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Elevate Christian Network :: Ministry Outreach TV

Elevate Christian Network :: Ministry Outreach TV

  • In this video, Pastor Shawn Bolz talks about neurology and the having the mind of Christ on Patricia King.

About Pastor Shawn Bolz

He is the founding pastor of Expression58 Christian Ministries, a ministry focused on the entertainment industry and poor in Los Angeles, California where he lives with his wife Cherie, and their two children.  He is passionate about seeing individuals and groups learn how to be the most connected, best version of themselves through their relationship with God.

He is a host of the Dreams & Mysteries television show on Daystar and author of several books including best selling Translating God & Keys to Heaven’s Economy. Bolz has been a pioneer in ministry, including the prophetic movement, since he was in his teens.

About Pastor Cherie Bolz

She gives Biblical based inspirational messages that will help you live a life of wholeness in freedom and to its fullest. She is a storyteller with stories that will cause you to mature with her as you find yourself in her message. Cherie enjoys taking people on a journey of self-discovery and inspiration to become the most empowered version of themselves.


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Pastor Shawn’s style of speaking & coaching, accompanied with his unique expert perspective on the issues of love, creativity and justice, have kept his calendar full. | Image courtesy: Bolz Ministries



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Shawn and Cherie Bolz on the set of their Exploring the Prophetic show

Shawn and Cherie Bolz on the set of their Exploring the Prophetic show. | Image courtesy: bolzministries.com



Shawn Bolz interview on Sid Roth's It's Supernatural Show

Shawn Bolz interview on Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural Show. | Image courtesy: sidroth.org



Shawn Bolz ministering at Sojourn Church in Carrollton Texas

Shawn Bolz ministering at Sojourn Church in Carrollton, Texas. | Image courtesy: sojournchurch.org



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Shawn Bolz is the most amazingly detailed prophet Sid has ever known. He’s ministered to thousands, from royalty to people on the streets.

