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Texas: San Antonio city program to help churches, nonprofits seeking to develop affordable housing

A San Antonio, Texas city pilot program was created to help nonprofits and churches in that area that want to develop affordable housing on their properties.  The city set aside $300,000 in this year’s budget to launch the program. The San Antonio Neighborhood and Housing Services director said the city will assist in many ways, and its at no cost to those who participate.

“We help them maybe get an architect, maybe get a designer to help them envision what they could do. If they do have a site and have an idea for a project, maybe they’re at the financial stage, and we help them with, ‘Here’s the financing tools that you need.’ Maybe we help them with the legal documents that they need to create a partnership. We could get them a consultant if they’re thinking, ‘Maybe we need the land use and the zoning,’” said Veronica Soto, director of Neighborhood and Housing Services. […]


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