and allowed him to be king in your life I invite you to let him forgive you of your sins and let him be the king of your life cry out to him and call on his name for anyone who calls on the name of Yeshua the Lord Jesus Christ the king will be delivered and set free but God will put your feet in a large place and if you call on him I want you to call that number on the screen I want to put some gifts in your hand as my way of saying I want to help you take the next easiest step on this journey of following Jesus all the way to the fullness that he has for you now that you’re born again and saved

  • Dr. Mark Chironna: In this series, you will earn by the Spirit how to amplify your praise in seasons when your dream is deferred – it will enhance positive emotion and motivation.

In learning how to amplify your praise you will experience the pleasure of God because praise is a radical, prophetic act of faith that makes a world to live in other than the world you are enduring. You will learn how to identify your greatest strengths, honor your greatest talents and re-design your life to express those to the glory of God in every area of your life.

About Dr. Mark Chironna

Having studied many disciplines both an undergraduate and a graduate level, over the years, Dr. Chironna has integrated both the theological and the psychological, in an effort to come alongside God’s sons and daughters and provide the kind of hands-on practical help to walk on the path that is Jesus.

With a media presence reaching nations around the world, he is a passionate preacher of the Gospel of Christ. His message of the wholeness of the Gospel that leads to the experience of wholeness in life is heard across the globe.

Dr. Chironna is the founder and senior pastor of Church on the Living Edge in Orlando, Florida. He and his wife Ruth have two adult sons and three grandchildren.

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Church On The Living Edge (formerly The Master’s Touch International Church) was started in August of 1998 in Orlando, Florida. From their humble beginnings in Dr. Phillips High School, they have grown into an 11-acre campus in Longwood.

They are a non-denominational family of lovers of Christ, whose desire is to see people reach their full potential in Christ.  Their message is a whole message for a whole person, so that in every area of your life: spiritual, social, familial, psychological, financial, vocational, and physical, you can actualize all that is innately within you according to the greatness of God’s “grand design” in you.


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