Who Is Your Promised Land (Video) | Pastor Shawn Bolz

Video Transcript

I want to say happy Black History Month some of our deepest most profound prophetic spiritual history is because of the african-americans that God sent to this country and not all of them felt like they were sent to this country because of the terrible ways that their history was our history was expressed in itself but I love that we have a month to celebrate Black History because you know we have the recipe or celebrate everything else because Black History wasn’t written well into our history and so we have come together as an American so let’s celebrate the black community and what their contribution was to the world not just America but to the whole world yeah and so today part of my message actually comes from Harriet Tubman’s life story who’s one of my spiritual heroes and has been since I was 12 years old and that’s her on the wall right there you can look at her a couple times if unless she was behind you why I’m preaching because she’s amazing she’s she truly is one of the greatest heroes of America yeah it’s all sharing a minute about her but I just want to thank you so much for who you who are black for your ancestors and the price you paid for our nation and we just we so respect your heritage who you are we believe in you this is an important yes I don’t know how to start my message because I’m so happy about black people okay so you know I’m in this place of believing that there’s a new culture for Christianity that’s really the same old culture there’s a new expression for Christian a to be you know received in our generation and a lot of this expression will be received best when we love the right way and when our motivator our divine motivator as a Christian is truly love again and I want to kind of break some things down and just kind of start with a question because a lot of you had taught this whole concept of calling and Promised Land and going after a destiny and all these things we’ve been taught out of a performance mentality that we get to do something forgot it because we got to do something for God that’s our goal we set that as our object and our goal whether it’s something in the entertainment industry or something in church or something you know building a family or whatever it is and that becomes our set to so much of our goal that sometimes it violates the very principles of love that the gospel is about in the first place and so instead of asking what is your promised land I want to repose a question to say who is your promised land because it’s always about the who in the kingdom it’s not about the what and I’m gonna kind of get lay out a foundation for you a framework for you to really come into some understanding of how to ask God to give you even more of your who excuse me the people you’re called to and and the people that are truly your destiny I’m gonna define this in a couple different ways but I’m gonna talk about Harriet Tubman for just a minute because Harriet Tubman was a prophetess I don’t have you know that she heard God on such a clear level that not only would she have died if she didn’t hear God this way over and over for decades but everyone who is with her that she saved would die as well so the first time that she got commissioned from God she had an encounter with the Lord where he came as a father and he said I’m gonna release you to be like a Moses to your generation she was a teenager you’re gonna bring freedom to black people you’re gonna be free yourself and she was I mean she was a little slave girl who had no hope and she had been hit in the not too long before that by a slave owner who had abused her because of something that she was trying to get them to stop hurting another slave was being punished and he hit her in the head and she was hit she had a skull fracture and she started bleeding out of her skull they actually released her two days after the injury to work and she couldn’t work well so they were gonna sell her to a slave gang but no one would buy her because she was that frail and there was no purpose for her life in that season she had the visitation where God came to her and said I’m releasing to be a Moses during that time she tried to escape twice with her brother she got caught both times then she realized I need to spend time with God and figure out how to do this like his way and she prayed and God led her she escaped a third time and God led her each step of the way and you could read this in several biographies where she he he said like don’t go down this path go across this river like one of the rivers she went across at one point was so deep and so rushing that people died who had tried to cross so many times but God said you can go across right now and it only came up to her neck the entire time it was impossible like it doesn’t happen that way at this particular River so there’s all these moments in time that this little girl escaped because she heard from God like 11 or 12 times in the first journey all the way up into the land of freedom by herself can you imagine one of our teenagers 15 years old 14 years old crossing over into a freedom land and she goes god I don’t know anybody here have no resources you’re my only friend what do I do and she started to get some odd jobs and she started to you know have a life for herself she rented out a little room in a basement at this church building and and lived there for a little while and during that time God spoke to her and she thought she was doing well for herself because she’s free but God spoke to her and said what about the others your Moses what about your family that’s still there so she realized she was gonna have to do something still as a teenager she was she was gonna have to do something in her nieces were being sold in Maryland and she she knew that if she didn’t go to Maryland at that point she’d never see them again so she went over to Maryland and snuck them out and that was there her first people she snuck out and she heard God each step of the way so they didn’t get caught because you have to realize they knew how to catch these people the phenomenon that she was is that every trip she made she wasn’t caught and that she made over 11 journeys and out of the eleven he’s not one person was lost so she had over a hundred and something herself and 300 total from her prophetic journeys where she listened to God and because of her in the underground mirela and the whole thing that they established it set a hope that was a tipping point hope for african-americans in the entire nation that’s why she’s gonna be in the twenty dollar bill soon because she deserves to be and when you when you use that money I mean I just want you to always hold that money to press this way with your children because it represents hope it represents like she’s not gonna be on the currency and currency is one of the things that establishes the government of this land and she’s gonna she’s gonna be on every single others as a prophetess of freedom a prophetess of daughter she but one point her parents confronted her and said Harriet we refuse to let you go one more time down south and she said to her father she looked at him in the eyes and she said I would always listen to it always respect you but there’s a father that’s higher in heaven this is why she’s so teenager that has spoken to me and I have to say no to your authority right now and it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done and she went again even though she was disobeying your natural father but because she went again she was able to go again and again and again and again she was never caught and she was always a civil right suitor from that point on whether she wanted to be or not but what a voice what a voice our generation oh here’s the thought pattern behind it is that when she was doing all this she had a vision of freedom but when she attained her own freedom she realized as a Christian it wasn’t enough as a Christian it wasn’t just about the things she got to get the freedom she got to get she needed to have the who the people she was supposed to bring into that freedom with her that she didn’t just represent the one that got to be free she she represented all who needed to be free and so all of a sudden instead of her her destiny being to get to freedom that was just her calling is to help see freedom bursts on the earth but her destiny was the people who were supposed to get there with her and we constantly violate our true destiny was to the people we get to love for our sense of performance and calling and if you think of how ridiculous that is for for Jesus Jesus didn’t didn’t you know come to the earth so he can gain a title than he already had like in Ephesians 1 where it says he was raised above all positions titles all those things he already had that he came so he can raise you in that position with him so he came you were the the people he came for you were the joy set before Jesus and the whole reason why he came to the earth in the first place and so many times we get this empowering the church where we you know we repent and we accept into our lives and we’re like now I’ll change the world with you and it becomes about changing the world it hasn’t become about being the love of God in the world that is the actual thing that changes the world and actually attaching our heart to people groups and I think about like when we first moved here God had spoke to me in 1996 I was gonna go to LA and the heat that it was my land and I’d live and die here I don’t know if I’ll ever move but I don’t think I will yeah I started praying for LA from that point on I started coming out on you usually 3 to 5 journeys a year depending on the year and I only missed one year during that whole time until 2006 when I moved out here and our 2007 I moved out here and I remember I’ve come out here in prayer journeys and I would fall in love and I didn’t have the sense of like you know they entertain ministry that studio is gonna be ours it’s Christians and that’s gonna be our thing and we’re gonna do all this incredible so I didn’t have like it wasn’t missional in the sense that I had to come out and like possess land and conquer enemies and all the way I just looked at the people and I was so in love I remember walking down Hollywood Boulevard and seeing the drug addicts who were the power impoverished ones like the homeless and I see the drug addicts who were there mercedes doing drug deals on the same you know different corners in the same street and Sunset Boulevard and I’d look at it and go these are my people god I love them these are the ones I love and I remember just having a sense that Jesus was so homeless in Los Angeles that he was so so homeless in our nation but so homeless in Los Angeles and that he wants us to build more of a home for him but the home is our love and our family and our culture not just churches and we didn’t really know what to do when we got here so we began to just how you know house meeting or hosting being in her house and Honan jennifer and I know a couple other people we just hosted this meeting and the first one was closed but it was completely fun we’re like how did you all get here we don’t know who you are we invited like 20 people there’s like 65 well who are the rest to you you know and we just start have this meeting cuz they just showed up and people start to ask us for a device to find vision and I remember just saying we’re not there yet you are my defined vision I waited my whole life to meet you like I prayed for over 10 years just to meet you just to fall in love with you like let’s let’s just fall in love and then we’ll find a vision you are the vision you know like you are the joy set before me that my calling is to love you my calling is the relationship with you and that was really uncomfortable for some people who wanted to have a huge framework of like how are we gonna take the city but I think of Jesus with the disciples and how they were asking for natural position and he didn’t rebuke them but he did help bring like maybe a not a correction but a course correction to their heart and he’d say you know get to know my father he’s the one who gives positions out in other words he repointed them at relationship it’s actually about relationship we gonna have more authority than you could dream of as a general you want to be a general in my army that’s awesome but you’ll have more authority than even that because I’m seated the highest position and my joy and my passion of my destiny is to raise you up to be there with me and if Church would operate this way if we would literally look at our lives and look at those around us and say you’re the joy set before me I’ll pay any price that you come to your fullness you know it’s like it’s it’s like when you have a family with my daughters when we had our first one Harper and I dreamed I remember holding her in the hospital in the first couple days I stayed the hospital tree and I just looked at her and I was like I’ll move mountains for you I’m gonna make more money for you I’m gonna do everything you need to do everything that’s in your passion in your heart anything you’re called to whatever I can do to make that easier or possible for you I will do it I’m like just in my heart go ahead you’re mine and there’s she had no value to me at all other than she’s mine because she was a big mess then she made big messes all the time and I remember just like three months into her going there’s nothing you can do for me there’s no reward in your life right now other than you look at me I know but you know but I’m willing to give up my life for you as a child I will throw myself in front of a bus for you I love you so much and there’s that place as a parent where when when when you have this like love for your child you’ll do anything there’s this place Jesus modeled that he had such a love for the world he would do anything a lot of us haven’t entered into the full passion of what God’s called us to because we haven’t fallen in love that way yet we’re still trying to do the thing instead of love the people therefore when we’re doing the thing and there’s failure or when there’s or when there’s a different result and we’re expecting or when God’s taking us through a different process on purpose because there’s a different plan for us and we thought we get disappointed in the stages of growth because it’s still about the people we haven’t surrounded ourselves with a community of those begin to love whether they’re saved or not we’re surrounding ourselves with the people we get to do things with it’s such a subtle violation of the culture of the kingdom but it’s prominent in the body of Christ in the Western world Deuteronomy 11 11 this was a picture of the promise sign that’s simply on the screen that says but the land you’re crossing to the Jordan to take possession of is a land of mountains and valleys that drinks rain from heaven it’s a land the Lord your God cares for the eyes the Lord your God are continually on it from beginning of a tear till its end Sheree and I when we bought the house and we were pouring we had a rapport a lot of concrete foundation it would have been the money pit but it’s a good house so but we’re gonna play that money pit at our housewarming party I think or whatever Tom Hanks huh you know but we we had to reap or that footing at the the door like so at the front door and I opened a Bible and I poured that into the footing to Deuteronomy 11:11 because I was like this is the land that drinks dew from heaven God promised me this land but God promises our house in our land because we knew we were supposed to create a safe place for artisans for mentoring discipleship place to hear from God and open heaven so to speak where people in common and have an encounter with God so it’s not just for our family it’s for people so I was like god this isn’t just gonna drink do so we can live and dwell here because the American Dream is not big enough for God just to have security just to have prosperity is not big enough for God that’s he never intended us to have that dream he intended us to have a dream that of course we will prosper because we love somebody so much he can’t help but give us blessing the promised land was not just about him providing a place for his people to thrive it was about him providing a place for his people to literally dominion over the earth and his love the promise of the New Testament is you and I it’s we are the joy set before him we were his promised land and when you look at this as an Old Testament paradigm but when you read it you should read it over your people group not over the thing you get like I’m gonna be an author yeah I’m writing books my book right now is a best-seller literally like my books come on sit on the six Barnes and Nobles just made a huge purchase or it’s gonna be on all the endcaps of the religious section I’m super excited but I’m not motivated by my book being a best-seller I’m so excited exploring the prophetic devotional is a best-seller this week as of right now but I’m not motivated by the bestseller ship even though I just did a plug for it I’m motivated though I’m glad it’s being widely received because it gives me more authority to love well it gives me a higher authority to be able to have a deeper impact on the people I get to love so I’m not building significance on the fact that Wow my books are bestseller now whatever you know I could put a sticker on it I make more money I have more significance because I make more money and I have more received now I get to love more and the people of Israel they were a paradigm and the Old Testament is a paradigm of the New Testament truth I’m gonna look at another one where the Queen of Sheba comes to Psalm in the first Kings 10 verse 6 she said to the king it’s all true your reputation for accomplishment and wisdom that reached all the way to my country has confirmed I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it for myself no they don’t exaggerate such wisdom and elegance far more than I could have ever imagined lucky than men and women who work for you getting to be around you every day and hear your wise words firsthand and blessed be God your God who took such a liking to you and made you King clearly God’s love for Israel’s behind this making you a king to keep a just order and nurture a God pleasing people the Queen of Sheba comes one of those pagan Queens in the world one of the most powerful people in the world one of the richest people of world comes because of his reputation for goodness and because Israel’s reputation for blessing and comes and sees it for herself and get saved and says to Solomon surely God’s real and good and surely he loves his people because he raised up a man like you I’m telling you if I don’t know how it put them on my gravestone but man if I loved that well that people know that God loved the people I serve because of his love for me and because of how I was a leader of that genre I mean think about the things you’re about to influence can you imagine if people look back at your life and go surely God’s real and he loves his people because of you surely God is real I mean God brought the greatest resources known to a generation to build his temple and Solomon Stewart it is so well that a king from every country or a diplomat from every country came to see what was going on that’s crazy now who’s that the temple or what’s the temple in the New Testament come on this is like we teach this in there you know who’s the temple the Holy Spirit will he spare any expense to make you his habitation place when you are so alive with his love and you’re so alive with the gospel truth something happens people start to come seek you out and find you and you display favor and you display prosperity and you just play a difference that people go I know God’s rule because the favor that’s on your life proves he loves the world for God so loved the world did he sit in you for God so loved the world his love is true because the way you love makes me believe there’s a loving God because you’re so amazing and who you are and what you’re doing that God has to be real can you imagine that being the report maybe this for some of you already but I’m telling you we don’t have enough of that report I mean Billy Graham has that kind of honorable thing on him we’re presidents I met with him time and time again like important people from around the world they just wanted me because he’s so honorable so noble so good has so much favor on his life and alls he does when they meet with him is point out his love for Jesus and he’s a loving man to them his reputation over and over and over is the love I mean and he’s been raised up to the highest place in Christianity in this generation because he loved well not because he’s the best evangelist not because it’s the best speaker not because it was the best marketing team not because it is the best books but because he loved people wanting in a heart for Jesus to get his inheritance so what expense would God spare off that if you have integrity and you have a heart of love what expense with a father spare in your lifetime Deuteronomy 6 10 through 11 it says when God your God assures you to the land he promised through your ancestors Abraham Isaac and Jacob to give you you’re gonna walk into large bustling cities you didn’t build well furnace houses you didn’t you you didn’t dig or build these houses or dig these wells or these vineyards of olive orchards you didn’t plant plant when you take it all in and settle down please and content make sure you don’t forget how you got there God brought you out of slavery of Egypt and I bring this one up because it’s a definition of Old Testament promised land now I would say it this way in the New Testament our promised land is literally God’s gonna bring you into relationships you don’t deserve that you don’t know you’re not qualified for he’s gonna bring you into advisory roles because the Holy Spirit looks like this comforter counselor advisor friend and you’re the Temple of the Holy Spirit and your promised land is the people he’s calling you to love so Jesus can get his reward so that means that you’re gonna be brought into relationships that are beyond your capacity right now beyond your understanding right now beyond how you even know how to relate right now beyond your race right now beyond your gender right now he’s gonna allow you to come into relationships that cause the world to see him in a way that they wouldn’t see him if you didn’t show up and he loves doing this your promised land as literally the people you get to love and I look at the few empty seats we I mean I know this is a full or service we don’t have very many but we have empty seats here and I just think of what would happen think it’s a most precious Christian friend or maybe it’s your spouse in your life and picture you were never introduced to them and how much would you miss them knowing they could have been there I mean think about that like it would that make you so sad if the person you love the most right that was never a Christian and they were never in your life that would be devastating but how many of the people that were gonna love the most of life aren’t even Christian Jen and they’re not even sitting with us in our family unit yet they’re not even connecting to us yet and there’s people who are out there who are gonna be your most favored people in the world that you don’t even know yet but your heart is like intersession your life is like intercession standing between what will be and what is right now and there’s some of the people might be drug-addicted prisoners right now but they might be your favorite best friend in the whole world my favorite best friend the whole world was from Ecuador and I found him in a loincloth in a village just kidding I told my mom that the first Thanksgiving when I can to live with me and I was like mom we found him in the psych village he was like a little you know native kid kind of thing and he told us look at me like I mean I was like definitely middle class Ecuadorian and so he’s like like all stylish they’re like great : ah they’re like you know and she’s like wow like you’ve really cleaned that type attitude it’s good but I wouldn’t have met most of my closest friends if it wasn’t for divine interaction or divine intervention because I chose to set my heart to love a certain way and God brought the people who I would be compatible with and for both their sake and my sake who we could live out this mission of life together in love so many people get married just for companionship I would never get married just for companionship it’s not worth it give me because you’re called to marry the person and you choose to love them it’s a divine assignment because it’ll stay with them if you’re like I’m lonely I’m gonna get married get a puppy [Applause] you know get married because your hardest thing I have to express God’s love I have to choose to love somebody it’s part of my inheritance and part of their inheritance I can’t live without somebody in this capacity in my life and I have something to give them uniquely as a person that’s part of my destiny it’s my destiny to love them that’s a way better reason Jesus prayed in John 17 and he I need my glasses on so he said okay there’s time Jesus prayed in John 17 and he prayed this beautiful prayer where he was he was proving hebrews 12:2 where it says you know for the joy set before me with the cross but he prayed this beautiful prayer which praying the father saying God father I desired those who are with me now and who will be with me which is us I desire them to be one to really be one to really have that oneness that you and I have where we know each other’s thoughts where we prefer each other we love each other so much I desire them to be that way and I desire them to know you so much and didn’t know you’re Gloria to see you in your glory I just I’ve so it shared that glory with them and they’ve the ones that are with me have received it but as I desire them to go on that journey of real and he basically what he’s proving the only recorded prayer of Jesus where it wasn’t to train us it’s still training us obviously very vulnerably John’s rehearsing this prayer and saying I mean it just Rhema is divine divine motivator of John after this he’s called himself the apostle of love because he sees Jesus who came to the earth to restore you not just to intimate fellowship with God but to oneness like to share the same space at the same time to love so much he’s like Jesus is going this is my destiny this is why I came I don’t need a natural position I don’t need natural fulfillment but got a desire the ones who truly are with me to be with me forever in oneness and to know you the way that I know you I can’t live without that kind of knowledge he was a desperate and hungry man for his calling to be fulfilled which was his destiny to be you we had a young actor who came here for a number of years he’s in Vancouver right now and he probably out a year because he got a job pretty fast there’s a teenager was during the recession of 2008 and he was a really young like he was 12 or 13 I came about there was age but he he was in Atlanta with his parents and they both have lost their job and he said I’ve had an encounter with God he’s never say anything like this in his life this is the first time I’m supposed to be an actor we’re supposed to move to LA and I’m supposed to have like a major show I’m supposed to be on a major show and I’m like my destiny is to act in LA and they were like we believe this like something inside of them it wasn’t like a kid dream it was like they believed it in their core and they were like we’re gonna leave everything take our same as they moved to LA that’s that real life story right there sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t yeah so they came out here and and they were just real busy when they first got on he had a lot of editions and he was he got commercials right away and in the first ten months or so they made more in the first 10 months managing him than they didn’t both their careers back in Atlanta so we were like this during a recession so they were doing really good and his dream was like he had a saw like a Nickelodeon or Disney type shown right and so one day he’s gets the biggest audition of his life he’s just that young kid you know gets the biggest audition of his life to be a primary person on I knew I think I believe this Disney show and he’s so excited about it as his mom has this like just unction just you know I can actually was like spontaneous you asked him he would normally ask and she goes why do you think you’re supposed to be an actor there’s God told me it’s my destiny it’s what I’m supposed to do I’m supposed to be great oh and I’m supposed to minister to people because of this place of authority and and he’s like in you know like he’s like in his preaching mode of like what he’s gonna do with what he’s doing I just I don’t feel like that’s deep enough but I don’t know why I’m asking I’m not accusing you I just don’t think that’s deep enough like your answer isn’t selling me I need to go pray with God and spend some time and ask him why so he listens to her goes in his room like right away it was like I’m gonna go do it right now and he’s gone for hours they forgot about it’s out dinnertime they’re like oh he’s gone and they go to find them but he’s weeping in his room he comes out of his room weeping and he’s like I was so wrong I was so wrong I’m so wrong this story literally has discipled me and I think with decide for you to if you’ve never heard it and they go honey what’s wrong what’s wrong it’s like nothing is wrong it’s so right God is so good he’s like I Oh thought my destiny was being accurate because but my destiny is to love people in the entertainment industry God’s gonna give me authority and my calling as an actor so I can love grips and cameraman and actors and makeup artists and I’m gonna I’m gonna have an audience with him because they don’t go to church they don’t go anywhere around where Jesus would be seen but they’re gonna see Jesus in me and I’m gonna be able to love them in such a unique way and I’ve had it wrong mom and because I’ve had it wrong I’ve been in competition to the entertainment industry I’ve been in a bad place in my heart I can’t God can’t promote me when it’s wrong but because I’m getting it right right now I know God’s gonna promote me maybe even tomorrow get the show but it doesn’t matter if I get Herat and she’s like who is my son who is this jock she’s like she’s crying because she’s like I thought her destiny was to help you become an actor like I was even in love with all these people that we’re supposed to come in I mean like she goes in with other you know moms and she’s like I hope your son doesn’t win you know I hope it doesn’t get the part like I’m not gonna talk to you too much cuz it’s all posturing you know thing and she realize she’d come into that spirit she come in that place so they go to the audition the next day and there’s that one little boy who ends up being in all the auditions that he is significantly and every time they’re pitted against each other the other kid gets it so she’s like seize him but the good thing is he’s sick with the flu so she’s like yes and her son goes mom I have to go pray for him and she’s like we’re at Disney Studios if you go and pray for him the director might come out and stielike why are you doing this what’s happened to your weird just get out of here you know or the mom might get offended that you’re asking it might not be Christians or even around or remotely around this they might think this is really weird and report you or just make it weird for us or he might get healed and then he gets a part she goes I will stand with you in whatever you choose but I this isn’t the way you have to express your faith on set like like you can do this different ways so you can just be loved you don’t have to be like you don’t have to bring this kind of prayer and onto the set right now and she just thought I was being zealous cuz he’s so he goes no mom I have to do this so he walks over by himself like really fast like she’s just kind of watching him and he was he I know it sounds weird but I’m a Christian I noticed you’re really sick I just believe God doesn’t want you to be sick can I pray for you and they’re like yeah they don’t know anything about this but we thought it was the sweetest thing ever yeah the moms like this is great and he puts hand on the boy and the mom puts his hand on – as if she knows what she’s doing and he prays for him and then right as he finishes praying they get called in not him but the other kid in his mommy called in so he doesn’t see if there’s a result or anything he gets called in and he’s sitting there and he’s just like smiling beaming and and the the casting director comes out and usually they let everyone most the time they and when it’s small group because they were second pick group they but they still have them all auditioning before they choose but uh at least as far as the family said for their experience and and the casting director comes out and says hey to the couple guys who are left we’re not gonna audition anybody else because we really found who we were looking for and so we’re really sorry about that but you know you guys are awesome we love you or whatever you know and so he’s with his mom and she looks at me goes you realized he just got the role and she was how do you feel and he goes I fulfilled my destiny I mean now he’s on a show and he’s a actor on a shows you great but his destiny wasn’t to become an actor on a show that’s just the vehicle where he gets to love and it took a twelve-year-old to just type all of us you know it’s like it’s so simple and I think of Jesus where his destiny wasn’t to become a natural king and everyone was trying to give him kingship they were trying to get Israel to rise up against Rome they were trying to to destroy the current politics in the geopolitical realm they were trying to you know there was such severe racism against Jews Jewish people were so sick of being oppressed and they’d seen it in the Old Testament time and time again where God sent a judge or a warrior or king or whatever and they were waiting for this natural militant you know army progression and he came with a war of love and it offended the Jewish culture – where they’re sewn offense towards Jesus today and some of the Jewish culture because they’re looking for a natural army and we have Jesus who’s the man of love who says all spend any expense it takes to reveal my love now I just think about this and I think if you know who you’re supposed to love God will spare no expense in helping you love them like I said about my daughter’s like you know we had a daughter we we weren’t sure we should have another one yeah because and we didn’t actually try to have it that time we’re like let’s wait two or three years to have another daughter because let’s just build financially again like let’s that’s hard too having a kid all of a sudden here there’s expenses I never knew about I never dreamed about the types of expenses that are in marriage and then a kid I was like wait a minute for your hair to get done that many times I my haircuts 30 bucks like what’s going on you know like you know there’s just expenses that come up so well I’m simple get pregnant and my as a father and as a man my first thing is like financial anxiety I’m like huh and trees are gonna be going this is what we chose and we this is what we we knew God had us too so there’s blessing in it why would you be afraid of having another child God blesses this this is this he told us to do this to have a family and it was not in our timing but he has a timing that’s different than ours why would you entertain stress and anxiety about this and I’m like stop disciple me I didn’t get married to you for that sit behind me woman I say that because if you know sorry hey there’s no sitting behind anywhere but there’s always more provision there’s always more blessing when you’re doing what you’re called to do by loving the people you’re called to love as a matter of fact you’ll have radical blessings and favor you know there’s that prosperity message of the 1950s that took root in the 70s 80s it was a self centered prosperity God will bless you because you love him no no God has always already blessed you because you love him and he blesses you in eternity and you’re already king in a queen you’re gonna rule with limitless supplies and beauty but on the earth there’s a thing called faith and he blesses those who love and he releases like Solomon influence favor blessing so that he can prove he’s God to the people he loves it’s not for us it’s for them if you get favored it’s not for you it’s not you shouldn’t be like look what the Lord is done I’m like famous some people do that in their hearts are like of course I’m famous that’s what the Lord intended because I’m blessed by God no no if you are famous it’s because you’re called to love somebody who’s putting Fame on you that’s actually a resource and a commodity to draw so many people to his light and I just figure that’s like some of us like we don’t have a lot of favorite or economy or resources or whatever and a lot of its linked to the lack of focus on who’s your who who is your promised land because when you when you focus on your promise then when you get there you know you’re in it because it gets crazy it’s crazy awesome the enemy comes to you and tries to intimidate you I think God goes he’s just coming because I’m gonna have to break through and then the breakthrough is so awesome and you’re like your breakthrough need to break through your miracles named miracles you’re like this is the most crazy thing that’s ever happened children is real get into the promised time they’re like it’s a whole nother message but the other promise then they’re like but there’s giants and it’s like now you need more miracles because we’re gonna take them all out there’s people occupying the cities I made those cities mature for you we’re gonna drive them out there like oh my dear Lord Jesus we thought it was gonna be easy no you’re when you get into your promise none of the people you’re supposed to love there’s so much dependency like Harriet Tubman to where if he doesn’t give you a navigation system according to his love you will die you will go back into a worse place than you started in but man if you can’t rely on relationship with God for the sake of relationship for others the world’s gonna look at you and go this is different fruit we can’t do this we can’t produce this we can’t manufacture this we no gods or Queen of Sheba the richest woman in the world most powerful woman of her generation I cannot manufacture what I’m seeing in your kingdom God is real and I want him don’t you want your life to produce that so what does it stand up most of you know who your who are but if you don’t we’re gonna pray either God gives you your who they are your promised land I’m telling you Jesus is the hope of our calling but also the hope of our desk is those we get to love and so who’s our who and if you already know it god may redirect you in the midst of it and show you more give you an expansion what I love about when you get a revelation from God he always gives more he always stretches it open he always gives you another installment like he gives you more installments and Apple does but you got to wait and let your system update that’s why we come to church so your operation system can update right now so we’re gonna ask for those impartation right now which just close your eyes and put your hand on your heart and father we ask you to the Holy Spirit to reveal our hoo-hoos our who God who is who is our promised land show us the industry or the family or the nation or the city or cities it doesn’t have you limited but lord help us to focus on one area who’s our who and if we know lord show us something we never knew let us fall in love in a deeper measure by lord show us something else you love about them Lord give us every resource every favor every assignment that we need to get to into their lives and to have the fullness of the promise on manifest by the full love being released thank you for calling god but if we’ve if we’ve created an altar out of our calling Lord we just surrender it right now thank you we get to do things for you and with you but thank you that it’s not about that that it’s about love readjust us God we adjust our personal significance adjust our performance issues adjust our anxiety issues God based on love not based on performance Jesus you’re the best model thank you that you came to this world for God so loved the world you came even though you didn’t need to you already had it all but you wanted us Laura thank you that we already have it all you’ve already given it to us through your through your cross and resurrection but we get more we get to love and an uncommon way a joy set before us I just pray for a prophetic importation of the joy set before you that Jesus the Holy Spirit would visit you with his love and that she would know things today you never knew before for yourself that she would feel things today you’ve never felt before that you’re you’d be compelled with a new spiritual hunger for love for a people group that you’ve never had before if you’ve already had it that would intensify because blessed are the hungry because they’ll be filled so you might have just lost sight of this a little bit on the who maybe you’re saying I don’t know if I want to do acting anymore I don’t know if I want to start a business anymore because you lost track of the who you got beat down by the industry and you lost track of the who or whatever you got beat down by the circumstances the the renting houses when you can go by in the land you came from or or not having the the deeply relationship she thought you would have the support system you thought you would have when you go with the industry you’re trying to pioneer and the Lord wants to remind you of the who so that you can so you can build with vision and faith into his love so it’s no longer about doing something and accomplishing something but it’s about loving someone and that the price is worth it that Hebrews 11 they they were people of faith that they didn’t even see what they were promised made fully manifest in their lifetime because God had a greater plan that only through partnership to future generations would they be made complete and some of you are looking for the goal to be completed versus the love to be made full and lord I pray that we’d have new goals in our hearts take performance derivatives off of us and I do you pray Lord that all the empty spaces in our life that you start to give us a vision whether it’s a spouse or whether it’s children whether it’s best friends whether it’s business partners whatever it is or all the empty spaces and their life writing partners art partners whatever it would be Lord that she would give us a vision for to love the ones who are about to fill those spaces or some of the greatest relationships that we could have never dreamed or imagined or about to come into our lives that will add to the relationships we already have God give us a vision for that let us see them God in the spirit let us love them before they come let us be homesick for them even before they’re in our home but I pray that we’d have that kind of intercession where we we treat things as though there because they are I just bless everyone here on Super Bowl Sunday a Justin Timberlake’s concert God you just have a great day of community and family but Lord remind us of your nature today in Jesus name Amen [Applause]


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